Godly Model Creator Chapter 535

Chapter 535

Chapter 535 - An Indescribable Attack

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

In fact, each department has its own independent rights. If they didnt want to accept Su Hao, nobody would stop them! However, it ended up with not a single department admitting him!

In the end, what caused these deans to reject Su Hao? Could it be that his father Su Tiancheng offended everyone?

Su Hao didnt think that his father would do something that crazy.

Su Hao guessed.

However, at this time, he still isnt aware that he actually guessed most of it.

However, the reason these deans didnt want to offend that enemy isnt because of another reason but a simple one.

It isnt worth it!

To do so for a student with no potential, it isnt worth it!

The news of Su Hao reincarnating and losing the chance to step into the world realm is clear to them. Being unable to step into the world realm would mean that Su Haos peak will be in the domain realm.

Being the strongest esper would be impossible!

If this is the case, why should they offend a big shot for a disciple with no potential?

It is the thought they had.

Therefore, this is why Su Hao got rejected.

Is there such case before? Su Hao suddenly shifted his gaze to the registrar.

The registrar was shocked and trembled for a second. Being afraid that Su Hao wouldnt be able to control his anger, the registrar quickly came up with something, No, absolutely not, but there was indeed something similar happening.

Similar? Su Hao noticed this key point.

Yes, yes, similar. The registrar nodded hardly, About ten years ago or earlier, I remember there was a similar student. After entering, all the departments invited him because of his outstanding talent. But what surprised everyone is that this student actually rejected every invitation!

He chose to teach himself!

Or to be precise, he created a department by himself. In the end, his department became the strongest in history. Later on, more students joined this branch, and it gradually became stronger and displaced every other department.

Su Haos eyes get brighter as he listened. Because at this time, he could already guess the name of this department. If he didnt guess wrong, its called...

Tian Long Court! The registrar continued without hesitation, The dean of Tian Long Court didnt join any department that year. Obviously, I didnt know how strong he currently is, but it is said that this senior is the person with the highest chance to become the strongest esper!

Tian Long Court...

Self- taught?

Su Hao took a deep breath.

His goal is Tian Long Court!

Since he witnessed Senior Wan Cheng in action, when he knew that Tian Long Courts disciples are very powerful, he set his sight here.

However, Tian Long Court has a requirement.

A minimum requirement of 30 credits!

Su Hao only has 15 credits. At first, he thought of joining here for his study of the professional realm, but he never expected he would not have a chance for this to happen!

15 credits to 30 credits!

How could he obtain the remaining 15 credits?

After pondering for a moment, Su Hao quickly came up with a decision.


Since the founder of Tian Long Court self-taught himself, why cant he? Who is he? A bookworm! As a bookworm, nothing is impossible for him! From painting to music, from pharmacy to IT, he mastered almost everything! So why cant he teach himself?

You really think that not allowing me to enter any profession will hinder me?

Su Hao smirked.

Before joining here, he never received any formal guidance from professionals!

Because how could any professional guidance be compared with his own analysis?

Entering Zhanzheng College, what he is looking for are resources and talent! With the existence of the mysterious card, every character here could potentially be his material!

As for his talent?

In Zhanzheng Colleges library, there were countless books available. If after reading them and still unable to find a clue, it would still be okay. After all, Su Hao only put a glimmer of hope on them. Since there isnt much hope, why not innovate something new himself?


I have thousands of computers in my Model World which are thirsting for action!

Self-studying, can you handle the procedures? Su Hao calmly asked.

Yes. The registrar wiped off his sweat and sighed in relief.

He is just an ordinary third year here at the peak of the specialized realm. Compared to ordinary students, he isnt weak. However, in front of this strong freshman, he had nothing to be proud of. If this new guy went mad, he would only end up embracing the impact without a chance to retaliate.



The registration was quickly completed.

Thanks. Su Hao turned around and left.

As the registrar looked at Su Haos civil action, he was at a loss. Under this situation, if it was any other student, the typical reaction should be something like brimming in anger, losing ones mind, requesting for a complaint, arguing, or at the very least, questioning the authorities!

