Godly Model Creator Chapter 528

Chapter 528

Chapter 528 - One Hundred Steps Ladder

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

By the seaside, Huang Ziming and everyone looked at the score.

Using a live feed broadcasted, Su Hao, Tian Zi, and every student participating in this segment could be seen. All their actions were under the watchful eyes of the spectators. When they saw Su Hao carrying golden sand the size of a football, the students who previously took this test facepalmed at the same time because they tried the same thing! However, it ended up with a terrible result!

After all, the ocean was five kilometers in depth.

It was easy to dive down but resurfacing wouldnt be the same. You can rush a few hundred meters up by pushing off the seabed, but how do you continue the remaining distance?

However, Su Hao was somehow not affected by this and crazily charged upwards!

Five hundred meters!

Su Haos speed didnt show any signs of decreasing.

One kilometer!

There was still no declination in his speed. At that time, everyones face began to show some subtle changes.

Two kilometers!

Su Hao still maintained his high speed! The pressure from the seabed was childs play to Su Hao. Everyone continued staring at Su Hao.

Three kilometers!

Four kilometers!

Five kilometers!


The sea surface suddenly broke with a splash!

Su Haos figure broke the calm surface of the sea and landed on the shore with golden sands the size of a football before handing it over to Huang Ziming.

Even without measuring it, one would know that this would be at least several hundred pounds!

The second segment, Su Hao won!

At this time, the spectators finally knew why Su Hao attracted all the fish beasts when he dived earlier. It wasnt because he was stupid. His goal was to clear the scene to ease his return! This segment, almost all the candidates benefited thanks to Su Haos clearance. Without the risk of being attacked by the fish beasts, they were able to bring more sand out.

Thanks! Everyone thanked Su Hao.

As for Tian Zi, his face was as ugly as those fish beasts which were killed by Su Hao!

He mastered a special skill that allowed him to ignore much of the resistance being underwater. Fifty catty was the ideal number he ended up with after undergoing numerous simulations during his days with his family. He also took into consideration the attacks from fish beasts. Even if an attack happened, he would be able to escape.

However, these students were clueless about it!

Because Su Hao cleared the beasts, everything changed.

After the crowd expressed their thanks to Su Hao, they noticing Tian Zis ugly expression and suddenly ridiculing him, Without Su Hao clearing the beasts, he might not have been able to rise to the surface with that fifty catty. Obviously he took advantage of this situation, but his face still reveals that ugly look. Indeed, hes worthy to be from a big clan.

Shhhh Lower your voice. Hes just not happy with how much Su Hao is better than him.

From how I look at it, his heart is too stubborn! Not even knowing how to express gratitude, I will try to stop mingling with such people in the future. Or else, when such people become strong, he would kick his friends aside.

True, true, true. I agree with your words.

Everyone quietly whispered among themselves.

Tian Zis face turned even uglier upon hearing those whispers.

Since when did Su Haos action of eliminating the beasts benefit him? Even without Su Hao, he could easily carry fifty catty to the surface! How could this end up as if he owed a huge favor? Listening to the words from the crowd, he felt like he swallowed a bunch of flies.

What kind of world is this?!

Fifty catty easily surpassed others, and he had been looking forward to celebrating this glory. However, his accomplishment became the object of ridicule because of Su Hao.

Damn you, Su Hao! Tian Zi almost became enraged!

From the college entrance exam to now, Su Hao always opposed him! Every time he is about to receive all the glory, Su Hao would strip it all away!

These two words, Su Hao, became Tian Zis nightmare!

The final segment!

I will definitely defeat you in the last segment!

Tian Zi looked down while clenching his fists hard.

Boss, how did you do that? Li Xins eyes shined.

His physical fitness is much higher than average people, but he could only manage to get twenty catty which paled in comparison to Tian Zis fifty catty, let alone Su Hao. After reaching 400 points in physical fitness, it would be challenging to improve any more. Only with continuous body tempering could it increase by a tiny bit which wasnt easy at all.

Well, my master is after all none other than Zhang Zhongtian. Su Hao smiled, Mentioning about this, um I think in near the future, the remaining strengthening drug should be perfected. At that time, you all can be the first batch to try it. With a bottle of intermediate and advanced black market strengthening drug, you should be able to improve by quite a margin!

Oh? There is such a drug? Zhou Wangs eyes lit up.

To enhance strength is always everyones desire. Regardless of Zhou Wang, Li Xin, or even Chen Yiran, as long as there was a chance to improve, they wouldnt let off of such an opportunity.

Only Li Tiantian was the exception.

