Godly Model Creator Chapter 539

Chapter 539

Chapter 539 - Hacker Invasion

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

To invade is just a matter of learning.

Especially in the Internet age, this field poses zero harm to berserk beasts but ironically, it could easily cripple the whole Federation at any time.


Berserk beast?

In the eyes of certain people, this concept didnt exist in their mind.

To them, their only life is the virtual digital world!

It is the era of origin ability!

When one invades the network, the virtual world, they will become God himself! These people, they are called modern hackers!

Hackers are everywhere in this world.

In the eyes of espers, what one sees is the world of origin energy. In the eyes of chefs, one would only see a world full of ingredients. In the eyes of hackers, what they see is a world of loopholes. They could easily find a loophole and invade the system.

The field of hacking has always existed since the ancient times.

These hackers wander the grey zone, searching for the secrets of the world.

Nobody bothered with them until there is a time when they were getting close to unlocking Pandoras box. However, the Federation isnt just going to sit still and watch them cause havoc. After several hackers messed around and caused damage to the Federation, the higher-ups finally took action and hunted down the top ten hackers.

In that operation, several hackers were killed on the spot, leaving the remaining hackers alive.

They had seen the truth which they were seeking for!

They had seen the tragic war between humanity and beasts!

And it was the truth.

The technology they have always been proud of is trash in front of berserk beasts. Self-proclaimed as Superman, but they have no role on a battlefield. God of the virtual world? It is all nonsense!

Geniuses would always be proud and have high esteem.

But when the so-called geniuses learn that they cant even match with a mere little soldier, could they still be proud? They finally understood why the Federation always excluded them and emphasized on the military instead!

It was all because its a necessity.

From that day onwards, the top ten hackers disappeared. The remaining three hackers who survived the operation stayed in Zhanzheng College. Their job is to fix any vulnerabilities in the system. In other words, they became the security engineers. Many here knew they are top hackers, but so what?

This place is Zhanzheng College!

A place where true geniuses flock together!

Hackers and Internet are just tools in their eyes. Especially those who have been to the battlefield, it is even more apparent that the so-called cyber attacks are just farces in front of berserk beasts.

To find these three hackers, it isnt a difficult task. In fact, to say that it was too easy isnt an exaggeration.

There were a lot of freshmen in Zhanzheng College each year and among them, the number of students who were interested in such technology isnt a small amount. Therefore, many came over here to inquire about the location of these hackers. When Su Hao went to their location, he couldnt help to feel helpless.

Its too much!

In front of every hacker, there is a long queue of students lining up to learn.

Somethings not right. Su Hao felt the situation was strange.

Isnt hackers always being looked down by society?

How could there be so many people interested in the field?

After talking to someone there, Su Hao was dumbstruck.

When a student went out for a task two days ago, a hacker hacked him and exposed the task information in advance. Not only did the mission fail, but the entire team was wiped out. Nowadays, many would often seek service from the hackers in the black market.

No one could imagine the amount of task information leaked in the few days.

Most students who went out for the task have to give up and run away. Worst still, a large number of them had been killed as a consequence.

Thus, after understanding the situation, many came over to the three hackers. To learn hacking wasnt just to invade but also to defend!

To be frank, Zhanzheng College banned the hackers from passing the means of invading to others anyway.

In the eyes of those students, hackers are just like any pharmacists, pianists, and other professions which acted as a means to assist cultivation.

By learning how to hack, one could accomplish some simple tasks. Even when one went out to complete the task, it would be easier to defend against invasions from a third party.

How could it turn out to be like this? Su Hao wiped off his sweat.

It was completely different from what he imagined. Looking at the long queue in front of him, Su Hao felt he had to do something.

And it was at this moment, a student entered in a cool manner and attracted screams from countless girls. He was with a beautiful girl while chatting among themselves happily.

As Su Hao looked up and all he could see was their arrogance, and nobody dared to block their way.

Hey, fellow student, who is that? Su Hao casually grabbed a student next to him and asked.

You dont know? The student looked at Su Hao in amazement and proudly explained, Oh, you must be freshman then. Haha, this is our third year senior who majors in computers and also Master Gans beloved disciple, Gao Han. Hes also the only one who can apply hacking theory into his origin ability!

Oh? Su Hao revealed a look of interest.

