Godly Model Creator Chapter 538

Chapter 538

Chapter 538 - Closely Linked to One Another

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

Each trigger led to another trigger; every step planned was made to kill!

As for why the enemy isnt at the scene?

It is to get rid of any suspicion.

What a terrifying ability!

After observing his surroundings for a moment and ensuring that he was safe, Su Hao let out a long breath.

Indeed, this enemy is worthy of being a Zhanzheng College student. This battle was tough. Up till now, Su Hao didnt even know the identity of the enemy.

Where are you? Su Haos eyes flashed coldly.

Somewhere in Zhanzheng College, a young man in a black cloak was sitting cross-legged while cultivating.

Suddenly, he was shocked and looked at the center of the campus.

My arrangement has been broken! The man in a cloak was a little surprised at the turn of events, Su Hao? A mere level one professional esper actually survived?!  Seems Zhanzheng College has an amazing freshman now.

If that's the case, I will meet you personally!


A black shadow flickered.

The man in the black cloak vanished.

In the college library, Su Hao was reading in room 233.

Both of his eyes were flipping at a rapid rate. If others were here to witness this scene, they would be so stunned their chin might hit the ground.

In fact, Su Hao is scanning the materials.

As long as he sees something, it will always stay in his mind. For ordinary humans, the information might be forgotten after a while or turn hazy.

But Su Hao has thousands of computers in his mind on standby, and the information entered is recorded in a flash.

Su Hao isnt like a human but more like a humanoid computer! No, to be more precise, a humanoid product of thousands of computers linking together.



Countless data is being processed.

The computers in Su Haos body went through the process of analyzing, calculating, deducing, and classifying based on the respective category. Lines of newly organized information appeared.

[Introduction to Hypnosis]

[Lectures on Hypnosis]

[Essence of Hypnosis by Zhanzheng College]

[Holy Bible of Hypnosis]


All sorts of content were mapped out within Su Haos mind.

Thats right!


It is the most peculiar talent Su Hao has encountered so far! This talent isnt that strong in combat. If a hypnosis user is faced with a direct confrontation, he would probably lose in a matter of minutes. However, if a horrifying factor is considered, this talent would be at the top among special abilities.

When Su Hao nullified the first student with the fire ability, he already felt something amiss.

Insufficient killing intent!

The sudden outburst of a murderous aura!

Su Hao thought of this due to some books he read previously. This student didnt have any killing intent because he was just an ordinary student who didnt even know Su Hao. But when he was close to Su Hao, some trigger planted in his mind activated!

And boom! He started attacking Su Hao without warning!

At that time, Su Hao still had some doubts in his heart. As he rushed to the library for confirmation, as long as he met anyone on the way, he would be intercepted!

In fact, there were times when two or three people ganged up on him!

Su Hao didnt dare to stop halfway and was always ready to fight!

And the most annoying part is he couldnt make a move first!

Because he was in the campus, there were others who passed by without attacking him...

If Su Hao randomly attacked without confirmation, he would bring himself more trouble.

Therefore, Su Hao could only wait!




The location chose by the enemy to ambush him were also strategic. It seemed that his enemy knew the campus well, and can utilize spots which wont attract the law enforcement team.

Therefore, Su Hao guessed his enemy must be a student here with great capability!

An old fox!

As he headed to room 233, Su Haos guess has been confirmed. Those triggers set up along the hallway to the room is a hypnotic array!

One stage leads to another stage!

Each stage is perilous!

In fact, Su Hao almost got killed himself!

This hidden attack is worse than a direct confrontation!

Attacking someone without exposing ones identity, what an excellent adaptation of Sun Tzus Art of War.

Since Su Hao knew that this enemy must have someone to back him up, he didnt intend to endure any longer because sometimes, tolerance cant solve a problem.

Since the start of his days at Zhanzheng College, he has been holding back.

Not allowed entering any profession?


I can teach myself!

Someone trying to assassinate?


I can keep myself safe as long as I notice it!

