Godly Model Creator Chapter 505

Chapter 505

Chapter 505 The powerful esper

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

Pai Hu called a series of orders.

The incident occurred too suddenly that even he was caught off guard.

If he did not have to consult the higher up, everything would be up to him to decide.

But now that the higher-ups were involved in this, the situation turned in a completely different direction. This situation made it seem as if he was ignoring the command from the higher-ups. If Su Hao died...

Damn that Tian Fang!

After cursing a few times in his heart, Pan Hu diverted his attention back to the virtual screen. On the screen, the seemingly ever-lasting barrier finally shattered.

For the first time, in front of everyones field of vision...



The satellite continued to record and project this scene.

Tick, tick, tick~

Zhang Yangs communication device rang. After a quick look, his face turned ugly, Lan Tingxu isnt there. A few hours ago, he just rushed to Zhanzheng College. Plus, even if he did go to the berserk domain, his strength would be suppressed to that of a peak professional esper. The power of semi-domain esper is impossible to be displayed there!

Darn! Pan Hu slapped the table, causing a crack to form on it. After hesitating for a moment, Pan Hu gritted his teeth, Summon Tian Long Courts disciples and be sure to bring Su Hao back!

If hes alive, I want to see him. If hes dead, I want his corpse back!

The last few words sounded like they escaped from the gap between his teeth.


The order was quickly carried out.

At the beast domain.

The moment the nuclear bomb exploded, Su Hao hid in the world model.

This Substitute Model once again saved his life!

Through model analysis, Su Hao could clearly see what was happening around him. The force, energy fluctuation, and radiation almost instantly expanded to the limit!

In just an instant, the nuclear explosion engulfed the berserk beasts.

A large group of berserk beasts at least at the professional esper level instantly evaporated!

Yes, you didnt hear it wrong!

They evaporated!

There was no sign of a struggle!

When Su Hao witnessed this scene, he was dumbstruck. The power of a nuclear explosion greatly exceeded his imagination.

Those king level beasts who were slower by a beat in their escape began to initiate their best defensive techniques.

However, everything was in vain!

In front of a nuclear explosions mighty power, their techniques were ineffective!

The powerful force passed through any origin energy protection and penetrated their thick skin, causing their body to peel off. As the evaporation process began, the wild was filled with their horrifying screams before vanishing. They actually couldnt even hold on for a second!


The force continued to spread!

The entire territory of Tiger Emperor was instantly wiped off!

Since king level beasts couldnt even escape from this grim reaper, how could any common berserk beasts have a different fate? After the force swept across the area, the scene became like a bare land.



Everything else...

They turned into powder, leaving no ruin behind.

Run! Run! Run!

Tiger Emperor turned into a giant tiger and ran madly into the beast domain. Its body felt like a yellow comet dashing outwards.

However, in front of a nuclear bomb, it still couldnt escape!


The force instantly reached its location and covered its entire body!

Aaahhhhh! Tiger Emperor screamed.

With its fur fully standing up, it used up every bit of its energy to defend. If it were a usual day, the aura emitted would be enough to make every beast contribute their strength as its own. As a king of beasts, it would be more than sufficient to reach its peak when it used its aura to control other beasts.

But now, that wasnt the case!

All the surrounding beasts were dead!

Right now, it was just a mere weak tiger in front of a powerful nuclear explosion.


Su Hao laughed out loud while hiding in the Model World.

Damn cunning tiger, you actually dared to have the idea of using the blue dream butterfly?

So what if it is an emperor ranked beast?

In front of a nuclear bomb, it still had to admit defeat!

It was Su Haos first time witnessing the power of a nuclear bomb. He also experienced firsthand a nuclear reaction combined with origin energy; the scale of the eruption was no joke and many times stronger than previous nuclear bombs in history! If not because of Earth undergoing an era change, perhaps the planet might not even exist!

Next time someone dares provoke me, I will take out a nuclear bomb and destroy him! Su Hao instantly had this thought.

Too enjoyable!

Since the previous beast tide, he felt sorry all this time.

After all, berserk beasts were too strong!

They were too strong that it was hard to resist them!

Whether it was the emergence of king level beasts or Tiger Emperor, each of them had strength far beyond his imagination.

If not for the foolish blue dream butterfly rescuing him, he would not be here!

But now what could he do? Seek revenge!

But he couldnt do so because it was an emperor ranked beast!

In this chaotic beast domain, he only had one wish, succeed in saving blue dream butterfly. In order to revive her, all he could do was to suppress his emotions.

