Godly Model Creator Chapter 516

Chapter 516

Chapter 516 - Course Credit?

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

Mirror World!

After getting destroyed by that damn peacock, Su Hao temporarily abandoned this world because he had no way to do it to restore this world! The only chance he had would be until he attempted to breakthrough from a professional esper to a domain esper to make use of that strange energy.

But what if he were to use this pure energy from this refinement process?

Su Haos eyes lit up!


His internal force began to vibrate in excitement.

Su Hao forcefully interfered with the process of energy refinement and guided it to Mirror World.


The broken world changed!

In the eyes of outsiders, when the timer showed 58 minutes and 3 seconds, the energy refinement gradually disappeared and its presence turned weaker. Many people sighed at this scene.

Such a pity...

That damn record of energy glutton!

For the record of energy refinement to be monopolized by a damn glutton who died after overconsuming energy was not a pleasant thing for Zhanzheng Colleges students. Currently, Su Hao has the highest chance to overwrite the record, but he can no longer hold on.

However, before everyone could react...


Energy refinement rejuvenated again!

This shock was akin to thunder clapping by their eardrums.


It It actually came back again!


Everyone was dumbfounded.

Right now, that supposedly impossible to beat record was easily left in the dust!



Su Hao approached the one hour record again!

In the end, the energy refinement continued for a total time of one hour and ten minutes before finally stopping for real.


That pure energy finally disappeared without a trace.

It took a moment before the still dazed crowd realized what happened.

The perfect routes record, broken!

The gluttons record, broken!

Su Hao charged all the way to victory and reached a point nobody could imagine!

A new record was born!


That energy gluttons record has been broken too?

Seventy minutes! It was more than three times the so-called perfect route! That is simply incredible! Hahaha! Let those kids who have always been ridiculing his foundation have a slap on their face. This time, they were the retarded ones! In front of Su Hao, every record is just pure rubbish!

Su Haos energy how much does he have?!

Hes too strong! A full seventy minutes, Im afraid that his energy is enough to rival any professional esper. That was unbelievable!

Everyone exclaimed in amazement.

Although energy refinement wont increase ones level, the changes in combat effectiveness were something which cant be denied or ignored. Su Hao had undergone a full seventy minutes of transforming his energy. What level has his strength increased to? Could he still be that ordinary level one professional esper?

When such a thought crossed their mind, everyone trembled in cold sweat!

Strong, hes out of our league!

Now, this is what a truly strong esper is about!

Zhanzheng Colleges strongest freshman from this batch belonged to Su Hao, and nobody could come close to him!


Su Hao exhaled.

His face revealed ecstasy as he did a detailed inspection of his body.

It was completed!

Mirror World was running perfectly now. This world he always thought wouldnt be usable until he advances into a domain esper finally worked again!

Also, because it was repaired with pure energy from the energy refinement, the sturdiness of Mirror World was stronger than before.

Indeed, it deserved to be named pure energy! With this fact alone, he had earned a huge harvest!

Sure enough, your reputation is well deserved. Xiao Yous voice rang in his ears, Junior, if you have finished your energy refinement, you have to move forward. After you finish all the formalities, you can slowly enjoy the worship from everyone.

Oh... Su Hao had a look around and noticed that countless people had surrounded him.

For more than an hour, he and Xia You stood in the center of the room and got surrounded by the crowd, such a scene was akin to watching monkeys in a zoo.

No wonder, Xia You reminded him.

Sorry. Su Hao perspired heavily, Well, senior, lets go through the procedures first.

Xia You chuckled at his reply.


With a fluctuation of energy, both figures vanished and reappeared outside of the huge crowd. Everyone was shocked. She was worthy to be a senior. However, her meaning was pretty obvious. Nobody in the crowd followed them as they continued to discuss the incredible scene they just witnesses!

Energy refinement!

A new record!

This was enough to excite them for quite a period of time.

This is Zhanzheng College? As Su Hao left the scene, he could only bitterly smile.

Somehow, he felt strange about the situation he was in, especially those second-year students. They looked at him with such admiration that he himself felt awkward and guilty.