However, his patience has a limit. Su Hao spent significant effort to enroll in Zhanzheng College, and someone wanted to drive him out as soon as he entered? Therefore, Su Hao tried to be as patient as he could. Everything was just for the sake that he could train here safely.

However, things werent as simple as he thought.

Due to his relationship with Su Tiancheng, the higher-ups have been unsatisfied with his enrollment. However, they decided to stop opposing Su Hao because Su Hao could never become a world esper. However, at the same time, they never expected to give any aid!

If something went wrong, Su Hao would have to solve it himself!

Thus, even if Su Hao must face all sort of challenges, the only one he could rely on is himself!

Of course, if it were someone else who made a move, Zhanzheng College would bother with it.

Zhanzheng College Hmph, I hope you will never intervene with my matters. Su Hao sneered and no longer thought of this matter as he focused back to the books in his hands.

Hypnosis... Su Hao opened a book.

In the contents, all sorts of secrets regarding hypnosis were introduced.

Of course, most of them were just about the triggers and summaries based on the experience. As for real hypnosis origin techniques, one would probably have to obtain them through completing tasks and redeeming them with accumulated points.

In addition to the required corresponding talent before one could train!

However, Su Hao didnt care.

The reason he looked at these books is for explanations of various related techniques. He didn't need to know how to attack, but how to defend against them!



Numerous data entered Su Haos mind.

Very soon, all relevant information regarding hypnosis was at the tips of his fingers. For him, it was equivalent to unlock the door to a mysterious world.

A battle can be fought this way?

Killing someone without showing himself!

Killing someone using others!

However, Su Hao knew that this is just the surface of hypnosis. To truly understand this field, he would have to consider hypnosis with the ability talent. Even Su Hao has to admit he felt jealous as he studied these origin techniques.

Hypnosis What a terrifying route!

What is hypnosis? Su Hao pondered.

If it were before, he would be fine. However, after knowing the horrors a hypnotist could bring, he cant just sit still and wait!

He isnt afraid of being the target, but if that enemy places his attention on his friends from Jianghe City, that would be troublesome. This unknown enemy is like a poisoned snake waiting to deal a fatal blow! If Su Hao wants to end this, he would have to take the initiative!

Also, Su Hao has many problems to solve.

Who wanted to attack him?

What is the other partys aim?

These things are what Su Hao wants to know.

However, the dilemma Su Hao faces is he still isnt that familiar with Zhanzheng College. Not to mention he is still clueless regarding the enemys identity. They are the perfect assassin. How could he find the enemy?

Su Hao sighed as he looked at the teaching block building at the center of the campus.

There sat a computer with an extensive database. It is used to handle the internal resources of Zhanzheng College, only second to the Federations quantum computer! Whether it be the students exam material or personal information, almost everything could be found there! If Su Hao could obtain the data stored there, his task of identifying the hypnotist wouldnt be difficult.

Thinking of this, with his previous experience of hacking the police system to help blue dream butterfly, Su Hao soon focused his attention on this computer.

Except it is different from the previous case.

When he went to the police station, he did utilize his masters fame, Zhang Zhongtian. But external names are useless here!

The only way Su Hao could enter is if he invades!


As he thought of this, Su Haos head began to ache.

Zhanzheng College isnt an ordinary place, and every student has a terrifying ability! Su Hao was pretty sure there would be a few top figures in the Federation in charge of hacking. Once he tried to invade the school computer, his entry-level skill would fail!



After Su Hao asked someone for a better understanding, his face instantly turned ugly.

What he guessed was right. Zhanzheng College did have top hackers in the Federation working for them. In fact, it has three in total! Each of them could easily destroy a citys system within half an hour.

Of course, there were reasons for that too.

These people were restricted to Zhanzheng College and werent allowed to leave. Otherwise, with their adventurous mindset, they would probably create enough chaos to make the whole Federation a mess.

Invasion? Su Hao was at a loss.

With his newbie skill, to invade the system would probably be out of his reach. However, looking at the information about these three hackers, Su Hao suddenly laughed loudly.