Godly Model Creator Chapter 53

Gmc Chapter 53

Chapter 0053 School activity

Character model is established

Card selection completed.beginner origin ability transition technique.model analysing.model establishing.card model establishment completed

A gray card appeared within his mind.

The only thing that made Su Hao surprised was that the number of stars, which had never change all these times, finally changed to two stars.

Name: Beginner origin ability transition technique

Rank: 2 stars

Introduction: A cultivation technique derived from origin ability cultivation technique; greatly helps your body cultivation. It can greatly enhance the upper limit of origin ability energy and rate of recovery.

As the illusion around him disappeared, Su Hao faintly smiled. Beginner origin ability transition technique, obtained!

The successful establishment of the card indicated that the analysis was completed.

However, as the number of stars in the card increased, it seemed that the duration for the model analysis was taking longer and longer. He could still remember that when he was using his upgraded ability for the first time, it only took him around a blink of eye, but now it took a few seconds.

After all, the abilities which he had to analyse were getting more complicated. Too much knowledge needed to be analysed into various units before being rebuilt back within his mind. The process of building a card model was too complex.

Fortunately, Zhao Feng was busy in the middle of enlightenment and didnt notice Su Haos strange behaviour.

After a long time, only then did Zhao Feng awake. With his fiery fighting spirit in his eyes, I think I have finally found the right path for me to walk! Su Hao, thanks!

Su Hao waved his hand, I just made a suggestion. Your path, you still have to take it yourself.

Zhao Feng nodded, True! Well, if you have anything which requires some help, just give me a call. But. this time you helping me had actually brought more harm to yourself.

Su Hao was stunned, What do you mean?

Haha. Zhao Feng seemed to have restored his self confidence, Once I become stronger, you will be miserable during battle of honor. Maybe we might meet again there.

Su Hao smiled and suddenly averted his sight to the door of the cafeteria.

A young man with luxurious clothes indifferently entered into the cafeteria. It was just that, within his hands, he was carrying a slightly disfigured berserk beast.


The young man immediately dropped the beast onto the floor, Chef, what you want is here! Faster, transfer the task point! I still have other tasks to do.

That impatient brat!

A chef with a white uniform came out. Staring at the young man with dissatisfaction, he then carried the beast inside.

Zhao Feng looked at the scene with a burst of envy, Steel tooth beast, being able to kill steel tooth beast, that brats exploration field must be at least in the 3000 meters range!

Field exploration? Su Hao was puzzled.

Zhao Feng nodded. As he was eating, he answered, Oh yeah, I forget that you still havent completed the basic tutorial yet. After you have completed all four basic tutorials, all the options available in school will be activated. In order to encourage students to struggle, the school has prepared the task points reward. So generous.

Field exploration refers to the exploration around the areas outside school. As our school is located at the center of the wild, basically anywhere outside the school is full of berserk beasts! Every step outside is extremely dangerous. The moment you are outside the school and not even 100 meter away, when you enter the forest, you are certain to face berserk beasts! You believe it?

Su Hao was shocked, There are really that many berserk beasts?

Of course. Zhao Feng smiled, This campus is, after all, located in the habitat of berserk beasts. Of course it would be full of them outside the school. However, the area closest to school is occupied by low levelled beasts. Since they are brainless, they naturally wont know the danger faced. Seeing countless of students in the school, they usually camp near the school and wait for humans to come out.

As for areas further away, the beasts naturally have a bit of brain. Knowing the danger, they only act up when students enter the forest and they are not being noticed. And much further, those beasts are so strong that they are too lazy to bother with us. Zhao Feng continued, In other words, the area surrounding the school is dangerous, and farther away its even worse!

But danger and opportunity coexist together. Whether its the experience of battle with berserk beasts or materials from them, they are all wealth. Thus, in order to encourage students to keep improving oneselves, the school organises two activities, field exploration and berserk beasts hunting!

Having said that, Zhao Feng paused for a moment, field exploration is calculated based on distance travelled from the school. An appropriate reward would be given then. The deeper you explore in the wild, naturally the more generous the reward would be. As for berserk beasts hunting, its calculated by your harvest. When you reach a certain number of berserk beasts hunted, the reward would naturally be better as well.

