Godly Model Creator Chapter 51

Gmc Chapter 51

Chapter 0051 Zhao Feng, the prince of close combat


After trapping Zhao Feng at the end of corner, Su Hao began his ferocious attack. Both of them were having their first direct confrontation. Without a doubt, Su Hao made his move much quicker.



Su Haos fists forced Zhao Feng to turn around and block.

After consecutive, fast paced attacks, Su Hao finally showed his true color. All the fighting techniques which he kept in store for nearly half a day burst out from his hands! Combo movesets and more combo movesets! [ED: Moveset isnt a real word, but rather gaming terminology. As the name suggests, its a specific set of moves]

At that moment, Su Hao no longer held himself back. A variety of fighting techniques were combined and displayed perfectly and smoothly like flowing water. Movesets by movesets, Zhao Feng was being trapped and unable to counter.

Once again, he had been hit back, making him retreat half a step. Zhao Fengs position right now was getting worse. The range of moves which he could take were limited.

However, despite having little freedom, Zhao Fengs defense didnt shown any sign of leakage. The exact same advanced police fighting technique, Zhao Feng was extremely familiar with Su Haos every move.

Whenever Su Hao attacked, Zhao Feng could accurately block.

The only thing which worried Zhao Feng was that Su Haos fighting technique had 310 points.the terrifying fighting technique showed that Su Hao had even mastered military fighting technique and even perfectly integrated it. But why didnt Su Hao not show that move?

The only reason he dared to challenge Su Hao was none other than his origin ability, as high as 750 points penetration!

As of now, through his continuous effort, he had reached 25% defense neglection. As long as he was close to the target, he could easily destroy anyone!

That was also the source of his confidence. Facing the monstrous 750 points origin ability with 110 points of fighting technique, there was no competition at all!

But at that very moment, inexplicably, he felt something was wrong, but he didnt know where that feeling came from.

In front of respective virtual screen, the new students watched the battle with their blood boiling.

Did you see that! Complete suppression! So what if hes a repeater, in the end hell still be beaten by Su Hao. A student exclaimed in excitement.

Indeed, front the screen point of view, Su Hao who had been chased for half a day had now suddenly counterattacked. This action of his caused Zhao Feng to be suppressed until he didnt have much room. With all kinds of smooth and gorgeous moves, Zhao Feng was close to be beaten to death.

Such formidable explosive force!

However, Zhao Feng seems to not sustain any injury. A weak voice came out. As everyone got a clearer look at it, they were suddenly caught in surprise, Thats true. That Zhao Feng, he could defend that well.

Both of them are using the same fighting techniques. Su Hao naturally couldnt inflict any damage. What about Su Haos military fighting technique? Why hasnt he used it?

With such high intensity attacks, Su Hao wont be able to maintain such a rate for long.

The students discussed among themselves in the conversation channel.

True! His combo moveset is about to be broken. One repeater continued with a brave tone, Such a high-intensity outburst wont last long. Although this terrain is small and let Su Hao have a better advantage, as long as Zhao Feng seizes an opportunity, this battle is as good as over.

Yes! Zhao Feng just needs to hit him once and he would emerged as the winner.

This wasnt an online game, this was reality!

In a game, reducing defense by 25% would just bring the meaning of inflicting more damage, but in realitythe force bursting within body, with 25% force guaranteed to reach the body, how would that taste?

It would definitely inflict serious injury or even death!

Within the repeaters, Zhao Fengs origin ability could be considered at the bottom, only a mere 13 points. However, almost everyone was clear of one point: never let that guy close to you!

And at that time, a repeaters eyes lit up, A good opportunity there!

Everyone concentrated back on the screen. Sure enough, Su Haos assault was getting stronger and more ferocious. The last two moves, they were the strongest ones in the police fighting technique.

Such powerful force had inflicted quite a bit of damage on Zhao Feng, but everyone knew very well that it was now an arrow at the end of its flight.

Su Hao could no longer continue his assault!

When his figure jumped up to the air, Su Hao once again initiated a formidable attack. He fiercely kicked Zhao Fengs body, and Zhao Feng groaned in pain for a moment. He took a step back and his back was now leaning on the wall.

But right now, he was looking bright. The more powerful the moves, the more time was needed to recover.

After Su Haos move, there was a trace of pause and disruption in his breathing rhythm. His combo moves were finally broken! Although Zhao Feng didnt take the opportunity to distance himself, he no longer had to block. Thus, his counterattack finally began!