This brat had always been lazy all day long. After the college entrance exam ended and he enrolled in Zhanzheng College, he seemed to revert to the state during the natural selection class.

Of course there is! Su Hao smiled, These are the drugs prepared by my master to counter-attack the Pharmacy Association. However, there are too many side effects. I almost couldnt retain my life last time when I took them We will talk more about them once the development is completed.

Alright! Everyone nodded.

At that time, the statistics for the second segment was completed. Without a doubt, Su Hao would remain first with Tian Zi second.

The entrance exam wouldnt take long, it would usually be completed within a day.

At the end of the second segment, Huang Ziming took everyone to the venue where the third segment would be held. It was a very unique place.

Near Zhanzheng College, there was a magical valley. At the southern region of the valley were dense forests. At the center of this valley, a hidden spring could be found surrounded by tall trees. This place has been well preserved by the school.

The reason this valley was interesting was due to the fact during the chaotic era, many Nitai artifacts were born here. However, due to certain incidents, they were all destroyed. After a long time, all sorts of illusions, consciousness, and distorted energy could be experienced here.

When the students stepped into the valley, they would be affected by this distorted energy and might even experience illusions of themselves.

As long as you can defeat yourself, you can proceed with another step forward.

Each step would induce a new illusion!

And this is what the third segment, Hidden Spring, is all about!

Illusion? Another self? Su Haos heart was a little surprised.

This method reminded him of the ability talent test during college entrance exam. Except it was conducted with a virtual machine during the college entrance exam, but now it happened in reality!

Perhaps the college entrance exam was actually modeled based on this exam of Zhanzheng College?

Su Hao pondered.

This is the road of ability talent!

And its different from the previous two.

If the difference between basic and specialized esper was emphasized in the first two segments, then the third segment clearly gave professional espers an advantage!

After all, it was to access ones ability talent!

An illusion of oneself, the illusion would have the exact same ability talent. Under this condition, there is only one way to proceed forward which is to surpass yourself!

Energy breakthrough?

Physical breakthrough?


While in an illusion, the only possibility to breakthrough is your own ability talent!

Only by breaking through in ability talent can one suppress their other self! Of course, since this was just an entrance exam, it shouldnt be that hard.

Su Hao took a step forward.

The valley was sloped, and the distance wasnt far from the entrance to the center. However, due to the height, it was impossible to see its peak.

The sloped mountain route is like a ladder.

This place is called One Hundred Steps Ladder. Huang Ziming gave an introduction, Students use it to hone their ability talent and assess their talent. Of course, you dont have to climb up now. What you have to do here is persist!


Yes, persist. Huang Ziming continued, The content of this segment is to measure how long you can hold on at the first step! Now, you can give it a shot!

Is it that difficult? Li Xin mumbled to himself.

Taking his step forward...


Li Xin was flung out.

Everyone was stunned.


That is a bit too quick!

Although Li Xin is an idiot, his strength is still respectable. To be able to destroy the mountain peak, how can an average people compare to him?

Even with such strength, he couldnt preserve for a second?

What happened? Huang Ziming asked.

Uh... Li Xin scratched his head awkwardly, That grandson instantly used a ten times critical hit!


The crowd couldnt help laugh.

Ten times...

It turned out that Li Xin wasnt the only one who is lucky. Even his illusion is fortunate.

However, this Li Xin didnt realize that he was mocking himself when he called his other self a grandson.

Uh~ hm~. Huang Ziming coughed and interrupted the crowds laughter, Alright, all of you can try it yourselves.

Let me try! Let me try!

Im coming too!

Everyone curiously climbed up the ladder. A moment later, many people were launched out.

Five seconds, ten seconds, that was their limit.

However, a few of the stronger students were actually the fastest ones to be eliminated. What amazed them was that some of the weaker ones were able to persist for a minute.

Sure enough, this test is purely based on ability talent!

Energy and physical strength were all useless here!

Chen Yiran stepped forward and was able to persist for two minutes. As for Zhou Wang, he was able to hold on longer than three minutes! As for Li Tiantian...

Su Hao raised his head up and had a glance.

This brat was in a daze!

On the ladder, Li Tiantian just stood there lazily on the first step without any signs of battle. Su Hao couldnt help think that this illusion of Li Tiantian might be as lazy as the owner. It would end up with two lazy guys fighting against each other...

Very soon, everyone withdrew.

Only Li Tiantian was still persisting from the beginning to now.

At this time, Tian Zi stared at Su Hao and then stepped forward. As for Huang Ziming, he began to measure the time silently.