Godly Model Creator Chapter 500

Chapter 500

Chapter 500    Your whole family is human!

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws


The scene instantly went silent.

Damn it! Su Haos soul nearly left his body.

Why did the one he wanted to avoid, have to appear here?

Just when he was about to get close to Tiger Emperor, his identity got exposed? With model analysis, he could perfectly simulate a beast which was why he wasnt afraid of any suppression from a strong berserk beast. What he was afraid of was none other than detection talents! This third eye was one of them!

The moment when three eye beast entered, he already felt something amiss.

Sure enough, he had been marked.

The scene remained silent as all berserk beasts were stunned.

That little three eye beast proudly looked at Su Hao. It knew that it had done a meritorious service this time. Since its father was dead, it needed to show its strength due to the nature of beast domain, eliminating any waste. Right now, this human which was not supposed to be here had presented such a golden opportunity to it.

However, Su Hao looked calm.

His expression was still the same.

Even if a little three eye beast had discovered him, there was no sign of movement. His mind was totally chaotic, but he did not even reveal a hint of panic.

Numerous auras began to sweep past Su Hao.

Su Hao understood that the beasts were testing him.

A smirk could be seen on his face.

Su Hao allowed them to probe him. Even if it was coming from Tiger Emperor, he had the confidence that he would pass the examination because he suddenly thought of a wonderful plan.


A glass wine fell.

The surrounding beasts began to laugh out of nowhere.

Hahahaha, this is hilarious.

Yea, yea!

He actually said that the beast brought by Hei Tian is a human.

OMG. Did you hear that? He said that youre a human. Hahahaha, my stomach cant take it.

How could a human enter the beast domain?

The crowd began to laugh wildly.

With their aura scanned through Su Hao, they were certain that Su Hao was a true beast!

What kind of joke is this!

Since when human could disguise such ability talent?

In fact, Tiger Emperor was annoyed and looked at little three eye beast in an uncomfortable look, Human? Who are you accusing is a human? Are you trying to say that even this emperor has been cheated, but you are wiser than me?

No! The little three eye beast began to panic.

It really didnt understand. This man was obviously a human!

Why did nobody believe its words?!

He really is a human...


Su Hao grumped, and his figure suddenly stood up. With his arrogance, he walked one step at a time. Each time his feet went forward, strong killing intent was emitted as he kept his stare at the little three eye beast.

Little brat, who do you say is a human?

Youre human. The little three eye beast reluctantly said.

With its talent, nothing could be hidden. Through its third eyes, it could clearly see that the so-called mutated beast in front was clearly a human in disguise.

Haha, human? Su Hao madly laughed.

That expression of his was exactly the same as Hei Tian and Tiger Emperor.

You say I am a human. Then I will prove it to you! Su Hao sneered.


Both of his fists shook.


A dense beast aura began to spread to the surrounding from the fists, acting as the center. Such strength received praise from the crowd. This was absolutely a berserk beast. How could a human have such a beastly aura?

You said that I am human. I will prove to you again! Su Hao laughed non-stop.


A shout echoed in the palace.

Su Haos figure suddenly expanded. The clothes on his body instantly torn. His body kept expanding until several times more in size!


Su Hao crazily punched the ground.

The ground shook.

That berserk killing intent swept across the hall and Su Hao looked at little three eye beast again, Little brat, now, youre still going to say Im a human?

Sure enough, this beast was worthy of being one that mutated on the battlefield.

This murderous intent was real. Whether it was the aura or ability talent, it was truly a berserk beast. This was impossible for a human to imitate. Even if it was any Federal Guardian, all he could do was copy the shape which could be easily detected by berserk beasts.

Alright, just take little three eye beast away. Tiger Emperor said to the one who brought little three eye beast in dissatisfaction.

That beast nodded in fear and quickly left.

That little three eye beast struggled as it was discontent, Human! Youre human!


Su Hao suddenly raged.


Without any hesitation, the little three eye beast was knocked to the ground.


Youre human!


Your whole family is human!

After a few consecutive punches, Su Hao finally calmed down, Didnt I come here to train to become king level beast? This daddy is no longer interested! I can do so myself too!

Those words of his stunned the crowd.

So, it was for this!

This celebration party was to celebrate Su Hao being killed. However, it was also to find new talented beasts and train them into future king level beasts.

