Godly Model Creator Chapter 506

Chapter 506

Chapter 506 Transformation

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: West

The nuclear bomb was countered!

Su Hao saw this clearly with his own eyes!

Right now, through the satellite, everyone in the Federal conference room also clearly saw this scene!

On the virtual screen, a spot was torn from the endless barrier which was the reason why the beast domain was dark all the time. Through the small hole, mushroom clouds rose to the sky, but such a scene didnt last that long as a huge palm covered it up.


The mushroom-shaped cloud was hit back!

Everyone was dumbfounded.


Had it ended?


A wind wave flashed through.

In the beast domain, the barrier which had been broken for a few seconds turned back into its foggy state. Nothing could be seen anymore through the satellite.

It was blocked again...

In the conference room, everyone looked at the scene like retards.

Nobody said anything.

Nuclear bomb!

That was a nuclear bomb!!!

A nuclear bomb which was sufficient enough to determine the state of battle on Earth! From how the experts interpreted it, no matter how strong an individuals strength was, so what? With a super compact and portable nuclear weapon, as long as a bomb with a sufficient amount of nuclear power was built, mankind would be able to fill the beast domain with these bombs and ultimately unify Earth.

But now...

Pan Hu smiled bitterly.



That was all rubbish!

In front of one with such strength, the nuclear bomb was just a mere toy. This was the first time a nuclear bomb used on a battlefield was doomed to be the last one!

The atmosphere in the room was quiet.

However, Pan Hu soon broke the silence, Quick, call for the Tian Long Courts disciples return. Dont go and die in vain! In front of such a strong existence, no matter how many go, they will all die for nothing!

No, this isnt right.

Zhang Yang quickly reacted, That beast wasnt there! That huge palm just now, although it was subdued the nuclear bomb, it also disrupted the surrounding space. For the time being, it wont be able to get there. All the strong beasts were all concentrated at point zero. Even if something this huge happened here, they can only rush back to this location!

If it was that beast...

Ten minutes!

It would need at least ten minutes to get here!

Zhang Yang calmly voiced out his analysis.

Ten minutes ten minutes...

Pan Hu murmured to himself, Since the nuclear bomb was stopped, it looks like the beasts in the area were not affected. This means that Su Hao might still survive. Alright ten minutes tell the disciple from Tian Long Court to search within ten minutes. If he fails to locate Su Hao, retreat instantly!


Each detail regarding the order was urgently implemented.

Having lost the satellite view on the beast domain, everyone in the conference room could only anxiously wait. They were looking forward to the final result in the next ten minutes.

At the same time, Pan Hu activated his own virtual screen and began to type out a document.

I, Pan Hu, head of Federal Talent Reserve, propose to increase the Talent Reserve and withdraw nuclear bomb research for the following reasons...

Finally, before the end of the document, Pan Hu attached the scene from the satellite.

He believed that when this document was delivered, the higher-ups would come up with their conclusion!

The nuclear bomb was developed to be used against strong existences among the berserk beasts. It consumed an innumerable amount of resources, but in the end, the result was...

No matter what kind of beast that was, that beast didnt even have to be at the scene. With just a mere palm through a space crack from point zero, it was able to reduce the damage done by the nuclear bomb to a minimum.

Thinking of this, Pan Hus face turned pale.


The document was sent.

Pan Hu took a deep breath and diverted his attention back to the virtual screen at the center of the room.

On the screen, the timer for the final ten minutes had begun!

At first, their plan was to exterminate Su Hao. But after confirming that Su Hao wouldnt be able to breakthrough into the world realm, it then turned into a rescue operation! He hoped Su Hao could survive this predicament...

In the beast domain, the power of the nuclear bomb had vanished completely.

That huge palm finally turned into an illusory state and disappeared!

From the start to the end, Tiger Emperor and Su Hao didnt dare to attract the attention of this beast. Protecting them might just be an afterthought from this beast.

After all, they were too weak in comparison!


The sky was restored back to its usual calm darkness.

After the clash between the nuclear force and that huge palm, the surrounding was now filled with dense chaotic energy and beast aura!

This is unbelievable!

Su Hao was stunned.

Not only did it subdue the nuclear power, that giant palm also changed this entire place into an area with beast energy that was a number of times denser!

This was the same as those energy drugs!

So this was what real power was all about!

Su Haos heart grew excited.

These days, he had seen many miraculous events.

The strength of Tiger Emperor, the power of the nuclear bomb, and the strength of this unknown beast. They had all refreshed his understanding of this world.

