Godly Model Creator Chapter 520

Chapter 520

Chapter 520 - Rescue

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

Bang boom!

The sounds of someone fighting could be heard from far away.

Su Hao walked towards the source of that sound and was shocked to see a young girl in a pale blue dress fighting against several berserk beasts in full swing.

This is Blue dream butterfly?

Su Hao opened his eyes wide.

Model analysis!


Energy began to fluctuate.

When Su Hao opened his eyes again from a brief close, he seemed to understand something.

Here, its an illusion, a dream!

What was the blue dream butterflys ability? She could create illusions!

She took the path of an illusionist, so creating a fantasy world would be her specialty. She created this nightmare illusion in the midst of a crisis as her last bit of resistance! When this illusion is destroyed, blue dream butterfly dies!

No wonder Falcon Emperor told him that it would be better to not delay it for long.

It knew that blue dream butterfly wouldnt be able to endure by herself for too long!


A scream rang in his ears.

Blue dream butterfly nearly got herself slashed by the claws of a berserk beast. With killing intent flashing in Su Haos eyes, his body dashed forward.



The berserk beast was killed instantly!

Ya ya ya?

Blue dream butterfly opened her eyes wide, Su, Su Hao?

Yea. Su Hao gently nodded with a smile in his eyes. Just as he was about to say something, blue dream butterfly threw herself and hugged him, Ya ya ya, Im too good that Im able to create life in an illusion. Well, well its exactly like the real one.

Black lines suddenly appeared on Su Haos forehead.

What is this being exactly like the real one? Im the real one, okay?

I... Before Su Hao managed to open his mouth, he was interrupted.

Blue dream butterfly suddenly planted her small mouth on his. While gently attaching her mouth to Su Haos, his eyes opened wide. Damn, she actually took the initiative...

Looking at this silly girl, Su Hao didnt know whether to laugh or cry.

This girl, she was around fifteen years old! With her skin as white as jade and huge eyes tightly closed, one could see she was afraid to open them as her lashes were shaking gently, a sign of tension.

Owh! Blue dream butterfly suddenly pushed Su Hao away with her face blushing.

This girl, you can even get yourself shy in your own dream?

At this moment, he saw blue dream butterfly weirdly touch her lips, Hmm, so this is the taste a of kiss? Aiyaya, this is too embarrassing.

Phew... Su Hao felt helpless.

Looking at her talking to herself and ignoring his existence, he stepped forward and returned the favor with a hug.

Ya ya ya. Blue dream butterfly looked at him in shock, You you, you, you dont have to hug me! I created you! You should listen to my command!

You idiot! Su Hao knocked on her head for a bit, You cant even differentiate real and fake. Has your brain gone bad?

Huh? Blue dream butterfly looked at him in confusion.

This girl...

Su Hao sighed. It seemed that he had said too much.

Hold me tight. Im going to take you out of here! Su Hao no longer wasted his time on nonsense and hugged her tightly. As the energy within his body surged, he shot a Xinghe Arrow to the deepest part of this illusion without any hesitation.


The illusion instantly crumpled!

In the dormitory, the Falcon Pearl was still floating in mid-air with circular rings surrounding Su Hao. All of sudden, numerous cracks appeared on the pearl.




The fissures spread more and more.


The Falcon Pearl suddenly exploded!

Hundreds of small fragments dispersed into the surrounding chaotically. As the energy radiated, Su Haos figure flashed brightly, and a young girl dressed in blue appeared in his arms.

Blue dream butterfly came back alive!


Su Hao opened his eyes and looked at the surrounding before felt relieved.

He succeeded!

So that was how this was done!

The Falcon Pearl brought him into blue dream butterflys dream for him to take her out of her illusion. If it was any other people, Su Hao might have spent some time but this foolish girl Su Hao half-forcefully dragged her out.

This was too easy to accomplish.

Ya ya ya? Where is this? Blue dream butterfly looked around curiously.

Su Haos heart sighed. This brat, was she still clueless that she had returned to the real world?

This is Zhanzheng College! Su Hao shrugged his shoulder.

Huh? Blue dream butterfly felt strange, I havent entered Zhanzheng College before. How could there be a scene of Zhanzheng College?

Because this isnt an illusion. Based on Falcon Emperors instructions, I have already saved you. This is reality!

Reality? Blue dream butterfly was startled.

As she activated her ability and energy fluctuated, in an instant, she understood where she was.

Ya ya ya. Blue dream butterfly seemed to remember something and looked at Su Haos laughing expression, Ah, then just now could it be...


Blue dream butterflys face instantly turned red!

She wasnt a fool.

It was just that she had been in that illusion for an unknown period of time which was why she subconsciously thought it was an illusion. She never expected Su Hao to come and save her.

