Godly Model Creator Chapter 54

Gmc Chapter 54

Chapter 0054 Fraudulent school store

Of the total of 400 points in fighting technique, you have already mastered 300. The remaining 100 points are obviously for military fighting technique. As for you, it shouldnt be too hard to master it. After mastering military fighting technique, then you have to apply every skill you learn perfectly. Only can you be considered as having fully mastered and comprehended fighting techniques.

Shi Shaotian faintly said.

Su Hao obviously knew about that part. But what he was interested was this, Teacher, then what about more than 400 points?

Oh? Shi Shaotian raised his eyebrow as he smirked, You brat, your ambition is quite huge, yea.

Su Hao scratched his head.

Since your theoretical foundation is 190 points, you should know that 400 points represents perfect mastery of fighting technique. In addition to this, there are also those legendary martial art moves. However, those things are extremely rare and too messy to be assessed under fighting technique.

As for those, I have no way to teach you. You can only depend on your own fate. Shi Shaotian faintly said, However, to fight for such an opportunity, you have to ensure perfect mastery in fighting technique first!


Well, thats all for our basic fighting training tutorial. I hope we get to see each other again in the future. Shi Shaotian laughed.

Finished already? Su Hao was stunned.

Your road is already so clear. Shi Shaotian continued, Many students are still struggling in basic fighting techniques, and yet, you have already reached the stage of military fighting techniques. As for your future path, you are already well aware of it. In this batch, out of everyone, the one that made me most at ease is you.

After finishing the sentence, Shi Shaotian patted his shoulder, Work hard!

And thus, the fighting training tutorial had ended. Because he was a step ahead, there wasnt much to guide him on. As for the remaining points, the way to obtain them was also very clear.

Fighting training, which Su Hao was so excited for, ended just like that. If fighting training made Su Hao end up feeling bad, then theoretical foundation


The next day, the theoretical foundation tutorial came to an even faster. Su Hao had only entered the classroom for about 10 minutes and then exited.

It was very simple. For a bookworm like him, there was nothing else to teach him.

The teacher directly threw him a school website and told him that he was only lacking the final details. As long as he visits the school library, that would be alright.

As the theoretical foundation tutorial ended, Su Haos four basic tutorials officially finished.



Countless amounts of information appeared on the communication device. Su Hao opened them to have a look. As expected, it was the school notice, Student Su Hao, welcome to being an official student of the natural selection class.

And then followed by a bunch of introductions, which had been mostly mentioned by Zhao Feng before. The battle of honor, which was held once every month. Every month during the 1st day, there would be four classes. Each class lasts for two hours. In exactly one days time, four teachers would explain. You can choose whether you want to attend the lectures or not. In addition to those, there were no other courses.

Such level of freedom!

Such a terrifying level of freedom!

Even if you slept until the time for the college entrance exam, nobody would say a thing about you. But those in the natural selection class, who wouldnt be desperate to keep improving themselves? If you were allowed to sleep, would you do so? [ED: Yes]

With the completion of the basic tutorials, the communication device finally had several more options activated.

Su Hao then looked into the options. If he wasnt mistaken, it should be the school tasks, field exploration, berserk beasts hunting, and the first kill reward!

Su Hao chose the school mission option. Basically, it looked similar to the one in the origin ability firm, just that the reward was replaced with task points. What he was more concerned about were the following options.

Field exploration.

Exploring the field around the school which is filled with berserk beasts, according to the distance travelled, when you reach a specific standard, task points would be rewarded. However, each reward would only be given once.

Field exploration reaching 100 meters, reward 10 task points.

Field exploration reaching 200 meters, reward 20 task points.

Field exploration reaching 300 meters, reward 30 task points.


Just like what Zhao Feng said, that detailed long list of rewards was the welfare for students. Although they were benefits which came with danger, the highest exploration was 10,000 meters, and the reward was also extremely terrifying, 1,000 task points. But in general, students usually wandered around 2000 to 3000 meters. Thus, that was just a hopeless indicator.

Berserk beast hunting.

