Godly Model Creator Chapter 507

Chapter 507

Chapter 507 Panic mode!

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

Damn human! I will kill you!

These words were as if leaked out from the gap of its teeth.


The berserk aura in the surrounding surged!

The full and mighty aura of an emperor ranked beast targeted Su Hao for the first time. Su Hao was directly in front of Tiger Emperor and had no way to dodge!


Su Haos pupil enlarged as he instantly sank into the bloody ocean-like aura in front of him.


The terrifying killing aura shrugged his whole body.

With his current strength, there was simply no hope in avoiding this attack.

In an instant, Su Hao was affected by the murderous intent. What appeared in front of him was an endless bloody ocean, and all sorts of berserk beasts heads emerged from the sea.

Hei Tian...

Three Eye...

All the beasts which were caught in the explosion earlier appeared.

It was one of Tiger Emperors skills!

Su Hao was startled, and his mind instantly sobered up.

Too bad, it was a little too late!

Su Hao looked around. Seeing him surrounded by an endless sea of blood, he felt the impending crisis. The incoming waves made he feel like a little boat caught in a storm.

Not good! Su Hao cursed in his heart.


A wave slammed into him and almost overturned him. The endless sea of blood kept pouring in and formed a buzzing sound.

Haha. The figure of Tiger Emperor appeared from a distance, You damn human! You have killed all my clansmen! Now, I will use the cruelest method to kill you! I will trap you in this endless bloody ocean; you will constantly die over and over again!

Tiger Emperor stared at Su Hao with its eyes full of hatred.

A mere human professional esper actually destroyed everything it built!

This crime was simply unforgivable!



A black ray flashed, and a trace of blood smeared Su Haos body.

It was Hei Tian who made its move.

Well, Su Hao had no chance to respond at all!

So this was Hei Tians true strength?

Su Hao bitterly smiled.

The strength of king level beasts was this powerful?!

Zhang Yang had mentioned before that in the territory of Federation, any emperor ranked beast and above wont be able to enter. But what about king class beasts then? Will their strength not be affected as well?

King level beasts and Federal Guardians actually had the equivalent strength of a semi-domain esper.

Therefore, even some kind of suppression would be a huge disadvantage. Whether it was a king level beast invading the Federation or a Federal Guardian infiltrating the beast domain, the consequence would only end with the same result!

That was what strength suppression is all about!

An absolute advantage!

The so-called domain strength would be ineffective in enemy territory!

When Su Hao was in the middle of the beast tide, he had made a rough evaluation of the strength of king level beasts. He understood the gap between him and them. However, the gap extended even further!

A semi-domain realm is only possible when a king level beast can exert strength that shows the difference between them and any ordinary berserk beast.



Two flashes of black ray rushed towards him.

Su Hao helplessly realized that he couldnt evade the incoming attack.


Another king level beast made its move.

An illusion?


Everything was real!

After all, it was Tiger Emperors territory!

In its territory, everything that happened would be true!

Six king level beasts attacked him at once! Instantly, all sorts of injuries were inflicted on his body. Just like what Tiger Emperor previously said, he would be left with his life hanging that even if he wished to die, it would never happen.

With burning flames under his feet, numerous black rays surrounded him and penetrated him like sharp blades.

Su Hao wanted to faint, but somehow he was not able to!

He understood this was how Tiger Emperor wanted to seek its revenge.

Im going to die? Su Hao fell into a state of fuzziness.

The attacks continued.

However, Su Hao seemingly lost his ability to think. The only thing he could feel was the pain and burning sensation coming from his soul. His sight became blurrier as each second passed. If this situation continued any longer, Su Hao would really lose himself, and all he would experience was constant pain and suffering!

This process would continue for all eternity until the caster of this skill, Tiger Emperor, died.

Feeling sleepy, Su Hao started losing his awareness.

It was dark, permanent darkness.

Su Haos eyes didnt look up as he took a step at a time. However, it was at this moment...



Two loud sounds made his confused eyes hold doubt.

This sound


It was a weak energy reaction. When Su Hao paid more attention, he noticed that the source of this sound was coming from his tattoo. The soul residing in his tattoo was being restless right now!

Blue dream butterfly!


Su Hao instantly regained his awareness!

It was her who reminded him during this crisis!

Su Hao got excited. Every Falcon Pearl fragment had been reunited. Although they had not been used yet, the aura emitted from them was sufficient enough to make her soul awaken!

