Godly Model Creator Chapter 530

Chapter 530

Chapter 530 - Thanks; Youre welcome

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws


Su Hao, your current course credit is 15 credits; you can now enjoy resources equivalent to 15 credit for the rest of the month. Last assessment: 5 seconds ago. Next assessment: October 1st; please participate on time. If you fail to do so, the resources for the corresponding month will be issued based on your previous credits.

Su Hao was satisfied looking at the information on his virtual screen.

15 credits!

In this 36 credit system, 15 credits represents the standard of a level three professional esper!

To Su Hao, the most important elements were resources and privileges! The school distributed resources based on credits. Similarly, the school would grant privileges according to course credit. Whether it was access for more tasks or looking for origin techniques, having extra privilege is always a good thing.

What is the purpose of enrolling at Zhanzheng College?

To improve ones strength!

Now that the privileges are in his hands, Su Haos plan to further improve his strength could carry forward.

However, Su Hao was clueless regarding what 15 credits means to students at Zhanzheng College.

In the schools conference room, a professor at Zhanzheng College from the Tian family tried to push his agenda of letting Tian Zi becoming the student council chairman. He was criticizing Su Hao with righteous words but was stunned silent the moment he saw the fresh results. 15 credits, a full 3 points more than Tian Zi, Su Hao surpassed Tian Zi in a domineering fashion!

Even with a horse, Tian Zi wont be able to catch up to that level of strength. How could he compete with Su Hao?

A moment later, the meeting ended. At first, it was to push Tian Zi into the chairman spot. But now Whats there to promote?

At the beginning of the college entrance exam, Tian Zi and Su Hao were separated by a thin line. Their strength was almost on par with each other. If this small margin is made into good use together with the backing of Tian Zi and the negative impression of Su Hao, it would be enough to strip Su Hao of his position. Therefore, the Tian family created a scheme to seal the chance for Tian Zi.

By using a perfect breakthrough into a professional esper!

Not only that, they even had time to spare for Tian Zi to stabilize his new found strength and deepen his ability talents understanding.

However, nobody would have thought that even with such a detailed plan, Tian Zi was doomed to lose!

36 credits, each point represents a level. If one was to exclude the existence of GPA, it was a total suppression!

A full 3 credits!

It meant that Su Hao increased the gap by many times!


In just mere two months, their strength separated that much! What about one year, two years, or even ten years later? How big would the gap be by then?

Tian Zis potential no longer had any significant meaning in an instant.

At the same time, many people in Zhanzheng College noticed this 15 credits. On the schools result transcript, this two digits 15 was towering!

Seems that there is another junior who isnt half bad.

Many people smiled in their heart.

At the same time, in front of the One Hundred Steps Staircase, everyone looked at the results on their communication device and were shocked by the 15 credits. However, nobody noticed that not far away from them, a girl with lavender color clothes was gently coming over with her agile footwork.

Someone coming over? Su Hao noticed that instantly.

On the 2D map, a huge red dot was slowly approaching this site. Based on the size of this dot, it smelt like an extreme danger!

From the size of the red dot, this person should at very least be a semi-domain esper!

He is stronger than everyone else here!

What happened?

Su Hao pondered. Nobody can enter here during the entrance exam. Before the exam ends, it is impossible for anyone to enter.

Plus, such strength, could it be one of the schools teachers?


The 2D map changed into 3D!

The 3D models were built instantly, and Su Hao saw that it was an excited beautiful girl in the distance. Her looks didnt lose in comparison to Chen Yiran.

Its not a teacher?

Su Hao felt that something was amiss.

Right now, Huang Ziming was briefing the history of Zhanzheng College, how the exam is held, how to work hard to match the name of Zhanzheng College, how to compete under such fierce competition, and so on.

Teacher, someone is coming. Su Hao quietly poked him.

Huh? Huang Ziming was caught by surprise.

Taking a look around, he didnt find anything, Where is that someone?

Everyone looked around too. However, no matter where they looked, there was nobody in this empty valley apart from them.

What is it?

Even teacher cant find anyone. Could it be that Su Hao is more powerful than the teacher?


Everyone muttered among themselves quietly.

Huang Zimings expression looked a bit ugly upon hearing this. Ignoring those words, he increased his energy to the surrounding, and something covered his sense.

His perception has been blocked?!

Huang Zimings body suddenly took a fighting stance as he looked at a distance away, Who?


