Godly Model Creator Chapter 523

Chapter 523

Chapter 523 - Earthbreaker

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

He couldnt solve it!

At least, this wasnt something he could currently solve.

It involved the world itself and even the deepest secret of the Earth. Although Su Hao was unaware of the secret, he knew that a huge mess would likely occur once he got involved. If he is not strong enough, he would be digging his own grave!

The problem with this world? Su Haos eyes turned clear.

Determination appeared as his mind was no longer clouded.

World esper!

This realm is the stage when you integrate with the world and become a real powerhouse! Only at that stage would ones understanding of the world be profound. When one truly understand how the world works, thats when he could try to understand the hidden secret.

Su Hao understood that in order to solve this puzzle, he had to become a world esper!

World realm? Su Haos mind trembled as he forced all the doubts he had to the bottom of his heart!

World esper?

One day, I will reach this stage!

The moment when I step into this realm, the answer will be revealed.


In the dormitory, Su Hao sat cross-legged and stepped into his zone again.

If he wanted to enter into the world realm as soon as possible, he had to be more diligent and hardworking than others. Any chance to train cant be missed at all!

One night quietly passed.

The next morning Su Hao, Chen Yiran, and others were getting ready for the exam. Just that before the start of the exam, Chen Yiran quietly pulled Su Hao into a corner.

Huh? Su Hao looked at her with some curiosity and suddenly thought of something, revealing a smile, Well Yiran, are you missing me? But, this doesnt seem to fit the current occasion.


Chen Yirans face blushed while pointing at Su Haos forehead, Stop thinking something else.

Hehe. Su Hao laughed it off before he stopped messing around, Alright, what happened?

Chen Yirans face somehow became solemn with Su Haos question.

Pausing for a moment before she voiced out in a serious tone, Regarding todays entrance exam, what are you planning to do?

My plan? Su Hao shrugged indifferently, Well, Ill just try my best, I guess. Its just an entrance exam which wont affect me much. If theres any problem, I will just recover during the next exam. Anyway, its just a months worth of resources. In the end, you still have to depend on yourself to breakthrough.

Sigh, you and your carefree attitude again. Chen Yiran helplessly said, I knew you would say this.

She understood Su Haos character too well.

No matter what, as long as it didnt involve anything which he must win, Su Hao would always subconsciously hide from the crowds attention and wouldnt reveal his true strength.

This thought became more prevail since Su Haos sensitive identity made him want to hide from the public even more. It was a way to protect himself.

However, this time the problem was different.

Chen Yiran tiptoed to go closer to Su Haos ear and whispered, My brother contacted me.

Huh? Su Haos eyes lit up!

Right now, Chen Yifeng should be in his final years! To not seriously prepare for his graduation but contact Chen Yiran instead, there would only be an explanation a problem arose!

Whats the situation? Su Hao asked in a low tone.

My brother said that you must always maintain your top position! Even if its the first rank of the entrance exam, you must take it too! Chen Yiran said.

Huh? Why? Su Hao felt a little strange.

It was just an entrance exam!

Moreover, many participated in the entrance exam earlier. Those who joined the exam this time would be from Jianghe City and maybe a few others who had unforeseen circumstances.

Whats there to be worried about?

Here is the list of the participants in the entrance exam. Chen Yiran sent some data from her virtual screen.

Su Hao opened it, and suddenly a cold gaze appeared in his eyes.

There was no need to look to the bottom!

Just the first name in the first line was enough to let Su Hao feel the heat.

Tian Zi!

Surprisingly, he was in this exam too!

What happened? Su Hao smirked, Hasnt he broke through into the professional realm? How could it be that coincidentally he didnt join the previous entrance exam and meets me now? Hehe, it seems that Tian Zi is pretty ambitious! His aim wont be as simple as taking the entrance exam.

Yea. Chen Yiran nodded, My brother said that some people are aiming at your position as the chairman of the student union. If you fail in the exam, it will be a great excuse for them to pressure your position! The moment they see any chance, they will keep pressuring you to step down from the position.

Chen Yiran paused for a moment. For example, using Uncle Sus identity.

Sure enough its within my expectation. Su Hao sneered.

Chairman of the student union?

He had never cared about the position!

The identity wasnt important to him. All he cared about was his improvement in strength! If the school revoked his position, he was fine with that. However, to do so in such a heinous way hehe!

Things that belong to me, how could it be something which you can easily take away?