Within the fist of Zhao Feng, a trace of origin ability energy was illuminating. It seemed like an ordinary punch being bombarded at Su Hao.

Su Hao coldly smirked and the same fist was directed at Zhao Fengs incoming fist.

Aiya, that child is as good as over!

All the repeaters now were looking very cheerful and happy. At first, they thought that they were going to suffer for acting as a pig trying to eat a tiger. But now, it was pretty obvious that this first ranked new student was going to step into the trap.

What was the consequences of being attacked by Zhao Feng?

Countless repeaters had used their own body to prove it. Extremely miserable.Not to mention those with 13 points, even with 15 points, directly eating the force of Zhao Feng with their own body, it was still a miserable situation. Let alone them, this time Su Haos origin ability was even lower than Zhao Feng.

Both fists were in contact. That seemingly ordinary direct confrontation, yet at that moment, a sudden burst of origin ability light ray occured.

With both fists illuminating origin ability light ray, the force erupted and shockwaves were produced. The shockwaves then swept over the surrounding environment and all the decoratives within the ghost castle were broken by the translucent light ray.

Everyone was terrified looking at the scene, how could this be?

Hold on!

Su Hao was beaten until he retreated a few steps. A mouthful of blood was sprayed out like a fountain. But what was even worse was that the opposite Zhao Feng, his whole body was blasted backwards and glued at the wall.

A crash sound echoed!

The wall suffered numerous cracks and Zhao Fengs body faintly disappeared.

Su Hao, wins!

Everyone was dumbfounded, how could this be?

The new students didnt completely understand the situation. Both of them seemed to have an ordinary confrontation, how could the force outburst have been on such a huge scale? Especially the last part where Zhao Feng flew over and hit the wall, which even caused cracks to form. The scene really made one shiver, how much force was there exactly?

The repeaters who were eager to see Su Hao fall were stunned too.

An outburst of force occurred, but it was Zhao Feng who had fallen

Although with 25% of penetration on defense, that one attack on Su Hao would definitely inflict a serious injury. Too bad, from start to end, Zhao Feng only had that opportunity to land a hit and yet

Just now when he found a perfect moment for counter attack, he was actually one hit killed by Su Hao.

The spectators couldnt believe their eyes and rewinded the scene again.

And then rewinded!

More rewinded!

After several replays, finally someone was able to understand, Such attacks.combo movesetseems like, fighting essence! No wonder Su Hao didnt show any military fighting technique. He actually didnt master it at all. From the very start, he was accumulating fighting points.

The next moment, everyone understood.

Their first reaction on this, damn trap!

Their second reaction, Su Hao had a very keen observation!

Their third reaction, if they have a rematch, Zhao Feng certainly wouldnt lose.

But was that really the truth?

As everyone kept analysing more and more, they became more uncertain.

In this duel, Su Hao had many points which could make people amazed. How could he see through Zhao Fengs ability? How could he, with limited time, make such good use of the huge terrain?

Finally, that countless combo moveset, the perfect delivery of fighting points, it was very clear that Zhao Feng had been led along by Su Hao from start to end.

The pace of the whole battle was within Su Haos control. Naturally he could easily defeat Zhao Feng.

The more they thought, the more they felt that this brat was scary. Although his ability wasnt strong, but that full usage on overall aspect of battle, it was as if they saw the shadow of that years Viper!

And Zhou Wang, was without doubt the Chen Yifeng of this year.

The same scene was once again played!

Challenging first ranked new student, failed!

This had brought a huge boost of motivation and confidence to new students. They didnt consider much whether the repeaters were formidable or not, but such a duel really made them puzzled.

They had never thought that they didnt even follow the rhythm of Su Hao.

Why did Su Hao give up so many advantages? How did Su Hao win the duel? Zhao Fengs origin ability? What was that last force outburst in the duel? Was it just a shockwave?

From the beginning to the end, they didnt understand one bit of it.

Not able to understand?

Its alright!

The repeaters had already analysed the reasons behind Su Haos victory.soon they would know.


A message was mass forwarded to all new students. It was the same sender as just now.

Repeater Zhao Feng VS First ranked new student Su Hao, the historys most exciting battle! Do you understand the battle itself?

The horrifying prince of close combat, Zhao Feng with a super strong 15 points of origin ability, yet he lost in the hand of Su Hao? Do you understand the secret behind the victory?

If you dont understand, no problem! Only one task point for the complete data and report which would make you understand each step and rhythm of battle and improve your knowledge!