Godly Model Creator Chapter 515

Chapter 515

Chapter 515 - Energy Glutton

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws


The Circular World began to move.

The energy refinement which was about to vanish suddenly spiked back up as if it had found a new entrance.



Countless energy poured into the world from the entrance!

Like a river flowing to the end and joining the sea, the energy entered Su Haos Circular World. At this moment, the energy which moved like a little stream instantly became a waterfall!



Its fast flow could give people goosebumps.

In the outside world, the crowd was dumbfounded!

When they thought that the energy refinement would stop at 19 minutes and 52 seconds, the faint energy which gradually weakened actually made a stronger impact!

That sudden influx of energy...

Such strong flow...

Even they could feel it from outside!

What happened?

Nobody had an idea of the current situation!

However, they were clear about one fact. Since the energy made another sprint, the record left by that senior was now approaching a crisis and could be broken at any moment.








There was no suspense or obstacle!

The so-called insurmountable record was finally broken without a sweat!

At this moment of history, everyone was stunned.

Its broken!

The record is finally broken!

Every family and federations top forces had been using the so-called perfect route on their youngsters, but Su Hao ruthlessly destroyed it!

Somehow, they felt like Su Hao was mocking them. Your so-called perfect route is just a mere joke!

How could this be?!

One could hear a loud commotion among the crowd in the scene.

Their children were now students of Zhanzheng College. Among them, there were some who were freshmen, sophomores, and juniors. Following each step based on the perfect route, they finally succeeded in entering.

Without a doubt, they just let their family decide what was best from them. Besides, they also believed that this way was the best too!

They believed that by doing so, they would be qualified to be a strong esper!

But now all their dreams have been shattered to pieces!

Su Haos casual performance alone was enough to make them give up on their beliefs. Even a tiny hope to coexist together could not be seen. It did not matter how hard they worked now. They were already miles behind at the starting point, how could they catch up?

In an instant, Su Hao cast a shadow deep in the heart of countless students.

However, they thought that it was now over!


It was still far from that!



The surrounding energy was still fluctuating in excitement.

It was still pouring into Su Haos Circular World like a never-ending waterfall!

Su Hao was still breaking his own record!

Twenty minutes!

Twenty-one minutes!

Twenty-two minutes!


Thirty minutes later!

The crowd could no longer utter a word.

If Su Hao only exceeded the previous record by a small margin, they could still find some excuse, such as Su Hao became a professional esper much earlier than others or something else. But when Su Hao broke through the thirty minutes mark, they could no longer come out with an acceptable reason. Well, what was even more heart stabbing was that Su Hao was still persisting!

Thirty-one minutes!

Thirty-two minutes!


They could only stare at this scene blankly.

Ordinary students exclaimed at this unbelievable scene. As for the children from big forces, they were all stunned like a retard. Each second Su Hao broke the record, made it feel like someone was slapping them again and again. What made them even more disheartened was Su Haos record-breaking attempt wasnt just mere seconds but in minutes!

Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap!

That imaginary sound was very loud and crisp, ringing in their ears.

The scene was very silent as the crowd witnessed this scene. Dividing their attention between Su Hao and the timer, they wanted to know how long Su Hao could continue?

Outside the crowd, several people from Jianghe City watched this scene with great interest.

When Chen Yiran saw Su Hao from far away, that warm feeling was back to her heart. As long as he returned safe and sound, everything would be fine. Looking at Su Hao breaking the record, she didnt get overly excited or anything extreme. After all, such a scene from Su Hao was the norm, and she had seen it many times.

This idiot...

During their times in middle school, wasnt it the same old story?

Her big brother which she idolized in her heart had his record broken numerous times by Su Hao. Thinking of her brothers annoyance when he talked about this, Chen Yiran smiled sweetly.

He was the man she chose to be with!

Wow Boss is too incredible. Li Xin sighed full of emotion, Behind every successful person, there will always be an incredible man. I have decided that when I save this world, boss will be that incredible man behind me!

The crowd instantly facepalmed.

This guy...

Well, no matter what, Su Hao has become stronger yet again. Li Tiantian continued, You all need to work hard, or else you will be left behind in the dust.

Everyone turned their eyes.

Cant you control your shamelessness?

These days, Li Tiantian had been ridiculing others randomly which lit a fire in their heart!

