Godly Model Creator Chapter 503

Chapter 503

Chapter 503    Su Tianchengs Aim

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws


Many people in the federal conference room burst out in laughter.

That was a dark history of Tian Fangs life.

It was also the most taboo thing to be mentioned for him. He never expected that Zhang Yang would actually say it in front of so many people. Right now, his face turned very ugly as if he had been eaten a moment ago.

Zhang Yang! Tian Fangs killing intent spiked.

Enough! The man in the middle voiced out.

His cold eyes swept across them, and everyone instantly went silent.

The Head of Federals Talent Department, who supervised every Federal Guardian. Pan Hu!

I am asking you all to be present here to pay attention to this mission and not to quarrel among yourselves. The nuclear bomb didnt stay in Tiger Emperors Palace, but it was taken out instead. This mission most probably already has a problem. Pan Hu coldly continued, If the situation is special, we will proceed with plan C.


Zhang Yangs facial expression instantly changed, Plan C is just a personal proposal. Its not included in the mission nor was Su Hao notified about it. It is absolutely impossible!

Pan Hu just glanced at him for a second, That is the difference between you and Lan Tingxu. If necessary, he can sacrifice anything for humanity, but can you?

Humanity? Zhang Yang sneered, Of course, its possible for humanity; but if its for the benefit of somebody, then absolutely not!

Sometimes there are things which you cant decide.

No matter how strong these people were, they were only his underlings. In future, they might be celebrating all sort of achievements.

But now, when he was in-charge, they could only listen to his command!

Prepare to initiate plan C. Tian Fang, you will be responsible for this.

Yes, sir.

Tian Fang was so excited when he heard this.

However, the same couldnt be said to Zhang Yang.

Plan C...

For the sake of humanity, they were about to sacrifice an individual.

This time, they actually decided to sacrifice Su Hao and detonated the nuclear bomb in advance!

Somehow, Zhang Yang felt something was amiss out of nowhere.

It was too smooth and fast!

The way it escalated to this seemed too natural as if this had all been planned earlier. Very soon, the remote control equipment was set up. As long as the middle button was pressed, the newly developed machine will send the signal through the beast domain and then...



Zhang Yang finally was able to understand this scheme.

The device...

These people...

Everything was planned in advance.

Had he been fooled?

You guys dare to fool me?! Zhang Yang said in a furious tone.

There is nothing to fool. Pan Hu stared at him coldly, Do I have to report to you, a mere underling for what Im planning to do? I gave him a chance; however, he is now carrying the nuclear bomb and randomly running all over the place. He might even leave the beast domain soon. This opportunity must not be missed!

I dare to say this is all for humanity! Pan Hu said it loud and clear in a righteous tone.

Would Pan Hu dare to scheme such a thing?

Of course not!

What was the reason for trying to kill Su Hao? Everyone was clear of it. Even though Su Tiancheng died long ago, the influence he brought wasnt something any ordinary man could withstand. For Pai Hu to make such move, it indicated that there was someone behind the Federal who was quietly pushing for this scheme.

There was someone who wanted Su Hao to die since years ago!

The reason Su Wan secretly helped Su Hao was precisely for this reason.

Once Su Haos identity was revealed, she did not dare imagine how many people would want him to die. But now, it had started!


Zhang Yang didnt hesitate to press a radio transmitter.

That device was something Su Wan entrusted to him.

Before leaving, Su Wan told him that if someone planned to harm Su Hao and he wasnt able to handle the situation, he would have to press this transmitter.

Will there be someone who will deal with this? Zhang Yang sighed in his heart.

The radio transmitter was pressed, but nothing seemed to happen.

Several Federal Guardians and Federal higher-ups were discussing the plan, and they concluded that they would start plan C and directly detonate the nuclear bomb.

Tian Fang looked at Zhang Yang in a mocking expression while holding the switch button device in his hand.

If Su Hao died, the so-called first rank would be empty. With the power of Tian family, the rewards would very likely fall into Tian Zis hands.

Looking at Zhang Yang who was gritting his teeth, Tian Fang was so excited. However, before he had the time to press on the switch, the room suddenly turned green.

A virtual screen appeared in the middle of the conference room.

The signal transmission device had been locked!

What happened? Pan Hu was shocked.

His wrist shook gently and a secret video popped out. Only he could see the content of the video. In the video, a dignified soldier appeared. Let it go.

These three words shocked Pan Hu.

To detonate the nuclear bomb while killing Su Hao at the same time, wasnt it a perfect ending? Even if he was a valuable talent, wasnt it over once he died? If he were allowed to develop more and became the next Su Tiancheng, that would be a fatal blow to the Federation.