As for hunting, it was according to the number of beasts hunted. And like before, when you reach specific standard, you would be rewarded with specific task points. Each reward could only be obtained once.

1 berserk beasts hunted, reward 10 points.

5 berserk beasts hunted, reward 20 points.

10 berserk beasts hunted, reward 30 points.


Similarly, the highest reward for hunting was also 10,000 berserk beasts with reward of 1,000 points. However, if you wanted to hunt 10,000 of them in a year, you would have to kill more than 30 berserk beasts daily on average!

And that was reality, not a game! For students with weak strength, it might be a bit too difficult for them to hunt berserk beasts. When two beasts team up, that task would already become very difficult. If three were to team up together, then even to stay alive was a problem, let alone kill more than 30 of them. As for powerful students, those low level beasts would have run away long ago, when they noticed them. Where could you find ten thousand beasts?

Interesting way to encourage students. The first reward could be considered as to encourage students to hunt berserk beasts. Its just free points. After Su Hao finished analysing, he then went to the last option.

First kill reward.

In the wild, there were countless types of berserk beasts. According to the reward, every time you hunted a new type of beast, you would be able to obtain task points. Each reward was only allowed to be received once.

And then it was followed by a detailed list of the rewards for different type of berserk beasts. According to the different level of dangerous berserk beasts, the task points reward would be different too. And Su Hao saw a familiar name.

Violent red jackal, one star berserk beast. Hunting reward was 10 task points.

In order to hunt red jackal, the minimum origin ability required was 9. It happened to meet the minimum requirement for the natural selection class and was also one of the lowest level berserk beasts here.

School tasks, field exploration, beasts hunting, first kill reward Su Hao pondered for a moment. If he was to include the material, then there were 5 methods to accumulate task points. Although the last three options were only one time reward, to get over hundreds of task points, it shouldnt be that hard.

And Zhao Feng mentioned that he had to save for so long to have enough points for origin ability transition, and that body forging technique was even more expensive. Then.how much exactly was body forging technique?

After Su Hao had understood all the options, he directly went to visit the school store.

Instead of being like a store, it would be more appropriate to describe it as a huge one story lobby, surrounded by lots of self serve platforms, and a super large screen which listed down some item prices. In the middle of the lobby, a large, ring shaped room placed a salesperson in each direction outside the room.

The ring shaped room was transparent. In the middle of the room there was a rotating staircase. On the ground floor below, all the wanted items were all delivered from there.

Su Hao activated the virtual screen on his device and connected to the wifi.

Communication device connection

Checking out store merchandise information.detecting student status.basic tutorial completed, standard is met. Do you want to download the product brochure?


Downloading, please wait for a momentdownload is completed. The existing product information has been saved. Its recommended to always update the information to the latest one.

Ignoring the sound, Su Hao immediately selected the product brochure.

Basic fighting techniques were missing from the list. The lowest one started from police fighting techniques.

Beginner police fighting technique, 100 task points.

Intermediate police fighting technique, 200 task points.

Advanced police fighting technique, 300 task points.

So expensive! Su Haos eyes shrinked. Adding them up, it was a total of 600 points! If police fighting techniques were already that expensive.Su Hao continued to scroll down.

Beginner military fighting technique, 300 task points.

Intermediate military fighting technique, 400 task points.

Advanced military fighting technique, 500 task points.

1200 task points! Twice the amount of police fighting technique! That bloody sucker?! That was just the goods for fighting techniques. Su Hao checked for a bit. Body strengthening drug, origin ability cultivation drug. Also, there were also herbs sold which could assist the bodys development. That, however, was quite cheap, costing only few task points.

The goods on origin ability were the most expensive ones. Element control essence, ability control essence, glacier century essence, blaze heaven burner essence, ability supplementary essence, origin ability consumption essence and so onall sort of items to increase origin ability, and it emphasized more on those with element. As for Su Hao, they didnt even have a slightest benefit for him.

Ignore the goods of origin ability!


The list of items changed. Su Hao continued scrolling down. Finally he saw the one which he was searching for. But the very next second after he saw it, his mood instantly turned sour.


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