Godly Model Creator Chapter 537

Chapter 537

Chapter 537 - A terrifying ability

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

Could it be that I am overthinking it? Su Hao sighed.

Just as he was about to give up, Su Hao was suddenly startled.

Because at this time, he thought of a problem A typical killer who could kill without revealing a hint of murderous intent, how strong would he be? The way the student attacked him was very ruthless! But why there was not a leak of killing intent from him?

Professional esper!

Once one reached this realm, everyone would have a distinct sense.

As danger approaches, ones sixth sense will tingle. The only ways to conceal the killing intent perfectly is being stronger or having a specialized ability in concealment.

Among them, a majority were assassins.

However, the possibility of this student as an assassin has been overruled. If this was the case How did he hide his killing intent?

Could a mere level one professional esper actually hide his emotions perfectly?

Su Hao didnt believe it!

But all the evidence presented proved otherwise!

Su Hao started at the scene.

A moment later, his whole body trembled.

Somethings amiss!

No hostility and killing intent, is it just because he was able to hide them well?


There was still a possibility which is the student had no hostility or any killing intent! If this were the case, of course, there wouldnt be any need to hide! However, how could one lacking this intention suddenly attempt to kill Su Hao out of nowhere?

Sure enough, theres a problem here! Su Haos eyes lit up.

Replaying the scene, Su Hao paid close attention to the moment when the student made a move.

This student was just like any ordinary student here, his footsteps seemed to be in a hurry and at the moment as he was about to pass Su Hao, his body shook slightly...

Su Hao detected a hint from a seemingly uncapturable moment!

When he looked at the student again, he noticed that the students pupils changed color.

At that moment, his killing intent erupted!


The scene crashed.

Su Hao stood still for a long time and didnt say anything.


Sure enough, its a control ability!

With no signs of a third partys energy fluctuation, it indicated that the control came within the students body. This explained why the control only activated when the student walked past Su Hao.

And such talent...

As if Su Hao had thought of something, he sped up his walk towards the school library.



His footsteps were very swift.

For a bookworm, the knowledge learned is wide-ranging which made one have goosebumps. Although it might not be profound, Su Hao knew literally every field. The scene just now made him recall a single subject which matched the description.

As long as he arrived at the library, he would be able to solve it.

As he hurried his way there, out of nowhere, a passing student attacked him.


A sharp knife flashed from the students hand as he slashed directly against Su Haos body.

Get lost! Su Hao didnt hesitate to kick him away with his fast leg.


The student was kicked into the distance. With a jump, he vanished from the scene without any trace. As Su Hao looked at the disappearing figure, his mind was crystal clear.

Sure enough, he guessed correctly!

Was this the second one?

Another level one professional esper, another ordinary student attacking him out of nowhere as he passed Su Hao. This time, Su Hao was being lenient with his counter-attack, leaving the enemy a chance to escape.

Interesting... Su Haos mouth smirked, This talent It has been quite some time since I last heard of it. Zhanzheng College is really a place full of hidden experts.

Model analysis!


Illusion Reality!


With both eyes illuminating strange colors, Su Hao instantly entered into fighting mode as he rushed to the school library. The distance wasnt short at all, especially for Su Hao...



Su Hao forcefully shut down every attempt at his life!

An ordinary trip to the library to get more information turned in to a bloody road filled with killing intent. Almost every few seconds, a student would attack Su Hao without any warning.

Each student was a level one professional esper!

However, it was such a pity.

After all, the enemy underestimated Su Haos strength.

Who is Su Hao?

Previously, when he was just a specialized esper, he already defeated Bai Feng who had 11 credits! Later on, he successfully stepped into the professional realm. After entering Zhanzheng College and undergoing energy refinement, his strength improved significantly! With a solid foundation and enormous power, how could ordinary professional espers compete with him?

Forget about Su Haos fighting capability, with just his model analysis alone, Su Hao scored 15 credits!

