Godly Model Creator Chapter 529

Chapter 529

Chapter 529 - A Battle with Mirror Image

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

However, Huang Ziming only recorded for 3 minutes.

The reason being Tian Zi moved to take another step!


The surrounding air shook!

Everyone was shocked by this scene. Tian Zi actually proceeded to the second step.


Tian Zi stepped on it, and he was as stable as Mount Tai!

He went up!

The crowd grew excited.

Everyone well understood the difficulty of this One Hundred Steps Staircase. It was especially true to those who experienced it themselves earlier. An illusion no different than oneself and did not experience injury or fatigue! If one is slightly distracted, he will suffer an instant defeat!

To face oneself in this manner is terrifying!

Therefore, those who were stronger got themselves flung out quicker instead.

And now, Tian Zi not only persisted but actually reached a new step! It indicated that he defeated his previous self on the first step.

It was unbelievable!


The air gently shook.

Tian Zis body moved again, causing a soft noise to echo as he stepped onto the third step!

The third step!


It was literally at the moment when his leg touched the step, a powerful eruption sounded and his whole body was launched away.


A mouthful of blood sprayed out.

Tian Zi woke up from the impact and wiped the blood off his mouth. Looking at his own achievement, he revealed a broad smile. Having completed the second step, he failed at the third step.

It was no longer about how long he persisted!

The second step is much harder than the first step, and the third step is harder than the second one. No matter how long one persisted on the first step, the record would reset upon stepping onto the second step. The same thing repeated when stepping onto the third step!

In the end, Tian Zis result is the third step, 0.01 second!

This feat is something many second or even third year seniors could not achieve!

After all, no matter how weak Tian Zi currently is, he is still a professional esper. As for his understanding of his ability talent, he just started his journey in the professional realm, and the One Hundred Steps Staircase is similar to the route of ability talent.

As Tian Zi completed his attempt, he once again provocatively looked at Su Hao.

This was the only chance he had to make a comeback!

This time, he must win!

Heh. Su Hao just smiled.

Oh, Tian Zi...

Su Hao was well aware of Tian Zis look.

However, Su Hao just sneered.

So the route to be a strong esper, your victory is only pinned on other peoples failures?

To truly be number one, you must surpass everyone. Is winning first place in a competitive atmosphere while knowing others will fail worth it? So what if you manage to secure first place?

Only those who overcame the ordeal deserved first place, competing with real geniuses!

Family grooming?

The perfect route for training?

To phrase it in other words, hes just a mere puppet!


In front of everyone, Su Hao stepped out!


The surrounding scenery changed.

A brand-new look appeared under Su Haos sight. At the same time, a translucent shadow of Su Hao emerged from the opposite side. Without any hesitation, that shadow began to attack him.

Mountain Crash!

Water Split!

Interesting. Su Hao observed the shadow in great interest.

Even the hand of the opponent was a splitting image of his, it was just like what Huang Ziming said earlier. This magical place really created an illusion out of Su Hao. However, could it be copied completely?

Su Hao smirked.

A copy of himself?

He had these experiences before!

Whether it is a life skill, origin technique, or even ability talent, each would produce a card once copied. Not to mention, he had his powerful Mirror Image simulation in his possession which could simulate another person to near perfection.

Where was the defect?

Where was the problem?

Su Hao knew them like his fingertips.

Trying to simulate me? Su Haos right hand moved, If you can simulate my ability talent, can you simulate my world?


Su Hao pointed at himself.

Mirror Image!


A person with the exact same appearance as Su Hao appeared and, there was no difference at all when compared to the opponent. It was an image of Su Hao himself. As the mirror image of Su Hao appeared, it was time for them to battle.



Su Hao was more like a bystander watching a fight, witnessing a fantastic scene.

Two Su Haos fighting each other?

It was a rare experience.

However, after watching for a few minutes, Su Hao found himself bored. It was because this battle was not interesting to watch. Whether it was his mirror image or the illusion, nothing seemed to be working!

What was the advantage of Su Haos talent?

Model World!

Cycle World!

Mirror World!

Permanent World!

And these were impossible to be simulated.

Thus, the shadow, the so-called clone of Su Hao was more like a state of incompleteness. Although it was at a level of a professional esper, it could not show Su Haos true power. Whether it was Illusion Reality or Synchronous Playback, they turned out into incomplete origin techniques.

Without the support of four worlds...

They were too weak in comparison!


Su Hao made his move.




The shadow was directly killed by Su Hao!

In a two versus one, this result is to be expected!


The surrounding scene reverted to normal.

