Godly Model Creator Chapter 519

Chapter 519

Chapter 519 - Humiliation!

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

Talking about this, they should thank you.

I heard that the higher-ups specially requested for your special entrance exam. Thus, instead of having you taking the exam alone, why not allow everyone who missed the exam to participate too. Oh yea I think those few from your hometown, Jianghe City are among the ones taking the exam too.

They? Su Hao asked confusingly but instantly understood that it was because of that beast tide.

Although the beast tide ended, they were all seriously injured. This applied especially to Li Tiantian and Zhou Wang. They probably required a long period to return to their peak.

Due to Zhanzheng Colleges three day period for registration policy, even if they registered, they wouldnt be in shape to take the exam. As a result, they were forced to miss the first months assessment.

However, due to Su Hao participating in a secret mission, Zhanzheng College decided to break the rule for the first time and set up the entrance exam specially for him.

Not only him, even those who missed the first assessment due to personal reasons, training, tasks, and others events were given an opportunity too.

It seems there was no loss to suffer from this mission.

Su Hao smiled.

Well, just be prepared for it.

Xia You smiled, As the top scorer of college entrance exam, many people who are eager to witness your failure. Hmm dont forget you now have a few special identities tagged along too.

After finishing her words, Xia You turned around and left.

Since Su Haos admission procedures were completed, her mission was done.

Special identities? Su Hao looked at Xia Yous figure while pondered.

Hey~ A pair of white and tender hands waved beside Su Hao as a familiar voice rang in his ears, Arent you afraid of me being jealous for looking at another girl with that look?

Yiran! Su Hao was pleasantly surprised.

As he looked back, that familiar figure was looking at him lovingly with a sweet smile. Su Hao subconsciously hugged her as he couldnt help but hold her in his arms.

He didnt know why.

Perhaps it was because of his experience in losing blue dream butterfly.

Or maybe only when he lost someone did he realize how to treasure his precious ones.

At this moment, Su Hao really missed her.

Without thinking of others, he just decided to infiltrate into the beast domain as he was worried about blue dream butterfly.

But what about Chen Yiran?

She could only look at him leaving silently without making any attempt to stop him. Without needing a single moment of comfort, she only quietly supported his decision. During his stay in the beast domain, there were a few moments when his life was hanging at the edge of an abyss. If there was really an accident, what was he supposed to do?

At that time, how much pain would Yiran feel?

She had already experienced that feeling once. Did he want her to have to bear those emotions again? Su Hao knew how much he owed her because of all these journeys of his!

Enjoying that familiar smell, Su Hao held even tighter.

Chen Yiran was stunned for a bit. However, she soon revealed a smile and gently wrapped her hands around his back. She knew that the Su Hao which she knew all this time had returned.

Far away, Zhou Wang looked at this scene and quietly pulled out a tremendous amount of money, handing it to Li Tiantian with a sad look, Sigh, why do we three have such weak presences...

Well, just get used to it. Li Tiantian patted Zhou Wangs shoulder to comfort him.

Girls Femme fatale. Li Xin took a step forward and uttered the sentence full of emotion.

!!! Zhou Wang and Li Tiantian looked at him in horror.


These words did they hear it wrong? Li Xin actually said those words just now?

Li Xin stared blankly at a distance. One could see a trace of change in his eyes as if there was a wound which is hard to be revealed, The past akin smoke; time is as short as a song; sometimes, there are things...


Zhou Wang and Li Tiantian were stunned.

This this is Li Xin?

Looking at Li Xin who was revealing a look as if he had undergone many hardships, they were dumbfounded. Could it be Li Xin actually had such emotion too?

Have you date before? Li Tiantian asked cautiously.

Sigh. Li Xin bitterly smiled, Its best not to look back to the past.

He really had experienced it before?


Was that true or fake?

Both stared at Li Xin blankly.

No matter what, they would have never imagined Li Xin would actually talk about love? However, Li Xins expression didnt seem to be fake. His eyes were looking at them, but there seemed to be no focus as if he was staring at nothingness.

Sigh... With a sigh, Li Xin bitterly smiled as he looked at boths expression. Slowly, he began to reveal the past. It was a beautiful yet jealousy filled love. In the past, there was a boy and a girl loving each other. As Zhou Wang and Li Tiantian listened, they were immersed in Li Xins story.

At this time, Su Hao held Chen Yirans hand and leisurely came to see the three of them, What are you all talking about?

Sigh. Zhou Wang sighed, Sigh, so I am the only one who is still single all this time.

Huh? Looking at Li Xins profound appearance, Su Hao listened carefully and immediately rolled his eyes, Li Xin, whos the author?

Well, its a guy named San Shui Huh? Li Xin seemed to feel that something was amiss and he abruptly halted his sentence.