As for GPA, Su Hao hadnt test it yet.

Otherwise, it wouldnt be zero!

In front of Su Hao, these students with only 11 to 12 credits were mere jokes to Su Hao!

Ten minutes later.

Su Hao finally arrived at the library!


The identity scan was completed.

Su Hao directly entered the gigantic library and went to the spot which had the information he needed.

The library in Zhanzheng College would never be lacking.

The self-serve system on the first floor is always packed with students. Once one checks the location of the book, he would go straight to its location. Keying in the classification on the system, Su Hao found the information he was seeking.

88th floor, data room number 233.

There are countless books of the related field waiting for him on this floor.

The structure of this library building is ring-shaped. As Su Hao climbed to the 88th floor and was about to step into the data rooms ranging 200 plus, he suddenly felt a different atmosphere.



A few lights around the area shattered, enveloping the floor in darkness!

Su Hao was stunned by this.

No wonder no one attacked Su Hao on the previous floors. The enemy was waiting for him here! Or could it be this foe noticed something amiss and decided to set up an ambush here in advance?

Su Haos heart skipped a beat.

He knew that the enemy he is about to face is definitely not someone ordinary.




On the 88th floor of the library, the sound of dripping water could be heard. The rate of the dripping was constant. If one listens carefully, one will find it pleasant to listen to.


Such a level...

Su Haos energy erupted and directly cut the water pipe!


A stream of water burst out and disrupted the ticking water rhythm, causing the library to become a mess.



The lights on the roof began to light up again.

The lights kept switched on and off in a repetitive manner!

In between the constant flickering, there seemed to be a hidden and profound philosophical pattern which made one helpless.


Su Hao sent a punch and instantly shattered the lights!


The scene turned dark again.

The atmosphere calmed down again.

Surrounded by this silence, Su Hao could hear his own heartbeat. Being able to disrupt this rhythm of the upcoming foe twice, Su Hao became more alert.


A soft noise could be heard.

It was like sand rubbing against the ground.

It was so soft that any ordinary man would not notice it, but nothing could escape Su Hao!

This person Hes coming!

Su Hao leaned on the side of a bookcase. With his muscles tightening and energy condensing, he was ready to make his move anytime.

One step...

The distance is still 50 meters away!

Two steps...

49.2 meters away!


Su Hao silently counted in his heart.

As he held his breath, he waited for his enemy to approach him, but these gentle footsteps actually had an unconscious rhythm.



It was so soothing to be heard.

Su Hao gradually forgot his count of the distance. His ears seemed to be filled with the sound of endless footsteps, and his whole consciousness was immersed in this mysterious sound.



His eyelids got heavier with every second, and the enemy seemed to be getting closer and closer. He subconsciously hid so that the moment the enemy appeared, he could give a fatal blow.

However, as Su Hao activated 2D map, he was all alone all this time. Not a single red dot appeared around him.

Huh, nobody...

Hold on nobody? If theres nobody, then where are these footsteps coming from? Su Hao reacted quickly and woke up on the spot.

As he woke up, he saw the scene in front of him. He was sweating heavily and could even feel his soul leaving his body! Right now, he was walking to the edge of 88th-floor step by step!

Just half a step left, and he would have walked off the building!


Su Hao sucked in a mouthful of breath.

Such a terrifying ability!

Su Hao knew the opponents talent which is why he kept interrupting the rhythms, but he never expected that he would subconsciously fall into the rhythm too!

This ability is out of this world. Su Hao secretly cursed in his heart.

As he was awake, everything around him returned to the norm. However, there was no one on the 2D map!

No one!

In other words, from the start to the end, he was always alone?

Then regarding the moves earlier...

Su Hao finally understood.

The enemy must have expected or guessed that Su Hao would come here which is why he arranged all sort of triggers in advance. Even with Su Haos strength, he nearly subconsciously committed suicide! If not for his unique origin technique, Su Hao would be currently dead.