Godly Model Creator Chapter 508

Chapter 508

Chapter 508    Asking his own heart

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

You you...

Tiger Emperor began to lose its reasoning.

My dad spared Falcon Emperors life. Then, to repay him back, it decided to guard me. Here this is the beast domain; and while humans might not be able to infiltrate here easily, can you stop Falcon Emperor? If you kill me, can you escape from its attack when it returns to seek revenge?

Su Hao approached Tiger Emperor even closer.

And Tiger Emperor retreating in shock again.

You want to kill me? Can you do so? Su Hao smirked.

With each step forward, Su Hao questioned it once.

With each step forward, Su Hao terrified Tiger Emperor.

Su Tiancheng and Falcon Emperor, these two characters had always been the psychological shadows in the heart of Tiger Emperor all these years. Now Su Hao utilized them create a ripple in its mentality.

It was none other than psychological tactics!

One step!

Two steps!

Even without any energy left to spare, Su Haos momentum grew stronger every second. Under this tactic, even he had been deceived by how he acted!

At this time, Im afraid of no one!

Su Hao convinced himself.

He had to deceive his enemy and himself!

Kill me, and Su Tiancheng will kill you!

Kill me, and you will be hunted down by Falcon Emperor!

Kill me, and you will die without a burial place!

Make your move now!

Su Hao shouted out loudly, and he continued this momentum which he gathered, Kill me! Make your move!



Tiger Emperor almost subconsciously wanted to take action but quickly regained its senses. It absolutely mustnt kill him! After being pressured by Su Hao non-stop, it actually took a surprising action! It turned around and fled!



Its body flickered.

Tiger Emperor actually escaped from Su Hao!

If a third party witnessed this scene, how many people would be shocked by this? A mere level one professional esper forced the dignified Tiger Emperor, a figure comparable to a domain esper, to flee!

Ridiculous! Su Hao sneered and acted indifferently.

Turning around leisurely, he ran as hard as he could!




Su Hao madly ran towards the edge of the beast domain.

It isnt a joke!

If he didnt run now, he would be waiting for his death here!

Just now, he pressured Tiger Emperor to the limit. Using the psychological knowledge he learnt to utilize the shadows in ones heart, he was able to scare off Tiger Emperor.

However, these words had a loophole if anyone carefully considered his words!

Was Tiger Emperor a retard?

Obviously, it wasnt an idiot!

Su Hao did not doubt that a few seconds later, that tiger would notice and chase after him.

What he needed to do currently was escape from the beast domain before Tiger Emperor returned to chase him.



Su Haos figure could be seen flashing by every second.

A few seconds later, just as Su Hao predicted, an angry shout echoed within the area, Damn Su Hao, you actually dared to trick this emperor? This emperor wants you to die now!



Heaven and earth shook as Tiger Emperor began to chase him crazily .



Su Hao continued his escape. If one took a closer look, there was almost no sign of gasping from him!

He won some hard-fought few seconds. He must leave the beast domain in this short period of time and struggle for his final escape!

Although he was far from Tiger Emperor, that terrifying aura from the tiger came down from the sky, locking on to him.

This time, Tiger Emperor should have won the race!

Even when under such desperation and pressure, Su Hao was surprisingly relaxed. This kind of feeling was like breaking away from shackles.

Strange... Su Hao began to examine his current state.

He was currently being chased, and each time Tiger Emperor hunted him down in this beast domain, each step was like walking on the edge of a knife.

For each second, Su Hao struggled between life and death.

However, the strange thing was Su Hao actually felt extremely calm and relaxed. It was as if some sort of burden in his heart had finally vanished without a trace.

Why was it so?

Su Hao frowned.

Since when did he have a burden in his heart?

When did this start?

Su Hao carefully thought about this. Soon, his mind caught a clue. Could it be it was at that time?

The time when he resurrected!

Since being resurrected, he had always felt something amiss.

At first, he had always thought that it was because he just recently resurrected and wasnt able to adjust yet. However, it now seemed that it wasnt the case!

What was it then?

Su Hao recalled that feeling. As the computers in his brain began to analyze the unusual state, Su Hao suddenly understood.

He finally deciphered the mystery behind this!

He finally knew the problem!

What was the hardest thing for a person to tolerate?

Dying on the battlefield?


It was being used as someones chess piece!

Was Su Hao hardworking?

Of course!

Heaven would always reward the diligent ones.

