Godly Model Creator Chapter 501

Chapter 501

Chapter 501 Unforgivable!

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

What happened?

Hao Tian, how dare you!


The palace collapsed.

The sound of stone crashing each other kept resonating.

Su Haos punch had destroyed the whole palace, filling the scene with thick dust and smoke.

Xinghe Sword!

Mountain Crash!

Water Split!

And finally, Xinghe Arrow!




A consecutive of powerful attacks had blown out the entire palace into ruins. When this group of beasts finally reacted, Su Hao had already vanished without a trace.

Looking at the reduced palace, everyone was dumbfounded!

What happened?

Could it be that Hao Tian was really a human?

They watched Hao Tian happily condensed his strength, and the act made them look like total fools. As soon as this realization appeared, these berserk beasts raged!

Especially Tiger Emperor, since when had it received such humiliation?

Search everywhere!

Capture him!



Several king level beasts began to act in an instant. Terrifying auras erupted and shrouded the whole palace, detecting a figure fleeing as fast as possible.

Found it!


A few streams of light flashed.

Hei Tian was the one who led the charge. Its anger rose to the extreme. This incident, one could imagine the bad impression it brought in the eyes of Tiger Emperor.

That damn Hao Tian, he was actually a human!



Several king level beasts chasing a human was just an instant matter. However, they quickly began to feel something wasnt right. When they were about to give chase, they realized that this human had actually rushed into the restricted area, Tiger Emperors treasure room.

Damn it!

These beasts began to panic.

An absolute disgrace! Tiger Emperor was furious, A group of wastes!


A cold aura shrouded the whole palace.


The entire palace instantly quieted down. All the beasts seemed to have slow down and came to a standstill.

Finally, an emperor ranked beast began to take its move!


Almost instantly, Su Hao felt his scalp tingling!

He couldnt detect any abnormalities, but he knew that he wouldnt be able to escape once Tiger Emperor acted.

I cant wait any longer! Su Hao made a decision.


A light ray flashed.


A powerful black aura instantly penetrated Su Hao.


Su Haos fleeing movement suddenly halted.

The never-ending black aura entangled, surrounded and then devoured him. When the black aura vanished, Su Hao could no longer be seen, no residue remained.

A king level beast swallowed its saliva for a bit.

Indeed its boss...

Such strength...

Nobody could compare to it!


The Tiger Emperor shouted, Everyone return!

Those king level beasts quickly returned.


Cold light flashed sealing off the restricted area.

Those beasts finally returned.

However, when they reached, the palace was still in the same mess. A festive party had ended up in ruins! Although that human had been killed, this kind of sickening feeling was akin to them swallowing flies.

That damn human! The beasts yelled.

The cold gaze of Tiger Emperor swept pass them, Lets end todays banquet. Go back and rest! Investigate what kind of human was capable of infiltrating here. Especially you, Hei Tian. Find out every single detail!

Yes. Hei Tians soul nearly left its body.

You may go now!


All the beasts quickly left the scene.

A bunch of wastes! Tiger Emperor then shouted, Find a few craftsmen to work on my palace tonight. If I wake up by tomorrow morning and I cant see a completed palace, I will eat all of you! After finishing its sentence, he left the scene in anger.

A few underlings began to panic. Since Tiger Emperor had said so, if they didnt get the job done by tomorrow morning, they would definitely end up as its meal!


In just less than half an hour, the bustling banquet turned into a depressing atmosphere.

Apart from those who were busy restoring the ruins, there were no other beasts.

Deep in the palace at the restricted region.

With a layer of cold light covering the region, even a beast wouldnt be able to locate the treasure room. Moreover, with this existence, any berserk beast which attempted to enter would be discovered instantly. Since Tiger Emperor wasnt far away from there, it wasnt worried at all.

A light suddenly flashed, and a faint energy fluctuation began to show up.

A humans figure appeared quietly within the treasure room. It was Su Hao.


After sensing that all the beasts stopped chasing him, he finally felt relieved.

Recalling the attack earlier, he still felt fear.

That was terrifying!

Emperor ranked beasts were equivalent to domain espers. Such strong characters could easily extinguish Su Haos life. It was clearly shown in Tiger Emperors previous casual attack.