Bwahaha Xia You giggled, Well, you just have to get used to this. Zhanzheng College is a place which one worships strong espers the most! As long as youre strong enough, there will be someone who will worship and follow you! Not only is this a place where all geniuses in Federation gather but also a strange one.

The students here have much better talent!

But at the same time, their personality will be extreme! What you saw was only the tip of the iceberg. When you formally blend into the school, you will discover that there are more wonderful things here. In fact, there are those who are so into training that they have been cut off from this world...

Although their strength cant be denied...

Those types are the ones that give others a headache the most. Xia You helplessly said. Obviously, she had experienced and struggled with such a person herself.

Well, alright then. Lets go back to the right track. Xia You smiled and waved her hand, Allow me to introduce some basic knowledge about this school. Um if you have anything youre unsure of, feel free to ask. After you understand everything, we will settle the procedures and my task will be officially complete.

With a genius like you, this senior has a lot of pressure to deal with. Xia You laughed.

Su Hao could only facepalm.

I will not talk about the schools history. You can get that information anywhere. Before going through the procedures, I will introduce the two most important things in Zhanzheng College to you, course credit and GPA!

Course credit and GPA? Su Haos eyes lit up.

He wasnt quite sure of GPA.

However, he heard about course credit many times today. If he didnt guess incorrectly, it should be the system to differentiate strength among the students here.

And the way this system works seemed strict.

Yea, I will talk about course credit first. Xia You said in a soft voice, In this school, we have our own standard in assessing strength which is the course credit!

Course credit represents the strength of a student!

Based on the years of evaluation in Zhanzheng College, the school has decided to introduce this 36-course credits. In other words, there are 36 levels in our system, ranging from 0 to 36 points!.

36 points are the highest one could score through these four years studying here. If you get 36 points by the time you graduate, it means that you can graduate with a perfect score.

However, such characters were few in numbers!

The graduation criteria for the school isnt high. If one can reach 10 points, he can choose to graduate and choose his own path. If four years are up without reaching 10 points, it indicates that his potential is now exhausted and is no longer eligible to stay here. Such individual would then be sent to the battlefield.

Thus Zhanzheng College would never have a repeater!

Everyone only has one chance to meet the requirement. After four years, one would either soar up high in the sky or end up in hell.

And what affects all these is course credit!

So, this is the case. Su Hao pondered for a bit.

At this moment, he had thought of Bai Feng.

Bai Feng decided to graduate as early as possible instead of staying four years here. Plus, due to him entering the school earlier than others, he was actually two years younger than his peers. Without a doubt, such a figure was a genius. What course credit did he achieve here then?

Su Hao curiously asked this.

Bai Feng? Xia You thought for a bit, I do recall him. Bai Fengs talent is not bad. However, it was such a pity the timing he entered this school was wrong, and he had missed many things. Bai Fengs standard was only able to obtain 11 points in the system.

11 points!

Su Hao remembered this points!

Bai Feng!

Level one professional esper!

Someone became a level one professional esper and graduated from Zhanzheng College only managed to score 11 points.

Then what about the remaining 25 points?

How strong would it be?

Its really a pity for Bai Feng because he was too early enrolling in this school, his foundation wasnt that solid. Basically, the first two years were used to supplement his foundation. Although he caught up later, he missed the chance to improve even more. If he entered Zhanzheng College two years later, I believe he might be number one material too. Xia You said in a sad tone.

Obviously, everyone felt that it was a waste for him.

So, that is the story behind him. Su Hao understood instantly. Indeed, it was a pity for Bai Feng.

Although Bai Feng graduated, it was the lowest level of graduation.

It was easy to understand. Let's take Su Hao as an example.

He was a graduate from Jianghe Citys middle school.

However, if he and Bai Feng were in the same high school and achieved the standard to graduate from high school early...

Could it be the same problem?

Now, this was the gap which they were talking about!

Bai Feng was in such state now.

However, after leaving the school, it doesnt mean that there wont be any chance for improvement. It just wont be that stable. Who knows perhaps Bai Feng might stumble upon a chance which will make him rise again. Xia You sweetly smiled as she explained to Su Hao.

However, it was obvious that she wasnt very optimistic about Bai Fengs chance.

Sometimes, there were things which wont be that easy to obtain after missing the chance.