Godly Model Creator Chapter 531

Chapter 531

Chapter 531 - Just Want to Meet Her Once

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

The exam was finally over.

Looking at the figure which gone quite a distance away, all of Su Haos attention was placed on Li Tiantian. He could clearly feel Li Tiantians trembling body.

He knows that girl! And hes very familiar with her!

Su Hao thought.

At the same time, in another spot, Su Hao saw Lan Tingxus gaze seem to be watching Li Tiantian. In those eyes, there was doubt and sadness.

Lan Tingxu...

Li Tiantian...

And the daughter of a Federal Guardian...

A series of information was quickly organized in his mind.

When Li Tiantian and Lan Tingxu met, that scene was once again replayed, and Su Hao quickly put the two scenes together to analyze further.

The complete truth began to emerge gradually.

Thanks; youre welcome!

Was that how their conversation turned into after meeting again from not seeing each other for so many years?

It is a bitter event.

Could it be after growing up, Xiaodie forgot about her childhood? Su Hao made a quick guess.

He guessed the beginning correctly, but the latter part could not be continued due to a lack of information. After Xiaodie and Tian Zi left, the crowd began to disperse.

The entrance exam was officially over.

Li Xin wanted to invite everyone for a meal, but Li Tiantians face clearly showed that he was absent-minded.

Hey, Tiantian. Are you interested in that girl just now? Li Xins eyes glowed, If youre interested, then be a real man and go give it a try. If it doesnt work, Boss can always back you up. Anyway, its not like Tian Zi could compete with him, hahahaha.

Everyone felt speechless.

Its not like this. Li Tiantian shook his head with a hint of sadness on his face, You all go and enjoy the meal. I will join you all later.

Having finished his words, Li Tiantian turned around and left.

Did I said something wrong? Li Xin scratched his head while staring blankly.

No, you dont have to worry. Su Hao smiled and patted over his shoulder, Dont always think of making a mess and playing the fool. Go back and train. As for Tiantian, I will go and have a look. You all can go back first.

Alright. Su Hao nodded to Chen Yiran before leaving. Obviously, most girls had keen senses, and she was aware something was amiss. As for Zhou Wang and Li Xin, this otaku and troublemaker, expecting them to understand the feelings between men and women is simply a more difficult task than going to heaven.

The crowd dispersed.

Within the valley, Lan Tingxu observed this scene for a long time.

He had even prepared for the worst situation, but nothing happened. Xiaodie couldnt remember Li Tiantian. It was normal, but it seems that Li Tiantian did not recognize Xiaodie too. Now, that was where the problem lied. Both of them were like strangers, passing each other like ordinary schoolmates.

What happened? Lan Tingxu was confused.

Could it be Li Tiantian forgot Xiaodie?


When they met each other for the first time, Lan Tingxu clearly saw that Li Tiantian still remembered everything when he called him Uncle Lan.

The bad blood between them and everything that happened during childhood, Li Tiantian remembered all of it clearly.

If this was the case, why didnt he attempt to communicate with her?

Lan Tingxu knew Li Tiantians plan. The reason Li Tiantian wanted to be famous was to get her attention. He wanted to try his very best to meet Xiaodie.

That is Li Tiantians the true purpose.

Lan Tingxu has a lot of experience in handling similar situations. For ordinary people, things during childhood might not be remembered much. However, for Li Tiantian, it was different due to many unexpected events occurring. The death of his father and his mothers suicide turned his life upside down.

It was something he would never forget!

Li Tiantian, what are you trying to do? Lan Tingxu sighed.


With a space fluctuation, Lan Tingxu disappeared.

Zhanzheng College covered a huge area that it was several times larger than the current Jianghe City which has been enlarged. To call it an oversized city wasnt even an exaggeration.

And at this time, somewhere along a river, Li Tiantian was walking alone like a lost child. Without even knowing how much time passed, he finally sat down at a small pavilion on the shore.

Looking into the distance, he felt like he didnt know what to do.


A figure suddenly appeared and awoke Li Tiantian from his daze.

As soon as he raised his head up, he saw Su Hao sit opposite of him with a smile and took out a box of old wine, Tiantian, you know how to drink?

Of course! Li Tiantian took a bottle of Su Haos hand and drank it bottoms up.

