Godly Model Creator Chapter 534

Chapter 534

Chapter 534 - Specialty Selection

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

It was important to choose the specialty wisely.

It wasnt just as simple as selecting one which suits your talent. After all, interest excites potential. Only when youre genuinely interested will your progress in the field will be smooth.

I think I will still choose ice elemental control. Chen Yiran thought for a moment before firmly deciding. There are many professions related to water, but compared to the water element which emphasizes more on softness, she prefers the fierce and strong ice attacks more!

I choose thunder elemental control! Zhou Wang said without hesitation. Whether it was Thunder Emperors wish or his own reasons, from the beginning till now, his love for thunder has never changed.

Er let me have a look. Li Tiantian looked carefully and finally pointed at a profession with a smile, Seems that I have only one choice here.

Everyone had a looked and smiled instantly.


Seems like you can be a deity. Li Xin laughed loudly and proudly said, I choose fighting as my profession!

Boss, what about you? Li Xin asked with great enthusiasm.

Looking at the long list of professions, Su Hao couldnt help but sigh.


There are many professions in Zhanzheng College, yet not a single one about modeling!

Well, that was understandable since modeling is usually considered as some low-level ability. Most of those espers only managed to have 5 to 6 points in origin ability, and very few succeeded in entering a university. Let alone enrolling in the prestigious Zhanzheng College!

Why not accompany me to learn about combat? Li Xins eyes shone.

As the others thought about it, it did not seem like a bad idea.

Su Haos talent, if it is aided with the fighting route, his overall capability would increase even more.

Fighting? Su Hao quickly looked at the summary of this profession.

He believed that people like Li Xin and Zhao Feng would choose this profession since theyre more focused on close combat, but what about him? Should he pick the fighting profession?

True, choosing this does greatly help his strength.

But so what?

He is a professional esper!

After entering, Su Hao has been examining his own ability repeatedly and is well aware of his future path.

Number one, origin energy!

An endless, inexhaustible amount of energy! Any cultivation technique would not be let go! As long as he could increase the quantity of his energy, his combat power would increase infinitely! Origin technique and energy intensity were nothing to him.

Of course, these are just his thoughts.

The role of origin techniques is to utilize less energy to produce more strength. Before he has infinite energy, he still has to learn them!

Thus, cultivation techniques will be the route for him to take and will be his top priority. As long as it was a universal cultivation technique, Su Hao would take it within the blink of an eye.

Does Zhanzheng College have universal cultivation technique?

Of course, it does!

And the number wont be small.

If he is able to scan through the whole college and learn every technique available, Su Haos strength will increase manifold. However, he only dared to think about it.

It is still alright to do so in places like Jianghe City.

But to do it here? Before the energy fluctuation spread any further, he would die under the hands of any crouching tigers and hidden dragons.

Number two, his ability talent!

His model analysis is in the middle of transforming.

Su Hao was clear of it.

Even if he has endless energy, he needs to know how to use it well. It would depend on his ability talent. Based on Su Haos understanding of his ability talent, if he has infinite energy, he will be invincible in the Model World!

Dont miss the key point! What he meant was in the Model World!

He would be like a God!

Who cares if youre a professional or domain esper, in the Model World, Su Hao could easily kill anyone if he has sufficient energy,!

But what if Su Hao wasnt in his Model World?

Then, he would just be a battery of infinite quantum bombs.

If he really wants to face a domain or world esper head-on, Su Hao would end up dead. Of course, if the opponent has some way to get out of the Model World the situation would be even worse!

Therefore, his current understanding of his talent isnt enough.

And now, he happened to be in this mysterious bottleneck.

Since the beginning, Su Hao was always clear of this point that once he was able to master virtualization, it would be very likely to breakthrough and achieve materialization!

Turning illusions into reality!

However, how much is he still lacking in the virtualization department?

He didnt know.

The Model World has been divided further into several worlds, but it seemed that his understanding of virtualization didnt reach the peak yet.

In the end, what is he lacking?

Even Su Hao wasnt sure, but he vaguely felt that the next stage of his route is very likely to be the final piece of the puzzle in mastering virtualization.

