Godly Model Creator Chapter 512

Chapter 512

Chapter 512 First Time in the College

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

Zhanzheng College is a magical place.

It is a place where every student longed to enter.

Here is the place when many legends were born.

The aircraft left behind a beautiful arc in mid-air as it began to descend and land.

This is Zhanzheng College? Su Hao said shocked.

He had always thought that Zhanzheng College was just a high-end university, but he noticed that his thought was completely off when he arrived.

Su Hao looked around and saw that there were countless high-rise buildings, impregnable fortress walls, numerous recreational facilities, associations which represents respective fields, and a flood of people.



It seemed more like a city!

And this city was comparable to a capital city!

Is this a city? Su Hao murmured to himself.

One by one, the signs on each building appeared in his view. Su Hao quickly scanned through his memory to match the logos. Origin Ability Association Federation Pharmacy Association Rapid Internet...

There were too many here!

This place wasnt a city but the center of every power in the Federation!

It was an unimaginable shock!

A school actually reached such a scale?

It seemed difficult to comprehend, but it seemed logical upon further thought.

In this era of origin ability, how long did it a small city like Jianghe City to transform into a capital city?

One month!

The construction team with the standard of a professional esper could easily meet this deadline!

Then what about Zhanzheng College?

Here, you could find world class experts from every field! Construction, computing, finance, entertainment, battle, and more! Every field was covered! As long as you could name it, you could find it here! With a history spanning more than a decade, this place has developed into an indestructible war fort!

Su Hao had a closer look.

Swaying along with the breeze was a thin, foam-like protective layer surrounding Zhanzheng College. However, Su Hao knew that this was definitely a defense mechanism of Zhanzheng College! It wouldnt react to wind, but it would show its hidden might when a true threat appears!

Su Hao even doubted that a world esper could break this barrier!

Zhanzheng College, its reputation was really well deserved!

Looking at Su Haos expression, Wan Cheng smiled. Recalling his previous self, wasnt he also like that during his first visit here?



The aircraft finally landed!

It was exactly in front of Zhanzheng College.

As both of them exited the aircraft, Wan Cheng gave another smile to Su Hao, Junior, Im afraid that I can only accompany you up to here. Since my mission is now complete, I have to go back and report...


Su Hao thought about it and instantly understood.

Zhanzheng College should have the same mission system as the natural selection class. The reason Wan Cheng saved him should be because of the Federation requesting the mission in the system.

However, no matter what, Wan Cheng did save his life.

Thanks! Su Hao said in a serious tone.

Welcome. Wan Cheng mysteriously smiled, Hope that one day, I will be able to see your name in Tian Long Court.

After finished his sentence, Wan Cheng turned and left the scene.

Tian Long Court...

Su Haos mind reacted. That name again!

He didnt know much about this branch, but the appearance of Wan Cheng made this branch more mysterious and powerful.

Su Hao looked up and saw the two words of Zhanzheng College which pumped him up.

The black brushstrokes on the sign made him feel the toughness of bones and endless murderous intent. As he gazed deeper at the sign, an imaginary scene appeared with beasts rushing towards Su Hao from the battlefield. It felt real enough that the overwhelming intent almost engulfed Su Hao!




Series of roars could be heard echoing.

Su Haos already hot blood began to boil. With such atmosphere, his aura began to leak out as he was prepared to charge forward!


A hand patted Su Haos shoulder.

This action returned the surrounding back to reality.

Huh? Su Hao was shocked.

Was he nearly lost in the imaginary scene just now?

This was such a terrifying thing!

Looking back at the sign of Zhanzheng College, Su Hao was filled with fear.

Hey, hey, hey, junior. Although I know that Im not the prettiest girl, you dont have to ignore me in such manner. A soft and hospitable voice pulled Su Haos consciousness back to reality.

When he turned around, a girl dressed in plain and simple dress smiled at him. However, there was a hint of anger as if she was blaming him for his disregard earlier.

Aware of his mistake, Su Hao quickly apologized, Im sorry, senior. Thanks for your act earlier.

If he didnt guess wrong, it was this senior who patted on his shoulder to stop him from going any deeper into that ambiguous state earlier.

Otherwise, he dared not imagine what trouble he would have gotten into.

You dont have to be that reserved. The girl laughed and pointed at the sign, The dean wrote this sign for the graduating student with the purpose of warning and sharpening them.