He didnt ask why Su Hao appeared or why he brought along a box of wine. What he currently wants to do is get drunk. He didnt realize that Su Hao purposely picked this old wine that undergone a special energy effect and its effect is like any ordinary wine.

The wine is too strong and harsh.

Of course, Li Tiantian could still handle the strong liquor. It is just that under the stimulation of alcohol, certain matters which were implanted deep in his heart were revealed to Su Hao.

The tipsy Li Tiantian expressed his thoughts in an unclear voice.

However, with the bits and pieces, everything became clear after Su Hao deduced them. Finally, Li Tiantians hidden past resurfaced.

Listening to him, Su Hao could only sigh helplessly.

Everyone has a past they dont wish to mention. Li Xin, Zhou Wang, Chen Yiran, and now Li Tiantian, well wasnt he like this too?

Not to mention that this feeling was hard to express.

If that is the case, why dont you try to get in touch with her? Su Hao asked, Just let bygones be bygones. Right now, you can still accompany beside her. Isnt it great?

I cant go back to how we used to be anymore. Li Tiantian murmured to himself, There are things that once you lose, you wont be able to recover anymore.

What cant you find back? Su Hao sneered, Even that fool blue dream butterfly, I was able to get her back from the beast domain! We are in the era of origin ability. Whats there which we cant do?

Looking at Su Haos serious look, Li Tiantian seemed to awake for a few minutes.

However, one could quickly see a smirk on his face, I have the confidence to let her recall her memory, but even if I succeed, so what? The problem isnt with her, but with me... Li Tiantian replied with a painful look.

Su Hao realized that something was amiss, What happened to you?

Have you heard of S rank ability talents? Li Tiantian asked.

Of course, I also know that youre someone with an S rank talent! Su Hao said without any hesitation.

I know that this cant be hidden. Li Tiantian continued, Then do you know that every esper with an S rank talent is a cursed product from Heaven? We are like the bane of others existence. Wherever we go, corpses are strewn all over.

During the first two years, when I was awakened and not even aware of...

My mum and dad died. I killed one and one commit suicide. As for me, I nearly lost myself. I began to wander around. At that time, I only realized that the so-called loss of consciousness was just an appetizer. I have even been adopted a few times.

However, those families were all inexplicably ruined!

Can you imagine it? There was a family with kind-hearted adoptive parents. The moment when I thought I found myself a place I could call home, they were crushed to death! Do you know how they were crushed? By a meteorite! A meteorite from the sky! F*ck you, God! Hes just messing around with me!

It was the first time Su Hao saw Li Tiantian being this rude.

Such hatred almost drowned him. But still, he hated nobody but himself. If not for him Perhaps those loving parents wouldnt have died.

Su Hao understood this mentality too well.

Since then, I have been alone wandering and surviving. Sometimes, I will lose consciousness suddenly. When I wake up, I wouldnt even know which hill I was at. Thus, I will always try my best to live in a forest far away from any city.

Until one day, I found a cheat book.

It was this book that I found a way to control my S rank talent. This method would reduce my abilitys effectiveness to 10 percent, but at the same time, I can finally be free from this side effect.

Li Tiantian hatefully took a sip!

Su Hao didnt stop him because he knew that the real problem wasnt revealed yet.

But what is an S rank? I know it too well. In a perfect state, as long as I wish for it, I can destroy a city or even a capital city! Such a terrifying strength, how could it be easy to control with just some cheats?

On the page, I saw a small line of words which mentioned of the side effect of this cheat.

Reducing ones lifespan! Li Tiantian said one word at a time clearly.

Su Hao was caught by surprise.

Reducing ones lifespan?!

Yes. Li Tiantian bitterly smiled, I should have known that to control an S rank, one has to sacrifice his life for that.

But, so what if I knew earlier?

I still have to train it!

Only by cultivating it I can keep on living normally! My only purpose is just to see her, to know that shes living fine.

Thus, I kept trying to become stronger like a madman.

I want to be famous and my name to appear everywhere. Thus, I waited for so many years to finally participate in the college entrance exam and become famous. However, I didnt expect her to lose her memory! If Lan Tingxu didnt warn me, Im afraid I would still be clueless.

However, I still think that Im lucky.

At least, I met Lan Tingxu and her. Since shes fine, my goal has been completed and my heart can now be in peace.