Godly Model Creator Chapter 517

Chapter 517

Chapter 517 - 36 Credit System!

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Let's continue. After finishing Bai Fengs story, Xia You continued her explanation.

The so-called 36 credit system is the representation of a students strength after a comprehensive assessment from all aspects. The school evaluates every student once a month. The resources for next month are be based on the current months result. Although the course credit might change during the assessment, it wont differ much from the general division.

Anything below the specialized realm will obtain 0 points!

Anyone who isnt a specialized esper when entering this school is categorized as lacking in foundation.

Those under this category would need a certain amount of time to make up the foundation. It might be a week, a month or even a semester!

Only when one truly steps into the specialized realm does life at Zhanzheng College begin.

A level one specialized esper will obtain 1 point, level two: 2 points and so on. When one reaches level 9, he will have 9 points in hand! Followed by peak specialized esper with 10 points. 1-10 points represent the basic courses at Zhanzheng College. It is for students at the bottom of the pyramid.

10 points will be the process to breakthrough from a specialized to a professional esper!

It is also the graduation assessment of this school for ordinary students. By that time, the school will provide some aid for them. As long as the process is passed, one would be able to breakthrough into a professional esper and obtain 11 points. Then, from this point onwards, the advanced curriculum for Zhanzheng Colleges students would officially begin.

Advanced curriculum? Su Haos eyes lit up.

Yes. Xia You smiled, The strength of a specialized esper is relatively weak, but it is the same for a professional esper. 11 points are for those who have just stepped into the professional realm and not mastered any origin technique for this realm. They wont have stable control of their own ability talent, and their mastery of Origin Avatar wont be much. This stage is what 11 points represent.

When a student truly grasps everything needed to be mastered as a level one professional esper and has the qualification to attempt to reach the next level, then the course credit of that student will reach 12 points!

These are the initial two points for professional esper.

Generally, the idea is similar for the rest.

Once advancing to a level two professional esper, ones strength will increase by a huge margin. At which you achieve 13 points. Once you reach the peak of level two, you will have an increment of one point totaling 14 points. The same concept will repeat all the way to level nine professional esper which corresponds to 26-27 points. Xia You paused for a moment after finished her sentences.

As a listener, Su Haos blood boiled in excitement.

36-course credits!

So, that was how it works.

One level at a time, each point represents strength which is several times higher than previously. Besides offering a competitive atmosphere for students, this system also provides a clear route to improve oneself.

A strong esper probably created this system!

Of course, this only applies to normal circumstances. Xia You shook her head, This system is used to differentiate strength for the masses. After all, there are some with special talents who could completely ignore this process!

I see. Su Hao thought deeply.

This system only applied to the general students.

There would always be a minority who the system could not be applied to. Especially during this era of origin ability, all those unique ability talents gave them the right to ignore all sorts of rules.

As for this 36-course credit system, the same case applied here too.

However, Xia You didnt say anything about the points after the 27th point.

As if she noticed Su Haos doubt, she opened her mouth again, The following stage would be the 28th point. Well without explaining it, I believe you can guess it is only awarded to those at the pinnacle of the professional realm. Though at this level, one could still improve even further.

Which is the 29th point!

29-course credits would represent a perfect professional esper! This is a very unique realm as its the limit of the professional realm!

There could no longer be any room for improvement. There can only be one route to improve even further Domain esper!

Thus, 29-course credits is a score which is a bit awkward. One can far exceed those with 28 points but never have the possibility to improve anymore and only struggle to step into the domain realm.

The 29th point is all about this.

When those people finally realize and comprehend a hint of the domain realm, they will then enter another level which is known as semi-domain realm!

30 points!

From 30 to 36 points, they all belong to the semi-domain realm.

The division of points represents their understanding of the domain realm. The higher the score, the stronger they are. However, it doesnt mean that one has to go all the way from 30 to 36 points before becoming a domain esper!

At this stage, whether youre at 30 points or 36 points, anyone has the potential to breakthrough and officially step into the domain realm.

In fact, there were many cases when those at 36 points couldnt breakthrough before the ones at 31 and 32 points broke through.

Of course, its a different story when one enters into the domain realm during 31 or 36 points.

Of course, ones strength would increase drastically when stepping into the domain realm. However, the understanding of this realm wont change just because you have become a domain esper. As for these, you will naturally know when the time arrives.

And thats all there is about this 36 credit system!

Semi-domain! Su Hao could felt the shock in his heart.

So the peak of this 36 credit system was only at the semi-domain realm? No, when one was at 30 points, the student has already become a semi-domain esper.

