Godly Model Creator Chapter 511

Chapter 511

Chapter 511 The strongest esper!

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

Huh? Su Hao was puzzled.

What was he trying to do?

Just now, an attack of this level would trigger an earthquake before the era of origin ability. However, the ground only shook for a bit just now. The origin ability era not only changed us and berserk beast but also the world, including the land under our feet.

Everything here has changed! Wan Cheng coldly smirked.

Therefore, attempting to use firearms to destroy the enemy is simply a dream. If you had not infiltrated the beast domain with your perfect disguise, Im afraid that nuclear bomb wouldnt have been able to enter! If it cant even enter, then how can it destroy enemies? The only factor which could reverse the war is The strongest esper!

That same sentence again!

Su Haos heart felt like it had been stabbed harshly.

He had heard it twice the same sentence, but it carried a different feeling each time.

The strongest esper!

So only at such a realm could someone change the fate of the world?

Zhanzheng Colleges entire purpose for existing is to develop the strongest esper! It is to open up all the potential in every student and allow them to shine in the most dazzling light! Every student and teacher in Zhanzheng College only has one goal which is to become the strongest esper!

Become the strongest esper and change humanitys fate!

After ones potential has been exhausted and can no longer advance for the rest of his life, he will silently head to the battlefield. Becoming cannon fodder and maintaining the balance!

This is the war between geniuses!

Mankind and beasts both have a similar situation. Everyone is fighting to achieve the legendary title as the strongest esper. Every genius or evildoer can become the strongest esper!

Speaking of this, Wan Cheng paused for a second before asked suddenly, Have you heard of Blood Beast Order?

Blood Beast Order? Su Hao shook his head, Nope.

Seems that Zhang Yang didnt inform you of this. Wan Cheng smiled, Blood Beast Order is a group of berserk beasts which opposes humanitys geniuses. Once an order to assassinate a genius is issued, no matter what the cost is, the mission will be accomplished! The reason youre being targeted isnt just because you are Su Tianchengs son but also a target of Blood Beast Order!

Me? Su Hao questioned this shocking revelation.

Yes, because of your performance in the college entrance exam, you have been under their radar. Since the start of the chaotic era until now, Blood Beast Order has issued a total of 316 missions. Youre one of them. Blood Beast Order considers each of these individuals to have unlimited potential and could become the strongest esper!

Out of the 316, only 158 are still alive!

What? Su Hao was stunned, Half of them were killed? Why?

Because this is war!

This isnt a warehouse to store wine. Humans cultivate geniuses, and berserk beasts will try to kill them. At the same time, it is the same situation over at their side. In these ten years, nearly 500 berserk beasts which were considered geniuses were killed by humans! To be the strongest esper isnt a simple road!



Su Hao was truly stunned by this new information.

To be the strongest esper, one had to display his talent! By doing so, you will be at risk of being targeted by berserk beasts! And the same thing applied to berserk beasts.

The route to be the strongest esper was full of thorns!

So, the so-called war of geniuses is all about this!

Su Hao didnt know why but felt that this war of geniuses is much crueler than ordinary wars and tens of thousands of times harder!

Then what about senior? Su Hao asked, I could only feel senior being at the professional realm, but you easily killed Tiger Emperor. Such strength...

Smirk. Wan Cheng just smiled and patted on Su Haos shoulder, I know you have a lot of doubts, but you will understand when you enrol in Zhanzheng College.

Lets go. The aircraft is already on standby. Its time to go back now!

Alright. Su Hao replied.

Looking at the army behind them, Su Hao silently squeezed his fists tight.

One day...

I will change it all!

Su Hao secretly made a vow in his heart!

The strongest esper?

Then he would aim to become one!

Thinking of this, Su Hao made a firm resolution and left Final Point.

He always thought that he was strong enough and a genius!

What he experienced today opened his eyes. The so-called dream he had was simply a joke in front of these individuals. Professional esper?

It wasnt anything to be proud of!

Zhanzheng College, the highest school institution in the entire Federation!

The one which every student inspired to enrol at, was it really as simple as he thought?

The place where countless of geniuses gathered such as Bai Feng, who reach the professional realm and graduated; Wan Cheng, a powerful Tian Long Courts disciple who has yet to graduate; the deputy principal Thunder Emperor who was half a step into the domain esper realm; the mysterious clues his father left behind; and the base invested in cultivating humans force...

