Godly Model Creator Chapter 533

Chapter 533

Chapter 533 - Mentality

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

At night, in the main hall of the Tian familys residency...

Tian Zi stood there dejectedly while being reprimanded by a middle-aged man in front of him. Tian Zi didnt dare refute him. For being born under such a prestigious family, he is very well aware of the hierarchy levels.

Do you know how much the Tian family has invested in you?

In order to make you become the chairman, how much resources have I used on you? I can clearly see success, yet you actually failed in the entrance exam!

You cant even beat a mere Su Hao, you trash!

The middle-aged man screamed at the top of his lungs.

This man is one of the Tian family elders and the third uncle of Tian Zi. In order to allow the Tian family to gain more influence, he didnt choose his own son with decent talent! Instead, he chose the most dazzling talent in the family, Tian Zi! However, the result wasnt as he expected.

Tian Zi lowered his head and didnt refute his words.


A full twenty years of investing in you!

I do not wish to see the same thing again for the second time. Otherwise, I dont mind substituting you with someone else. The middle-aged man warned in a cold and stern voice.

Yes. Tian Fu replied in a low voice.

Alright, get out of here... The middle-aged mans sigh could be heard echoing in the hall before he finished his sentence.

Isnt it enough?

You actually dare to talk back? The middle-aged man glared at Tian Zi, but then realized that it wasnt him who said that, Who?

Im asking you, is it enough?


A heavy aura suddenly appeared.

Everything in the hall instantly shattered. A figure appeared and destroyed everything nearby with a gentle tap, with a pair of cold eyes he looked at the middle-aged man. Without uttering a word, those eyes glanced at Tian Zi for a second, Tian Zi, come over to my place.

Yes, master. Tian Zi respectfully replied.


That aura vanished as if nothing just happened.

Bidding farewell to the middle-aged man, Tian Zi turned and left.

Damn you Tian Zi. You actually sought help from your master to protect you... That middle-aged man was about to continue his words but recalling the scene earlier and the identity of that man, he could only internally curse.

At the backyard, Tian Zi quietly knelt in front of a hut, Master, Im sorry. I have shamed you.

Are you afraid? The voice was clear and clean.

I... Tian Zi didnt know how to answer. When he recalled the entrance exam today, he was like a fool, being toyed by Su Hao. He had tried his best, but Su Hao still surpassed him with a full 3 credits. At that time, Tian Zi suddenly realized that the gap is definitely not something he could ignore.

It represented an absolute gap in strength!

Was he afraid?

Tian Zi was unsure.

What do you think is shameful?

I didnt obtain first. Tian Zi honestly replied.

Is being first really that important?

Huh? Tian Zi was at a loss.

First is obviously important. Since young, he has always been at the top and under everyones focus. However, since his failure in the college entrance exam, everything began to change. The attitude of his family and his third uncle all began to change. Especially after this failure, the difference in treatment was very obvious.

If it was before, would his third uncle act like this?

Thus, he wanted to take everything back!

As long as he gets back the top spot, everything will be restored to normal!

The Tian family would once again pay attention to him, and his third uncle would continue to invest in him wholeheartedly. Was there a problem with this idea?

Tian Zi couldnt help but think in this direction.

In your opinion, why did I accept you as my disciple? There was a hint of disappointment in the voice.

Tian Zi didnt know and dared not answer. Accepting him as a disciple, wasnt it because of his potential? Or perhaps, because he is from the Tian family? Or maybe, his ability talent?

I accept you as my disciple because you have a chance to be the strongest esper!


Tian Zi felt a shock in his mind.

The the strongest esper?

Tian Zi could hardly believe that he actually has the opportunity to become such a figure? The so-called legendary figure?

Between the peak of world realm and the strongest esper, there was an insurmountable barrier and your talent, battle intent has the best shot to break through this barrier. Thus, the reason I accept you is because you have the chance to be the strongest esper. However, there is a condition...

Tian Zi carefully listened.

You have to reach the peak of world realm first!

If you cant even reach the peak of the world realm, becoming the strongest esper will just empty talk. If you die before becoming the strongest esper, no matter how good your ability talent is, whats the use?