Just that, nobody thought in that direction.

Su Haos words had silenced everyone which then suddenly caused the crowd to hate this little three eye beast.

What berserk beasts hate the most was this kind of beast.

Drag him out. The Tiger Emperor said without second thought.

The beast in charge hurriedly dragged little three eye beast out. It wanted to say something but nothing understandable came out from its mouth. Su Haos punches had destroyed its mouth.

Moron. Su Hao sneered in his heart.

After the little three eye beast was dragged away, the atmosphere once again turned lively.

But this time, some berserk beasts looked at Su Hao for a second and then fiercely mocked Hei Tian, Hei Tian, why did the little three eye beast only question others the one you brought back? Anyway, identification wont take a lot of time. Why not let him undergo this identification?

WTF youre talking about? Hei Tian said furiously.

The other beast who warned Hei Tian was another king level beast.

Are you all done mess enough? Tiger Emperor coldly interrupted.

Hao Tian, since everyone is skeptical, go and identify. Anyway, it will be done quickly. Tiger Emperor quietly said to Su Hao. It didnt believe Su Hao was a human but doing so was just to please the crowd.

Boss... Hei Tian said in a wronged tone.

Humph. The cave which I train in, I will let you and Hao Tian enter for a day. Tiger Emperor said.

Hearing this, the grievances on Hei Tians face instantly vanished, and the one who suggested examining Su Hao turned ugly. It didnt expect that Tiger Emperor to side with Hei Tian.

That was after all a cave for an emperor ranked beast to train in!

This is not good!

Su Haos expression was still the same on the surface, but his mind was full of thought.

If he were truly a berserk beast, he definitely wouldnt mind.

But he wasnt at all!

Although he didnt know what kind of identification method it was, it must be pretty accurate. For berserk beasts, that was just a brisk walk.

But for him...

It was a huge crisis!

Once his identity was exposed, he would have to deal with six king level beasts and an emperor ranked beast.

He had just infiltrated this place, and all sort of events had happened...

Su Hao cursed secretly.



An old berserk beast slowly walked in, and behind it was a huge stone.

Who wants to identify!


Su Hao knew that he couldnt escape. That was why he took the initiative to step forward. Such attitude made everyone believed even more than Su Hao wasnt a human. Or else, how could he be so confident to be identified? As for the anger well anyone on his shoes would act in such manner too.

Alright. The old berserk beast slowly put the huge stone down and said to Su Hao, Use your strength and hit it hard. Then it will automatically show the result.

Like this? Su Hao roared loudly, and his body expanded again. His fist then punched the stone.


There was no response from the stone.

The old beast then slowly looked at Su Hao, Have you not eaten yet? Dont just use the beasts strength. Use your whole strength. Otherwise, it wont be able to identify.

Su Haos heart skipped a beat.

It seems like my tactic to hide my human aura wont work.

What to do now?

If it was leaked at this moment, he dared not imagine how he was going to die! Even if he were lucky enough to escape, he wouldnt be able to return here. After coming here, he had to return empty-handed without knowing the whereabouts of the Falcon Pearl?

What to do?

Su Haos mind crazily thought for a solution and soon thought of a crazy idea.

Since it had reached this stage, he opted to do this!

Su Hao gritted his teeth.

However, a doubtful look appeared on his face, This toy wont be destroyed right?

Humph, even Tiger Emperor cant destroy it. You dont have to worry anything and attack with your full strength. The old beast said in dissatisfaction.

Remember, all your power!

All my power?


Su Hao pretended to be furious, Since youre not afraid of this being destroyed, then I will do my best!



Su Haos body changed again and again. Surprisingly, his body was still expanding.

The crowd exclaimed.

However, nobody knew that during this moment of transformation, the energy in his body had expanded and covered the entire palace!

Model established!

A palace two halls...

The energy fluctuation continued as Su Haos figure grew. Right now, he looked extremely powerful and magnificent.

Where is the treasure room of this palace?

Come on!


His mind was suddenly happy as he locked onto the location of the treasure room finally.


The violent energy condensed and he struck down. However, what made the crowd shock was this punch didnt hit on the huge stone in front but the palace!


The whole palace collapsed!

That powerful force instantly destroyed the palace!

This scene caused countless of exclamations!