Godly Model Creator Chapter 522

Chapter 522

Chapter 522 - The problem of this world

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

What is he trying to convey?

The more Su Hao looked at them, the more his head ached. These damn items!


His eyes kept searching for any clue.

Once again, his attention went back to the item he just crossed out earlier. Since this item was broken before the chaotic era, there should be pictures of its appearance after breaking into fragments, right? Although this item can be eliminated from the potential ones, it might be possible to deduce what he was searching for based on the shape of the broken fragments.


A quick search on the Internet left Su Hao dumbfounded at what he found!

Is there any image of the broken fragments?

Yes, its there!

However, when Su Hao looked at the image, he was stupefied.

Any comparison or analysis?

None of those was required!

Su Hao looked at the fragment within his hand and one of those fragments on the virtual screen. It was exactly the same!

Its 100 percent similar? Su Hao felt some cold sweat dripping.


How could this be?!

To hell with it!

This result is impossible!

This item was clearly broken before the chaotic era. If so, how could it become an ancient relic?

Su Hao somehow felt that something was amiss.

Could a strong esper have turned these fragments into ancient relics?

Or could they had somehow encountered an Origin Storm which directly affected these fragments, turning them into ancient relics?

That doesnt seem right either!

Su Hao still felt that this explanation wasnt reasonable.

Whether it was a strong esper or Origin Storm responsible for this, then those fragments would be a true Nitai artifact. Even if it is just a fragment, its identity would still be a Nitai artifact.

These are facts that cant change.

But the one in Su Haos hand was a genuine ancient relic.

What actually happened to this relic?

Su Haos whole body trembled.

Could it be could it be what dad is trying to tell me? The answer I have to find out for myself? And it is all related to this ancient relic?


Su Haos eyes lit up. Looking at the ancient relic on his hand, it was like he saw countless treasures.

Since he understood the hidden meaning behind this item, it was time for Su Hao to begin his research.

Model analysis!

Model established!



In his mind, a model of the ancient fragment was completed instantly.

What Su Hao was planning to research wasnt as easy as it looked on the surface.

What he wanted to do was...

To dig deeper!


And deeper!


In the model world, what Su Hao saw was a scene under a microscope.

The internal structure of this relic could be clearly seen. Every crack, every inch!

What is dad trying to tell me?

How was this ancient relic formed?

10 minutes.

20 minutes.

30 minutes.

Su Hao just stared at every corner of this relic without rest, but he ended up empty-handed. No matter how he looked, he felt that this ancient relic was exactly the same as other fragments!

There was literally no difference!

How can this be? Su Hao could feel his head spinning.

This relic is a unique ancient relic!

An abnormally created relic, yet its state is exactly the same as a real relic. Whats going on here?

Su Hao sunk into contemplation.



Exactly the same...

The more Su Hao thought, the deeper he went and unable to free himself.

It was an infinite loop. No matter how it was studied, Su Hao seemed caught in a strange cycle. However, Su Hao quickly came to a realization.


Having an infinite loop logic is impossible!

It should be solvable since there is a logic existing!

Su Hao began to think carefully and connects these few dots he had.

He used model analysis to verify that the fragments were same. Therefore, that wasnt the problem here!

However, being unique and abnormal was something he reasoned out. Thus, the doubts should be from these two points!


Su Hao could feel that the clouds in his mind were beginning to clear.

Since there are doubts here and they lead to an infinite loop, what if I deduce from a different direction by considering it as an ordinary relic and not one created peculiarly?

Su Hao subconsciously reverted his idea to conclude his thoughts, but what he discovered left him stunned.


Hahaha, wrong. Something must be wrong somewhere.

Su Hao smiled like an idiot and tried to comfort himself. However, no matter how he thought, he could feel that a sprout was germinating from the bottom of his heart. The thought he had earlier eroded his mind slowly but surely like a nightmare.



Su Haos cold sweat was pouring even worse!

It cant be... Su Hao entered into the model world in a frantic state again.

He had thought of one possibility; a possibility which is utterly impossible!

And now, he wanted to prove it wrong because this possibility should not exist in the first place!

