Godly Model Creator Chapter 509

Chapter 509

Chapter 509 Tian Long Court

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

All the memories...

All the circumstances...

They began to play like a film in his mind.

Once the thousands of computers in his mind were done analyzing, Su Hao understood that those invisible shackles had been completely shaken off! From now on, he only belonged to himself!

For the Federation?

For mankind?

For the world?


Su Hao would only act for himself!

Even if it was for humanity, it must be of his own will. Rather than letting others control his fate, Su Hao would rather die than be controlled like a puppet.

His future, only he could decide it with his own hands!

The power of ones mentality was always a great force which one tends to overlook.

Those who had a vulnerable mentality would be easily exploited. What was more frightening was this kind of manipulation that could make you into a chess piece unknowingly. Such a feeling was too scary when he thought of it.

When he was resurrected, Su Hao had got rid of some of the shackles. Although he didnt know what it was, he could feel it. His heart felt better when he questioned Tiger Emperor earlier, and once again some of the shackles got removed.

Why were strong espers difficult to turn into pawns?

Was it just because of their strength?

It was more than that!

There was also the factor of their strong inner heart!

And now, Su Hao had achieved this state.

Hahahaha. Thinking of this, Su Hao couldnt help but laugh.

At this moment, he felt light like a swallow. Such comfort affected how his body moved. If he wasnt mistaken, there were records in ancient books explaining that a change in mood would trigger special materials in the blood to change which would affect the bodys reaction. Feelings of anger, grief, or sorrow, each of them had different effects on the body which indirectly affected ones thoughts and IQ.



Su Haos speed increased by a small margin.

So what if he would die as the cost of not being bound by anyone?

At least he died for himself!

For his loved ones!

Everything had been his own choice which he would never regret!


Tiger Emperor gave another roar as it drew near.

After Su Hao had a clear consideration of the situation, he increased his footwork speed by a notch. Since he had made a clear determination, there was no need to make any attempt to die.

To die here without a valid reason would be a waste!



Su Hao sprinted in a straight line!

After all, that was the only thing he could currently do!

Because of nuclear bombs influence, Tiger Emperors entire territory was now flat land! There was no place for him to use cover or as an obstacle. Otherwise, with his model analysis, it would be a simple task! But currently, he could only keep running!




Su Hao crazily ran towards the edge of the beast domain. As long as he reached Federation territory, he would be safe!

The goal wasnt far away!


The energy within his body was utilized without reserve.

When a trace of energy was recovered, Su Hao would use it up. Right now, his figure was like lightning dashing toward the other side.

Su Hao could now see the battlefield in his view. With his current speed, three more seconds would be sufficient for him to reach his goal.





The sky suddenly turned dark!

This isnt good! Su Haos mind went into a full alert mode.

Tiger Emperor, who was hundreds of miles away, actually leaped and landed in the battlefield.


During landing, its huge body produced cracks on the ground. Su Hao, who was rushing over there, halted his action immediately since his path had been blocked.

Tiger Emperor then stared at Su Hao, Brat, where are you going to run now?!


Su Hao didnt give his reply. All he did was subconsciously retreat, but he quickly noticed that he had no way to escape!


Behind him was the beast domain!

How could he retreat?

And in front of him was the battlefield!

As long as he crossed the battlefield, he would be able to return to Federation territory. However, Tiger Emperors giant body seemed too difficult for Su Hao to ignore.

Just a mere professional esper and you are very reckless! Even Su Tiancheng wouldnt dare to step into the beast domain as a professional esper. If youre allowed to develop further, that would be a disaster. Tiger Emperor then continued in a cold tone, Destroying my territory and deceiving this emperor; you will have to pay for your actions!

Tiger Claw!


With its paw raised up, it pounded toward Su Hao. With such a dense, terrifying aura locking on him, Su Hao had no way to avoid this!

The moment when it knew it was Su Hao standing in front of it, it didnt plan to let him live anymore!

Su Haos potential terrified it way too much.

A human like this was only better if dead.



The sky shook.

The claw slammed down with lightning fast speed that caused the surrounding space to feel like time had stopped.

That was Tiger Emperors strength!

Im going to die? Su Hao muttered to himself.

He had gone all the way to reach this step, but he would still fail at the final moment!

