Godly Model Creator Chapter 527

Chapter 527

Chapter 527 - Moon in the Sea

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

The second segment of this entrance exam, Moon in the Sea.

A significant and poetic name, but it was the cruelest physical test.

Located on the east side of Zhanzheng College was a special ocean.

Moon in the Sea required participants to dive into the ocean and remove the sand at the seabed. One must not use any energy or else the energy fluctuation would lead to an attack from giant sharks. During this test, participants will be attacked by various small beasts which one can only overcome with their physical body.

This is what Moon in the Sea is about!

In Zhanzheng College, there was never a tool used to test physical fitness, but an assessment for ones combat ability while in action with the combination of the simplest factors: offense, defense, speed, and physical strength!

Physical fitness!

The assessment of this department has always been a problem.

Although someone with a strong ability talent is able to achieve 400 points in physical fitness and step into the specialized realm, it still cant compare with those geniuses from huge families that grew up with all sorts of supplements since young!

And this was the source of Tian Zis confidence.

He had unlimited resources as a member of Tian family, and with the guidance of the perfect route to train physical fitness, he was confident that his body was the strongest among his peers.

Su Hao, I will defeat you tragically!

Unfortunately, Su Hao just returned him a cold smirk.

Earthbreaker was just an appetizer. Since he decided to crush Tian Zi, he would never give this ignorant fool a chance. As for physical fitness?


Su Hao jumped into the sea, and everyone followed along.

The second segment officially began.

The surrounding students looked at this scene in excitement. That Earthbreaker session showed Li Xins magical strike and Su Haos out-of-this-world skill made their eyes open wide. As for the rivalry between Su Hao and Tian Zi, it was even more welcomed. Would the same situation happen again in this segment?

Too bad...

It was destined to disappoint them.


Su Hao dived in suddenly and rushed down like a cannonball. His speed was unimaginably fast that it stunned everyone, This speed...

Su Haos crazy!

The game is over.

Everyone mumbled to themselves.

This ocean isnt ordinary.

Energy fluctuation would trigger the giant shark to attack, and any movement would cause the surrounding beasts to attack. Thus, this was the reason why everyone was very cautious as they moved along to the bottom of the sea. Yet Su Hao charged forward like a madman? The bottom of this sea isnt your playground but the beasts playground!


Countless roars echoed!

Su Haos movement couldnt be any bigger!

The students who went down together were dumbfounded. Su Haos movement not only attracted the beasts around him, but also the ones near the irritated beasts. At this moment, there was literally no threat around the other candidates!


Is Su Hao providing a free service to help us?

Is he retarded?

Everyone was clueless regarding his actions.

Su Haos charge helped everyone. The beasts all came to him and blocked his way out. On the contrary, the other candidates were almost unobstructed!



Taking this opportunity, everyone rushed down toward the bottom of the sea, leaving Su Hao behind. Surprisingly, among these people, those from Jianghe City were included!

Sure enough, hes an idiot!

Tian Zi sneered.



Moving like a dragon, Tian Zi easily surpassed everyone. Leading the flock, without any challenge from Su Hao, he was extremely confident that he would secure first place!

In the endless ocean, Su Hao was surrounded by thousands of beasts. To say that within this small region, he attracted every beast wasnt an exaggeration.



More and more beasts dashed through.

Su Haos eyes revealed a cold stare, Get lost!


With a punch, a fish beast that charged to the side of Su Hao was killed on the spot, leaving behind fish scales which dispersed to the surrounding within the sea.

However, nobody was optimistic about his situation. That was just one beast, but youre surrounded by thousands of beasts! You can kill one but can you kill ten thousands of them?

Wasting your physical strength here, how are you going to continue the taking the assessment?

Everyone sighed.

Su Hao, hes finished.



The fish beasts charged forward.

Without any hesitation, Su Hao mercilessly blasted them away. With his fists producing mighty force, hundreds of beasts were killed and dyed the water in a fresh bloody red! However, what made everyone sigh was that an increasing amount of beasts surrounded him...

With such speed, its impossible to kill them all!

There would always be such a retard in the past exams, but no one would have thought that the top scorer of the college entrance exam would have such a problem!

Was it because he was too arrogant?


His fist killed another beast.

Looking at Su Haos eyes, they became brighter.

He is used to closing his eyes when he cant use origin energy. Sometimes, there were things his body gradually turned into his instinct.

Fish beasts? Su Haos charge toward the seabed suddenly stopped.

