Godly Model Creator Chapter 525

Chapter 525

Chapter 525 - The True Earthbreaker

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

Interesting. A bright light flashed within Su Haos eyes.

No wonder Tian Zi dared to challenge him. The high difficulty of crushing stones in fine powder definitely suited him the most, especially with his ability talent. On the contrary, Su Haos model analysis is of no use here!

Looking at each student struggling on the mountain peak, Su Hao looked down and pondered.

Tian Zi glanced at Su Hao from far away. When he saw Su Hao frown, a smirk could be seen. So now you understand whats happening here? Only when you have a suitable ability talent to incorporate with energy will the best result be produced. And my war intent is without a doubt one of the best ability suited for this task.

Very soon, it was time for Chen Yiran, Zhou Wang, and Li Tiantian to go up the mountain peak.

However, even these three couldnt achieve outstanding results.

Chen Yiran only obtained 12 catty, Zhou Wang 15 catty, and the pitiful Li Tiantian only managed to obtain a mere 5 catty! The problem of energy and ability talent was clearly shown in this segment.

Next, Tian Zi, Su Hao, Li Xin... The third batch, another ten students went up.


Before reaching the place, an attack reached first!

War intent suddenly burst out from Tian Zi. Like a sharp knife, it slammed into the mountain peak in front of him.



A few rocks fell.

Everyone was stunned and looked terrified at this scene.

This attack of his would be at least 3 catty worth!

Such dreadful strength and ability talent!

Many of them worked up their sweat but only managed to produce a catty or so. But a strike from Tian Zi was already this powerful? What about Su Hao then?

Everyone subconsciously diverted their attention to Su Hao.

Right now, Su Hao just put his hand on the mountain peak as if he was sensing something.

He should be using his ability talent now.

Yup, model analysis. I have seen him use it before, but his ability is pretty useless here. So what if he created a model of the mountain peak? He still has to crush the stone.

Such a pity...

Everyone discussed among themselves.

Nobody was optimistic of Su Haos chances for this test.

It was as if this segment was explicitly created for Tian Zi and his powerful war intent.



Another batch of rocks fell.

The other examinees in this batch began to quickly rush up the mountain peak in fear of being left behind. Although their attacks only produced some debris. It seemed that their progress wasnt going as well as Tian Zi.

Five minutes passed in a blink of an eye.

Everyone then tapped out in exhaustion.

A few peak specialized espers were able to get about 9 to 10 catty, but that was it. It paled in comparison to what Tian Zi gathered. As the eyes of the crowd swept pass the pile of fine dust, they could see that it was at least 30 catty!

30 catty?

Were they taking the same exam?

The crowd smiled bitterly.

Well, the level of a professional esper really couldnt be compared with their mere specialized realm! However, the other professional esper, Su Hao still isnt moving!

0 catty!

Su Hao hasnt even started yet!

What the hell is he planning?

Everyone was puzzled by his act.



Another few waves of powerful war intent!

The current Tian Zi stepped into his best state, and each of his attacks forced the crowds eyes to focus on him alone!

Three minutes later, Tian Zis energy ran out. He finally stopped his attacks.

As the crowd had a closer look, they were all startled by his result.

48 catty!

It was almost 5 times more than what the other examinees gathered!

His level of strength was enough to suppress everyone! Looking at their single digit and zero results, they could only force a smile out.

Now this is what strength is all about!

An absolute strength!

Tian Zi accepted the worship from them indifferently. Looking at Su Hao who was still dazed, he smirked. Soon, I will completely suppress you, Su Hao!

And it was at this moment when Tian Zi stopped his attempt, the surrounding environment became clear.

Earthbreaker wasnt a difficult tes; frankly, it was to let everyone be a coolie. Except doing still required skill and talent. Although there was not much significance, it can reflect ones strength well. Currently, there are two more students left attempting this test.

Li Xin and Su Hao.



Li Xin threw his fists with all his strength at the mountain peak.

Everyone was amazed at him.

This guy, isnt he just around a level five specialized esper?

How can he persist that long?

As the crowd took a closer look, they were stunned. No wonder this brat could continue up till now. Since the beginning, he hasnt even used any energy at all. It was all purely from his physical strength. There would be occasional stone chips falling from his continuous attacks.

Thus, even if he didnt use much of his energy, the fine powders which Li Xin was able to collect wasnt small in quantity.

This strategy actually works?

Everyone was dumbfounded.

Stupid people would use stupid methods. Li Xins method seemed ridiculous, but it was without a doubt the best route for him.

