Godly Model Creator Chapter 518

Chapter 518

Chapter 518 - GPA

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

GPA? A frowning expression appeared on Su Haos face.

Obviously, he knew about GPA.

Before the era of origin ability, the concept of GPA has been available in any university and is mainly used to assess the students result. However, he knew GPA in this school would be different than what he knew about. Otherwise, Xia You wouldnt ask him in such a manner.

Since course credit is used to differentiate strength, then GPA...

Is GPA used to represent the true combat effectiveness? Su Hao gave a smart guess.

Sure enough, youre intelligent. Xia You who was praising him just a second ago dropped a bomb, Too bad; youre still wrong.

Blue veins could be seen popping out from Su Haos forehead.

Damn you.

His answer was wrong, yet she praised him for being smart. So, how stupid must he have been in the original image this senior had towards him.

Although you answered wrongly, you were pretty close. Xia You laughed.

Well, GPA is pretty useless to any ordinary student because their GPA would always stay at zero! However, for geniuses like you or those who have strength above their actual level, then its no longer the same.

Oh... As Su Hao pondered, he seemed to understand something.

When youre in the outside world, before entering Zhanzheng College, you must have come across the so-called leapfrog challenges often. For you, it should be even more common!

However, many people in society have different strength although their levels are pretty similar. Yet, there is no way to make an effective assessment of the difference.

Therefore, if a rule for this leapfrog strength is to be established, a place where the strength assessment is relatively standard is needed, and such a place is none other than Zhanzheng College!

No matter how you won in the outside world, only when you defeat a student who meets the standard here, are you considered to be a real deal in having strength above your level. Otherwise, to duel with those professional espers in the outside world, what significance would that bring?

Course credit provides a fair mechanism and GPA provides the rule.

Your guess is actually pretty close. Course credit is the assessment of strength and GPA is the level you can accomplish leapfrog challenges.

Each level you leapfrog would represent a point for your GPA.

This is what GPA is all about!

A student here when facing against any from ordinary universities might be able to leapfrog by two levels. However, in Zhanzheng College, if you cant beat a student with one credit higher than you, it means that your GPA will always stay at zero and youre not qualified for a leapfrog challenge!

GPA, its a very strict index!

It represent a students true combat effectiveness!

For example, if a student with 10 credits and zero GPA but another student has only 9 credits and 3 GPA...

The result is self-evident!

The latter would have a total of 12 points, which would be an additional 2 points in true combat effectiveness!

It would be total domination, and without a doubt, the winner would be the one with 9 credits!

Of course, if the first student was able to defeat the one with the advantage of 2 additional points, that student must have made significant progress and would be rewarded with 2 points to their GPA.

GPA represents your combat power, your potential!

In a sense, just like you guessed, its not wrong to say GPA is an accurate representation of ones combat ability. A genius might not have a high credit score, but his GPA definitely wont be zero!

This is what GPA all about!

As Xia You finished her explanation, Su Hao was deeply impressed with it.


Sure enough, this is what GPA is!

Combat power!


If so then Wan Chengs GPA must be high, right?

Thousand Superimposed Waves!

That scene of Tiger Emperor being easily eradicated was still fresh and amazing in Su Haos mind.

Su Hao could feel his blood boiling in excitement. He previously fought against Bai Feng as a level nine specialized esper. Then how strong is the current him? Could he obtain a few points for his GPA?

Is that something to be proud of?


Based on Su Haos calculation, if Bai Feng was considered to have 11 credits, then the previous him should be at around 9 credits. In other words, even if Su Hao had gone beyond and surpassed someone who was in a higher realm, he would only get an additional 2 points in GPA?

No wonder Senior Xia You said that it isnt that easy to obtain.

For a specialized esper to defeat a professional esper!

What kind of glory is it?

But over here, it was too ordinary and only earned an extra 2 points!

Su Hao sighed.

Dont overthink. You just entered here. Xia You shook her head, You guys are always too competitive. Well since you now understand course credit and GPA, its time to inform you about another matter which is your entrance exam!

Entrance exam? Su Hao was stunned.