This was too depressing and painful but...

Unexpectedly, the result would turn out like this!

Watching Tiger Emperor continuing to struggle, Su Hao felt an unprecedented joy. It was as if with this eruption all his anger was being washed off.


Su Hao could notice the ease in his mind.

Perhaps this might be a factor, the energy within his body seemed to accelerate, and the World Model became even clearer than before.

However, these things werent important.

To bury hundreds of thousands of berserk beasts, six king level beasts, and a horrific emperor ranked beast, that would be more than enough to pay for the death of blue dream butterfly!



Su Haos eyes lit up.

Tiger Emperor couldnt hold it any longer.


Its tail began to evaporate!

Tiger Emperor looked at this scene in horror.

That force started from its tail. If there was another second, it did not doubt that its entire body would evaporate!

Time seemed to move extremely slow.

Each second felt like countless years.

Tiger Emperor looked behind, and its tail slowly evaporated in front of its eyes! His tail was turning into nothingness!

When it turned its head back, its tail already vanished!

And the duration wasnt even 0.01 second!

Arhhhh save me, my old ancestor!!! Tiger Emperor screamed.



The scream of Tiger Emperor could be heard echoing within the beast domain.

As if Tiger Emperors scream had been answered, the entire space unexpectedly shook. Then, Su Hao was shocked to see that a trace of light passed through Tiger Emperors body and the light didnt harm it at all.

Somethings amiss! Su Hao frowned.

What happened? Before having the time to react, Su Hao heard a whisper.


Immediately, the sky turned dark.

This is not good! Su Haos facial expression had a huge change.

That whisper actually forced him out of the World Model!

Damn it!

What kind of power was that?


Returning to reality, Su Hao could only see a plain white scene which was the power of a nuclear bomb.


Su Hao could only utter this word.

That perfect plan of his actually failed in front of this powerful attack, and he had no idea where it came from. Now, he was put under the mighty power of a nuclear bomb.


The nuclear force swept pass him.

I am going to die again? Su Hao bitterly smiled.

God knows how many times he had died since he began his journey in esper world. Unfortunately, the only regret he had was not able to save blue dream butterfly...


The force passed through him but no harm inflicted in process.

Su Hao was confused.


Almost instantly, Su Hao understood the current situation.

Looking at Tiger Emperor who experienced the same thing, Su Hao was able to decipher everything. He was now in a disguised beast form. Thus, the one who was responsible for this had actually protected both him and Tiger Emperor.

Su Hao felt relieved.

It wasnt because the one responsible for this didnt see through his true identity but Su Hao was just an existence not worth being paid attention!

The protection might have been just a coincidence.



The powerful force travelled through tens of thousands of miles, but it didnt show any sign of stopping.

Before the era of origin ability, a nuclear bomb was enough to destroy a small country! Although this nuclear bomb was smaller than previous nukes, the power generated from the fusion with origin energy was several times stronger than the previous generation of nuclear bombs!

Tens of thousands of miles?

That was just a beginning!


The nuclear force just began to travel outside of Tiger Emperors territory.

However, at this time...

Space went into a standstill.

An aura strong enough to destroy the earth appeared from the sky. Su Haos energy fluctuation just brushed through the aura for a bit and his fighting spirit nearly collapsed!


A mouthful of blood was spouted out.

Su Hao looked at the aura in disbelief. This aura belonged to the man protecting both him and Tiger Emperor! No! To be precise, it belonged to a berserk beast!


Heaven and earth shook.

Within the air, space was torn by a giant hand.

The speed of the hand actually exceeded the fission of space, and the space crack was forcefully torn open before it could extend.

This action was too simple and crude!

The space gap was torn big enough to accommodate the giant hand.


The sky darkened.

The huge palm was big enough to cover the entire sky and attacked the nuclear force.

What was it planning to do? This scene dumbfounded Su Hao.


The giant palm smacked down and trapped the expanding force. Then, the palm closed with all five fingers touching each other.



One could hear a muffled explosion within the palm.

Su Hao couldnt help but swallow his saliva. The nuclear explosion was actually subdued using such a method?

What kind of strength was this?!

Su Hao was stunned.

In this special environment, neither the nuclear force nor the huge palm caused any harm to him. He could even clearly see the final nuclear reaction in front of his eyes!

The eruption of a nuclear bomb was just trash compared to this berserk beast!

Was this the strength of berserk beasts strongest existence?

For the first time, Su Haos strong-willed heart boiled with determination.