At that moment, Su Hao could feel the moment of his death!

There was no way to evade or escape!

If not because of his tingling sensation and using a substitute model, he was sure that he would leave this world once again.

Of course, the consequence of using Origin Avatar was that 80% of Su Haos unimaginable energy had been consumed.

And it was just a substitute model.

In this regard, Su Hao could only helplessly sigh.

Without the help of that strange energy, he was just an ordinary professional esper. This six-star substitute model technique could only be used once in his current state.

Well, at least he survived.

Su Hao sighed in relief and entered the Origin Library.

All of Tiger Emperors accumulated wealth!

Im coming!

There were abundant energy resources in the library, but Su Hao regretted the difference between humans energy and beasts. After undergoing some calculations, with Su Haos conversion method, he could not utilize even 10% of the total.

This broken place... Su Hao was not happy with his harvest.

Domain espers couldnt enter here. Otherwise, their strength would be suppressed to the peak of a professional esper. As for ordinary espers, they cant even absorb the energy here! Being unable to recover energy, it was like being a dead man here.

Besides the battlefield, how could mankind face beasts?

And here, it was the place where the suppression was the weakest. What if they had a battle at Zero Point, the berserk beasts would have unimaginable strength!

Sitting cross-legged, Su Hao silently converted the resources.

Time quietly passed.

The energy within Su Haos body gradually recovered. As he kept recovering, it would represent a wastage of 10 times that of berserk beasts!

But Su Hao didnt care about it at all!

Several hours passed.

After making sure that the resources were sufficient for him to support his model establishment, Su Hao didnt hesitate to start!

In the middle of the night, the current beast domain was as dim as ever.

Within the territory of Tiger Emperor, the atmosphere was also quiet.

Out of nowhere, a terrifying energy fluctuation spread throughout the whole territory! The energy fluctuation caused every beast in the region to awaken because it came from a human!

Could it be the enemy?

Every beast was shocked.

At this time, Tiger Emperor was doing all sorts of actions with a female beast before suddenly halting. When this energy fluctuation shrouded him, he was instantly scared.

They were in the beast domain!

How could there be humans?

Today that Hao Tian was just a professional esper, but this fluctuation which covered nearly its whole territory! How could this be something a professional esper could achieve?

Could it be a domain esper?

Tiger Emperor began to panic.



The energy fluctuation was still ongoing.

In the Origin Library, the surrounding energy resources rapidly declined. Su Hao crazily established the model of Tiger Emperors entire territory. 100 meters, 100 kilometers, 10,000 kilometers!

Su Hao didnt miss a single detail.

The energy fluctuation reached the limit!



Su Hao captured several unusual fragments through the model. After extracting the data and assembling them, a complete Falcon Pearl appeared.

Sure enough that was it! Su Hao was shocked.

That damn Tiger Emperor actually crushed the pearl into nine pieces and scattered them around in various places. There were even some dumped outside the territory! If Tiger Emperor threw it into a deeper region, Su Hao would be really helpless!

Fortunately I found them. Su Haos eyes lit up.

After identifying the exact location of each piece, Su Hao immediately left.

Looking at the energy resources in regret, Su Hao could only sigh. Even if it was the Origin Library of berserk beasts, it was still quite wealthy. As long as he had the luxury of time, he would be able to transform all of them for his own use.

Unfortunately, he had limited time!

If he wasted his time here, he might be unable to find those pieces. However, since he couldnt use the resources for himself, there was no need to leave them behind!

With a cold grump, Su Haos figure vanished.

At the same time, the angered Tiger Emperor went to find Little Three Eye Beast who had its mouth beaten till it was swollen. With its help, Tiger Emperor was finally able to catch a glimpse of the invader.


That Little Three Eye Beasts third eye mapped out a scene in the air. In the scene, that berserk beast who claimed to be Hao Tian actually didnt die and was rapidly leaving the treasure room.

What was left behind was a total mess!

Ahhhhhhhhh! Daddys Origin Library!

Damn human!

This king will kill you!

Tiger Emperor was brimming with anger.

These were all collected by it to cultivate new king level beasts, and they were now destroyed!

Such an act was simply unforgivable!