Godly Model Creator Chapter 510

Chapter 510

Chapter 510 The Best Military Force

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws


The sea of blood rose and condensed in mid-air. This scene looked like a huge flame rising into the air. The fire-like blood produced a boundless aura. Su Hao could imagine that if he were to touch it, his fingers would be burnt into nothingness.


The flame looked like a fire dragon, and it instantly charged at Su Hao!

Flame Torrent!

The dense aura emitted from this flame was too overpowering that Su Hao was unable to control his body.


Wan Cheng took a step forward and stood in front of Su Hao. He stared at the fire dragon coldly; his right hand turned into a sword as he slashed the air, Thousand Superimposed Waves!


Space stood still!

Layers of blue ocean spray surged up. As a series of never-ending waves, they kept hitting the fire dragon and keeping it in check.

Tiger Emperor was stunned by this scene.

In just an instant, its confidence vanished.

The endless waves surged up to 900 layers at once, the terrifying power of the fire dragon began to be neutralized until it disappeared. After the clash between the waves and the fire dragon, the surrounding bloody ocean unexpectedly crashed!


Tiger Emperor began to panic and fled from the scene.

However, in just a blink of an eye, Thousand Superimposed Waves reached it.

Its body stayed on the spot as a hundred layers of waves passed through it. Surprisingly, its huge body actually turned into hundreds of parts!

Junior, do you like to eat tigers penis? Wan Cheng suddenly broke the silence.

Tigers penis?

Looking at Tiger Emperor who had been cut into pieces and that huge penis, Su Hao quickly shook his head. Who the hell would eat that disgusting thing?

Such a pity. Wan Cheng shook his head in a regretful action, Tigers penis is a huge bonus! Especially one from an emperor ranked beast!


Wan Cheng waved his hand, causing Thousand Superimposed Waves to continue surging and eradicating Tiger Emperor.

A dignified emperor ranked beast died under the hand of a professional esper who was still a student. Su Hao could hardly accept this fact.

This How could this be possible?!

That was an emperor ranked beast!

Didnt one graduate from Zhanzheng College after becoming a professional esper?

This was totally different from how he visualized the college!


Wan Cheng looked at Su Haos expression and suddenly facepalmed, Oh yea, I forgot that you have not enrolled in the college yet. Haha.

Lets go. Wan Cheng smiled, Your doubts will naturally be deciphered while at school.

Alright. Su Hao nodded in agreement.

Today, there were many new insights which he needed to digest!

A trip to the beast domain for two days and two nights seemed like a short one, but the way he viewed the world changed completely!


Wan Cheng led Su Hao into Federation territory.

On the battlefield, one could clearly see that many Federation troops were waiting!

Specialized espers, professional espers, the peak of professional realms and the powerful aura emitted from strong espers stunned Su Hao.

Noticing his state, Wan Cheng paused briefly and asked a strange question, Now, what do you see with your eyes?

What do I see? Su Hao raised his head and paid more attention to the battlefield.

On the battlefield, even when they knew how powerful the enemies were, they werent afraid to stay here! They were mankinds ultimate defense! To describe them as true warriors werent an exaggeration. Not fearing any hardships, they were willing to shed their blood to ensure every inch of Federation territory was safe!

I see soldiers! Su Hao continued in a serious tone, The hot blood and enthusiasm of the Federation army!

Youre mistaken. Wan Cheng shook his head slightly, Wanna guess what I see in them?

Huh? Su Hao didnt know how to answer.

Cannon fodder! Wan Cheng uttered these two words and startled Su Hao.

In the battlefield, they would always be the first one to die! For the future of mankind, they dont contribute much! This war has been ongoing for two decades, and we have been in a stalemate with the berserk beasts. In order to break this cycle, what we need is a force with absolute strength. As for the rest...

They are none other than cannon fodder!

But they are still human! Su Hao couldnt believe it.

They werent a toy which they could simply discard but human lives!

Among these soldiers, a large number were professional espers. Were they still serving as cannon fodder?

What do you think cannon fodder is? Wan Cheng asked.

Cannon fodder is pointless sacrifices! Su Hao replied.

No, cannon fodder also has its purpose. The only purpose it serves is to control! However, what they control are the ordinary beasts which are the lowest in the hierarchy.

Mankind and berserk beasts had been struggling to maintain equilibrium.

