Godly Model Creator Chapter 536

Chapter 536

Chapter 536 - A Deceitful Jealousy

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws


Su Haos fist punched out and forcefully interrupted his move.

With a kick to his stomach as a follow up channeling over the powerful force, this student instantly bent himself into a shrimp shape. Obviously, Su Hao didnt go easy on his attacks.

After all, with Su Haos current strength, dealing with a level one professional esper is a piece of cake!



Yet another series of consecutive kicks.

Su Hao kicked this student to the brink of losing consciousness. When Su Hao was about to ask something, a trace of coldness flashed within Li Tiantians eyes. He seemed to have just seen something and quickly pulled everyone away.

Quickly run. Theres a problem with this man.


Just as they created some distance, an eruption occurred.

The student just exploded!

A horrifying heat wave swept across the surroundings. Even Su Hao was stunned. Although there was someone who made a move on him, he would subconsciously forgive them.

Because this is Zhanzheng College!

He had experienced the terror of the beast domain, and every student here would be the hope of mankind!

Therefore, he wouldnt go overboard with his means. However, he never thought that when he was about to let the student off, this student self-erupted!

Su Hao had a feeling that things were not that simple!

A student died!

And he was a student at Zhanzheng College!

Zhanzheng College would not forbid any personal fight, but there shouldnt be any death involved!

To privately kill a student is an absolute taboo!

The blast from the eruption attracted the attention of the law enforcement team. When the crowd came over, the student already burned the ash. After the law enforcement team looked at the surveillance camera and saw what happened earlier, they no longer made things difficult for Su Hao and his friends. As for why the student attacked Su Hao, the team quickly gave an answer.


It was said that this student is Chen Yirans pursuer. After entering the school, he had been attracted to Chen Yiran and planned to pursue her. Unexpectedly, Su Hao, her boyfriend came and disrupted all of his plans. As hatred grew in his heart, he decided to give Su Hao a lesson.

But no one expected that he lost control of his power and caused his own death.

As one listened to this explanation, it sounded ridiculous. However, after the law enforcement team considered the diary and some notes from his room, they ended up with this conclusion.

When everyone saw it, they were speechless.

Chen Yiran was even more helpless. This incident...

This shouldnt be the place for this.

Dont worry. Youre defending yourself so you will be fine. The leader of the law enforcement team pat Su Haos shoulder, before leading his team to clear the scene. Turning around, they left Su Hao stunned in place.

Whatre you thinking? Chen Yiran shook her hand in front of him.

Do you all really believe that its just jealousy? Su Hao suddenly uttered this question.

Huh? Everyone was caught off guard.

But the evidence provided by the law enforcement team, including the diary clearly proved that this student had a crush on Chen Yiran. She just never put him in her eyes. Zhou Wang pondered.

There seems to be such a person as far as I could recall. Chen Yiran said after thinking for a moment.

These are not the problem. Su Hao shook his head, Yiran, you seem to have quite a lot of pursuers.

Huh? Chen Yiran was stunned for a second and then nodded, Well, the number is not small, but I dont pay much attention to it.

In other words, simply picking someone from here would make this reason applicable? Su Hao shared his reasoning.

Everyone was shocked.

They really did miss out on that.


Chen Yirans talent is top notch, and her beauty is also one of a kind. Naturally, her pursuers will be endless! It was only a few days in the school, and so many male students had been attracted to her. The amount of love letter received was definitely not in small number. Not to forget those who secretly have feelings for her too. Among these people, just by randomly pick one would fulfill the condition for todays incident!

With this reminder from Su Hao, they began to feel something and had a slight change in their expression, You mean...

Jealousy? An uncontrollable ability? Su Hao smirked, That student is obviously a walking bomb. If he succeeds in killing me, thats fine. If he got interrupted by me, then a similar incident will happen. Self-destruction! First, I will probably be forbidden to enter the hospital, and then someone will be sent to assassinate me! It seems that the water at Zhanzheng College is deeper than I thought.

That murderous intent from Su Hao was hard to hide.

As long as there are humans, there will always be hidden experts. It has been the case since ancient times. From the moment he stepped into this school, Su Hao had been prepared to be attacked!

But he never thought that the attacks were coming faster than expected!

