Godly Model Creator Chapter 504

Chapter 504

Chapter 504 Su Haos fury

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

Now, everyone would no longer let their emotions cloud any decisions.

Since Su Hao had been abandoned by his future and had nearly zero potential, it indicated that Su Hao no longer qualified for them to make a move.

Someone who was no longer any threat to them, what qualification did he have for them to pay such a hefty price to kill him?


Therefore, Su Hao was no longer in danger.

Su Hao, your future path, only you can continue by yourself! Chen Ge sighed, Those big-shots might not be making any moves, but the younger generations might find you for trouble. Fight for it! Even if you will stop at the domain realm and miss the opportunity to be the strongest esper, its the safest route to survive. It should be what Big Brother Su wished for.


Countless of crack appeared in mid-air in front of him.

Even if he had the power to control fate, he still couldnt understand Su Tianchengs aim. Afterall, Su Tiancheng was a mighty esper which exceeded him by countless times.

Slightly shaking his head, Chen Ge vanished from the street.

In the beast domain, Su Hao was hesitating and finally made his decision.


He must proceed!

Even knowing the awaiting danger, he had to proceed!

Even if he knew that terrifying Tiger Emperor was waiting for him with several king level beasts, he had to proceed because the final fragment was there!

For blue dream butterfly, he must proceed!

Except, he wouldnt be a fool who merely charges in and gets himself swallowed by Tiger Emperor.

Su Hao looked at the map while carefully analyzing his opponents strength. Countless ideas appeared as the computers in his mind were working at full capacity.

1st plan...


Second plan...


Third plan...

Su Hao still ended up with a near-zero success rate no matter how he planned, even with thousands of computers running at full speed to consider all the factors, such as strength and terrain.


Su Hao smiled bitterly.

Even if it was only ten percent, with hard work, he could still make it into 100 percent but zero?

Was there really no hope?

Su Haos eyes lit up as he looked at his own body.

On his waist was a thing that terrified him. A nuclear bomb!

This thing... An idea popped out in his mind.



Without any hesitation, Su Hao made a model of himself.

In the model world, the same nuclear bomb appeared!

However, Su Hao was clear that this was just a fake made with energy. It was an empty shell which would not have any effect.

But for him, this was more than enough!

He started analyzing the nuclear bomb!

The internal parts of the nuclear bomb clearly showed every circuit involved. With each encoding, Su Hao was able to deepen his understanding of the mechanisms behind this bomb. The materials, principles, and complicated formulas were easily deciphered.

So this is how it works! Su Hao exclaimed!

However, after he finished analyzed the bomb, he found yet another problem.

This damn nuclear bomb could only be remotely detonated!

Moreover, from the weak internal signal, one can conclude that the nuclear bomb was primed and could detonate at any moment.

Damn it! Su Hao was shocked.

Damn your uncle!

Fortunately, he had inspected it or else he would not be able to imagine how he got caught in the explosion!

What happened?

Wasnt the original plan to wait for him to return before detonating it?

He remembered there was no sign of such movement from this nuclear bomb earlier. In other words, this bomb was only activated a moment ago?

His mind was thinking at the speed of light.

Su Hao analyzed all the available information, and he was able to understand the overall image instantly. At the same time, his heart was filled with inexplicable anger.


This daddy is risking his life here!

Yet these group of retards actually studied on how to kill him?

Su Haos anger escalated.

Numerous light flashed as Su Hao reanalyzed how the signal is received, how to activate, and how to detonate the nuclear bomb.


The nuclear bombs signal was intercepted.

Su Hao revealed a strange look because he wasnt the one who did so.

Did the other side purposely intercept it?

Su Hao wasnt sure. But it didnt matter!

Regardless of what the higher-ups were planning, Su Hao decided not be led by his nose anymore.

Carrying a nuclear bomb which could be detonated at any moment, is definitely not a pleasant feeling.

Humpph! Su Hao coldly grumped.

Holding the nuclear bomb in his hand, he took one step at a time into Tiger Emperors trap because he currently had a brilliant plan.

Far away, there was a tribe.

In the middle of the tribe, a dazzling fragment was placed on top of a stone. A few berserk beasts were wandering around and pretending nothing happened. However, even a kid would be able to tell this was a trap.

The ambush planned by the berserk beasts was really lousy.

However, even knowing this, Su Hao would still proceed.



Su Haos figure flickered.

He instantly charged forward with his Phantom Sprint!


The phantom which just charged forward a second ago was instantly strangled!

Su Haos actual body appeared, and he quickly grabbed the final fragment with his hand. With all nine fragments together, Falcon Pearl was finally completed!