If it were the usual times, Pan Hu would never question the order from the higher-ups, but he currently couldnt help but question the command. Why?

The soldier went silent for a moment before continuing. After being reincarnated, he would not go further than being a domain esper! As for this matter, just stop here.


The virtual screen disappeared.

Pan Hu was confused.

No more than a domain esper!

These five words were enough to explain his doubts!

Basic, specialized, professional, domain, world realm. One had to take one step at a time to become the strongest esper!

World esper, it was a realm for truly mighty espers!

To stop at domain esper signified that Su Hao could no longer advance into a world esper!

He would never become a truly strong esper in his life!

If that was the case was there any necessity to killing him?


Killing Su Hao would pay a high price!

Su Hao now possessed terrifying influence. With Su Wan and others supporting his back, there was also the force led by Su Tiancheng which had disappeared, Tian Xing Martial Army.

Although Tian Xing Martial Army vanished since the death of Su Tiancheng, nobody could guarantee that the army actually disappeared. Recent, Su Wan showed herself. What if Tian Xing Martial Army still existed? And if it was really the case, what if the army appeared?

Even if Su Tiancheng died, as long as the army is still here, that would be sufficient for the entire Federation to pay a heavy price!



These madmen would never bother with this!

Thus, the price of exterminating Su Hao was too heavy!

If Su Hao still qualified to be a world esper, his potential would be worth killing him. However, there currently wasnt any need to do so!

Pan Hu finally understood the depth of this plan and felt relieved.

Stop plan C now!


The crowd was stunned.

What was the situation now?!

Just when the discussion had ended, when they were ready to carry out the plan, the plan was suddenly halted?

Was it the command from the higher-ups?

Damn it! Tian Fang clenched his teeth. Looking at the switch in his hand, one could see the madness in his eyes while his hands were shaking. Just a little bit more and the rewards would belong to Tian Zi!

Just one more step!

He should have quickly pressed it just now instead of mocking Zhang Yang.

Regretting his previous action, he began to question himself.

To press or not to press? Tian Fang looked at the switch device in his hand while his hand was shaking. When he was about to say something, a cold voice suddenly rang in his ear, If you dare to press the button, I will chop off your hand.


Tian Fang instantly turned sober.

Then he discovered that when he was dazed for quite some time, everyone was staring at him.

I I did not plan to do so. Tian Fang quickly rebutted.

Of course you dont dare! Pan hu coldly said and looked at the virtual screen, Continue with plan A. Lets see how long Su Hao will delay!

Tian Fangs face paled.

Somewhere in the Federation.

A young man was drinking in a bar. Being surrounded by red wines, it didnt affect him at all while a coin continuously rotated.

A virtual screen popped out.

After the young man read the message, he then leisurely left. After leaving, the coin then stopped spinning as if it exhausted its strength and fell.

As if fell to the ground, it was kicked away by a girl passing by.


The coin was kicked to the pipeline above.

The gas leaked and travelled through the ventilation to the kitchen.


The entire bar was buried in flames.

Outside the door, Chen Ge who had just walked three steps away could feel the heat on his back. His hairstyle was a bit messy right now. After having a quick glance, he left the scene.

Some organization had been annihilated!

Chen Ge crossed the name of this organization in his little notebook and then sighed before closed the notebook gently.


How could it be easy?

To be born in this world, there would be an imprint left here. When Su Hao died, the imprint in this world would disappear.

It wasnt a fake death, but a true one!

To break the rule of death by sacrificing the blue dream butterfly, it seemed to have succeeded in resurrecting Su Hao. However, the disappearance of the imprint would indicate that Su Hao could no longer integrate with this world. It didnt have much impact in the earlier stages, but he would never have the chance to step into the world esper realm when he became a peak domain esper.

The first step to break through into world esper was to fuse with the world!

Without the imprint, he wont be able to do so for his whole life!

Essentially Su Hao could only be a domain esper his whole life!

Not only Chen Ge, but almost every strong esper who paid attention to Su Hao could only sigh at how the event unfolded.

Su Hao was truly a genius.

It was without a doubt.

However, this genius had been destroyed! And it was by none other than Su Tiancheng!

Su Haos own biological father!

However, they understood why Su Tiancheng made such a move. No matter how hidden Su Hao was, there would always be a day when his identity was exposed. By then, he would have nowhere to escape. And now, Su Tiancheng had destroyed Su Haos future so nobody would target Su Hao.

Even Su Tianchengs nemesis also gave up the idea of killing Su Hao.