Godly Model Creator Chapter 540

Chapter 540

Chapter 540 - Desperate Hacker

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

In the villa hall.

Master Gan frowned as he looked at this scene. It was Gao Hans confidence! Due to the unique nature of hackers, before Master Gan accepted any disciple, the first criteria he would look at is The person itself!

Hacking involves both offense and defense.

When you master the defensive technique, one might be able to research the invasive technique on his own. It might be useless against berserk beasts, but it is lethal enough to lead to societys destruction. Therefore, to learn the best hacking techniques, the first thing Master Gan would look at is the persons character.

On the virtual screen, Su Haos acts could be seen.

As Master Gans disciple, Gao Han obviously knew well that there were a few security cameras in front of the villa which silently records everything.

With such a standard, he actually dreams of learning how to hack?

Two minutes later.

Gao Han led Su Hao into the hall. As they entered, Master Gan was sipping his tea.

As expected, the moment when Master Gan saw Su Hao, he began to express his thought, Young man, youre not suitable to learn hacking.

Oh? Su Haos eyebrows twitched. Noticing Gao Hans mocking look, he finally understood what was happening.

Since he was scheming against Gao Han, wasnt Gao Han returning the favor?

He used Gao Han as a stepping stone to cut the queue and in order to seek his revenge, while Gao Han had made him disqualified from any chance of learning hacking techniques. In a sense, Gao Haos move was very decisive!

You want to come, right?

I will let you come!

Unfortunately, the only thing he had overlooked was that Su Haos real aim here wasnt really to learn hacking!

Lots of thoughts were circulating quickly within his mind.

Looking at Gao Hans expression, he suddenly raged in anger as if he had been affected by Master Gan and Gao Haos attitude.

Gao Han, you actually dared to play a trick? Su Haos aura suddenly spread to the surrounding from his body, It must you have contacted Master Gan earlier and asked him not to accept me, right? Humph! Before undergoing any test, based on what cant I be accepted as a disciple!

As Gao Hao looked at Su Haos expression, he was even happier. This idiot, is this kind of place somewhere you can act casually? I dare you to attack!

If you attack Master Gan, then you will spend the rest of your life in jail.

Haaa. Master Gan sighed, To learn hacking, one needs to be patient, boring, and lonely. Your heart is too restless.

Quickly leave before Im mad. Master Gan said in a low tone.

Su Haos anger rose a level. Pointing at Gao Han and Master Gan, Great, this pair of master-disciple. Since you dont want to accept disciple, just refuse. Whats the use of playing underhand tricks? I do not believe that in the whole Federation, youre the only master!



Energy fluctuation could be sensed.

Su Hao seemed to be in a state of approaching eruption as if he could attack at any moment. However, Gao Han and Master Gan were calm and fearless. If Su Hao attacked, his acts would be noticed by the people hidden around and directly thrown into prison.


A trace of energy swept across their body.

Master Gan seemed to be able to feel origin energy locking on him.


That calm expression on Master Gans face vanished as it turned into a cold glare.

Get out!

If you dont go, dont blame me later!


It seemed like Su Hao took quite some time to calm the anger in his heart. Looking at those two in front, he said, Humph, Zhanzheng College has three hacker masters. You think that without Master Gan, I wont be able to find a master of my own? Just wait and see!

After finished his words, Su Hao turned and left, leaving behind Master Gan and Gao Hans cold look.

However, nobody noticed within Su Haos mind, a voice was echoing.

Card selection completed Advanced Hacking Technique Analyzing model Establishing model Card model completed...

Card selection completed Professional Hacking Technique Analyzing model Establishing model Card model completed...

As Su Hao walked out of the small courtyard, he began reviewing his harvests.

It could be said that Gao Hans appearance made his progress even smoother. Because of Gao Han, Su Hao could easily obtain Advanced Hacking Technique.

As he managed to grab himself this skill, in the villa hall, Su Hao shifted his attention to Master Gan.

Once again, he obtained another card.

Professional Hacking Technique, this was Su Haos very first master-level skill. The energy within his body rapidly depleted. Only when it consumed a full twenty percent did Su Hao manage to establish this technique. With his current energy, it must be comparable to those professional espers at the later stages, but the consumption is still too fast that it gave individuals goosebumps!

It clearly showed how horrifying the consumption of a professional technique is!