What a pity!

Su Hao silently spoke to his tattoo on his right arm, Little brat, I can only make it to here...


A breeze blew through Su Hao, and he could feel the pain on his body. He wanted to say something as his final words but was stunned to discover something in the distance. A young man was rushing toward him.


Su Haos dimming hope reignited!

Sweeping his gaze over the young man, he only bitterly smiled.

Professional esper...

He couldnt see the exact level of this esper.

However, the aura of a professional esper was undeniable.

Darn it!

A professional esper?

At this moment, there was actually a professional esper who dared to enter the beast domain?

Was he sending himself to death?!

Its dangerous! Dont come! Su Hao shouted.

Since he was not going to survive, there was no need to add another victim.

However, the young man actually ignored Su Haos warning and continued charging forward.

Humph! Tiger Emperor smirked.

Its paw was still heading toward Su Hao. However, Su Haos final yell before death had made it subconsciously place its attention on the young man.


Unexpectedly, the giant paw in front of Su Hao actually stopped a centimeter away from him!

Su Hao felt strange.

Raising his head, he looked at Tiger Emperor and noticed that it didnt dare to move an inch at this moment.

Its whole body was stunned!

It was the sign of Tiger Emperor being afraid!

What is he afraid of? Su Haos pupil contracted.

All he saw was the young man kicking its butt, Hey, big cat. Step aside.


Even Su Hao felt dumbfounded.


This guy was simply seeking his death!

Just a mere professional esper and he dared to act in this manner toward Tiger Emperor?

However, what really surprised Su Hao was Tiger Emperor really gave way! Like a big cat, it obediently stepped aside.

What is happening?

Su Hao could not comprehend this scene.

The young man then slowly walked toward Su Hao and had a quick peek at a virtual screen. After confirming something, he finally nodded in satisfaction, Youre Su Hao, right?

Yea. Su Hao nodded.

The young man reached out his hand and revealed a smile as bright as sunshine, Hello, junior. I am a disciple of Tian Long Court, Wan Cheng.

Tian Long Court!

Tiger Emperor, who heard these three words, subconsciously retreated. No wonder it felt an incoming crisis. It was really a damned disciple from Tian Long Court!


Tiger Emperor wanted to tiptoe away quietly, but a loud sound appeared.

How could such a sound be missed from being received by Su Hao and Wan Chengs ears?

Such a huge figure, yet it was attempting to tiptoe away? Is this a retarded cat?

Tian Long Court? Su Hao recalled for a bit. It was the second time he had heard of this place. The first time he heard of the name was from Tiger Emperor, he had this feeling like it was its nightmare.

Could it be Tian Long Court was way stronger than Zhanzheng College?

Hold on! Just now this Wan Cheng addressed him as a junior!

Could it be?

Youre right. Wan Cheng smiled and didnt mind explaining, Tian Long Court is just a branch of Zhanzheng College. Youll know more about it when you enrol. Now, lets get out of here. If the strong ones from the beast domain reach here, then were doomed.

Alright. Su Hao nodded.

When they were about to leave, Wan Cheng glanced back at Tiger Emperor, This big-headed cat, what did it do?

It was the one responsible in planning the beast tide in Jianghe City. Su Hao said in hatred.

So that was the case. Wan Cheng nodded and casually said, Then, there is no need to leave it alive!


Tiger Emperor instantly became alert.


It would have never thought that since this young man didnt make a move, there was no need for a fight. However, a few words from Su Hao had sealed its death.

Damn humans! You think I am terrified of a disciple from Tian Long Court? Tiger Emperor proudly said as a seemingly desperate act to comfort itself, I am an emperor ranked beast which is equivalent to domain espers. Youre just a mere professional esper! How can you be my opponent?! Since you wish to die so much, dont blame me for being impolite!


Its action seemed magnificent, but in Su Haos eyes, this tiger was only encouraging itself!

It turned out that this tiger was scared!

Su Hao really could not understand why it would be afraid of facing against a professional esper.

Limitless Bloody Ocean!


This time it wasnt an imaginary sea of blood but a real one! Surrounding both humans and sealing every route of escape, Tiger Emperor didnt hesitate to use its most powerful move in front of Wan Cheng.

Tiger Sky Torrent!