Its to warn them to never forget the hatred towards the berserk beasts and mankinds sacrifice!

Only those who have experienced such a scene before would be able to train their killing intent and see this vision to hone his mind. Generally, only students with a credit score of 20 and above can do so. However, you just reached here and yet could see this vision. That is quite a surprise.

Su Hao felt cold sweat on his back.

So that was the reason behind this vision.

It turned out to be a tool to warn the graduating students!

No wonder the overwhelming killing intent almost engulfed him. It was too much that he was powerless in gathering any courage to fight. After knowing Wan Cheng, he would never consider himself powerful.

In front of such strong espers, he was too weak in comparison!


What was the meaning of this credit score of 20 points mentioned by this senior earlier?

Su Hao began to ponder.

Hmm, seems like this time I have received an incredible student. Indeed your reputation as the top student in college entrance exam is worthy. The young girl looked at Su Hao and then smiled, My name is Xiao You, a third-year student of Zhanzheng College who is also your instructor who had accepted the mission to guide you after joining Zhanzheng College.

Mission? Su Hao noticed this term.

Yup, there were many activities from the school which will be posted in the form of a mission so they can be used to train our potential to the fullest. When all the freshmen arrive here, the school will arrange an instructor to guide them for free. Xia You laughed, Lets go. I know you have a lot of doubts about Zhanzheng College. We can talk while walking.

Alright. Su Hao then followed Xiao You.


Su Hao now officially entered Zhanzheng College.


A heart-wrenching aura swept pass his face. Su Hao was caught off guard for a bit. He felt like his whole body was operating much smoother than before.

This is?

Activating his model analysis, Su Hao instantly understood the current situation.

There was an abundance of energy particles in the surrounding. It was so dense that each particle would link with another. Such density, the concentration index must be at least 10 times higher than other places!

It was almost equivalent to using a beginner origin drug!

Although Su Hao no longer had much use for this drug, as long as he trained here for a long period, his capability to restore energy improve!

This was definitely a benefit not to be underestimated.


Taking a long breath, Su Hao got himself accustomed to the new environment before quickly following the girls footwork.

The school environment was very elegant and productive. Even during summertime, it was still cool. Due to him participating in the special task, he had actually missed the actual orientation for newcomers.

On the roadside, one could see the scattered banners.

Several days had passed, and they were still not finished cleaning up yet. One could imagine how lively it was when they newcomers came.

Su Hao glanced for a bit due to curiosity and became speechless.

Civil engineering department: Young ones, this department welcomes you to join! PS: Never offend students from this department or else, the next day when you wake up, you will find yourself sleeping in a grave!

Computer science department: Data, computing systems, and analysis! You will always be the one to utilize computing logic to the best potential! PS: Do you want to see the private photos of beautiful students here?

Water study department...

Fantasy study department...

Each banners unique slogan stunned Su Hao.

This is Zhanzheng College?

It was totally different from what he imagined!

Could it be that he had opened it wrong?

Su Hao began to worry.

Xia You noticed his expression and smiled, Dont worry about this. Although these students mischievously try to attract newcomers who had just left home, one has to admit that they are still strong. Whether it is civil engineering, computer science, or even water study.

Never underestimate any profession!

Out of the 72 majors in Zhanzheng College, there is none which is weak. When you officially register, you will know more.

Okay. Su Hao pondered for a bit.

He had never look down on any profession before!

Was it not that Li Tiantian who always love to do such childish acts? Who would have thought he had an S ranked ability talent?

In combat effectiveness, he could easily defeat Li Tiantian.

But in some fields, Li Tiantian would have the absolute advantage!

Never look down or despising anyone. This is Zhanzheng College. Any student here might be several times stronger than you!

Xiao You began to introduce the majors in this school to Su Hao, which Su Hao imprinted them in his mind.

At this moment, the figures of both of them were finally noticed by everyone. Forget about Xiao You, these past days, she had been accepting this welcoming newcomer task a few times. Thus, she had a deep impression in everyones mind.

However, the orientation days have long passed.

Since the establishment of Zhanzheng College, the entry period has always been three days! When the period was exceeded, it would be considered as one giving up automatically! There would be no way to enrol in the school no matter what! Trying to use any privileges would be useless too! For many years, this iron rule has never been broken!

So, how could there be a newcomer at this moment?

Everyone became curious and looked over.

Wait this guy seems familiar.


F*ck, isnt that Su Hao?