For a moment, her face blush in embarrassment.

Just now, she...


Su Hao took a step forward and suddenly help her in his arms.

Thanks! Su Haos word turned all the embarrassment into nothing. Blue dream butterfly only gently whispered a yeah. This hug made her feel that all the sacrifices she made were worth it.


Blue dream butterfly suddenly hum gently.

What happen? Su Hao looked at her in worry.

I feel drowsy... Blue dream butterfly was once again confused.

Without finishing her sentence, she fainted on Su Haos chest. Then, a light ray flashed into the tattoo on Su Hao right arm.

She went back? Su Haos mind began to panic.

If she went back, wouldnt all his efforts be in vain?

With a scan, Su Hao could clearly feel her presence in the tattoo. This state it was the same as the previous her, resting on his shoulder.

In fact, he could even hear blue dream butterflys soft breathing.


Su Hao instantly sighed in relief.

So, shes just sleepy?

He had seen this situation many times.

Each time when her strength was about to increase, she would hibernate.

This silly girl she must have exhausted herself.

Now, Su Hao could calm down completely.

Clearing away the debris on the floor, he fixed them together with the remaining adhesives. However, there was no longer any signs of energy emitting from them.

From now on, they no longer served any purpose!

Falcon Emperor, many thanks! Su Hao expressed his gratitude from the depths of his heart.

Whether Su Tiancheng had predicted this or not, in the end, Falcon Emperor did save his life and even sacrifice its own.

Thunder Emperor...

Falcon Emperor...

Some matters were worthy of moving ones heart.

One summer vacation let him experience all sorts of adventures! Now, Su Hao had learned how to hide his emotions perfectly at any time.

Of course, there were things which he would claim back from the berserk beasts.

In his dormitory, Su Hao sat cross-legged.

Endless energy circulated around him. There was still a slight gold color, but unlike before, there was a clear difference than the past whether it was regarding color or intensity. Energy refinement, the benefits it brought wouldnt be as simple as just on the surface!

Inspecting his body in detail, Su Hao felt a dense texture.

Previously, during his breakthrough, that strange aura was able to increase his strength all the way until almost comparable with any domain esper. This time, his body was once again condensed with equally powerful energy!

It was different from the strange aura. If phrased using better terminology, the strange aura would be a short-term boost while this energy would provide him an everlasting effect.

Other people could only undergo energy refinement once, but Su Hao could do so a dozen times!

It was just a pity that the energy in his body had just been refined just a little while ago. As for how to use this energy, he still did not temporarily know.


Energy began to flow all around his body.

Su Hao entered his zone to train.

Tomorrow would be the day for the entrance exam. Although the exam itself did not have a significant meaning to him, it would always be better to be prepared. However, when he was about to start training, out of nowhere, a cool breeze drifted through his rooms window.


Su Hao opened both eyes!

At the window, the breeze was still floating without a sign of a shadow. However, Su Hao was fully alert!

No one?

Are you trying to tease me?!

With his 2D mapping, he was able to see a huge red dot flashing by the window! The most frightening part was Su Hao could see nothing with his eyes.

Damn it!

Su Haos scalp turned numb.

Such strength...

Looking at the size of the red dot, this person did not seem to be weaker than Senior Wan Cheng!

What business did such a strong esper have with Su Hao?

Could it be his fathers enemy?

Cant you just let me live in peace?!

The wind was still blowing.

However, Su Hao didnt move at all with sweat covering his back.


A drop of sweat fell to the ground, producing a clear sound.

Su Hao didnt dare to move even the slightest bit. His whole body entered a combat ready state. As long as he maintained this state, he would be able to react to the best of his ability!

This is Zhanzheng College!

He did not need to defeat this strong esper. As long as he created a ruckus, he would be able to keep his life intact!

Thus, the atmosphere was filled with both secretly opposing each other coldly.

Suddenly, a sigh came along, You could actually feel my existence. The man began to speak.

Su Hao still stared at the window without letting his guard down.


A figure appeared, and Su Haos whole body trembled!

Who was him? Su Hao had no idea.

However, Su Hao was too familiar with his clothes!

That time, he was able to assume the identity as the man in white, wasnt it because of these clothes? That unique silkworm material allowed him to escape death many times!

It was the clothes left by his father!

And right now, this man was wearing it.

Whore you? Su Hao asked while in on guard.

You dont have to know who am I. The man in white shook his head and tossed a box at Su Hao, This is the item given by your father. As for todays matter, keep it a secret.


The man in white disappeared.

Su Hao was stunned at this sudden turn of events.

Dads friend? He just entered Zhanzheng College and had both enemies lurking around him but also someone to help him.

But, what is this gift?

Su Hao looked at this plain box curiously.

One could see the fiery excitement in his eyes.