New information flashed within his mind.

The knowledge from both Gao Han and Master Gan flowed into his mind. With thousands of computer running, Su Hao began to learn and control them quickly.

In the blink of an eye, everything was at the tips of his fingers.

Professional Hacking Technique!

He mastered it!

The first goal was Master Gan.

Su Hao thought of his next step and walked toward the location of the second master.

As for Master Gan, in fact, he and Gao Han did nothing wrong. The anger Su Hao showed was just an act to cover up his move to read the cards. Su Hao did feel embarrassed for this master. Well, he had no other way. In order to find out who was scheming against him behind the scene, this master had to be mistreated.

And at this time, inside Master Gans villa.

This Master Gan quietly called someone with his communication device, Old Yun, a young man might go over to your place to learn about hacking.

Haha, Im not like you, accepting disciple. A voice from a middle-aged man could be heard, I will always refuse anyway. Why? To call me specifically to emphasize it, could it be that you want me to accept him?

No. Master Gan shook his head, Theres a problem with this mans character. You should pay more attention.

Alright, noted. Mr. Yun sneered, For you to mention this, that guy must not be something good. Its fine if he doesnt come here, but if he does, I will give him a lesson.

Great. Master Gan sent Su Haos photo over.

Gao Han with his usual cold expression looked stunned.

Is this his master?

The reason he trapped Su Hao is because Su Hao angered him. He couldnt get along with Su Hao at all and didnt want his master to accept Su Hao as a disciple. However, he never expected that after Su Hao angered his master, Master Gan actually planned to ruin Su Haos route as a hacker!

This Gao Han couldnt say a single world.

In his eyes, a big shot like Master Gan would actually care about this?

Hehe, you dont understand my actions, right? Master Gan suddenly asked.


Do you know when I was in the hacker circle, what was my nickname? Master Gan casually asked. Looking at Gao Hans confused look, he coldly uttered a few words, Desperate hacker!

Gao Hans hands trembled.

Although he didnt quite understand the meaning behind this nickname, for someone like Master to be associated with desperate, this might not be that simple.

Its good to be patient, but once I decide to make a move, I am ruthless! Master Gan coldly continued, For example, that little brat just now. Its either ignore him like what I did previously. At most, I would ask the security guards to force him out, but once you decide to take a move, you must not give him any chance to make a comeback in this field!

Gao Hans heart turned cold.

If Master said so Doesnt that mean he knew of my schemes earlier?

Gao Han finally understood that the reason Master acted in such a way to Su Hao was to educate him!

Thanks, master! Gao Han was grateful.

No need for that. Master Gan casually said, Old Yun received the news, but Old Huo is uncontactable. He must be currently teaching his disciple. You will go for the trip yourself. That brat, after Old Yun refuses him, he might actually go to Old Huos place. Lets force him to a dead end!

Once he couldnt learn any hacking techniques, wont that be great for you?

Gao Han was stunned. Yes, master!

If these words were to be heard by others, their chin would probably drop to the ground.

Master Gan has always been known for his honest and straightforward temperament. Precisely because of this when the rumors of him wanting to accept another disciple spread, many lined up in front of his villa.

Who would have thought that Master Gan is that vicious?

In fact, to be able to be ranked fifth in a particular area is definitely not an easy feat!

Master Yun...

Looking at the information he obtained, Su Hao pondered for a second.

Su Haos goal today are the three master hackers at Zhanzheng College. But unlike Master Gan, this Master Yuns character doesnt seem to be great.

A bad temper?

What if he got mad later?

As Su Hao thought of it, he suddenly shook his head and smiled. It was just a mere hacker. Wasnt the detail clearly stated that this masters strength is just a level one professional esper?

Its still not certain who will win in a fight.

After Su Hao calmed down, he walked toward the residency of this master.

Youre that brat mentioned by Old Gan earlier? In front of him was a middle-aged man with a fat body and dark skin staring at Su Hao coldly.

Old Gan? Su Hao felt strange and suddenly realized he was referring to Master Gan.

It seems that not only you have problems with your character, but youre stupid too. Master Yun sneered.

... Su Hao instantly understood.

So this was a scheme done by Master Gan?

Damn it!

Alright. Get lost. Youre not qualified to learn hacking.


Before Su Hao could respond, Master Yun slammed the door shut.