And to do so, it takes a price. Wan Cheng continued, This price is endless cannon fodder! And it applies to both the Federation and berserk beasts. As long as the requirements are met, one will be sent here to fight. In the end, very few survive till the end.

How could this be? Su Hao looked at the soldiers in the distance away and felt sadness growing in his heart. These people were ready to fight for humanity and sacrifice themselves without a single doubt for the Federation. How could they think of such warriors as cannon fodder to maintain the equilibrium?

For the mankinds future, they had no use!

These sentences from Wan Cheng easily turned their value into mere cannon fodder. Thinking of himself, Su Hao could be considered cannon fodder too. Everything he did had been a setup, and he just acted like a puppet under someone elses control.


Su Hao squeezed his fists tight, exposing his blue veins.

These people, each of them had their own family too!

Well, this is what war is about. Wan Chengs voice was very dull and emotionless, The strength of a domain esper easily surpasses millions of soldiers. A world esper is enough to reverse the progress of a war! As for the strongest esper, they are more than enough to decide the fate of the world! Thus, if youre unwilling, aim to be the strongest esper!

If we cant be the strongest esper... Wan Chengs expression suddenly changed, We are cannon fodder!


Su Hao was shocked!

If one cant be the strongest esper, then he is automatically a cannon fodder?

These words what was the real meaning behind them?

Mankind and berserk beasts have been fighting each other over two decades because of the influence from the origin magnetic field. Berserk beasts have been charging into the battlefield recklessly to maintain equilibrium. Because of their actions, they were killed by humans! And mankind will do the same thing too!

Because humanity would be doomed if mankind stops joining the war!

Thus, this battlefield has become the burial place for many humans and berserk beasts which also serves as a place to maintain the balance between the two forces.

We cant retreat! We cant be defeated! We can only fight!

Berserk beasts have the existence of half-divine beast and mankind has their own strong characters too. If these existences made a move it would lead to a short-lived victory but then what? No matter how strong one is, the influence from the energy suppression is hard to ignore.

The deeper you ventured into the other side, the suppression you would experience would increase!

When one was too exhausted to continue, the enemys counterattack would begin! Whether it is for mankind or berserk beasts, to pay such a price isnt worth. Thus, after several such battles at the beginning, those characters no longer participated.

In other words, they have adopted another method of battle. Which is none other than cultivating geniuses!

Cultivating geniuses? Su Hao couldnt help but interrupt Wan Cheng.

Yea, cultivating geniuses, cultivating special forces and aiming for the highest peaks! Become the strongest esper who would change the world! Berserk beasts and mankind are both using the same strategy because they all know that the moment when the strongest esper is born

The war would end!

Why? Su Hao asked, Even strong espers could only bring a short-lived victory, but the strongest esper could turn the tide?

Of course. Wan Cheng nodded, Its because only the strongest esper is protected from the magnetic fields suppression. In other words, he could obliterate the opposing energy field!

Fully destroy? Su Haos pupils contracted.

Yes! Wan Cheng affirmed his statement, Complete destruction!

This is the war in the origin ability era!

The war of geniuses!

What was the most valuable asset in this era?


Su Hao was stunned on the spot.

Suddenly, he felt that his view on Zhanzheng College had been wrong all along!

It was definitely not a strategy he previously understood.

In this war, there was no strategy needed!

What humanity needed is an abundant number of geniuses!

Su Hao then remembered the explosion from the nuclear bomb earlier.

Wasnt that just a little nuclear bomb compressed into a tube? What if the size of the nuclear bomb was increased? What if it was a nuclear bomb in its original size?

He remembered coming across some records in ancient books that Earth was full of problems!

The damage from nuclear bombs was so great that if every nuclear weapon exploded at the same time, it would be enough to destroy the planet! Such a force was still ineffective in eradicating berserk beasts!

Todays nuclear bomb even utilized origin energy which made it many times stronger!

If one was insufficient?


If two was not effective, then three!

With a countless number of nuclear bombs, there would be a time when they would succeed eventually, right?

Su Hao raised this question.

Regarding this, Wan Cheng just smirked.

Yes, a nuclear bomb is powerful but what about that then? The land under our feet isnt anything like what our ancestors used to step on.

Wan Cheng used all his strength to kick the ground.

An endless amount of energy was transferred to the ground from his leg!


The ground shook, but it was only a slight tremble before quickly returning to its usual calm state.