Godly Model Creator Chapter 52

Gmc Chapter 52

Chapter 0052 King of repeaters, Bai Xiao Sheng


Su Hao received the message after just coming out from the room. That really made him speechless. That guy really took every opportunity to make a profit.

Opposite to him, Zhao Feng, who was at a bit of a loss, walked out.

I lost.

Zhao Feng raised his head and bitterly laughed. Still, he didnt feel unconvinced of his loss.

A loss is a loss.

Su Hao didnt know about his ability and yet was able to figure it out during the battle. And then, he even made use of the terrain to his advantage. Since Su Hao used the virtual equipment for the first time, he naturally had never seen the simulation of the ghost castle before. Yet, during battle he was even more familiar with it than repeaters.

How did you know that corner was the most appropriate place to suppress and trap me? Zhao Feng couldnt help to ask.

Su Hao smiled and faintly said, My ability is model analysis. Although it doesnt contribute much during battle, but.to construct a model of the ghost castle is still possible.

Zhao Feng was surprised.

It could be used that way?

No wonder he was ranked first. This time, he was convinced of his ability.

Both of them chatted as they exited the building. Su Hao asked, With your strength, I believe you arent at the bottom within the repeaters. Just with your ability alone, you could easily destroy quite a number of people

Zhao Feng smiled, If only by origin ability ranking, then Im the last. But overall strength ranking

Zhao Feng just smiled. Su Hao rolled his eyes, so it was like so!

He knew it that those brats would be well prepared before issuing the challenge buttoo bad he met with Su Hao!

Su Hao won!

Zhao Feng lost!

That was the final result.

When the perfect explanation video was released to the public, finally everyone knew all the minute details of the battle. Naturally there would be some who werent convinced another challenge was issued!

As Zhao Feng failed in his challenge, another student would replace him then.

This time, Su Haos fighting style and ability had been seen clearly. The one who stepped up was naturally a strong one too. Confidently, he rushed forward until he was in front of Su Hao.

I want to challenge you!

Su Hao coldly glanced at him, Wanna save face?

A? The other guy was stunned.

Repeaters, to deal with me, a lowly origin ability student, you guys are using continuous battle strategy? If I beat you, will another one will pop out?

What joke is this! You think I have time to play with you all?

Go play at the side!

Those casual words from Su Hao had nearly caused that guy to choke on the spot. Thinking about it, if Su Hao was unwilling to fight, there was nothing he could do.

After driving out that bastard, Su Hao also received a lucrative amount of task points.

Unfortunately, his task points option on the communication device was still greyed out. He couldnt see the current amount but he wasnt worried that he would be cheated off the points.

En, there are only two tutorials left out of four. Only after I complete all of them will this option be available. Seems that I have to speed up. Su Hao talked to himself and opened the message which was sent to him just now. 4pm, fighting technique tutorial.

4pm..its still too early

Su Hao pondered for a moment. After participating in the ability index tutorial this morning and after that a duel with Zhao Feng, it happened to be lunch time at the moment.

Walking towards the direction of cafeteria, Su Haos mind suddenly moved.

Just now during the battle with Zhao Feng, Su Hao had found out about Zhao Fengs ability, but due to the virtual environment factor he was helpless about it, but if it was in a real life situation.

En, this seems good

Su Hao thought about it and sent a message to Zhao Feng to invite him to have a meal together.


Both of them chatted together as they ate their lunch. It could be considered that Su Hao had gained some understanding about the repeaters.for example, the guy who mass sent messages.

That guys name was Li Tiantian and a male.yes, there was no error in his name and gender. Such a strange name had made that guy consider his own name a taboo.

In all the messages he sent, they always ended up with his nickname Bai Xiao Sheng!

A name which appeared countless time in wuxia novels, for someone who crazed over wuxia stories, Li Tiantian hoped to be like one of the characters in such stories and thus named himself Bai Xiao Sheng.

Of course, not many people knew about the relation between his strange name and the current alias he used.

At the same time, he was the oldest in the natural selection class. He had repeated 5 times! His batch had all gone to Zhanzheng College!

Su Hao was also surprised at this. Repeating for 5 times, that was a bit too extreme.

However, that wasnt his main concern. While chatting halfway, Su Hao changed the topic to origin ability, Your penetration is strong, but somehow, I felt that you are heading to the wrong direction.