The very next second, Zhou Wang and Li Tiantian opened their eyes wide.


This Li Xin was actually reading all this time to them with his private virtual screen? And they were actually immersed in this story? His eyes were staring at nothing; of course, it would be nothing since he had been looking at the virtual screen all this time!

Damn it!


Soon, they realized a more tragic mistake they made. It was okay to be tricked, but the one who deceived them was Li Xin!

Li Xin actually tricked them?!

Both of them were dumbfounded.

Hahahaha, this is so funny that my stomach hurts. Li Xin laid on the ground, slamming his feet hard. With his mocking face, he pointed at both Zhou Wang and Li Tiantian and laughed as if he was looking at two retards.

Zhou Wang and Li Tiantian could feel anger brimming in their heart as their intelligence was being threatened.

Such feeling It was total humiliation!

They looked at each other and grit their teeth; they immediately chased Li Xin to give him a good lesson!


A lightning bolt struck down.

Damn! Li Xin instantly got up and ran away happily, Hahaha, you retards only resort to force without even considering how to utilize your brain, what was that phrase again? All brawn no brains, hahahaha. This is so funny. With such IQ, how can you be the strongest esper? Hahaha Arg~

Lightning flashed followed by a scream.

Su Hao and Chen Yiran looked at each other with a smile in their eyes.

These few brats...

His heart burst with emotion as he watched these playful guys.

Only by experiencing the horrifying scene in battlefield first hand would one appreciate how valuable this scene is. Dont we fight and struggle all this time it to protect our future?

What is the significance of this war?

To be stronger?



The true reason behind this war is none other than to secure the future of mankind without having to worry about losing your loved ones or the sudden invasion of berserk beasts. You can casually sit in the living room, on the sofa while enjoying TV. You can dine with your family, accompany your friends for some fun, and laugh at the entertainment programs.

These simple yet ordinary lives are what one calls a true life!

After playing the fool with each other, having a hearty meal, and double checking the time for tomorrows test, the group dispersed and returned to their respective dorms to prepare. This entrance exam was vital for them as it affected their course credit which would determine how much resources they could use for September. For freshmen like them, it was something very crucial.

At that night, in Su Haos dorm.

Zhanzheng Colleges dorms were big enough to guarantee a personal room for every student.

The moonlight was bright within the dark sky.

On the table, Su Hao took out each fragment of the Falcon Pearl and a bottle of drug which he had worked hard to obtain. While in the beast domain, due to the influence from Falcon Pearls fragments, blue dream butterfly seemed to awaken.

However, no matter how he tried to communicate with her, there was no longer a response.

Was it because he is too weak?

Su Hao looked at the fragments within his hand as energy began to channel into them.


A few fragments of the Falcon Pearl floated in the air.

As model analysis swept across them, all the fragments appeared in his mind and like Lego, Su Hao quickly assembled them. Which fragment at what location, which fragment should be assembled first, he kept repeating the process many times until Su Hao knew it like the back of his hand.


Two fragments of Falcon Pearl were affixed.

Su Hao cautiously used the adhesive drug to fix them together. When the purple liquid from the bottle was carefully applied on the fragment, it quickly diffused into the fragment without leaving a trace. At the same time, the crack line disappeared.

Two fragments of Falcon Pearl turned into one!

There was so sign of any adhesive being used to fix them.

Its that amazing? Su Haos eyes lit up.


He then began to repeat the same process on the other fragments. Finally, the Falcon Pearls original appearance began to appear. However, its current shape was still like a tattered ball with crack lines all over. If it were not because of Su Haos hand supporting them, they would fall apart.


Su Hao dripped a few drops of the adhesive drug.

One drop at a time, it spread along the fissures and soon after Su Hao covered every part of the pearl, he cautiously let it go.


The Falcon Pearl floated in mid-air!

As the purple liquid diffused into the fragments, the traces of cracks around this pearl turned smaller and smaller until they vanished altogether.


Energy fluctuations began to spread from the pearl!

Around the Falcon Pearl, there were huge circles which seemed like rings of a planet. The scene was beautiful.

This Is this the original appearance of Falcon Pearl?


Su Haos arm reacted as he could felt the vibration coming from there. The source was the tattoo where blue dream butterfly resides. It began to emit a burning hot light.


The surrounding scene suddenly changed.

When Su Hao managed to react, it was already different from where he was before!

Where is this? Su Hao looked at the surrounding in shock. The surrounding space was filled with all sorts of distorted colors as if this was a nightmare.

However, he perceived that he was still conscious right now.

What was the situation?

Su Hao frowned.

Falcon Pearl, wasnt its function to wake up blue dream butterfly? Why did it bring him to this hellish world?