Floating within the sea, everything around him turned clear. When Su Hao opened his eyes again, a flash of light appeared.

Fish scales!

He is surrounded by floating fish scales!

In the distance, thousands of fish beasts were rushing towards him. At this moment, Su Haos mind seemed to be motionless.

Gently moving his hands around, the surrounding water swayed based on the direction of his hand movements. His motions caused the fish scales to float around his hands.

The scene looked similar to countless falling leaves.

Su Haos eyes lit up!

Flying Leaves!


The sea world collapsed!

Countless horrifying lines cut through the ocean! It was none other than the thin, shiny fish scales. When these endless fish scales burst out, a strange shape formed. With Su Hao as the center, a lotus bloomed.

The scales spread towards the surroundings!


It came suddenly and ended quickly too.

Before anyone could react, the numerous lines passed through them and vanished without a trace. With this sudden and abrupt event, the whole ocean stilled.

All the beasts were suspended in the water without showing any sign of movement.


With a charge, Su Hao pushed the beasts blocking his path aside and rushed to the bottom of the sea again. The speed was actually faster than before, and his movement was even more daring than before!

However, this time, nothing blocked his path!




In an instant, countless fish beasts retreated.

All the fish beats floated upwards with their bellies open.

At this moment, others were shocked to discover the fact that the fish beasts all Died!

Those fish beasts were all dead!

Nothing was spared!

No wonder, nothing intercepted Su Hao because he killed all the beasts around him!

Everyone was dumbstruck by this scene. Even Huang Ziming felt like going crazy. He has been an invigilator for many years, but this is his first time witnessing such a crazy situation! Killing all the fish beasts before proceeding?

It was a crazy idea!

However, now nothing could intercept Su Hao when all the fish beasts were slaughtered.



Su Haos unbelievable physical fitness finally showed its true potential!

The unlimited increment with the black market strengthening drug together combined with his continuous practice of Body Forging had greatly honed Su Haos body. Even he was not sure the upper limit of his physical capability!

In the underwater world, Su Haos lightning-like charge instantly surpassed everyone!

The deep ocean had a depth of five kilometers.

However, Su Hao reached the seabed in just a few dozen seconds. He saw the golden sea sand which is the goal of this segment.

Tian Zi was busy collecting the sand at the bottom of the sea when a sudden rough torrent disturbed him!

When he saw who emerged from this torrent, he stood there stupefied.

Su Hao?


This underwater world is heaven for fish beasts, how could he escape from that predicament without using energy?

Tian Zi looked at this person in disbelief. Even he who had mastered a special underwater technique, he could not guarantee that he could escape from the pursuit of endless fish beasts!

What Whats happening here?

Whatever, I have to hurry up!

This seabed sand looked like any plain sand, but due to the influence of origin energy, these golden yellow sands were filled with some kind of heavy texture.

The viscosity of the sand in water caused the weight to increase more than 100 times ordinary sand! This test isnt about whether you can carry the sand or not, but how much can you carry!

A handful of sand was likely to be hundreds of catty!



Tian Zi struggled to grab a bunch of sand before rushing back up.

Fifty catty was his limit.

Dont underestimate these tens of catty in this seabed. When it came to the bottom of the sea, the impact was very terrifying! If youre over encumbered, you might not be able to re-emerge from the sea forever!

Even if hes able to travel fast, he cant carry this much, right? Tian Zi guessed.

However, he felt a sudden tremor a few meters away from the bottom of the sea. Su Haos figure passed by his and Su Hao was grasping a football size collection of sand in his hands! That was a massive amount of golden sand surrounded by countless seaweed! That would be at least hundreds of catty in weight!

Retard. Tian Zi smirked.

You think that you can take this much since you can move?

Youre too naive!

How many people had attempted to rush back to the surface with lots of sand?

How did they end up?

Their momentum became weaker as they approached the surface; eventually, they sunk back to the seabed. Only by abandoning the sands in their hand could they barely swim back up. Not to mention, countless fish beasts are awaiting them while on the way back. Hes simply courting for his own death carrying hundreds of pounds of seabed sand! Su Hao is truly ignorant!

Tian Zi continued his pace.

From beginning to end, he maintained a perfectly even speed.

However, he felt strange as he didnt even see a single fish beast around. That retarded Su Hao, he must have attracted the attention of all the fish beasts again. Haha, slowing sinking back to the seabed with your hundreds catty of sand and being chased by thousands of fish beasts. This time victory belongs to nobody but me!