What do you mean by that? Zhao Feng frowned.

Su Hao stretched his fingers, As long as your ability is sufficient to use, that would be alright! Especially your penetration. 25% is already more than enough. Especially at current stage, this is indeed enough. Lets say that you have struggled hard to push it from 25% to 50%, your ability would increase and penetration would better, but.it doesnt help your overall strength much.

Zhao Feng frowned. That was really the case he was in right now. With his current ability, as long as it was close combat, nobody would be able to compete with him. Even Su Hao would have to evade.

Even if his penetration increase by another 25%, what use would it be?

As long as he could bring his opponent to a close combat, nobody would be able to compete with him. But if he couldnt do so, then he would be useless!

Using the knowledge of terrain to defeat you was only a small factor. The most important point here was that my speed was faster than yours. My fighting skill was stronger than yours. With these two factors as advantages, I would be having an upper hand. Su Hao casually said, With my 300 points in physical fitness, if Im not to have any close combat with you, would you be able to chase me?

Zhao Feng felt embarrassed.

Because what Su Hao said was right. The physical fitness gap was too huge!

If Su Hao insisted on running, he wont be able to catch him. That was also the reason why Su Hao led him in a chase for a few rounds during the early stage of the battle. He simply couldnt find a way to solve it.

So.. Su Hao raised his head and looked at Zhao Feng, To enhance your overall strength, the best way is to enhance your physical fitness and fighting technique.

Zhao Feng bitterly smiled, In fact, I know about that, but to do so in real life is really too difficult.

Why so? Su Hao became interested.

Zhao Feng continued, Because its too difficult. I have exchanged for a beginner body strengthening drug and also a large sum of different herbs. And I managed to get 200 points. As for fighting technique, I also rushed all the way to 200 points, mastering police fighting technique. However, to further enhance from there, the difficulty is too high.

Intermediate and advanced body strengthening drugs are too expensive. Even military fighting technique is expensive. Zhao Feng sighed, If I continue to complete tasks, I would need at least one years time to exchange for those. With only the 200 points I have right now, Im pretty confident that if I am to invest them on my ability, I can raise another 400 points.

Just for the score? Su Hao finally understood.

Because of the college entrance exam!

The college entrance exam was very similar to the mock exam. Its not all about individual combat strength, but overall comprehensive strength. Thus, if Zhao Feng was to enhance his ability index, of course that would bring a better result for him.

Zhao Fengs current origin ability was 13 points. During the college entrance exam next year, 200 points and 400 points would pose a huge difference. For Zhao Feng who had to repeat for a year, he could only struggle hard for once.

But, it seemed that he had ignored a question here.

Although Im not not that familiar with the natural selection class, but if your strength is enhanced, is it just some score? Su Hao lightly said, If you walk the path to increase overall strength, your combat effectiveness would allow you to have more advanced task. Your accumulated task points would also increase. Are you sure you need one years time?

Zhao Feng paused for a moment and he saw a bright light at the end of the dark tunnel.


How could he ignore this point!

If his strength increase, he naturally would be able to complete harder tasks. If his physical fitness and fighting technique were enhanced, he would be able to take higher ranked tasks. In the future, his rewards would be more lucrative!

Even the outfield exploration and killing berserk beasts would be within his palm. That was, after all, the true reward of task points.

Zhao Feng was glad. Never had he thought that this problem of his which had been a dud for a long time, it was Su Hao who woke him up. During his third year, he enhanced from 9 points to 13 points and became the prince of close combat. Yet, he missed the opportunity to enroll in Zhanzheng College. Having to repeat a year, he really didnt have much confidence in himself.

But this time it seemed that he had saw a ray of hope.

Zhao Feng dropped his head and started to plan for his future.

Seeing this, Su Hao indifferently smiled. This was something he understood after the end of the battle. Because he himself was also making the same mistake, having priority on ones own strength.

The student with toxin which Teacher Su Wan told him was indeed terrifying. But not everyone would have a suitable origin ability. Everyone had their own path to take.

Only by taking the right path could you become even stronger!

As for him to specifically invite Zhao Feng over for a meal, just for giving some pointer to Zhao Feng? Absolutely not, both of them were not even close. Su Hao naturally wouldnt have that big a heart to do so.

His advice would be exchanged for a reward, for example

Model analysis, start!


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