Su Haos heart was boiling in excitement.

Professional esper?

Since Su Hao had broken through into professional esper and single-handedly defeated five king level beasts, his heart had changed. In his heart, there was a hint of arrogance. This was because he believed that as long as he had enough energy, he would one day reach invincibility!

Unconsciously, he began to slow down.

Everything that had been done recently was progressing at a smooth pace!

No, it wasnt that accurate.

In fact, he had been a bit impetuous earlier.

His goal had always been Zhanzheng College. He had always dreamed of enrolling in such a prestigious place. Plus, this place contained the secrets about his father and everything else he needed, such as resources.

But later?

The identity of his father had been exposed!

He finally knew that Su Tiancheng was the madman from the Federation who attempted to destroy the world.


That was his first contact with his father.

Then, he also secured his place at Zhanzheng College.

However, at the battle for capital city, he encountered Bai Feng who was a graduate of Zhanzheng College. After numerous attempts, he finally defeated Bai Feng!

He won!

He defeated a graduate from Zhanzheng College!

Even he himself could not believe it!

Although he just barely won and only had a slight advantage, it didnt change the fact that he had won! Then, he was easily able to progress into a professional esper. The endless energy supply made him enjoy a magnificent battle!

Once again, with the surge of power, his self-confidence increased too!

And then?

How strong was he today?

Su Hao wasnt sure.

Although he was just a mere level one professional esper, Su Hao was confident that he would be on par against level three or even level four professional espers. And the requirement to graduate from Zhanzheng College was just a professional esper! The place which he had been looking forward to no longer held any expectations or anticipation for him.

Su Haos heart was at a loss.

Since he had exceeded the criteria to graduate from Zhanzheng College, where was the need to go there?

Su Hao didnt know what his next step would be.

Although he was at a loss, because of his strength, he subconsciously thought that his own goal had been achieved. His dream was complete! Since his dream had been achieved, there was no benefit in wasting his time at college anymore. Since this was the case, why would he need to enroll in this college?

What should he do next?

Should he just simply join the battlefield?

Su Hao wasnt sure.

That was why he was wandering around, lost.

However, everything that happened today had woken him up completely!

Professional esper?

Dream achieved?

They were all trash!

What was his true dream?

To be the strongest esper!

Now, had he achieved this dream yet?

It was still tens of thousands of miles away from his grasp! When the giant palm appeared, Su Hao finally knew how shallow was his knowledge was regarding origin ability.

Now this was what a truly strong existence was!

Just a mere professional esper and he was satisfied?

In the beast domain, he could clearly see how many beasts were as strong as specialized and professional espers! They were all blooming like mushrooms.

Was this what he expected?

Of course not!

Absolutely not!

Su Hao made a strong vow from the bottom of his heart. That strong heart of his which was sinking before this had finally returned!

After finishing blue dream butterflys case, I will enroll in Zhanzheng College!

Su Haos mind had made a clear decision.

He believed that for Zhanzheng College to be able to enjoy praises from many people, it definitely had something that he was clueless about which would be somewhat valuable to him!

Before Su Hao could react, he heard a loud buzz.


A stream of heat waves engulfed him.

Su Hao realized that the special atmosphere which protected him had finally vanished.


He could feel the breeze blowing on his face.

No matter how prosperous the surrounding was, this area had now turned into nothingness.

There was no trace of life in the radius of thousands of miles!

However, just as Su Hao landed, he felt an unusual atmosphere locking down on him.

When he looked up, he was stunned.

Damn, how could he forget about this?!

Tiger Emperor was still alive!

At first, his original plan was to hide in World Model and only appear after the nuclear bomb had destroyed every beast. However, an accident happened and he was unexpectedly spared from the force. Although he received no harm, that pitiful tiger survived too.


Su Hao had a bad feeling about this.

With a substitute model, his energy had dropped about 80 percent!

Right now, forget about an emperor ranked beast, any king level beast would be able to easily kill him!

This doesnt look good.

Su Hao was afraid and subconsciously took a step back.


Tiger Emperor gave a loud cry as it stared at Su Hao with its eyes full of murderous intent.

Tiger Emperors tail had completely evaporated. Under such circumstances, it would be hard for its tail to regenerate! Not to mention, all the damage that the nuclear force had done to its body too.

Now, although it survived, everything else was gone!

Its men, palace, family, and clansmen!

Everything was gone!

What was left in front was this stranger that was a human in disguise! If not for the old ancestor, this human would have vanished too!

Its you you damn human!