Godly Model Creator Chapter 502

Chapter 502

Chapter 502    Waiting for the Opportunity

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The land under the Tiger Emperor turned into a deep, huge pit.

It didnt understand.

How could a lowly professional esper escape its attack? However, all of this didnt matter. This damn human had angered it too much!


The loud roar spread throughout the region.

In a flash, every beast in the territory charged over. Along with the transmission from the Tiger Emperors roar, Su Haos image was imprinted into their minds.



One after another, hundreds of thousands of berserk beasts came out from their nests just to catch Su Hao.

How strong was an emperor ranked beast?

At this moment, Su Hao was finally able to get a taste of it.

The tiger was originally the king of the beasts. After undergoing mutation, this tiger naturally improved its features even further and became the true king of the beasts!

It had the ability to command hundreds of thousands of berserk beasts!

The self-proclaimed Tiger Emperor!

The scariest part was its talent. When that dark aura attacked Su Hao, not only did it claim Su Haos life, it also controlled blue dream butterfly. As long as she was a berserk beast, it would be able to control her.

All because it was the king of the beasts!



Su Hao, who was just a few kilometers away, was now being chased by a herd of beasts. If Su Hao slowed down for a bit, he would be completely surrounded!

Not to mention, he was under the hot pursuit of several king level beasts and Tiger Emperor!




Su Hao ran to the outer part as fast as he could.

He cranked his model analysis to the max!

2D mapping!


Numerous red dots filled up the entire map. The strength of those beasts could not be underestimated. Within a radius of one kilometer, everything could be clearly seen.

3D mapping!


Once he stumbled upon an unknown beast, he would establish its 3D model. With this, Su Hao had a clear idea about what was happening on the other side.

Countless red dots were flashing!

Su Hao began to flee under the pursuit of the endless beasts by relying on his model analysis.

A game of cat and mouse had begun!




With the guidance from the 2D and 3D maps, Su Hao skillfully progressed toward the goal.

After an hour, the first fragment was in his hand!

Two hours later

The second fragment, obtained!

Just like those beasts that were becoming angry after chasing like madmen, Tiger Emperor also felt the same. Su Hao easily led them like a herd of sheep while heading towards his own goals.

Su Hao wasnt strong but the area here wasnt small.

Su Haos ability to hide and change his path based on the situation was amazing. Coupled with his knowledge on the topography of this region, these king level beasts were helpless!

Compared to Su Hao, they looked more like newbies who had just arrived here.

They couldnt catch or find him!

However, the berserk beasts werent that stupid, especially the Tiger Emperor. As an emperor ranked beast, the extent of his wisdom was definitely not low. How could one that could plot such a vicious plan to kill Su Hao be that easy to handle?

After the fifth fragment was obtained, it finally realized the enemys goal!

Falcon Pearl!

It actually turned out to be Falcon Pearl!

After deciphering the enemys goal, Tiger Emperors heart began to race. Damn human, he was here to resurrect Su Hao!

What was Su Haos potential?

It had already personally witnessed that, especially during the beast tide. In the end, Su Hao personally fought against five king level beasts. Such a scene made it afraid because it was so similar to the fight during Su Tianchengs time!


He was afraid of Su Tiancheng!

During that time, when this madman appeared, everyone was so afraid that it had to abandon Falcon Emperor. Ever since then, that scene had become its nightmare!

Su Tianchengs domination was deeply rooted in its memory.


Su Hao?

Just a mere professional esper?

At first, it didnt believe it all, but now, it was 100 percent certain!

No wonder it wanted to ensure Su Haos death! If Su Hao became the next Su Tiancheng, the entire beast domain was done for!

That was why it acted.

And now, Su Hao was dead. That seemed to be a perfect ending.

But now, that damn Falcon Emperor which was supposed to be dead was actually still alive? Not only did it not die by Su Tianchengs hands, it actually started serving the human. What if Falcon Emperor was able to retrieve the Falcon Pearl?

Would Su Hao then be resurrected?

That was why the first thing that Tiger Emperor did when it returned here was smash the Falcon Pearl into pieces!

To prevent it from being fixed, Tiger Emperor even went ahead and threw those fragments into random places. There were some which were thrown outside of its territory too.

As long as the fragments reached the depth of the beast domain, no matter how powerful a human was, it would be impossible to get them!

It just didnt expect that when it began sending the fragments outside today, the human had already arrived here.

Was it for Su Hao?