It was just the start!

Su Hao sighed.

If today is counted, there are already two attempts. Su Hao silently counted.

Could it be that we think of it too much? Li Tiantian pondered. From his vision of the future, he didnt see much scenes.

Its always good to think more than one should. Su Hao shook his head, No matter what, its always great to play it safe. Anyway, I just have to be more careful.

True. Everyone nodded.

You all also need to be careful. Su Hao warned, Try your best to stay in your dormitory and train.

Alright! Everyone answered.

After finishing the profession selection, everyone dispersed to prepare the material for their profession. As for Su Hao, he was completely idle.

Preparing material?

No need!

When one joins a profession, a list of material will be issued to be purchased by students themselves which will be used during the formal course for a few days. As for Su Hao who opted for self-study, it didnt matter. What made him entangled now wasnt because of this either.

Why does that person keep targeting me? Su Hao pondered as he walked.

Within the campus, it was filled with lots of greenery scene. Countless students walked around and laughed while Su Hao was like a lost spirit, wandering around aimlessly while his mind was thinking rapidly.

Could it be the member of a certain organization?

Voluntarily attack him?

Being forced?

A bounty mission?

Su Hao didnt let off a single detail because every choice would greatly affect the subsequent progress. This time, it was still alright because it was just a fire element esper at the level one professional realm. What if it was another esper or one with a  special talent?

Su Hao felt that he needed to get to the root of this problem.

Model analysis!




The scene flashed.

In the temporary world, numerous models were built to recreate the scene of that students attempted assassination.

In the Model World, that student had long noticed Su Hao from far away. He just headed over Su Haos side without any hesitation. The way he acted was just like any ordinary schoolmate.

Su Hao couldnt even feel any killing intent!

However, when that student was close to Su Hao, he suddenly acted up.

Without any warning, rising flame blasted at Su Hao.

The confrontation didnt take long. The moment the student made his move, Su Hao quickly ended it and instantly disabled him without giving any chance.

And then...


The student self-erupted and there was no sign.

However, Su Hao could notice the irregular energy throbbing from this student. It was an early sign of when an ability talent is out of control.

In other words, there is still the possibility that his ability went out of control?

Without a doubt, this was possible.

However, Su Hao would not believe this at all!

I will have another look!

One time!

Two times!

Three times!

Just like before, Su Hao replayed the same scene countless times in his mind. How many people could remember the things that occurred during a crisis? But for him, as long as he saw it once, he could slowly review it in his Model World.



Su Hao didnt notice any anomaly.

Bounty mission or whatever, such reasons have been crossed out by him because he didn't believe someone will actually commit suicide to complete the mission. Therefore, this student might be a member of a certain organization or had his family member held hostage and forced to do this.

Could he be an assassin of a certain organization?

Su Haos heart skipped a beat.

If so, this student had such an amazing skill in hiding his killing intent.

Even Su Hao himself didnt realize about it. If not for Li Tiantian reminding him, he might really be caught in a huge problem!

Killer organization Su Hao proceeded to seek information from Piao Ling Organization.

After a careful analysis, he shook his head in regret. This student wasnt a member of the organization. Similarly, he wasnt a member of another killer organization. Otherwise, he would be able to see his name on the wanted list.

If it wasnt an organization, was it possible that his family was being held hostage?

Checking the information of this student, Su Hao found out that this student was an orphan.

His parents died when he was younger.

He had no relative!

No girlfriend!

He only had a few friends from his previous school, and most of them were now at different universities. There was literally no reason for him to be forced to assassinate Su Hao.

Yet another possibility had been ruled out.

If so, then there will only be a possibility!


Could it be some ability talent controlled him? However, if this student was really controlled, Su Hao should be able to find the other force which intervened! But from the scene, he found nothing!

In the Model World, Su Hao examined each split second but found no signs of third-party intervention.

Even a slight energy fluctuation wouldnt escape Su Haos sight.

Darn it! Su Hao cursed.

His deductive analysis entered a bottleneck.

Su Hao had confidence that something was amiss here, but no matter how long he analyzed, it seemed that he couldnt proceed any further. Could it really just like what the law enforcement team said? Did the student attack him because of jealousy?