Hahahahaha! Su Hao quickly concealed this pleasant surprise.

She was still alive!

There was still hope!

Then he must not die here!

F*ck off!

A wave of violent energy burst out.

Su Hao suddenly emitted a strong aura as the energy within his body was excited due to his new found motivation. This aura began to fight back against this bloody red ocean.

Then, a huge world was formed!


Almost instantly, Tiger Emperors bloody ocean collapsed under this aura. The environment surrounding Su Hao suddenly became his own world model.



The energy coming from his body kept escalating.

Compared to Tiger Emperors bloody ocean world, Su Haos world model was small but firm and stable.

What the shit is this? Tiger Emperor felt strange regarding this matter.

It couldnt believe that this guy actually destroyed its technique. In addition, the enemy also possessed a similar technique.

What technique was this?

A domain?

It didnt have the same feeling though!

No matter what this is... Tiger Emperor sneered, Such a small area and you dream of going against me? Just a mere level one professional esper, youre seeking your own death!


The very next second, the surrounding bloody sea broke out!

Terrifying tsunamis approached Su Hao from all direction. They were all heading toward Su Haos small model world. Their unimaginable force made it seem like Su Haos world model could collapse at any moment.

However, Su Hao still had the luxury to grin at this time.


The world model suddenly shrunk and instantly disappeared.

To be precise, condensation would be a more accurate word to describe this phenomenon. An item appeared in Su Haos hand, and Tiger Emperor expression changed when it saw it!

That thing was a nuclear bomb!


Su Hao immediately activated this nuclear bomb!


The powerful force from the nuclear reaction swept across everything!

In the real world, Su Hao might not be able to compete against Tiger Emperor. However, what if he wasnt fighting in the real world but Tiger Emperors bloody ocean? Pulling Su Haos consciousness into this domain was the biggest mistake it ever made!

Is Bai Feng strong?

Of course, he is strong!

However, his biggest mistake was setting up a spiritual battle with Su Hao.

The end result was a total defeat.



There was no sound of an explosion, but the force blasted both Su Hao and Tiger Emperor away!


Blood could be seen decorating the ground.

Both of them returned to reality!

Tiger Emperors bloody ocean had been destroyed!

In just a single blow, both beast and human minds were greatly impacted!



A few crisp sounds could be heard.

Both of its eyes opened wide. It couldnt imagine this mere nobody would destroy its powerful bloody ocean.

Was this human really not from Tian Long Court?


Just kill him!

Even if the domain was destroyed, killing a professional esper was as simple as trampling an ant. After finalizing his thoughts, Tiger Emperor gave a low roar.


Human you, huh?

Tiger Emperors action came to a halt. It was stunned, both of its eyes looked in disbelief at the human in front of it.



How could this be?

Su Hao smiled mockingly at Tiger Emperor.

All the energy in his body had been exhausted. However, he didnt even feel the slightest bit of fear.

Right now, he had almost no fighting capability left!

Long time no see, Tiger Emperor.


Tiger Emperor finally responded with an expression as if it had stumbled upon a ghost, Su Hao?!

How could this be?!

Wasnt he dead?

Tiger Emperor could hardly believe what he just witnessed.

It was too unbelievable!

It had worked very hard to get rid of this damn Su Hao! But why Why was he still alive? Inexplicably, Tiger Emperor began to feel fear.

Arent you curious? Su Hao leisurely took a step forward.

Tiger Emperor unconsciously took a step back to maintain the distance between Su Hao.

My dad predicted all your plans and goals. Therefore, Falcon Emperor didnt die as it was my dads wish to leave it alive. Did you think that without the Falcon Pearl, there was no way to resurrect me? Ridiculous! A grand plan which involved the future of berserk beasts had been ongoing from the very beginning and you are just the first victim. Su Hao calmly began his nonsense story.

What? Tiger Emperor had the greatest shock of its life.

How could this be?

It felt something was amiss!

However, didnt the current situation fit the story well? Falcon Emperor didnt die, and Su Hao resurrected. Didnt this result mean that Su Tiancheng was still alive?



It felt fear linger in its heart upon recalling that terrifying existence.

Su Tiancheng...

If not because of the order from the higher-ups, even if it were beaten to death, it would never wish to have any contact with this figure because he was a nightmare!