Yea. Xia You nodded, The school allocates resources to students based on course credits. For freshmen like you, you have zero credits. Therefore, you have to take this entrance exam to receive credits for the resources.

Alright. Su Hao understood.

Actually, the period for the entrance exam had passed, and its reasonable to say nobody would be able to enter this school now. However, I dont know what kind of privilege you have; the school actually decided to break this iron rule. I believe an entrance exam would be solely carried out for you.

Su Hao was speechless.

Since when he did have such a privilege?

These few days, he was absent due to performing that secret mission for mankind!

Although the real reason he did so was to save blue dream butterfly, he did complete his mission. If the Federation didnt at least arrange a place for him to enter Zhanzheng College, then that would be too much.

Um let me give you a brief introduction of this entrance exam. Xia You continued.

The entrance exam is the evaluation of your strength by using the 36 credit system. Unlike the college entrance exam, there are only three parts here! First, energy assessment. Second, physical assessment. Third, talent assessment!

Zhanzheng College will not use the same tool as those ordinary exams do by testing your energy in virtual reality. What Zhanzheng College tests will be your true strength!

This is what Earthbreaker is all about.

With your best origin technique, the school has provided the best spot for you to use your energy as much as you want.

When energy intensity and quantity are perfectly combined, I believe you will understand what kind of strength you will produce. As for the details of the exam, I wont touch on it.

Before the exam, the examiner will inform you more.

And the following two tests, Moon in the Sea and Hidden Spring assess the remaining two parts.

The most important thing you have to take note is the evaluation from this school is not only a one-time thing. Every month, there will be a re-evaluation to adjust your course credit to the latest strength.

And this cycle will repeat till your fourth year.

So, this is how it works here. Su Hao nodded silently.

There will be an assessment every month?


Moon in the Sea!

Hidden Spring!

Listening to these literacy names, it should be quite an interesting assessment. It might be because of his imagination, but he could sense a hint of laughter in Xia Yous eyes.

Could it be these assessments have a hidden goals behind it?

Su Hao might have overanalyzed it but after thinking for a bit, Su Hao no longer bothered with it.

Everything will turn out for the best! It is just an exam. Whether it is a success or failure, it wont affect him much. Even if he failed, he would catch up the following month!

However, there was a question which was related to him that he had always been curious about it.

Senior, you should know who is my father, right? Su Hao suddenly asked.

Um, I have heard of it. Xia You nodded, But, you dont have to worry much. You are yourself. Your father is himself. The school wont be that stupid that it cant differentiate this matter.

Alright. Su Hao nodded, I just want to ask whether my father was a student here?

It should be!

Xia You bitterly smiled, It will be best to not ask about his matter much. What we students know arent much anyway. If you want to know more, maybe try your luck at those teachers or professors. Plus, it will be the best not to ask any other student. If you meet any who maliciously reported you, the trouble might be quite a hassle to deal with.

Thank you. Su Hao expressed his gratitude.

He didnt expect that the name Su Tiancheng was actually a forbidden name in Zhanzheng College!

This dad of his...

Speaking of Su Tiancheng, the atmosphere suddenly became a little depressing. After all, Su Tiancheng was once a student of Zhanzheng College. He should enjoy glory for his life but took a wrong path!

Such act of his had made many people sigh in disappointment.

However, this had little to do with ordinary students.

Xia You began to brief Su Hao on the other matters regarding this school. Soon, the mood went back to normal. The surrounding facilities, map, interesting places and spots to train. Su Hao imprinted them in his mind, and a map was quickly drawn out.

Zhanzheng College, Su Hao was trying his best to get used to this new environment as fast as possible.

Within the campus, Xia You quickly led Su Hao to complete the admission process.

Looking at Su Hao, she said, After the process is completed, the details regarding your hostel will be sent to your communication device. The time for your entrance exam should be tomorrow. However, this time, youre not the only one who take the exam.

Huh? Su Hao frowned, What do you mean by that?

Each year, there will be a group of such people. Although they have registered, due to certain circumstances, they had to give up the entrance exam. They would have to wait until October to take this entrance exam. And the school will never break this rule.