As for the specifics of the reward.the list is too long. As long as you complete the basic tutorials, you will be able to access the list. In general, these two activities are the students welfare. Since there is the existence of life and death command, students in general rarely encounter danger. Oh yeah, the leading instructor must have already mentioned the method to activate the life and death command right?

Of course. Su Hao continued, Not only have we heard, we have even seen it before.

Once he heard this, Zhao Feng burst into laughter, There must be someone who didnt listen and tried the command right? Every year there will always be such a student.

But how to say this.there seems to be quite a number of ways provided by school to collect task points. Su Hao pondered by himself, so far he knew three ways to get the reward, school tasks, field exploration and berserk beasts hunting!

Thats because you havent seen the things sold in the school store. Zhao Fengs mouth slightly twitched, Every item there is expensive as f*ck! When I first came here my origin ability was only 9. For just a bottle of strengthening drug, I had to struggle for one month! Thats also after I had receive all the rewards from field exploration and berserk beast hunting which I could handle.

That long? Su Hao was surprised. So, that time when he got the drug from berserk master, he must have been extremely lucky then?

Of course. Zhao Feng nodded. Looking at Su Hao, he continued, As for you, of course you wont use that much of time. But getting beginner strengthening drug is useless for you. It would be better to wait and exchange for body forging technique.That stuff is even much more expensive than origin ability transition technique and I had to spend half a year for origin ability transition technique.

Su Hao suddenly had a bad feeling. It was even more expensive than origin ability transition technique, which required half a year for Zhao Feng to accumulate enough task points?

Would he have the opportunity to obtain it in his third year?

Dont worry too much about it. Zhao Feng laughed for a second, As for new students potential, you all will have vast improvements in a short time during the early stage in the school. Usually, most of you will overcome most repeaters. Also, there will be a lot of ways to obtain task points. For example, like the guy before. Hunting berserk beasts and directly selling the dropped materials directly to potential buyers.

That steel tooth beast?

En, steel tooth beasts usually stay in an area 3000 meters away. Being able to hunt them, that guy must have explored at least 3000 meters and more. Rewards from 3000 meters, thats quite a number of task points there. Zhao Feng sighed.

But how do I feel that this is more like a game. Su Hao felt strange about this.

This, you must have not known about this. Its said that our principal, before integrating origin ability, he was a game designer

Su Hao was embarrassed!

After having a clearer picture about the school, his heart was getting more excited.

Natural selection class, no wonder Zhou Wangs master wanted him to enter it no matter what. The amount of resources here were so much that it was hard to imagine!

After struggling for so long to enter the natural selection class, Su Haos decision was right after all!

After finished his meal, both of them excused themselves. Su Hao began to prepare for his third basic tutorial class.

As the time was approaching 4pm, Su Hao rushed towards the fighting training classroom. In the empty classroom, only one person was waiting for him. With his full set of white training attire, that person looked like a young man at 20 plus years old.

Su Hao?


Come hit me.


Such neat and tidy interrogation. Su Hao instantly made his move. Sprinting forward, a fierce punch was thrown out. Never had he expected that his arm would be caught in the blink of an eye. The young man reacted at the speed of lighting. Turning around, he replied back with a turn around kick at Su Hao.

Su Hao was caught in surprise and his other hand quickly came to defense.


Being pushed by the force of the kick, Su Hao was spun a few times mid air before he finally stabilised his body.

Not bad. That first punch of yours looked fierce. Even after being counterattacked, you still managed to regain your composure. The young man praised him.

After finishing that, the figure of the young man rushed towards him. Again, with the same punch thrown out, Su Hao also reacted the same by capturing the arm. The next moment, he performed his most commonly used technique, shoulder throw.

Unable to move like a mountain!

As if the stature he was seizing was a big mountain, it was motionless!



The young man turned around and it was Su Hao who was the one thrown to the ground instead. Following by a quick succession of attacks, punch by punch, they made Su Hao keep retreating until he was defeated on the spot.

I lost. Su Hao bitterly smiled.

Youre not bad. The young man voiced out, But theres one point you need to remember. Dont easily make your move. When its not the time to make a move, dont force yourself to do so. It must be connected or the accumulated fighting essence will disappear.

Yes! Su Hao engraved that advice in his brain.

My name is Shi Shaotian. Im your fighting training instructor. Shi Shaotian slightly smiled, Alright, lets go to the side and have a chat.