Godly Model Creator Chapter 513

Chapter 513

Chapter 513 - Energy refinement!

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

Su Hao?

Everyone began to react.

As one reacted, it created a chain effect, attracting more attention and forming a bigger crowd!

Su Hao!

This name carried a different significance.

College entrance exam!

The weight of this name was definitely not exaggerated!

Regardless of his strength, the top scorer of each batchs college entrance exam represented potential, an inexhaustible potential!

However, last week when newcomers registered, Su Hao as the top scorer actually never made it here during this crucial moment. At that time, his absence attracted many strong reactions from the public! After all, Su Hao won himself many fans in Zhanzheng College who were eagerly waiting for his attendance. But why did he never arrive?

In an instant, all sorts of rumors began to spread on social media.

Rumors such as Su Hao was being suppressed, Su Hao was seriously injured, he was dead outside his city, all sorts of false rumors started to monopolize the forums. Among them, there was one which seemed promising which is Su Hao used a forbidden technique during the battle for the capital city during his fight with Bai Feng, and he had not recovered until now!

Zhanzheng College, one must undergo the entrance exam to assess the strength of every student!

After all, the college entrance exam happened some time ago. The number of students who improved in strength during summer vacation was not a small number. Moreover, unlike the assessment standard by third parties, Zhanzheng College had a better and more complete scoring system.

All freshmen are required to take the Unified Entrance Exam after completing the freshmen guidance.

After the credit score is completed, within a month, the school would then allocate corresponding resources and benefits for each student based on their performance during the exam.

Thus, the importance of the credit score left no room for doubt!

Everyone speculated that Su Hao must have used the forbidden technique and decided to wait until the last moment for his strength to be restored before participating.

However, no one could have guessed that Su Hao would never show up!

On the third day, there was still no sign of Su Hao. By then, the so-called rumors were all no longer valid! It was just that Su Haos action of giving up his qualification to enrol in Zhanzheng College created a sensation at a larger scale and also attracted criticism from countless people. After all, to not attend during the admission period was the same as giving up his privilege!

The top scorer of college entrance exam actually gave up?

Su Hao once again became the center of discussion.

Except nobody would have thought that Su Hao would be seen at the entrance of Zhanzheng College a week later.

He actually came!

Everyone could not believe their eyes!

It wasnt because of Su Hao enrolling, but rather the fact that Zhanzheng College has never broken the rules for any reason. For the college to break the rules, could it be that Su Hao was given special treatment?

This school was the dignified and reputable Zhanzheng College!

It was simply impossible for this to occur but the reality was in front of them.

What happened?

The crowd began to whisper among themselves.

Su Hao listened to Xia Yous explanation carefully. Naturally what the crowd discussed around him did fall into his ears. It was just that what did that have to do with him? He had just been the battlefield where he saw emperor ranked beast, half-divine beast, and all kind of strong espers. How could such meaningless gossip affect his mental state?

In an instant, Su Haos mind became clear.


At the same time, overwhelming energy appeared out of nowhere which instantly caused a jerk reaction from the energy within Su Haos body. Su Hao nearly drowned from being surrounded by the energy aura which was similar to origin essence.

Every location here was full of energy!

As the energy kept surging, it wrapped around Su Hao!

What is this? Su Haos mind was fully alert. He subconsciously wanted to defend, but this energy actually entered into his body directly without being affected by his action.

He couldnt defend from it?

Su Haos mind began to think quickly. As he inspected the energy closely, he suddenly understood his current situation!

It was not because he couldnt defend, but the fact that he did not need to be wary of this energy!

The reason: this was the purest form of energy which posed no harm to the human body! In fact, one could say that this was a great supplement to everyone.


The energy began to diffuse into his body.

It instantly flew throughout Su Haos body together with Su Haos own energy. Then they interweaved and merged together quietly as a transformation began.

Dont resist it!

Dont try to stop it!

This is your reward!

Use your own body to adapt to it!

Xiao Yous voice could be heard loud and clear in his ears. Su Hao immediately realized that his reward Could it be...





Su Hao stood motionless at the same spot. As his chest vibrated at an incredible rate, more and more energy entered into his body. At the same time, a huge amount of energy exited at the same time. And thus, the cycle of influx and outflow began.

A few minutes later, Su Hao gradually got used to this environment.

Standing in front of the door, Su Hao was very immersed in this act.

The students at the scene exclaimed in astonishment.

Energy refinement!

It was actually energy refinement!

Energy refinement: through the effect of ones original energy, when the energy fused into the body, one would achieve a higher quality of energy. The more energy one had, the greater the benefits one obtained. This is especially useful for those in the early stage of the professional realm which is a benefit rewarded by Zhanzheng College to every new student who enrolls here!