As everyone saw the sudden change of the situation, they turned alert. As they were accustomed to the peaceful life in high school, it seemed that the students still have quite a long journey to get used to the fast pace of Zhanzheng College. In the distance, everyone soon saw a girls figure. Subconsciously looking at Su Hao, they were in disbelief.

It was so far just now, and Su Hao actually felt it?

This new student was in the same batch as them, how much of an evildoer is he?!

Su Hao opened the map.

The experiences while in the beast domain taught him to never look down on any unexpected situation!

Even Jianghe City was located deep in the Federation and attacked by berserk beasts, so what if Zhanzheng College was to end up in the same fate? Su Hao wouldnt even think it was strange!

Only one person? Su Hao frowned for a bit. Just as he was about to say something, suddenly in the 2D map, another red dot appeared! It was another semi-domain esper!

Damn it. Su Hao cursed in his heart. Since when were semi-domain espers like mushrooms growing by the roadside?

Could it be the berserk beasts are plotting another beast tide?


Switching to 3D map!

When Su Hao saw the identity of this new character, he was instantly stunned. It was because it was a person he is familiar with!

Killing God, Lan Tingxu!

Whats the situation with her? Su Hao felt confused.

A space turbulence occurred not far away from the valley, and Lan Tingxus figure quietly appeared. As he was about to rush over here, he saw the scene in front of him and could only bitterly smile.

After all, he was too late!

Xiaodie already entered.

Fortunately, she didnt notice Li Tiantian yet. If he rushes over there, he would only make things worse.

After so many years, Tiantian and Xiaodie still met again.

Xiao Die already lost her memory. Even when she saw Li Tiantian on the virtual screen during the college entrance exam, there was no visible reaction. However, Lan Tingxu was still afraid that the seal on her memory would break if Xiaodie met him in real life or from Li Tiantians words.

Could Xiaodie live on in such a state?

Li Tiantian... In the eyes of Lan Tingxu, there were only the two figures who were about to meet.

Xiaodies figure appeared.

When Huang Ziming saw her look, he sighed in relief. Although he didnt know the name of this girl, it seemed like Lan Tingxus daughter.

Fortunately, it wasnt an enemy.

Huang Ziming wiped off the sweat beads on his forehead. To face a semi-domain esper is definitely not something he could handle right now. These youngsters from huge clans, each one of them is abnormal.

His heart secretly cursed.

After calming himself, he introduced to everyone, Haha, it isnt an enemy. Shes from our side. You should be familiar with the title Federal Guardian by now, and she is the daughter of one of them.

Hello, teacher. Im here to see my friend for a bit. Xiaodie nodded slightly to Huang Ziming and straight headed to the crowd. Seeing her coming, many subconsciously stepped aside to create a route for her.

That lazy eyes of Li Tiantian suddenly lit up as if he had regained his long-lost spirit.

Under Synchronous Playback, Su Hao clearly saw this!


Is she here to look for Li Tiantian?

Su Hao instantly felt something interesting was about to happen. Through his vision, he could see Li Tiantian was hiding with his hands shaking in excitement.

Sure enough!

Li Tiantian knows her!

Su Hao continued to observe in great interest.

Seeing that both were about to meet, Li Tiantian actually took a step aside at this moment.

Thanks. It was such a sweet voice.

Youre welcome. Li Tiantian smiled heartily, but Su Hao could notice the hidden bitterness within his smile.

How long do you want to be like this?

I do not need you to bother with my matters. Tian Zi said in a low tone.

I wont care about them. Xiaodie shook her head. It seemed that she wasnt bothered by Tian Zis tone, Lets go. Your uncle requested for your return.


Tian Zis body slightly trembled.

Having to struggle to stand up, he stared at Su Hao for a second, I will defeat you!

After saying so, he turned around and left the scene.

Hes not in a good mood recently. Sorry for the troubles that he has caused everyone. Xiaodie apologized to everyone and smiled. When her eyes went into contact with Li Tiantian, she nodded slightly. As of her impression of this student who gave way to her, she felt that he was not bad.

Immediately, she left to catch up with Tian Zi.

Damn, whos that just now? Her beauty nearly made me hard!

Stop being so vulgar. Shes the daughter of a Federal Guardian.

Thats true, but didnt you sense that this girls strength is terrifying? I think she might even be stronger than a Federal Guardian!

How could that be? You are overthinking it.

But still, such a beauty is actually with Tian Zi?

Everyone began to discuss among themselves as if this girl would look at them if she werent into Tian Zi.

Smirk, little brats. Dont try to get attention from her. This girl is stronger than me by many times. Huang Ziming continued, Alright, the exam is over. Get out of here now!