However, Su Hao didnt do such an act.

This freshman was so calm that the registrar felt awkward. All of a sudden, without knowing why, the registrar had a strange sense that the one who is responsible in this would regret his action one day!

What am I thinking? The registrar shook his head for having such a ridiculous thought. As the next student came to the counter, he resumed his boring routine.

At the school square, the people from Jianghe City regrouped.

When they heard of Su Hao being rejected and is forced to self-study, they were furious.

F*ck! What useless deans are they, I will look for them for a settlement! Li Xin said in anger.

There is actually such a person in Zhanzheng College? No matter what his identity is, to actually suppress a student with such underhanded methods, his face is too thick! Zhou Wang said with a tone of not being satisfied.

If a few of us rebel and refuse to join any branch as top students while exposing their shady scheme, with your fans in the online community, it will be enough to put that shameless man in the crowds attention. Chen Yirans delicate brows frowned for a bit, and soon she suggested a solution.

While this method could pressure Zhanzheng College to take action, at the same time, Su Hao would be able to enter into a department. Using the publics opinion to attack!

The others wiped off their sweat.

This method is ruthless enough!

Chen Yirans style is firm and decisive. However, before they assimilate to school life here, wouldnt it be too much to bring down the schools name?

No need to do so. Su Hao smiled, In fact, the current situation is better.

Huh? Chen Yiran didnt understand his words.

The reason they did such to me is probably to force me to leave Zhanzheng College or to prevent me from improving. If so, then let them have it their way. Or else, they will be annoying me. Also, I feel that things wont be as simple as that. Su Hao said cautiously.

What you mean by that? Chen Yiran asked.

Based on...

Hold on! Li Tiantian who hasnt spoken a single word suddenly interrupted the conversation, Theres an enemy!


Everyone was puzzled.

The place they were at now is Zhanzheng College; how could there be an enemy here!

However, with their trust of Li Tiantian, everyone entered into battle mode instantly.

2D mapping!



Not far away, a huge red dot was quietly approaching, and Su Hao changed it into 3D mode. As he had a closer look, it was just an ordinary student here. He looked not any different from others and acted like a passing student.

If not for Li Tiantians reminder, who would pay attention to such a student?


Su Haos eyebrows tighten.

His five-star technique, Illusion Reality is based on deduction! Only when there were enough clues and factors would the effectiveness of this technique be at its peak! While under a casual state, if there was such a person passing by whom Su Hao didnt think pose a threat, how could a deduction be made?

In Illusion Reality, it was destined not to notice anything.

However, Li Tiantians ability talent is different.

It is a true prediction ability. Unless the opponent is strong enough that he can force a change, the future would definitely appear like what Li Tiantian saw.

Since he said this guy is an enemy...


Su Hao entered his fighting state.

Illusion Reality!


Both of his eyes illuminated in strange colors.

The illusion world and reality were once again shown in both eyes respectively.

If it were before, he would probably see nothing. However, if this man is regarded as an enemy, any action wont be missed from Su Haos 360-degree Synchronous Replay.



Each of this mans action is for the sake of offense!

In the Model World, Su Hao saw them clearly. The moment he approaches Su Hao, the student would jump at them decisively, and his goal is none other than Su Hao!

Sure enough, this man is an enemy!

Su Haos heart turned cold. By making sure that everyone relaxed to not reveal any sign to this man that he has been found out, they quietly waited for this man to approach them.

Five steps away!

Three steps away!

One step away!


The sky filled with soaring blaze!

Endless flames appeared from the students hands and directly bombarded Su Hao.

This student has a fire element ability talent.

With a strength of level one professional esper!

Definitely not one to be underestimated!

If Su Hao didnt pay attention to him, this sudden blow would at least cause him a serious injury or at worse, kill him.

But now...

Phantom Sprint!

The afterimage flashed.


Su Hao received a direct hit, but his real body suddenly appeared behind the student.