Su Hao returned back to reality. The first step didnt have any significance to him. As he thought of this, Su Hao took another step forward.

Second step!


The same scene appeared.

But this time, the shadow in front of him seemed to be stronger than before!

Has the defect been fixed?


Su Hao felt it for a moment and gave a sigh. This shadow was two times stronger than him! However, the absence of worlds was not a deficit an illusion could not balance out!


A mirror image of himself appeared.

Fighting against the shadow, it was apparent that Su Haos mirror image could not compete with it at all. After all, the gap was doubled!

Time to end this! Su Hao threw a punch at the shadow!

Two versus one!


Su Hao destroyed the shadow and appeared victorious!


Su Haos view returned back to the staircase. Without any hesitation, he took a step onto the third step. As the surrounding air distorted, Su Hao could feel a dense murderous intent the very moment his foot touched the step. A figure appeared from a corner, and it was way stronger than himself.

And it attacked with the two moves Su Hao was most familiar with using.

Mountain Crash!

Water Split!

However, they were a few times more powerful than his. It made these two moves look terrifying. If Su Hao isnt careful, he would be instantly killed.

Mirror Image!

Su Hao copied a mirror image of himself. However, out of his expectation, his mirror image could not even last for three seconds when confronting this shadow.

What a gap in strength!

Su Hao quickly thought of a solution. It seemed that imitating himself wouldnt be sufficient. Su Hao pointed his finger again, but toward the opposite figure this time, Mirror Image!


He consumed the energy in his body at a crazy rate to produce a mirror image!

This time, what Su Hao imitated turned out to be the shadow itself. Su Haos mirror image now possesses the same strength as the shadow, becoming several times stronger than before! However, that immense energy consumption



Once again, a scene of a two versus one broke out in the illusionary world.

While both Su Haos were confronting each other, Su Haos own attacks became the last straw, a decisive move which ended the stalemate easily.


The scene broke, and Su Hao returned to reality!

Under the watchful eyes of the crowd, Su Hao didnt hesitate to proceed to the fourth step!


Tian Zis face instantly turned pale.

The fourth step!

When Su Hao stepped on it, it meant that Tian Zi was doomed to suffer total defeat! Even if it only lasted for 0.01 seconds, Tian Zi would lose badly!

However, could that be possible?

Su Hao merely insisted for about ten seconds on the fourth step before taking another step forward!

Fifth step!

Everyone witnessing this scene was stunned.

Huang Ziming was dumbfounded. This batch is truly amazing. It is the route of ability talent! Although there is a total of one hundred steps, there is still nobody who could climb to the top of this staircase! Ordinary students, even if they have graduated, might not even manage to complete the first three steps! Yet Su Hao reached the fifth step when he had just enrolled!



Just a mere second and Su Hao was propelled away. With a flip in mid-air, he quietly landed. As one could see a trace of blood dripping from the corner of his mouth, Chen Yiran quickly went to help him, Are you fine?

Yea. Su Hao shook his head without being bothered, Nothing much, its just that my energy is exhausted or else...

Su Hao didnt continue his sentence, but Chen Yiran and others understood what he is hinting.

Su Hao mentioned before that as long as he has infinite energy, he would be invincible and become a powerful esper!

With a breakthrough and endless energy to be spared, it temporarily allowed Su Hao to be pseudo-invincible!

The strength he showed is something they would never forget!

Even this One Hundred Steps Staircase is the same. If Su Hao has sufficient energy, he would not be surprised if he is able to reach the top of this staircase!

Looking at the staircase in front of him, Su Hao suddenly understood the future of his path!

Origin energy!

Endless origin energy!

Tian Zi?

Entrance exam?

They were all worthless to him because he currently understood the real aim of the entrance exam.


It was just a convenience to include it in the exam.

Zhanzheng Colleges real aim is to let students discover their own path!

And now, Su Hao found his path!

Professional esper?

Domain esper?

World esper?

Somehow, Su Hao could vaguely feel that he stepped onto a different path!

With this, the entrance exam is officially over.

Soon, Huang Ziming completed the statistics and inputted them into the schools system. Soon, the results were announced.

Buzz, buzz~

Countless communication devices vibrated at the same time.

As the invigilator of the exam, Huang Ziming sent the results directly to everyone. When they saw the results, they could almost feel their heart stop beating!


Course credit evaluation


First place: Su Hao: 15 credit

Second place: Tian Zi: 12 credits

Third place: Zhou Wang: 8 credits

Fourth place: Li Xin: 8 credits

Fifth place: Chen Yiran: 8 credits

Sixth place: Li Tiantian: 6 credits