Su Hao believed this phrase the most. Therefore, he had been working hard all the time; with his own efforts, he took one step forward at a time.

Black card?

The appearance of the black card was an opportunity for him!

Whether or not this chance could be grasped and utilized would depend on Su Hao himself.

The ability to choose would always be in his own hands.

However, everything changed after the emergence of the beast tide.

Blue dream butterflys death...

The rescue by Falcon Emperor...

Everything seemed natural, but were all these circumstances planned out by Su Tiancheng? Or perhaps he had predicted this would happen and just decided to leave some clues behind to facilitate it?

Su Hao wasnt sure, but that feeling was real without a doubt.

It seemed like he had become a pawn in this grand scheme.

He was led by his nose to proceed according to an established plan!

Regardless of whether he was working hard or being successful or not, it was all the same!

This feeling was really f*cked up!

When his mind flashbacked to the past scene, Su Hao finally understood the feeling of being a chess piece. In other words, no matter what, was blue dream butterfly destined to die? Whether he broke through or not, during the beast tide, he was destined to die?

So, the outcome of his breakthrough would not affect the outcome of the beast tide?

If they won, blue dream butterfly would kill him, and Falcon Emperor would resurrect him.

If they lost, blue dream butterfly would still kill him, and Falcon Emperor would still do the same.

Whether he worked hard or not, blue dream butterfly and Falcon Emperor would die! And he would live!

Am I alright with this? Su Hao asked himself.

Although the outcome was good for him, were the lives of others just mere chess pieces for other people? If so, what was the significance of living then? What was the point of him struggling in his life? He would still end up like a doll controlled by other people.

Who controlled all these events?

Was it Su Tiancheng?

Or someone else?

Su Hao wasnt sure.

He felt frustrated and resistant when he knew the truth!

Why did mankind love freedom? Because they had the luxury to make choices!

That was the reason why they were free!

Blue dream butterfly chose to give up her life to save Su Hao. Su Hao decided to give up his life and allow her to survive. That was the power of love between them!

However, it now seemed more like a joke.

The ending which they could never escape!

The ending which had been set up long ago!

To belittle mankinds love and destroy the freedom of choice, were they still living as humans?


They became a puppet show.

Therefore, Su Haos heart had a kind of negative emotion that subconsciously became a heavy burden in his heart.

In the beast domain, he worked hard but it was all for blue dream butterfly. However, his subconscious mind kept telling him to give up.

There was no need to waste your effort here.

Whether you work hard or not, the result has been determined!

Whether blue dream butterfly can resurrect or not, it has all been predestined.

To try your best is just a mere joke!

Therefore, Su Hao felt exhausted.

There were countless times during battle when he could have chosen the better approach, but he didnt. Su Hao would insist on picking the most dangerous route! How many times could he have avoided being in the middle of an event which could take his life at any moment? Would he eventually find himself in such a situation?

Was his future destined?

Must I be alive until then? Then, let's see if I can really die or not! Let me see the so-called future that is controlling my destiny! Lets see if it will still be there!

During the nuclear explosion, when that powerful beast made its move, everything changed.

Being with Li Tiantian for quite some time, Su Hao had quite the understanding of how the future works. If there was a huge event in the future or the one who changed the projection of future was stronger, the energy consumption would be larger.

Was the interception of that powerful beast really expected too?

A superpower who could crush a nuclear bomb like an egg?

Based on Su Haos calculation, a nuclear bomb could easily kill Tiger Emperor. Thus, in order to reach such a level where one could easily neutralize a nuclear bomb...

The beast needed to be at least at the half-divine realm!

Only such a strong beast could dissipate a nuclear bomb!

Could someone expect such a powerful character to be involved ten years in advance?

Of course such a feat was impossible!

While in the bloody ocean, Su Hao fell into a deadly situation.

While in a state of drowsiness, it was blue dream butterfly who dragged his consciousness back, making him determined to fight against Tiger Emperor.

Were all these incidents predestined too?

Su Hao still had some doubts in his mind.

Then, he began to bombard all sort of questions to Tiger Emperor.

Su Hao didnt know where the bravery came from, but he just wished to release all the frustration which he had been keeping in his heart. Those questions werent just to ask Tiger Emperor! They were also directed to the world, Su Tiancheng and himself!

When each question was finally answered, Su Haos frustration in his mind emptied out.

At this moment, Su Hao only belonged to himself!