Godly Model Creator Chapter 514

Chapter 514

Chapter 514 - Records are made to be broken!

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

Five minutes!

The one who mocked Su Hao earlier about him only able to persist for five minutes instantly felt disheartened. His nearby peers started ridiculing, Hehe, look at it yourself. I already told you, right? For Su Hao to be able to defeat Bai Feng, his strength wont be that bad. At least, he will persist for ten minutes.

Humph. A student smirked, Stop feeling happy this early. Who knows, Su Hao might continue for more than ten minutes or even exceeded Tian Zi. Then, you wont be able to keep your face.

Ridiculous. The student then rolled his eyes, Exceeding Tian Zi, doesnt that mean breaking the record? Stop joking, Zhanzheng College has been here for this long, and nobody has broken the record. Even with the resources from Tian family and following the perfect pace, Tian Zi only managed to persist for nineteen and a half minutes.

The other party no longer exchanged any more words as if he knew what he said earlier was a bit too excessive.

As Su Hao was in the process of energy refinement, students gathered and formed a massive crowd due to curiosity. They were all eager to know how long the so-called top scorer of college entrance exam could persist.

Another five minutes passed! There were some who had their expression change within the crowd.

Because when it added up, Su Hao had been under this process for a total of ten minutes! If it was more than ten minutes, then it showed that Su Hao didnt make a hasty breakthrough anymore. On the contrary, he did accumulate and stabilize his energy! In other words, Su Haos breakthrough wasnt rushed to reach a higher realm.

What is a genius? This guy fits the title!

At last, some teachers placed their attention over here. With how rapid Su Hao broke through coupled with his current persistence, it was more than enough to draw their attention.



The energy refinement was still ongoing, causing Su Haos energy to transform slowly but surely.

Su Hao was aware of the things happening around him. Energy refinement? Time record? Su Hao could hear these topics which solved all the questions he had in his heart.

This was his reward for being ranked in the top 1000 in the college entrance exam.

Reputation? Honor?

He didnt care about these things!

The current him only had one purpose, and that is to be more powerful! Because only with strength could he one day become a mighty esper, achieving the status stated in the legend The strongest esper!

And change the world!

At this moment, energy refinement was an opportunity presented to him. How could he waste it?

Trying to break the time record?

Su Hao smirked.



Another five minutes passed.

The face of the crowd had another huge change.

Fifteen minutes!

Su Hao actually still stood motionless like an impenetrable fortress. How much energy did his body have? He must have broken through into a professional esper recently. How could he accumulate this much energy? Even some of the schools geniuses that stagnated at level nine specialized esper were only able to adhere for fifteen minutes!

Could it be he actually planned to break the record?

When this thought crossed their mind, everyones heart was shaken.

Sixteen minutes!

There was still no signs of movement!

Seventeen minutes!

Su Hao still remained the same!

Eighteen minutes!

Su Hao still didnt move!

Nineteen minutes!

The crowd witnesses this scene in excitement. In fact, they were too engrossed that they held their breath. There was still half a minute to go before Su Hao would surpass Tian Zi! Tian Zi created a sensation the moment he entered the school, but he was likely to be overshadowed by Su Hao again!

The second hand kept ticking.

Thirty seconds later...

Tian Zis record would be broken!

Everyone was stunned.

Damn Su Hao!

Unexpectedly, a rapid breakthrough during the summer holiday did not hinder his progress or cause any instability. Instead, he managed to surpass Tian Zi who had an almost perfect route?! During these two months, what kind of experience did he go through that made him progress this quickly?

Within the crowd, a figure appeared. Looking at Su Hao being surrounded by people from far away, he suddenly clenched his fists.

Su Hao...

Its him again!

Tian Zi gritted his teeth!

In front of others, he was always modest, a proudful son under heaven, supreme genius, having unlimited potential. However, when he was in front of Su Hao He was nothing!

Su Hao surpassed all his proudest achievements!

Tian Zis heart changed!

A few days ago, he had a perfect breakthrough into the professional realm, and his strength surged. Then Tian Zi stepped into Zhanzheng College with full confidence and made a vow to triumph over Su Hao and wash away the humiliation he faced during the college entrance exam.

Thus, he came here!

Obtaining this batch of freshmens best record in energy refinement, he almost broke the long-standing record in Zhanzheng College. Such a feat attracted attention from everyone and allowed him to be worshiped by the freshmen. With such a wonderful performance, he obtained a full credit score of 12!

A credit score of 12!