Master Gan.

It was the hacker ranked fifth in the hacking field and was now the staff of Zhanzheng College. Not to mention,  Gao Hans arrogant look made Su Hao feel amazed.

Todays computer profession is more inclined to scientific research.

Students majoring in computers who graduated from Zhanzheng College might not have high credits. Usually, they would barely make it to graduation. However, their proficiency in their majored profession is excellent! Each of them would be a scientist in their specific field in the future!

And to be able to apply hacking theory to an origin ability?

It is even more interesting.

However, for someone like Su Hao, these were meaningless for the meantime. When he heard that that student was Master Gans disciple, Su Hao suddenly revealed a grin.



Su Hao scanned the form of this student, and it was immediately captured and imprinted in his mind.

Easily angered, violent, womanizer.

Several keywords flashed.

Su Haos heart seemed to have some idea, Just a pretty boy with some luck, what qualification does he have to be Master Gans disciple? Su Hao deliberately said it out loud.


The surroundings instantly turned quiet as everyone turned around to look at Su Hao.

Where is this?

The base of Master Gan!

In front of Master Gans place, he actually trash talked his disciple?

This student is too daring!

Gao Han was about to enter but halted his movement. Along the way, he heard all sorts of discussion about him, but he is too lazy to bother with them except now. That persons voice was too loud! It sounded like they were deliberately picking a fight with him. Plus, there is a female companion beside him. If he ignores that provocation, is he still a man?

Whore you? Gao Hao turned around and looked at Su Hao coldly.

Well, Im here to become a disciple. Su Hao sneered, However, after seeing you, I am doubtful of Master Gans sight. Even trash like you are accepted. How low is the threshold to be the disciple?


The atmosphere suddenly escalated that everyone watched the scene in great interest.

Forget about provoking Gao Han; this student actually dragged Master Gan into it too?

Hes too daring!


Gao Hans face turned dark.

Usually, he would sneer and ignore the person. Today, he worked very hard to get a female student to come along to his masters place to aid in setting up an extremely strong security measure, and yet he was insulted by someone on the way?

It is something he could not bear!

Youre courting your own death! Gao Hen coldly said.

With his cool looking face, more female fans screamed in excitement.

To die or not isnt something you can decide. Su Hao smiled indifferently, Isnt Master Gan searching for a disciple? I am confident enough that my hacking skill can surpass yours and be accepted by him as a disciple.

You? Gao Han glanced at Su Hao for a second and smirked, Since youre this confident, why not follow me inside? Im eager to find my master another disciple too.

Whats there to be afraid of? Lets go. Su Hao replied in a mocking tone.

Both of them stared at each other and entered.

Everyone looked at this scene in excitement!

Finally, theres something to enjoy!

Unfortunately, they cant enter, or they would be able to witness a collision of Mars against Earth. Heavyweight confrontations are everyones favorite things to witness.

However, at this time, the student who was asked by Su Hao earlier felt something was amiss.

Something isnt right!

That guy, didnt he learn about Gao Han earlier?

Plus, I was the one who introduced him.

How could he suddenly provoke Gao Han?

As he raised up and noticed the crowd in front, he seemed to have understood something.


That student hit his thigh and finally reacted, Damn, he actually thought of something like this?

At this time, if he still didnt understand, he would be a retard. It seemed that Su Hao deliberately took the chance to anger Gao Han so he could skip the queue!


The student sighed in sorrow.

Except he would never do such an act!

Before even getting started, Su Hao offended his senior. What if a backdoor is planted in your communication device later as revenge, wont that backfire instead?

Even if Su Hao managed to cut the queue, what he is about to experience wont be smooth either.

Inside the villa.

Walking on the small path in the courtyard, Su Hao enjoyed the flowers with interest. With Gao Han leading the road, he wont have to worry about getting lost. At this time, noticing  Su Haos calm look, Gao Han seemed to understand something. He perceived that Su Hao manipulated his anger is using it.

However, even so, Gao Hao didnt seem as if he was bothered by this.

As he was leading the way, the corner of his mouth raised up. He could imagine the incoming scene.


You think Master would randomly accept any disciple?

You think that with your attitude, Master would like you?

Gao Han coldly laughed. However, he didnt realize that Su Hao saw all of his actions through Synchronous Playback.