Godly Model Creator Chapter 524

Chapter 524

Chapter 524 - High Difficulty

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws


The crowd around spurted out blood.



Is this how the two strongest freshmen confronted each other?

When the crowd looked at Tian Zi, Tian Zis calm and elegant expression vanished. His face turned from feeling strange to disbelief and then anger. That graceful change of his facial expression made everyone amazed. Indeed hes worthy to be a strong esper...

His face can actually change really fast.

Su Hao, you! The anger within Tian Zi surged with dense killing intent in his eyes.

No matter what, he never imagined Su Hao would actually call him an idiot in public! They were still within the school!

Accepting the best education since young, he had a strong heart and learned to be polite to others. No matter how much he hated Su Hao, he wouldnt leave a trace seen on the surface. However, Su Haos word broke his mask.

That word idiot stirred his heart!

Tian Zs face flushed red with anger, You actually dare to be this arrogant!

Ridiculous! Su Hao coldly humphed, If you want to compete with me, then do so. Stop uttering nonsense! While using your familys power to help you out from behind the curtains, just stop trying to act like a modest gentleman in front of me. In the eyes of others, you might be the heir of the Federations number one powerhouse; but in my eyes, youre always under my feet!

You... The energy within Tian Zis body fluctuated.

Get lost! Su Hao shouted coldly without any hesitation, A good dog should act like a dog. Step aside!


A killing intent flew out quickly like an influx from Su Haos body for a moment, and the destination was none other than Tian Zi. The murderous intent which he sharpened since his trip to the beast domain was too much for Tian Zi to handle.


Tian Zi subconsciously took a step back.

Su Hao only smiled indifferently and led his friends.

One could notice the amazement in the crowds eyes. At this moment, the current Su Hao wasnt just arrogant without strength to back him up. It was totally different from their original impression of him. Nobody knew his true aim in Zhanzheng College, but Su Hao knew that mankind aims to cultivate the strongest esper

Therefore, he did not need to hide his strength anymore!

Since it was all for the strongest esper to be born, what else was there to hide from?



No, everything is wrong!

In front of mankind, all obstacles were just clouds! The sole purpose of Zhanzheng College was to develop a genius who is qualified to be the strongest esper. In such an environment, competition is a certainty! It was why Zhanzheng College never bans fights between students.

In this chaotic world, only by fighting would the strongest esper be born.

How did Su Hao pass his high schools days?

He took one step steadily at a time, and each of his actions were startling!

That shameless Sun Yaotian, the powerful Sun family, and the terrifying Jin family. Su Hao had always danced at the tip of a sword and somehow survived the threat from major families. He had to make decisive moves and seek various forms of protection; otherwise, he would have died countless times by now!

It is an age of darkness!

But that wasnt the same anymore.

Where is he? At Zhanzheng College!

This place is the place that the Federation heavily invests. Who cares about your damn Tian family? Nobody can dream of spreading their influence here! You might be able to assist in improving your clansmens strength, but trying to act behind the scenes to make a move on someone else? That is a wishful thought! If youre found out, you cant even imagine how youre going to die!

Here, there is only one method which is the safest!

This method is none other than getting stronger! Only when one becomes strong enough that the higher-ups from the Federation begin to notice you and nobody dares to touch you anymore, that is the safest route!



It doesnt matter!

As long as you can become the strongest esper, anything else is not a problem!

Zhanzheng College is a place where only absolute power is worshipped! Here, everyone works hard in order to be strong!

Hide from the public?

There was no need for such act!

Chen Yirans words made Su Hao realize this. He must not act as he did previously. In the past, survival was his priority. Once he was too strong, he could be easily suppressed which was why he had been cautious all this time. However, when he is here, there is nothing to be afraid of by being too strong. What one has to be scared of is not being strong enough!

Su Hao wasnt here the first few days, yet a bunch of fools were already eyeing his position as chairman of the student union.

Even if Su Hao didnt care, to let Tian Zi become the chairman, he could imagine all sorts of troubles awaiting him.

Plus, if his position was easily given away, wouldnt that seem like Su Hao was easy to bully? If that was the case, why not use the most straightforward and crudest way to draw a line and warn the nuisances at Zhanzheng College?!

Take his position as chairman?


When Su Hao beats Tian Zi like a dog later, will that foolish bunch still propose to revoke Su Haos position and let Tian Zi take over his spot?

Taking a big stride forward, Su Hao walked in full confidence.