This just strengthened the Tiger Emperors resolve to never allow Su Haos resurrection.

That damn human was actually capable of fighting five king level beasts at once. If he was to improve even more, wouldnt he be able to face an emperor ranked beast with ease then?

No matter what, Su Tianchengs son must never be allowed in this world!

No matter who invaded beast domain today, it must never allow this human to take away the fragments of the Falcon Pearl!

However, it was easier said than done.

Though that human wasnt strong, it didnt know what kind of method this damn human was using to evade all beasts in this territory. On the contrary, the Falcon Pearl fragments kept being collected. With such progress, it wouldnt be long before all fragments were collected.

This emperor actually got tricked by a mere professional esper?

Tiger Emperor was infuriated.

It was simply unforgivable to be toyed around with by a professional esper. No matter how powerful it was, if it was not able to even touch the enemy, it would all be in vain. That human was as slippery as an eel and simply could not get caught! While Tiger Emperor was in a stressful state, one of its underlings voiced out a good suggestion.

Wait for the opportunity!

Since the humans aim was to collect the fragments, he naturally had to collect them all!

Otherwise, no matter how much he collected, all his effort would be in vain!

In other words, as long as a berserk beast took control of a single fragment, that human would take the initiative to knock on the door! Instead of running around like fools, the underling suggested to give up other fragments in exchange for one.

When Tiger Emperor heard this, it was so excited!

Soon enough, it seemed like there werent any signs of movement coming from the berserk beasts.

As for Su Hao, he was shocked to notice the smooth progress of collecting the fragments. It was as if all the beasts had vanished.

Almost immediately, Su Hao easily collected the first eight fragments.

It was too easy that Su Hao found it hard to believe!

And now

Su Hao only needed one more fragment!

What happened?

Su Hao began to feel that something was amiss.

That was too easy!

There must be something going on!

Su Hao began to think, and as he headed towards the final fragment, Su Hao finally realized the situation as he was getting closer.

He finally knew why his job was so easy before.

His worst fear had actually turned into reality!

On his 2D map, several big red dots were flickering not too far away. What was more frightening was among these dense red dots, there was one that was bigger than the others.

Without even having to think twice, this dot definitely belonged to Tiger Emperor!

What do I do now?

Su Hao began to think of a solution.

The fragment was right in front.

To go or not to go?

As long as he rushed forward, he would definitely be able to get the fragment.

However, it was very likely that once he charged for it, he wouldnt be able to return.

After all, that was an emperor ranked beast!

Su Haos mind was in a mess.

Touching the nuclear bomb in his hand, it was the only thing that could bring him some comfort.

When he entered the palace, he quietly placed it down in a hidden place, but before he left, he considered all sort of factors and eventually decided to take it along with him!

He didnt know why, but he never really trusted the higher-ups of the Federation.

Was it because of Su Tiancheng?

He wasnt really sure.

However, Su Hao could never believe their words.

Would Zhang Yang lie to him?

Obviously not!

But what if even Zhang Yang was cheated by those bastards?

Su Hao touched the nuclear bomb again and looked towards unseen trap in front of him.

What should he do now?

In the Federal conference room.

Several strong espers looked at the data on the virtual screen and they all frowned together.

Something wasnt right.

The best place to plant this nuclear bomb would be in the palace. It seemed to be perfect before this, but now it had actually begun to move again.

In just a few hours, it had traveled to almost all of the corners in the Tiger Emperors territory.

Su Hao

What was he doing?!

Why did this feel more and more like Su Hao was running away?

Had Su Hao been found out?

The atmosphere in the room was getting tense.

To complete a federal mission, even if one has to die, he has to ensure the completion of the mission. Obviously, this mission could be completed. Yet he brought the bomb along. Could it be that he failed to escape?

A military officer said with a cold expression, Such a person, what qualifications did he have to become one of the elites of the Federation?

Zhang Yangs gaze turned cold.

It was that grandson again!

Tian Fang.

One of the Federal Guardians!

The number one family clan in Federation, and the member of Tian family.

Without any doubt, he was the clansman of Tian Zi.

They believed that it was Su Hao who had taken away all the glory which should have belonged to Tian Zi. Of course, exposing Su Haos identity had become the perfect target for them! 

He is fighting for humanity!

And with what qualifications do you have to belittle him?

Zhang Yang smirked, As far as I know, when you were at this age, because you peeked at your sister while she was bathing, your private part was nearly destroyed by your father, right?