Godly Model Creator Chapter 521

Chapter 521

Chapter 521 - Mysterious Present!

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

Could it be another mysterious card?

When this thought crossed his mind, it instantly excited Su Hao.

The box sent over by that mysterious man in white seemed ordinary. But no matter how he looked at it, there were too many similarities to how the second mysterious card appeared. His father even told him to come to Zhanzheng College. Perhaps he was waiting for Su Hao to come here before giving him the third mysterious card.


The box opened and what Su Hao saw stunned him.

Inside this ordinary wooden box lay a broken copper piece.

This is... Su Hao couldnt help but take this broken copper out from the box. After examining it further, he revealed a slight smile, This is a gift for me?

He knew what this is!

Relic fragment.

During the beginning of the chaotic era, many things were destroyed. Things spiritual in nature got affected by origin energy and turned into Nitai artifacts. Meanwhile, some super powerful Nitai artifacts couldnt sustain the sudden influx of energy and exploded.

These pieces are none other than relic fragments!

Never look down on these seemingly ordinary fragments. Even a little piece had a great use. For ordinary specialized espers or even professional espers, if one wears a fragment while training for a long time, the energy within the body would be refined.

From a certain point of view, these relic fragments needed a long period of time to show their benefits.

It was definitely a good item for any normal esper, but it was completely useless for Su Hao! Energy refinement or whatever, he had undergone that! In fact, he even used Circular World to set a new record. Right now, what he needed the most was an item to increase the amount of energy in his body.

It seems like dad thought that I would still be a specialized esper when I enroll here which explains his gift. Su Hao made a quick guess.

After all, if youre still a specialized esper, you can use this ancient relic to improve your energy in quality. The effect even surpassed any general Nitai artifact.

But for Su Hao?

Not only has he stepped into the professional realm, but he is also the strongest freshmen the moment he stepped into this school. After experiencing energy refinement, this relic naturally wouldnt be effective for him.

Su Hao touched the copper piece for a moment. After ensuring it didnt have any other function, he put it down.

Reality once again ruined his imagination...

Su Hao sighed.

After working hard to reach this school in order to find the clue his father left behind, it ended up being an ordinary copper piece. Even if it wasnt a card, at the very least, he could have left some clues.

Up till now, Su Hao still didnt know much about Su Tiancheng. What he knew wasnt much; well besides being a madman who intended to destroy the world.

Other than that, there was nothing else about him.

Forget about it! Su Hao shook his head to clear his clouded mind.

He already decided to take it one step at a time to reach his goal and never consider these things. Why must he create more trouble for himself thinking about a gift given to him?


Sitting cross-legged, Su Hao prepared himself to train, but his mind kept triggering thoughts of the relic unconsciously This ancient relic, is it just an ordinary relic fragment?

Or to rephrase this, could there be a special reason?

Hold on!

Su Haos brain suddenly saw a bulb light up!

Who am I?

Su Tianchengs son!

Who is Su Tiancheng?

A madman who wished to destroy the world!

In other words, since Su Hao had such identity, could the Federation or Zhanzheng College really not be attentive of him?


Su Hao didnt dare to move but silently created energy fluctuations instead.

There was no one around him!

Increasing the radius of the scan, a hard to notice fluctuation instantly swept across and many red dots appeared.

Su Hao quickly covered everyone in the dormitory. On the map, three large red dots were camping outside the dormitory!

Are they students who stayed in this dormitory?

Nobody would believe it!

Such a large dot, even if they have not reached the semi-domain realm, at least they are all peak professional espers! Not sleeping this late at night, they must be here to watch me, right?

What are they trying to monitor?

Thoughts began to flow within Su Haos mind and he could only think of his fathers gift! Ordinary items could be ignored but what if it was something which might lead to the destruction of the world or some strange thought?

If that were true, Su Hao would be unlucky!

At this time...



Two energy fluctuation passed in front of Su Hao.

If Su Hao was not aware of their existence, such a small fluctuation would definitely escape Su Haos sense.

The energy fluctuation only lasted for a fraction of a second.

The target was none other than the ancient relic.

Su Hao looked at it quietly, as if he had not realized they were nearby. In the end, those three people disappeared without a trace.

On the 2D map, everything returned to normal.

They have left? Su Hao sighed in relief.

Sure enough, within Zhanzheng College, he had many friends but his enemies were definitely not in the minority.

Peak professional esper?

It would be very likely that some students came over here to perform a mission. What was their aim? Did they want to identify Su Tianchengs gift?

No wonder it must have been detected when Su Tianchengs gift was passed to Su Hao. Thus, the man in white quickly left the scene. However, it was just an ordinary wooden box with an ancient relic.

Remnant relic?

It would be beneficial to ordinary ones.

But for those who are strong and rich, such item was simply pure garbage!

Not to mention that Su Hao had undergone energy refinement, this item had literally zero effect in improving Su Haos strength.

Seems that...

Su Hao improved too fast that this caused an error in Su Tianchengs calculation.

This was the conclusion they came up with.

Soon, everyone left the scene.

In the dormitory, Su Hao just stood there without moving. He activated his scan again, and there was no longer anyone marking him within a radius of a hundred miles.

However, for Su Hao, the game has just begun!

If not for his 2D map, if not for him knowing people were watching him, he would think that this was an ordinary relic fragment. However, as the situation escalated to such degree, Su Hao suddenly had a feeling that this relic was just a cover-up!

A cover-up?

Su Hao looked down and began to ponder.

If I was my dad, what would I do?

Knowing that someone would keep an eye on my son, knowing that it would be impossible to send a valuable gift or letter, under such circumstances what would I do?

I will send something which has no value.

But this item is a clue!


Su Haos eyes lit up.

Yes, something which didnt have any value in improving strength does not mean that it wouldnt have another benefit!


Looking at the ancient relic on his hand, he wanted to engrave every detail of this item in his mind. Soon Su Hao roughly sketched out the outline of this relic. There were a total of thirty-six possibilities regarding the relics original shape. Although the number seems like a lot, for Su Hao, it wasnt a problem!


Su Hao quickly tapped on the virtual screen.

Soon, all thirty-six possibilities were quickly illustrated by Su Hao through the virtual screen to be passed to the communication device. After all, it was time for the hi-tech gadget to show its power!

Since the drafts were there, how hard could it be to identify this item?



In just 0.1 seconds, all related images of the drafts were found!

After including all the factors such as material and weight, only three matched the criteria.

There are actually three items that matched? Su Hao felt a light headache.

He had no idea what all these items were strange objects were.

Looking closely at the information of these items, Su Hao didnt wish to miss a single detail. Soon, he felt something was wrong because there was an item which was a bit unique.

Its uniqueness was impossible to miss it because a record said that this item broke apart for some unexpected reason before the chaotic era. The legend said that many experts felt sorry at that time for such an incident to occur!


Su Haos brows twitched.

If this item was broken before the chaotic era,  it was entirely different from Nitai artifacts. This relic fragment must come from a complete item which turned into Nitai artifact during the chaotic era. Only after the transformation was completed would it burst into pieces!

To break before the chaotic era? This item can be crossed out now.

Reducing the choice to two, Su Hao kept staring at their information. Without any data to backup, these two seemed possible!

In the end what is dad trying to convey here?