Countless laughter could be heard among the crowd. It was at this time that Tian Zi realized what he had done subconsciously!

He had step aside for Su Hao! And it was while Su Hao ridiculed him!

Damn it!

Damn it!

Tian Zi was about to lose control of his temperament, but a special spiritual cultivation method of Tian family quickly activated and stabilized his emotion. To fight for his lost face was never a right call. Right now, the best move he should take was to stabilize his disturbed heart. As long as Su Hao failed in the exam and Tian Zi took over his position as the chairman, Tian Zi would play him to death!

As Tian Zi thought of this, his heart felt much better. Su Hao, I will let you be proud for a few minutes. He must not have realized that his position as the chairman of the student union is about to be revoked. Without a strong presence to back him up, he wants to be the chairman? He is simply just a clown dancing around.

At the mountain peak, everyone was getting ready.

Only thirty-two students are participating in this entrance exam. However, each of them had their own thoughts. Before the exam even started, both Tian Zi and Su Hao stared at each other with strong killing intent!

At that moment...


A loud bang echoed as the exam invigilator came over. With a burly figure, he looked around 40 years old with an ordinary staff uniform. This invigilator should be one of the teachers at Zhanzheng College.

Whats there to be noisy about?! The invigilator coldly glanced at everyone, My name is Huang Ziming, your leader and invigilator of this entrance exam. This time, the exam will be conducted under my supervision and guidance. Hehe, since youre the second batch, you must have heard some rumor about this, right?

Uh-huh For example the best method to break the rock from the schools forum, right?

Many examinees expression slightly changed when they heard Huang Zimings question.

Apparently, they knew about it.

For this exam, many students did their homework. They even spent unimaginable costs to get information from the ones who had undergone this exam before.

Unexpectedly, the teachers at Zhanzheng College were aware of this!

A bunch of idiots! Huang Ziming smirked, You really think that there is a strategy in this? Alright, raise your head and look at those mountain peaks yourself. Have you seen them clearly?

Yes, we see!

Great. Huang Ziming licked his lips, For each round, ten people will go up at once. Yes, there are buckets over there. Take them with you to the top of the mountain. After you clear the stones, you can get it back. The test result will be based on the number of stones. Oh yea, I forgot to mention that we only accept stones turned into fine dust!

Thats it? Many people were shocked.

The so-called Earthbreaker is that simple?

In this batch, even the weakest was a level five specialized esper! With such strength, breaking the stones is only a matter of minutes. The peak of the mountain is indeed solid and tough, but clearing the whole peak wasnt a bad idea as long as they were given time.

Such a small bucket, how could it be enough? Someone laughed at it.

Yea, we should use a huge bucket instead. Otherwise, wont going back and forth consume a lot of time?

Huang Ziming smiled, and his smile was strange, There is nothing to be worried about. This test wont even consider the time. Until your energy is fully exhausted, you can continue as long as you want. If you can clear this mountain, who knows, maybe the title as the strongest esper might be yours?

When everyone heard this, their spirit began to rise.

It was as if they couldnt wait any longer to clear this mountain and become the strongest esper!

As Su Hao saw this scene, he could only sigh.

Among these 32 people, excluding a few of them who were wary, the others actually thought that it was just an ordinary mountain range. It really made one speechless.

Was it because their self-confidence was too high or their IQ too low?

The first batch, go. Huang Ziming selected ten names.

In a blink of an eye, those ten students went up to the mountain peak in excitement and used all their might to smash the rocks with their energy.


Traces of stone fell.

The whole peak was still standing tall and immovable!


The student who made a move just now was stunned. Several others saw this and curiously went up too. The result was out of their expectation.

No matter how hard he hit, the mountain peak received no damage!

Before the exam, they were told that the stones were hard to crush. However, with their strong self-confidence, the advice probably fell on deaf ears. And now, they were shocked at how difficult it was to break the stones.

Unfortunately, it was too late for them.

In just five minutes, they had to tap out.

They exhausted their energy!

It wasnt just a test of energy intensity or quantity, but also techniques to utilize your energy. To crush these rocks into fine dust wouldnt be that easy. When this group of ten returned with a hard face, the results were announced.

The lowest was zero catty, and the highest was only a mere five catty.

At this moment, nobody dared to voice out.

It was too miserable!

Their soaring high self-confidence earlier vanished without a trace.

So what if youre a genius in your hometown? At Zhanzheng College, youre just an ordinary student and among the weakest ones!