Godly Model Creator Chapter 526

Chapter 526

Chapter 526 - They must never be allowed to meet

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

Here, reporting! Li Xin threw the 45 catty of fine powder before he collapsed like a dead dog on the ground and gasped for air. The crowd shook their heads from helplessness. This guy...

Both Tian Zi and Li Xin completed the segment.

Even when the previous batch took the exam earlier was included, these two deserved to take the top two spots, leaving third place behind in the dust.

Currently, there was only one person left at the scene standing there quietly without even moving an inch.

Su Hao...

What is he doing?

Humph, is he afraid of losing so much that he decided to waste time here? Tian Zi sneered, Teacher Huang, can he be allowed to act as he likes? If he stays here until tomorrow or worse, the day after tomorrow, what are we supposed to do? Wont this just delay everyone else?

Huang Ziming glanced at him coldly, Su Haos energy has been depleting all this time. In fact, his energy consumption is greater than yours! However, the reason he could continue this long is because he has a lot of energy!


That one sentence shocked everyone.

Su Haos energy was actually being consumed? And it was more than Tian Zis? Looking at him who didnt show any sign of movement except his right hand touching the rock in front of him, the crowd was left with huge doubts.

His energy was being consumed, but no reaction could be seen!

Exactly what is happening?

When the crowd looked closer, one could notice Tian Zis heavy look. Tian Zi suddenly felt a dense anxiety when looking at Su Hao. However, he could not comprehend why. Su Hao only has model analysis, how was he going to crush these stones into fine powder? Beneath the gaze of the crowd, Su Hao attracted everyones attention.

Su Haos eyes were closed tightly.

Su Hao ignored the things happening around him including the crowds reaction. At this moment, all Su Hao could see was the mountain peak. In the model world, only one model stood tall, the model of the mountain itself which was literally 100% similar to the real one.

So this is the interior of the mountain?

Because the shape is similar to a sword, its called sharp peak?

Su Hao stared at it silently.

What the others saw was the exterior of the mountain, but Su Hao was able to see the interior image of this mountain with the aid of model analysis. In the model world, Su Hao could easily see that within these rocks, the structure was a mess. The route of how origin energy flow was intertwined and entangled.

It was a magical sight.

The structure which shouldnt exist was able to stand tall due to how the energy linked each stone!

Interesting. Su Hao looked amazed by it.

The same carbon might just be an ordinary carbon, but it might also turn out to be a valuable diamond. The rocks were such a case too. Under the fusion of origin energy, a magical transformation occurred.

How should I destroy it? Su Hao began to fall into deep contemplation.

If he were to attack it directly, he wouldnt be able to compete with Tian Zi and others! The might of war intent, Su Hao was well aware of it a long ago. With the same strength, if he was to confront Tian Zi head on, he was certainly not Tian Zis opponent. However, this assessment wasnt testing the intensity of ones attacks.

If he didnt attack it directly, then...

Su Hao directly split the mountain peak model.

The perfect 3D model was now rotating within his mind. While rotating on its axis, every route and structure of the mountain was visible.

Such structure... Su Hao frowned a bit.

Previously when he was trying to understand his model analysis more, he studied architecture and came across lots of information. There was once when he saw the structure of concrete for water conservancy projects in a book. It was written by a college teacher with the first name Geng, but what puzzled Su Hao was what he learned in the book is totally different from what he saw right now.

Based on the book, under normal circumstances, this strange structure would collapse in minutes!

However, this structure stood tall and stable like Mountain Tai.

Carbon, diamond!

Fusion of origin energy...

Su Hao seemed to understand something.

In other words, the reason this mountain exists and doesnt collapse is due to the existence of this energy? If this energy is extracted, wont it turn into an ordinary mountain? Su Hao pondered deeply.

However, a new question arose. How would he extract the energy?

This energy is integrated within the stones and exists in this special structure. To extract it seemed to be more difficult than directly destroying the mountain peak!

If that was the case, then there is no point at all!

Su Hao quietly looked at the stones and the mountain peak. In the model world, Su Hao attempted all the methods he could think of.




Every method failed!

Only when the energy consumption from the extraction was less than when he directly attacked with would this method make sense. However, no matter how Su Hao tried, it seemed unlikely.

To extract the energy out is not a good plan!

Su Hao instantly threw away this idea.

Then what should he do?