Sweating heavily like a downpour, Li Xin didnt stop his punches.

One punch!

Two punches!

Three punches!




The mountain peak trembled as a dull sound echoed.

Completely disregarding how he looked like to other people and not bothered with how stupid his methods were, it is how Li Xin is. As long as there was a route for him to walk, he would not hesitate to head to the final destination, even if it was a dead end!

Swish~ Swish~

Countless stone chips fell.

Li Xins clumsy appearance somehow looked cool and dazzling right now.

After enrolling in the school for several days, those in Zhanzheng College learned that there was a silly and amusing young man, a total fool. His mouth cant stop uttering nonsense as if he has not grown up yet. Whether it is 18, 19, or even 20 years old, age has no significance in his eyes. Somehow, he would find a way to create trouble.

With such an annoying attitude, many were displeased with him.

However, today, they saw the other side of this so-called joker.

Tough, determined, never giving up! Even if he is a retard, he has his own elegance too!

Under the sun, sweat was pouring heavily all over his body, revealing some strange radiance.


Is this the true color of the young man?

Everyone looked at him without uttering a single word.

They werent ordinary students who are clueless. As students of Zhanzheng College, they were naturally aware of how valuable such qualities are!

This Li Xin wasnt ordinary.

This thought appeared in their mind. Before having the opportunity to say anything, the crowd felt a sudden increase in pressure. That small figure produced a terrifying force out of nowhere. Even if they were watching from afar, their hearts couldnt help but skip a beat. Such strength...


Li Xin looked forward with strong determination as his fist was slammed down.


The mountain peak cracked!

The mountain peak in front of Li Xin actually exploded, forming a hole. Due to the instability of the mountain, the rocks instantly shattered.



Numerous cracks formed on top of the mountain. Originating from the spot Li Xin hit, the fissures kept spreading to the surroundings. In a blink of an eye, they covered the whole mountain.


The mountain peak fell!


The surrounding crowd was terrified of this scene that they went hiding. Even the invigilator Huang Ziming looked at this scene in disbelief. His pale expression was akin to stumbling upon a ghost! He just started attending the school and already possesses such strength...

Why are you teasing me?


Huang Ziming made his move.

A beautiful blue light suddenly covered the surroundings.

The collapsing mountain peak was instantly sealed by him and didnt cause any harm to the surrounding people.


Huang Ziming took a long breath. Damn! You scared the hell out of me! If this mountain peak collapsed and crushed the students, as a teacher, my career will be over!

Somewhere far away, the crowd was even more terrified than him as they stared at this scene with lingering fear.

Oh my god! What have they just seen?

That brat, Li Xin He actually destroyed the whole mountain?

It was a special mountain formed by special stones which were reinforced with origin energy! Even Tian Zi himself could only blast a small hole in the mountain.

But now, Li Xin managed to destroy the mountain under his fists!


Li Xin really did it!

Who won?

Li Xin won!

That was needless to be said!

48 catty, how could it compare with the whole mountain? With a difference of over hundreds of times, the crowd sighed emotionally. Then, under the crowds gaze, Li Xin collected the result of his attack and obtained the final score.

45 catty!

What happened?

That was a whole mountain. How could it be only 45 catty?!

Yea, its impossible!

Everyone clearly saw Li Xin won. How could it be just a mere 45 catty? However, Huang Ziming casually said a couple of words, Fine powder!


When the crowd turned to look at the scene again, they could only bitterly smile.

So, that was the reason!

Li Xin, that amusing fellow, as his ability talent broke out, the mountain was instantly destroyed with a punch. However, due to the high energy consumption, his body now was running out of gas.

Under such situation, how could he produce fine powder?

In front of them, there were numerous stones and fine powder. Due to Li Xin having zero energy left, he didnt have any ability to crush those stones! Li Xin tried to salvage as much as he could, but his final score didnt improve significantly.

No wonder Li Xin ran back and forth just now. It was all just to collect the powder!

This pitiful child!

Everyone sighed.

Others weren't able to create a dent in the mountain, but Li Xin? He actually destroyed the whole mountain!

But so what?

Without any energy left, he could only collect those formed into powder when he destroyed the mountain.

In the end, his final score was only 45 catty!

Such a pity. Everyone felt regret at this.

The attack just now, was it a multiple of hundreds or even thousands of times? Nobody knew that if Li Xin could control it to consume half of his energy and save the remainder to crush the rocks, Li Xin would without a doubt score the highest. Unfortunately, Li Xins critical strike wasnt something he could control.