In other words, during his first month here, he would be able to enjoy the same treatment offered to those with a credit score of 12!

Such glory...

Who could compare with him?

The only regretful matter was that because Su Hao did not show up, he did not have the chance to wash away his humiliation! During his vacation, he paid attention to all the news regarding Su Hao. Naturally, he knew that Su Hao defeated Bai Feng in the battle. So what?

Bai Feng only obtained a credit score of 10!

It was just barely enough for him to graduate from Zhanzheng College. How could such a person be compared with him?

Credit score!

Each point difference in credit score would signify a weaker strength in certain aspects!

Zhanzheng Colleges credit score system was very strict! So what if he defeated Bai Feng? As long as Su Hao came, he had the confidence to suppress Su Hao in any area!

However, he never expected Su Hao to actually appear.

When his friends notified him, he didnt even take this matter seriously. Upon arriving and personally watching his record being left in the dust, Tian Zis heart burst in anger!

Lost again!

He lost to Su Hao once again!

These past few days, he was very astounding among the freshmen. However, with Su Haos sudden appearance, there was no doubt that his record would be broken. He could imagine comments from people saying things like Tian Zi enjoyed his fame due to the absence of Su Hao.

When he thought of this, Tian Zi brimmed in anger.

Su Hao... Tian Zi gritted his teeth.

Su Hao was still looking relaxed in the center of the crowd. All the energy in his body seemed to have a perfect qualitative change!

His strength once again soared!

So is this what energy refinement is all about? Su Hao exclaimed.

Sure enough, it was extraordinary!

After undergoing this process, Su Hao could clearly feel that the energy in his body had been condensed in such a way that each unit was now at least five times denser than before! Although roughly one-fifth of his total energy has been reduced, the quality was improved!

Energy quality!

Energy refinement would not have much effect on energy capacity or consumption.

What it changed was energy quality!

If current Su Hao used the same origin technique, whether it was offense or defense, its strength would increase by several times!

That was what a qualitative change is all about.

Although he was just a level one professional esper, Su Hao had the confidence to face against the Jin familys leader who was a level five professional esper.



The energy refinement finally began to weaken.

19 minutes and 52 seconds!

The crowd finally sighed in relief. Finally, it was going to end! If he persisted for a few seconds longer, then wouldnt Su Hao be breaking the long-lasting record? If it was really broken, the significance wouldnt be a simple matter regarding credit scores, but more importantly the route of breakthrough!

Energy refinement?

Was it really as simple as being given as a reward?

Of course not!

The existence of energy refinement acted as a test for the geniuses and accessed their energy accumulation since basic esper till the present!

It was an affirmation of the heights ones energy could reach!

The twenty-minute record was left by a senior years ago.

Up till now, nobody was able to break it!

Therefore, after a study, many major families decided to adopt this students breakthrough route and began using to train their young ones.

Twenty minutes was the limit in everyones mind!

It was the perfect standard referred to by major families.

Tian Zi couldnt break the record?

Of course!

Because he utilized the same route as that senior, the maximum he could persist was twenty minutes which was equal to the senior.

To dream of exceeding the record was absolutely impossible!

It turned out that they were right!

There were countless geniuses, but nobody was able to break the twenty-minute record after all these years!

Su Haos rapid progression scared everyone and made him into a domineering figure. Su Hao must not have imagined that the moment he stepped into the school, he had been marked by everyone!

Fortunately, he stopped.

After nineteen minutes and fifty-two seconds, the effect of the energy refinement became weaker and weaker. Based on previous experience, it would completely vanish in a second.

Su Haos energy refinement would stop here.

Even though it was close to the limit, this only meant that Su Haos method was feasible, but it was still quite a distance away from the perfect route!

As soon as they had this thought, everyone felt relieved.

At this time, Su Hao frowned slightly.

Its going to stop soon...

Even those surrounding him could feel it. How could he be clueless about this? If he didnt know what was energy refinement all about, then that would be over.

However, through model analysis, he was able to decipher the meaning behind everyones discussion. Moreover, the benefits which his body enjoyed told him that energy refinement is good stuff!

It was once in a lifetime chance!

How could he waste it?

Looking at the energy refinement which was about to disappear, Su Hao began to act.

Hehe. A silent smile came from his heart.

Su Hao diverted his attention at a certain level of the model world in his mind. To everyone in Zhanzheng College, allow me to say sorry. Although this is more like cheating, this stuff is too good to waste!

Circular World!




A strange aura began to flow, and the never-ending Circular World in Su Haos mind once again opened its gate!