As for himself?

Well, he was never an esper specialized in combat. Thus, he wasnt bothered by this.

I have to catch up quickly. Zhou Wang calmly said with his fists squeezed, revealing a small hint of lightning, I will definitely live up to Masters heritage! To surpass Su Hao is my lifetime goal!

Everyone smiled at each other.

Well, wasnt that everyones goal?

Su Hao was their leader and friend but also their idol and goal! Before achieving their goal, they would always follow behind him and be his most solid backing!

Turning their head back, they saw Su Hao who was still persisting in energy refinement.

Those from Jianghe City were not bothered much about this.

The so-called record breaking or whatever Well, they were used to it anyway! Werent the records during middle school all broke by this monster?

Not caring about these small details, they just watched this scene calmly.

However, them not being bothered with it didnt mean that others would be the same. Have a look at those stunned students in Zhanzheng College, especially the ones from major forces. Their expression looked so ugly that they wished they were dead!

In their heart, they kept repeating this.

Big brother, control yourself! Dont get too excited!

Please stop now! Quick!

Its already approaching forty minutes!

It has nearly doubled the so-called perfect record! If their face could be swollen from the imaginary slaps, their faces would look like swollen pigs!



At this time, someone said in cold sweat, Could it be he wants to break the record set by the energy glutton?


When this sentence rang in the crowds ears, many had a drastic change in expression.

Previously, when they talked about the record of energy refinement, there was a prerequisite.

It was that they excluded the special people!

Almost every record was like that. There would always be one with an insane ability talent in a certain field.

Five years ago, an insane student set an outrageous record in energy refinement!

One hour!

It exceeded the perfect record by three times!

However, the result was this student died in his own room the next day. Based on the inspection result released by Origin Ability Association, this student died from an explosion.

He burst from the energy?

During that time, everyone was dumbfounded.

So, when one absorbs too much energy than one can sustain, it would result in death! It was why the school had quietly erased this student's record.

Due to how it ended, this student received this nickname.

Energy glutton!

It was just that over time, people forgot about this matter. But now, Su Haos feat reminded them about it again.

Could Su Hao break this hidden record as well?



Su Hao was still persisting right now. Completely different from energy glutton, Su Haos energy refinement was smooth without any trace of instability!

He was as stable as Mountain Tai!

Forty-five minutes!

Forty-eight minutes!

Fifty-three minutes!

Fifty-eight minutes!

Everyone was shocked.

Su Hao finally arrived at this stage!

He was only two minutes away from that energy glutton!

The crowd subconsciously changed their expectation.

Could he break that hidden record?


Suddenly, the speed of the energy flow began to slow down gradually.

It was about to end!

Their heart was startled at this. If it was before, they couldnt wait eagerly for this to finish earlier. However, after following Su Haos progress for 58 minutes, they wished to see him breaking the hidden record now. But would such an incident occur? If he succeeded, wouldnt that be depressing? The feeling is more unbearable than those with obsessive-compulsive disorder!

Its going to end soon... Su Hao said to himself.

He was aware of the crowds conversation.

It seemed that he had unintentionally involved himself with a hidden record. There was just a bit more to go, and he really wished to continue...

But too bad! He filled up his energy tank!

There was no more space left in the Circular World!

The energy filled every corner of this seemingly never-ending world. Su Hao could no longer allow any more energy to enter.

If he insisted, this world would definitely explode!


Without any hesitation, he closed the link of this world from the outside. Now, in this Circular World, the energy was orbiting around the center in an endless loop.

Do I really have to stop?

Su Hao had some regrets.

Although he wasnt interested in breaking the hidden record, this energy refinement was good stuff. Even the slightest additional bit of energy would bring great benefits in the future!

Should he create a permanent model?

That would be a futile attempt!

Su Hao had tried it earlier.

The energy refinement was used to change the quality of the energy within his body. To use it as a replacement of the usual energy had almost no effect!

What now?

It seemed like he could only give up...

It was just fifty-eight minutes!

Su Hao thought of this in regret.

This sentence, if an outsider heard it, they would definitely wish to strangle Su Hao to death! A full fifty-eight minutes and he actually dared to use the word just?

As Su Hao was ready to stop, he glanced at another world in his mind. A world which was full of holes, the world destroyed by those king level beasts.