At the same time, an aura hit him.

Su Hao spurted out a mouthful of blood as if steel had bombarded him. It was the true strength of an emperor ranked beast. Without having to move, just its aura alone was enough to make Su Hao take half a step into the afterlife.

Huh? A soft whisper could be heard as Tiger Emperor and six king level beasts appeared!

To be able to withstand my aura without dying, your body as a human is pretty tough. Tiger Emperor laughed, However, its good though. Since youre not dead, tell me your identity. Why did you infiltrate my territory? Is it Falcon Emperor who commanded you to be here or the Federation?

Humph! Su Hao laughed without saying any word.

Whats there to laugh?! Tiger Emperor instantly became furious. A mere professional esper dared to laugh at it?

That damn Federation had attempted many times but never succeeded. However, you are not only able to change into a beasts appearance, but you are also able to fake our aura and even have the ability to challenge those who are ranked above you.

Such strength Are you the disciple of Tian Long Court?

Tian Long Court?

Su Hao was shocked by this phrase. What kind of place was that?

The moment when Tiger Emperor mentioned this place, one could see its anger rising. However, Su Hao felt something hidden behind the anger. It was afraid!

Su Hao silently imprinted this name in his mind.

What kind of place is it? Such a place could actually make Tiger Emperor fearful?

However, he had more important matters to be done.


Su Hao took out the nuclear bomb.

The appearance of a pure metal item had suddenly attracted the eye of berserk beasts. After all, mankind had all sort of strange weapons which were lethal.

What is that? Tiger Emperor asked with a stern voice.

Su Hao smiled indifferently, This thing is called a nuclear bomb. In other words, nuclear energy is compressed into this metal tube. Well as for what is a nuclear bomb, I believe you should know it well?


Tiger Emperors facial expression instantly changed.

Nuclear bomb?


Youre a sacrificial lamb sent by humans!

Damn it!

Quickly retreat!

Tiger Emperor crazily fled the scene without even wasting a single second. Its underlings also followed along. Unfortunately, it was already too late.

Su Hao coldly smirked.


Something within the nuclear tube broke.

A wave of light suddenly spread toward the surrounding. In an instant, every part of Tiger Emperor was covered in the light while the light continued expanding.


The expression of Tiger Emperor and other beasts seemed to freeze at this moment.

Even when they had fled far enough by hundreds of miles, in front of such godly power, every effort was just a joke!

How strong was this nuclear bomb? When the nuclear energy and origin energy underwent a chain reaction and compressed into this metal tube, how powerful would the explosion be?

It was such a great honour that the territory of Tiger Emperor became the first experiment.


A mushroom cloud was formed in the sky.

In the Federal conference room, Pan Hu and others were further discussing Su Haos mission.

Out of nowhere, on the virtual screen which scanned the beast domain, a dark and cloudy spot could be seen and the seemingly impenetrable barrier which never allows sunlight to enter was destroyed in an instant.

A white bloom formed on the map and then expanded!

What? When they had a clearer look, everyone was stunned!

The beast barrier was torn, and the dazzling light was so bright that the satellites which were scanning on that area projected the scene on the virtual screen which then blinded everyone.

Such scale of power was incomparable!

That was a nuclear bomb!

Only a nuclear bomb could produce such a powerful force!

This... Zhang Yang turned around and looked at Tian Fang who was still holding the switch. Being influenced by his anger, he didnt hesitate to throw a punch!

You dare to press on the switch without any consent?!


Tian Fang received a direct hit, and his entire body slammed into a wall.

Damn it! Pan Hu could felt his scalp tingling.

How could this be?!

The higher-ups had already said to stop plan C, but that damn dog Tian Fang only know how to seek trouble. Now, how was he going to explain to the higher-ups?

No.. me!

Tian Fang said with a swollen mouth.

Never did one expect Pai Hu to give him a huge slap, You ignorant fool! Men, capture him! If anything happens, you will be the one responsible!



Several strong espers entered and dragged Tian Fang away before he could say anything to defend himself.

Its no me! No.. mi...me! Tian Fang struggled with his full force; unfortunately, nobody currently bothered with him. His mind was now totally blank. How could this be?

How did the situation escalate to this?!

He wasnt the one pressing the switch!

No matter how stupid he was, he wouldnt do so under this situation!

Unfortunately, it was destined that nobody would help him by explaining.

Quickly handle it! Pan Hu gritted his teeth, Plan C has been accidentally executed! Isnt Lan Tingxu at Final Point? After the explosion subdues, ask him to rescue Su Hao quickly! If Su Hao is smart enough, he would know how to avoid the explosion. Even if he only has a single breath left, he must be rescued!