Entrance exam?

Tian Zi?

Su Hao smirked.

A countless number of espers have defeated him, and he never believed that he would be an unbeatable esper. In front of schoolmates like Wan Cheng, Su Hao wouldnt even have an opportunity to make his move.

But Tian Zi?

Just a mere random esper under his feet!

Su Hao might not be the strongest here, but someone below his level has never beaten him!

So what if Tian Zi broke through into the professional realm?

Whatever crafty plot or tricks he was planning, even in this mere entrance exam, Su Hao wanted him to understand what is despair; what is a powerful esper!

In an instant, Su Haos competitive spirit climbed to the peak!

Sigh, you. Chen Yiran helplessly patted her forehead and dragged him back to the crowd.

Li Xin and others looked at them with a strange expression.




Su Haos face instantly turned dark.

These three brats had been staying together for quite some time now that they even have their own communication signal. Forget about their strength improving; their integrity dropped drastically.

Su Hao made a perfect title for them. Jianghes three lowly guests!

Su Hao shook his head helplessly. Then the group went to the cafeteria to have a meal before going to the place where the exam was held. At this moment, the entrance to the exam was unprecedentedly lively. There will be a total of three segments in this exam, and each segment would be held in a different place. And the first segment of the entrance exam was the legendary Earthbreaker.

After having their breakfast, many freshmen rushed to the venue for the entrance exam.

For Zhanzheng College to have a second batch for entrance exam piqued every students curiosity. To those freshmen who just enrolled in the school some time ago, watching these students participate in the entrance exam made them feel like they werent new here.

Well, to be frank, there wasnt actually anything interesting to look at in the entrance exam.

The reason the exam received such attention from the crowd this time was probably due to Su Haos unbelievable feat in energy refinement yesterday! During the previous entrance exam, there were indeed many geniuses. However, only a few were outstanding and the strongest ones were only peak specialized espers.

But now, there were actually two professional espers!

One of them was Su Hao!

One who easily broke the record in energy refinement! The accumulation of energy in his body had exceeded anyones expectation. It would be likely that he would keep his first place in the entrance exam too. Just yesterday, Su Haos amazing feat was enough to scare a lot of people till they urinated themselves! How could ordinary students be compared to him?

And the other one was Tian Zi.

By progressing based on the perfect route, he reached nineteen and half minutes which was pretty close to the limit of the original record. This level of strength is far beyond any average person and the reason some had a favorable view of him laid in his ability talent, war intent! This intent would infinitely increase his attacking power and was enough to place him above the rest.

Not to mention, most of the freshmen had already taken the entrance exam.

No matter what, one could see that Su Haos model analysis had no role in this kind of exam. In contrast, Tian Zis ability talent was perfect for this exam.

Due to the two extreme contrasts, an ordinary entrance exam evolved into a match between energy and ability talent!

At this moment, more and more people arrived at the scene.


What a domineering name!

Somewhere in Zhanzheng College, one could see desolated ridges, broken rocks, and yellow sand. If this location wasnt Zhanzheng College, Su Hao almost thought that he was lost in the Gobi desert. Under the steep mountain wall, there were numerous mountains with peaks as sharp as swords.

Now this was what Earthbreaker is all about!

These peaks were said to have undergone special influences by Origin Storms. Now, they were harder than steel! Without being a professional esper, forget about leaving a trace on them! Only with a powerful strength could this segment be completed!

Use ones energy to blast out rocks from the mountains. The more rocks one created, the higher their score will be! This exam wasnt just a test on strength but also a test on ones quantity of energy.

When Su Hao and the others arrived, the place was already overcrowded.

Most of them were just spectating and here to join the lively atmosphere.

When Su Hao walked in, the people around him automatically left a route for him to pass. In the distance, under a cliff, a young man with a calm expression was standing there leisurely.

That man was none other than Tian Zi!



Su Hao slowly walked forward.

As Tian Zi turned around, one could see the fiery look in his eyes when he saw Su Hao. These two men met each other once in the college entrance exam. However, this was their first real-life meeting!

Everyone watched this exciting scene. The two strongest freshmen, this would be their first collision since entering Zhanzheng College!

Youre Su Hao? Tian Zi looked at Su Hao and asked with a calm and elegant expression.

Su Hao raised his head slightly. His heart sighed. You met me before, havent you? Why pretend like you havent? After thinking of this, Su Hao revealed a smirk and spat out a word.