Model world!


Model established!


He even went to the extent to look for every news and concepts regarding ancient relics and in the end he was stupefied.

Among the concepts of ancient ruins, there was this thing called age. It wasnt the age of the item, but the age an ancient ruin is produced. Thus, there was no need to identify when this item was built because it would inevitably turn into an ancient ruin sometime after the chaotic era.

Whether youre born in 1920 or 1100, as long as it turned into an ancient ruin after the chaotic era, the counter will reset to zero.

It was equivalent to its birth age.

In a sense, trying to judge its age would not make any sense.

Therefore, Su Hao didnt consider it at all. However, a particular idea that he could no longer subdue came across his mind. Thus, Su Hao began to identify the age of this ancient relic. Not only did he do so to prove it was just a crazy thought but to abolish the idea altogether!

However, when the age appeared, Su Hao could not believe what he saw!

He tried to suppress this idea and came up with the idea to identify its age, but this idea had turned into a reality instead!

At this moment, Su Hao had a whole new view of the world.



He could feel rumbling explosions in his mind.

Still staring at one of the computers in the world model, a number was visible.


A simple number completely destroyed Su Haos view of the world. It took quite some time for Su Hao to calm down and accept this unbelievable fact.

Su Hao revealed a bitter smile as he looked at this seemingly ordinary ancient relic.

Dad so this is what you want to tell me? Su Hao muttered to himself.


What does it mean?

Thats a full 50 years!

Meaning this ancient relic is 50 years old! This relic was created 50 years ago! In other words, this relic was there even before the chaotic era. This fact meant that Su Haos view of this world changed again!

When Su Hao came across this idea, he nearly became a madman!

Later, he tried to prove that this idea was wrong. However, the more he thought about it, the more it fit the puzzle.

However, right now, more problems arose!

50 years ago...

This ancient relic had just proved that origin energy existed before the chaotic era!

It wasnt like what the textbook said because the chaotic era only occurred 20 years ago. In the end, why did all this happen?

In just a mere 20 years, the whole world has undergone such a drastic change! This change occurred in humans and beasts.

King level beasts, emperor ranked beasts, and even deity ranked beasts! They all existed in this era!

20 years were enough for all this to happen?

For the first time, Su Hao began to ponder the issue. In response to the change, human beings started to have the ranks: basic, specialized, professional, domain, world, and the strongest esper!

20 years...

Was that really long enough for such drastic changes?

He spent three years to reach the professional realm. Not to mention the adventures he experienced, he basically reached the limit of what a human is capable of achieving.

However, Su Hao was not able to ensure that he could become a world esper in 20 years.

In the end, what had happened?

During the chaotic era, it was a dangerous period but also a key to many golden opportunities. It was like when the Internet era started to bloom. Those who were forcing themselves to work overtime in a little room all day long became billionaires.

Dangers would always coexist with opportunities.

All these things could be explained, and it was acceptable with Su Haos logical thinking.

But he knew that to become a world esper or even the strongest esper, it was definitely not a matter of opportunity.

Among these things, how clueless was he?

20 years...

50 years...

Su Hao was confused as his mind was in chaos.

Suddenly, Su Hao recalled that one sentence again. There is a problem with this world!

Thunder clapped within his mind!

Su Haos ear canals were echoing with the sound.

This world Whats going on with it?

Su Hao controlled the terror in his heart. At this moment, he knew he had touched the edge of this worlds core secret. It might even be the reason behind the chaotic era.

Origin energy from 50 years ago!

The mysterious ancient relic!

Su Tianchengs message!

All these began to implant a seed of doubt regarding the world within Su Haos heart.

Exactly what happened to this world?

If 50 years ago or even earlier than that, origin energy had already existed, then nothing was mentioned during that time? There wasnt anything being mentioned regarding super strong existences during the chaotic era. Everyone seemed to have broken through at the same time and increased in strength in a short period of time.

Exactly what happened that dad decided to destroy this world?

Looking at the ancient relic in his hand, Su Hao fell into deep thought and began crazily analyzing using the existing data.

After a prolonged period of time, Su Hao suddenly sighed.