As Su Haos mind was working at the speed of lightning, he went deeper into his thoughts. The existence of this energy is similar to air. Its totally impossible...

Hold on!

Su Haos eyes lit up.


Since it cant be extracted out, what about absorbed?

Energy particles existed in the air. Anyone could absorb and cultivate with it. If so, then why he cant do so with this mountain too? It was as simple as changing the medium; only it is at a higher difficulty.

At first glance, this seemed to be more difficult than extracting the energy!

However, when this idea appeared, Su Hao began to think about its feasibility. Under normal circumstances, it would naturally be impossible to absorb them because one has to identify the position of each energy particle. Compared to air, the difficulty was more than ten thousand times.

However, for Su Hao, this feat was possible to achieve!


With a scan from model analysis, the position of each energy particles appeared!

Closing his eyes, Su Hao began guiding the energy particles into his body while cultivating at the same time.

Su Hao gently placed his right hand on the mountain peak.

Absorption start!

Su Hao has been maintaining this state from the beginning.

Endless energy fluctuated as Su Hao entered his cultivation zone. Under such difficult circumstances, Su Hao tried to absorb each energy particle.

His energy was consumed at a rapid rate as he was searching for the energy particles. At the same time, a small amount of energy returned to Su Hao. This cycle has been going on for quite some time now. After Su Hao knew that he extracted almost 80% of the energy particles here, he gently released his hand.

Its about time to end this.

And at this time, the crowd was already getting annoyed by his act.

If the invigilator didnt say that Su Hao was consuming energy at a rapid rate, rather than standing still like a retard, they would have left the scene long ago.

This wait is too boring!

Look at Tian Zi. Hes very domineering in this assessment. Getting 48 catty in such a stylish way was a result that was simply impossible to be surpassed by any freshmen!

What about Su Hao?

He just stood there dazed!

From the start till now, he has been dazed all day long!

Crazily consuming energy?

Higher consumption than Tian Zi?

His energy quantity is really that much?

What the heck is he doing?

Just when everyone could barely wait any longer, Su Hao moved! Raising their head up, they saw Su Hao gently release his hand from the mountain peak.


Everyones eyes lit up.

Su Hao is finally going to make his move?


Su Hao gently pushed forward.


The top of the huge mountain suddenly emptied out. The seemingly indestructible mountain peak suddenly turned into countless powder, scattering all over the floor.


Everyone was dumbfounded.

What just happened?

Looking at the huge hole that formed, the round shape was perfect as if something had sliced it opened without a trace of resistance.

Huang Ziming checked for a bit and released the final result.

Su Hao, 52 catty!


Everyone was stunned at this scene!

What is this powerful skill?

Everyone experienced how hard this mountain peak was themselves! Excluding Li Xins perverted outburst, even Tian Zi himself had to use his war intent many times to get the powder.

But when Su Hao began to move, the crowd finally knew how ignorant they were.

Looking at that smooth cut surface, if such an attack landed on their bodies, what would happen? Who can guarantee that their body was harder than the mountain peak? Thinking of this, everyone felt some cold sweat on their backs. Looking at Su Hao was like looking at a monster.

Such a terrifying attack!


Tian Zi clenched his fist hard!

Lost He actually lost again!

It seemed like the moment he met Su Hao, he never won! No matter how strong or weak he was, as long as he encounters Su Hao, he would end up defeated!

Whether it was during an exam or a duel, he never won!

Moreover, regardless of the outcome, Su Hao never placed Tian Zi in his eyes. It was as if Tian Zi was merely his stepping stone!

Im Tian Zi! Tian Zi roared in his heart.

The second segment! I am going to have a better result than him in the second segment!

Tian Zi gritted his teeth.

At the same time, somewhere in the Federation...

Lan Tingxu was reviewing reports in his office. Out of nowhere, an officer rushed in and his face wasnt looking great.

What happened? Lan Tingxus gaze turned sharp.

Uh... The officer hesitated for a bit, Since Tian Zi is taking the entrance exam, Miss went to Zhanzheng College for a visit.

Huh? Lan Tingxu frowned, If shes looking for her fiance, why do you have to report this to me?

But... The officer handed the name lists of the participants.

Lan Tingxu glanced at it before his face instantly changed.

Li Tiantian? Darn it!

They must never be allowed to meet!


Space shook as Lan Tingxus figure instantly vanished!