This was simply amazing!

Just by listening to this explanation, Su Haos blood started boiling!

Sure enough, this is the most advanced military training ground in the Federation. Now this was the Zhanzheng College in Su Haos heart! This was his dream school!

Except, Su Hao soon found a problem.

If this 36 credit system is completed...

Senior, then what is Tian Long Court? Su Hao curiously asked.

Xia You stared at him for a second. Obviously, she didnt expect Su Hao to know this term when he had just stepped into this school, Tian Long Court is just another branch of Zhanzheng College. With other departments, there is no difference. It is just that the unique part of this Court is

This branch only recruits students who have 30-course credits or more!

30-course credits!

Su Hao was stunned.

No wonder!

Tian Long Courts disciple, Wan Cheng.

So, Senior Wan Cheng was already in the semi-domain realm?

In fact when he thought about it deeper, Su Hao understood instantly. If not for this terrifying strength as a half-domain esper, how could Wan Cheng possibly kill Tiger Emperor with a snap of his fingers?

Not only that, Wan Chengs combat strength surpassed his current level!

What kind of strength did Tiger Emperor possess? An equivalent strength of a true domain esper!

But Wan Cheng killed it without breaking a sweat. Not to forget that he didnt even use any abilities of a domain esper. Now, this was what a disciple of Tian Long Court was all about, true confidence!

Su Hao clenched his fists. He couldnt help himself but let his excitement grow in his heart.


There will be a day in the future when he possessed such strength!

Xia You just watched at Su Haos exciting expression silently. As if Su Hao had noticed something amiss, he coughed awkwardly, Aahh My bad, senior. I got myself a little too excited.


Xiao You couldnt hold herself to burst into laughter, I have led so many freshmen here and never would I imagine that the dignified top scorer is the one who gets excited the most.

Hehe. Su Hao shyly touched his head.

Well, at least right now, he had a full understanding of Zhanzheng Colleges true ability! This school was far more powerful than what he imagined!

Just the students here were already this capable!

What about the teachers?

What about the department heads?

Or the dean?

Thinking of this, Su Hao recalled a character.

Thunder Emperor!

Zhou Wangs master!

As the vice dean of Zhanzheng College, he was only a semi-domain esper! Even if he were stronger than any Federal Guardian, he would be at the domain realm.

Such strength seemed pretty similar to the standard for Tian Long Courts disciple!

How could he become the vice dean then?

When such thought crossed his mind, Su Hao intentionally asked in an indirect way, Senior, I heard that Zhanzheng College once had a vice dean who seems to be at the half-domain realm?

Haha... Xia You laughed again, Youre talking about Thunder Emperor, right. You guys...

Xia You helplessly shook her head which made Su Hao embarrassed. Could he have asked something which he shouldnt ask? Otherwise, why would she laugh at his question?

So many students have asked about Thunder Emperor these few days. I heard that someone had received the legacy of Thunder Emperor in Jianghe City and he even gave the citizens of the city a gift of his energy essence. Thus, many people wished to know of his strength. Youre not the first one. Xia You continued her laughter.

So that was the case. Su Hao smiled awkwardly. These few days, he had been on his mission and didnt expect it.

What you paid attention to were his strength and inheritance, but it seems like you have overlooked an important factor. Xia You shook her finger, Senior Thunder Emperor died 15 years ago!


Su Hao felt like lightning struck his mind.

15 years!

No wonder he felt something was amiss!

If it was 15 years ago, then every fact could be linked now! During that era semi-domain esper was already considered a powerful existence! Not to say that Zhanzheng College was only established recently during then which wasnt considered a force to be reckoned with.

So that was it.

Su Haos doubts which clouded his mind were finally cleared!

Except, even if it were 15 years ago, Thunder Emperors talent wouldnt be that simple!

Staying in soul form after his death, his 15 years of continuous research meant that his progress in his ability talent had never stopped! Imagine the strength of someone who had the qualification to become a domain esper 15 years ago, how deep would his understanding of his ability be right now?

All these were all left for Zhou Wang!

Origin essence?


The true inheritance was his knowledge!

Zhou Wang...

Su Hao smiled with true happiness. It seems that my journey to be the strongest esper wont be that lonely.

Smirk, you guys are really too aggressive. Xia You looked at Su Hao with a grin before continued with an interesting tone, Youre well informed of course credit now. But there is a matter which you have to pay attention to.

Huh? Su Haos eyes lit up.

Xia You smiled yet again, Junior, have a guess. What is GPA?