Energy cultivation technique, I can only slowly search for but my ability talents route... Su Hao frowned for a bit and looked at the lists again. Finally, he settled with a profession, I choose this!

As everyone had a look, what Su Hao pointed at was virtual reality.

Since we have decided, should we just directly go and sign up? Su Hao asked.

Yup, just go to the profession registration office and complete the process. Chen Yiran nodded.

Subsequently, they went to register in the office.

Chen Yiran, Zhou Wang, Li Xin, Li Tiantian were able to register easily. However, what amazed them was when it was Su Haos turn, he failed to register!

Di di~

Su Haos application was actually rejected!

What happened? Su Hao frowned.

Hold on a moment... The registrar was sweating heavily.

It was the very first time he encountered this situation. Students from Zhanzheng College are free to choose their own majors. However, no matter how he tried to register Su Haos application, it would be rejected.

Finally, he saw a line of comments on the lower right corner of the rejection.

This students talent is outstanding, but model analysis doesnt match well with virtual reality field. Please choose another profession.

What does this mean? Su Hao saw it too.

The registrar wiped off his sweat and said carefully, Maybe you should choose another profession?

I need to choose a different profession? Su Haos eyes flashed coldly, Youre saying that the virtual reality profession doesnt accept me?

The registrar bitterly smiled, Student, this is the first time I have encountered such a problem. Zhanzheng College is the center, but each profession has its own department, and the school wont interfere with them. After all, if the department dean doesnt allow you to enter, nobody is able to help you.

Department dean? Su Hao was stunned.

As far as he remembered, he has not offended a character of the dean-level.

Hold on!

Su Hao rubbed his aching head. He didnt offend anyone, but that didnt mean that his dad didnt. Thinking of this, Su Hao began to have a bad feeling.

If he didnt guess it wrongly...

Let me try another profession then.


The registrar sighed and quickly registered Su Hao for another profession.

And then, he was dumbfounded.





Each profession rejected his application!

There are numerous departments in Zhanzheng College, and he applied nearly to all of them! However, the result turned out to be the same. All of them rejected his application!

Nobody dared accept Su Hao!

After working here for so many years, it was the registers first seeing this!

This this... The registrar didnt know how to explain this.

Su Hao finally understood whats happening here.

Again, an enemy of his father?

Since the enemy couldnt stop him, this annoying enemy decided to hinder his process with such a method. Without resources, Su Hao would be forced to leave Zhanzheng College.

If he insisted on staying without any resources, he would be wasting his time here doing nothing.

What if he leaves?

How could any other place compete with Zhanzheng College?

If Su Hao is forced to leave Zhanzheng College, the enemy wont have to worry about Su Haos development.

Damn it. Su Hao cursed in his heart.

For his father to have lots of enemies, that was to be expected but to be at the dean level, it was beyond his expectation. For all deans to unify and reject Su Hao, no matter how one looked at it, this enemy must have lots of influence in Zhanzheng College.

Of course there is a place this man wont have the power to influence.

And it is none other than Tian Long Court!

Too bad, Su Hao hadnt reached the qualifications to enter yet!

What should I do now? Su Hao frowned.

It was no longer relevant to him who was responsible for this.

This character had a big influence, and there arent many people with such ability in this school. To find this man wont be a difficult task.

However, the question is so what if he found the one responsible for this?



Su Hao never believe in this!

No matter who was it, to resort in this and not actually killing Su Hao directly, this proved that this enemy must have his circumstances too. At the very least, Su Haos safety would be fine for now. If Su Hao wanted to seek justice, he would have to wait until the time when he had the strength to seek revenge.

Now the most important matter was how to increase his strength?

This route of talent which he had just decided was completely cut off now. To say that he wasnt mad at all would be impossible! The other party was serious in cutting off any hope of Su Hao!

Zhanzheng College really wont bothered with this? Su Haos eyes turned cold.

Every student who enrolls here would have the potential to be the strongest esper future! Even if it is an insignificant talent, there is a possibility to breakthrough and become the strongest esper! Therefore, the school had been fair to everyone but now...

When it came to Su Hao, everything changed.

As someone targeted him, the deans actually conceded and rejected his application!