And now the top 1,000 in the college entrance exam were entitled to undergo energy refinement once for free. This gift was the reward announced before the exam. As the top scorer, Su Hao naturally qualified. Although the privilege enjoyed by Su Hao for having a late admission still confused the crowd, they were more curious now about how long could Su Hao persist.

Energy refinement, everyone only has one chance.

Anyone who broke through into a professional esper and has the qualification to enjoy this reward would redeem it. Through this process, what changed was the units of energy in ones body! If you have one unit of energy, you will be able to enjoy an increment of one unit! If you have two units, naturally there will be an increment of two units.

Energy refinement would also improve the quality of ones energy.

The more energy one had, the more benefits one would enjoy. Of course, that meant he would be able to persist longer under the energy refinement too!

When one was qualified to undergo the process, it would always attract everyones attention.

Not to mention...

What was more remarkable was that the moment when Su Hao entered the school, he triggered energy refinement! Didnt this meant that he was now already a professional esper?!

Only now did I realize!

Me too. After defeating Bai Feng, I have always subconsciously thought Su Hao was a professional esper. Thus, to trigger energy refinement is pretty normal. I actually forgot the fact that when he defeated Bai Feng, he was still a specialized esper. Now he has entered the professional realm. Such talent is out of this world!

This batchs students are all monsters! Previous batches didnt lack any geniuses, but most of them only began to show their potential at later stages. There was never a student who reached this realm this early! And now, there are actually two who have broken through into a professional esper before entering this school!

Yea. Sigh, Su Hao and Tian Zi.

The standard of a professional esper is a credit score of 10. Im currently in my second year, but Im only at a credit score of 8. A few days ago, I was still proud of my achievement. But now, it seems Sigh~

The professional realm was a dividing line which was hard to cross.

Especially, if you stepped into this realm before entering the school, it had a much different indication.

And this batch, there were two who achieved this feat.

During the college entrance exam, Tian Zi had stepped into the edge of a professional esper and what he was missing was the chance to breakthrough. With the abundant resources from Tian family, to breakthrough during the summer was an absolute certainty!

But what about Su Hao?

Everyone began to analyze him properly.

This brat, wasnt he just a level five specialized esper during the exam?

In other words, during the summer vacation, this guy not only went from level 5 to the peak of specialized esper; he also took advantage of his talent to breakthrough into a professional esper?

When they thought of this, many wished to run away with tears dropping.

It feels very frustrating when one compares themselves with Su Hao!

Even when they were all students at Zhanzheng College, this insane speed made them helpless!

To breakthrough quickly doesnt signify a formidable strength.

There were some who began to mock in a sinister tone, To have such a feat in two months, how could his energy foundation be stabilized? How much energy would be changed during this energy refinement? A true genius would accumulate energy before having a successive breakthrough! This kind of quick sprint from Su Hao is simply a walk towards a dead end.

True, true. They began to calm down, Without accumulating energy, the effect of energy refinement will be weak or simply a waste! In Zhanzheng College, the credit scores are the king and not the espers realm!

Well thought! Everyone agreed.

How long do you guys think Su Hao can persist?

5 minutes! After all, he improved too quick. I think he is very likely to be unstable. Someone sneered.

Nope. Another person shook his head, Its a fact that Su Hao improved too quick. However, defeating Bai Feng was not mere luck. Therefore, I think he should still be quite a force to be reckoned with. I think he will persist for at least ten minutes!

Six minutes!

Seven minutes!

Everyone made their own guess.

Zhanzheng College had not begun its curriculum yet, and it already felt strange.

Here, the so-called energy assessment seemed to be a joke. Ones strength seemed to be measured with credit scores instead. In fact, rapid breakthroughs didnt signify a good advantage. What Zhanzheng College focused more on was energy accumulation.

How long did Tian Zi persist?

Nineteen minutes!

The accumulation he had while in the specialized realm, his comprehension during the college entrance exam, and the perfect breakthrough during summer vacation! The pace followed textbooks that there was no flaw to be found. Therefore, Tian Zi was able to accumulate such a large amount of energy and persist this long during his energy refinement.

In the history of Zhanzheng College, excluding some students who were a bit special, the longest record one stayed under energy refinement was twenty minutes!

Tian Zi actually almost matched the record!

Two days ago when he just entered the school, he created a sensation shocking every student and teacher in Zhanzheng College. 19 minutes and 30 seconds, this result showed his solid foundation and endless potential.

Now, what about Su Hao?



More and more energy fluctuated in his body.

During this process, Su Haos body had been transformed over and over again.

The energy in his body also gradually underwent qualitative changes.



One minute!

Two minutes!

Three minutes!

Four minutes!

Five minutes!

Time passed in a blink of an eye.

Su Hao was still not showing any signs of movement as the energy within his body continued to change!