What kind of place is Zhanzheng College?

No matter what, Su Hao knew that all his questions would be answered soon!

Zhanzheng College...

Im coming!



The aircraft took off.

It took Wan Cheng and Su Hao to Zhanzheng College.

If one didnt become the strongest esper, then he would have to be cannon fodder!

Perhaps one day when his potential was exhausted, he would become a cannon fodder which could never improve!

But now, these cannon fodders deserved his respect!

The aircraft swept across the sky, forming an arc, and disappeared into the sky!

The destination was none other than Zhanzheng College!

In the Federations conference room, Pan Hu felt relieved after received the information.

Su Hao survived.

But, since Su Hao has no way to breakthrough into a world esper, why do we still allow him to enrol into Zhanzheng College? Isnt it just a waste of resources? Some people were puzzled.

Who told you that? Pan Hus expression turned strict.

I... That man didnt know how to reply.

Humph, Su Hao won the qualification to enrol into Zhanzheng College with his own efforts. He definitely has the right to go! As for potential, how do you know he has no potential? Zhang Yang intervened.

But, the higher-ups said that he wouldnt be able to breakthrough into a world esper anymore! The man defended his words.

Humph! Without being able to breakthrough into a world esper, one cant become the strongest esper? Smirk, that higher-up himself isnt the strongest esper himself, right?! Zhang Yang sneered.

Everyone became speechless.

Pondering his words, the higher-up was indeed not the strongest esper himself! What qualification did he have to comment on others qualification to become the strongest esper?

Everyone knew Zhang Yang was trying to be optimistic, but one couldnt refute his words either!

The strongest esper...

That wasnt something they could comment on.

Enough. Pan Hu stared at the man seriously, Remember your duties! You all are Federal Guardians that protect the geniuses cultivated by the Federation! Its not a tool used by higher-ups to seek power. The importance of the Federal Talent Reserve, I believe you understand that well. If anyone dares to mess it up, this daddy wont be lenient!

Alright, as for the following events, just leave them to Zhanzheng College. It isnt something we can intervene! Pan Hu continued, Also, inform the Ministry of Strategy that we wont do this kind of task anymore. To maintain the equilibrium, its their own job. If they dont do it well, then let them find the excuses themselves!

Meeting dismissed! After Pan Hu finished his words, he left the room.

Zhang Yang also followed and left. As for the others, they looked at each other for a moment before leaving. Just that when they left, everyone felt that something had been pulled down.

There seemed to be something they had ignored, but what was it?

Next to the conference room.

In an imprisoned room, a pitiful middle-aged man was dripping tears from the bottom of his heart, It wasnt me! Help me! Its really wasnt me!

Im a Federal Guardian!

I am a family member of the Tian family!

You cant treat me like this...

Arrggghhhh Help me.

The screams could be heard echoing from the detention room.

However, they were doomed to fall on to deaf ears.

On the battlefield, soon after Su Hao and others left, a terrifying aura swept across the battlefield. Those beasts from the other side finally arrived!




The overwhelming beast tide began to charge towards the Federation territory.

At this moment, the army had long been prepared to face this!

Domain espers!

World espers!

Each of them began to fight with the berserk beasts bravely, directly causing this region of conflict into a mess.

It was obvious that berserk beasts had the advantage.

However, after having the advantage, they became weaker as they wandered deeper into Federation territory.

The origin magnetic field!

This was Final Point!

The most powerful place for humanitys defense!

To try invading into humans territory through this place was simply a dream!

The battle came fast and ended in same fashion too.

This was nothing but a normal reaction from both sides. The reasons berserk beasts charged from Zero Point to here was due to the fact that the army would certainly take this opportunity to invade. While they came over here, the federal army had long prepared for this battle! The explosion from the nuclear bomb failed, but the task to contain the berserk beasts... was a success!

Berserk beasts and espers automatically ceased fire because they knew that it would never make any sense to continue this battle any longer! This battle would have no impact. Even those world espers were still cannon fodders!

Except, they were a more advanced version of cannon fodder!

Both sides decided to stop the war!

The war once again reached a stalemate.

Everything returned to normal as if nothing occurred.