Yes, master. Tian Zis blood was boiling.

He had never thought that his master would have such high expectations of him!

The path to be the strongest esper would always be full of thorn. When you met Su Hao, you want to suppress him. If you encounter another genius, do you want to do the same? Chairman of the student council or whatever, since when are you lacking resources? If you try to waste your time in this regard, how are you going to become a real powerhouse?



It was like thunder striking down from a clear sky.

Tian Zi trembled.

Right, what have I been doing all this time?

If I suppress Su Hao, will I become stronger? No! So what if I get first with this way, whats the use? The top student of previous batches, they were countless in numbers and where were they now?

Nobody knew!

They were nameless!

Do I want to be like them too?


If this is the case, whats the point in fighting for the top spot? Whats the point of wasting my time in this? Su Hao wants to become the chairman due to not having any background, and he needs to fight for resources. I have all the resources I want, so whats the point of me joining this pointless struggle?

So what if I win?

Su Hao is just an ordinary freshman.

In Zhanzheng College, at most, he would only be a little well known among the freshmen.

At here, my true aim is those disciples of Tian Long Court! Those people, their talent is what a strong esper should be!

Master, I am wrong. Tian Zi once again knelt down.

However, this confession of his was completely different from the previous one.

In the future, dont come into contact with your third uncle anymore. That voice was floating in mid-air.

Obviously, he was dissatisfied with the so-called third uncle who brought Tian Zi into such a mental state.

Yes. Tian Zi respectfully answered.

Also, that girl named Xiaodie, you should not be wasting your time on her either.

Huh? Tian Zi was stunned.

He could understand if it was for him to concentrate fully on cultivating, but Xiaodie was his fiancee. Previously, wasnt it because of arrangement from his master and Tian family?

But why his master now advised him not to waste time on her?


Humph! You really think that brat is your fiancee? A genius who is semi-domain esper and older than you and stronger than you by an unknown number of times? That voice sounded cold.

Tian Zi also paused. Of course, he thought of the same problem too.

In the end, he could only come up with the conclusion that Xiaodie might have succumbed to the pressure from the Tian family or she really loved him and was willing to be his fiancee. No matter which was it, he didnt mind it. However, from how his master sounded, there seemed to be another reason behind this.

Its just a deal.

Deal? Tian Zi felt strange.

The reason she became your fiancee is just a mere identity created to protect you. Xiaode is responsible for protecting you until you become the strongest esper.

What? She is actually his bodyguard?

That girl isnt simple. Do not anger or bother her. Just concentrate on your training. When shes mad, I believe you have experienced it, right?

Tian Zi suddenly had a chill.

That strength...

He was very well aware of Xiaodies strength when she turns mad!

Professional realm is all about the path of ability talent and the breakthrough of your mindset. When youre clear regarding what to do, it will be the time to attempt a breakthrough. Alright, you can go now...

Tian Zi left.

After a long time, a voice came from the air.

Su Haos potential isnt bad. Too bad, after being reincarnated, he has lost the possibility to become a world esper. Otherwise, they could both be cultivated together. However, there are too many enemies of Su Tiancheng. Su Haos route is so much harder than what I previously thought. The voice sighed.

Except he never thought that another voice would appear.

Everyone has their own chances. If Su Hao cant become a world esper, becoming a domain esper isnt really a bad thing either. The bigger problem is within the beast domain, many geniuses appeared too. The ones which potential to be the strongest esper are not small in number. It seems that the time left for us is running out.

Beast domain, sigh...

Let those from Tian Long Court take a shot.

Well, thats the only way.

The voices disappeared.

The following day, Zhanzheng College was as lively as always.

Especially those freshmen who just entered Zhanzheng College, they were excitedly wandering around in curiosity. However, those from Jianghe City were now faced with choices.

Zhanzheng College has a wide range of specialties.

After extensive research, Su Hao made a summary of them. The so-called professions are to provide solutions for improving a students strength to breakthrough into the professional realm. After a breakthrough, one would have to concentrate more on understanding their own ability talent!