Godly Model Creator Chapter 541

Chapter 541

Chapter 541 - If One Cant Stand It, Theres No Need to Bear It Any Longer!

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

Su Hao: ...

Uh... Su Hao sighed.

He wasnt mad at all. Shrugging his shoulder, he just felt that it might be a hassle.

At first, he thought of proceeding peacefully, but since this Master Yun is looking for trouble, then dont blame him for not giving face. As his gaze scanned the surrounding, the corner of his lips rose. Without any hesitation, he directed a kick!


The door broke!

Su Hao actually intended to break in!


Su Hao walked in a with a huge step.

In a corner, two people witnessed this scene with a stunned look.

How could this brat be so aggressive?

Was he looking at us earlier?

It shouldnt be. We hid pretty well.

This then should we stop him? One of them asked.

Were from the law enforcement team. Naturally, we have to take action. Any attempt to murder the staff of Zhanzheng College and disrupt peace is unforgivable. Another person replied frankly.

But have you forgotten those who attacked Su Hao earlier? One asked with lingering fear.

They marked Su Hao when he started his trip to the library. Although Su Hao was assuming a passive defense, he did force his way through. Such a scene made them dumbfounded. Along the way, without caring for the opponents strength, each of them was miserably defeated by Su Hao!

Well, so before Su Hao attempted to attack, we wont make any move.

Destroying doors isnt counted as an offense?

Not exactly. I often do the same too.

I see.

After both of them convinced their actions were right, they followed quietly.

Launching the recorder, it began to snap pictures. Based on the law enforcement teams rules, as long as Su Hao initiated a fight, he wouldnt be able to escape punishment. However, before they had the chance to say something, they saw the so-called Master Yun actually making his move first.


Master Yun bared his fangs and rushed towards Su Hao!

However, Su Hao kicked and pinned him to the ground. Those two law enforcement officers were frightened that they nearly urinated themselves and quickly went to stop Su Hao. The freed Master Yun seemed to be ready to attack again.

Those two wiped off their beads of sweat.

Youre a master!

Have some demeanor, please!

Su Hao smiled as he fixed his clothes. With a righteous tone, he voiced out, Stop pulling me. Im such a good student. If the other party didnt attack me, I will definitely not retaliate.

The members of the law enforcement team quickly subdued Master Yun.

Master, control your anger.

Control your head! You know what he called me? Black fatty! F*ck! That is something I wont tolerate! Since when is this daddy black and fat? Youre the black fatty! Your whole family is made up of black fatties! Master Yun madly screamed.

Su Hao coughed for a second and patted the shoulder of a law enforcement team member, Sorry for having you two brothers work this hard. Such actions which disgrace Zhanzheng College must be stopped. Oh yea, that door which I broke earlier, put that on my tab. I will pay that later. Since you two are busy, I will leave first.

After finished his words, Su Hao casually left the scene, leaving behind those two members looking at each other.

What do we do?

What else can we do? How many people has he beaten today? Although they were all defensive acts, I have a feeling that he would be inviting trouble no matter where he goes. Didnt Captain mention before to focus on him?


Of course, that brat is a disaster!

Damn it.


After they both pondered for a moment, they still felt that monitoring Su Hao is their top priority. Seeing Master Yun no longer resisting, they immediately changed their target and chased after Su Hao.

At this moment, Master Yun looked towards the direction Su Hao left.

It has been such a long time since someone dared to provoke him!

Yes, his strength was only at the professional realm! He barely met the requirement to graduate from this school, but he was still an engineer at this prestigious school! His identity as a hacker master is enough to scare many people! His restrictions in Zhanzheng College didnt mean that he could be bullied by anyone.

In fact, only a few dared to step on a master hackers tail.

There was once a named a battle genius who went and beat the disciple of a master hacker. In the end, what happened? Almost every crime he committed was exposed that same night!

Coincidently, there was also a naked picture scandal.

Also, a domain esper blatantly humiliated a master hacker in front of everyone. As a result, when he passed by a rural area, high-altitude equipment suddenly landed and crushed him to death!


What about the evidence?

Couldnt find it!

Of course, to find evidence in front of these hacker masters is just a mere joke.

Although the publics general perception of master hackers isnt that great, it was at least certain that no one dared to provoke them anymore.

Professional espers?

Domain espers?

Nobody has balls of steel!

However, today is an exception.

Master Lian Yun couldnt believe that he was actually pressed to the ground and beaten to a pulp.

Yes, beaten to a pulp!

Looking at the current state of his nose and face made Master Yun furious.

There has never been anyone who dares to treat me like this. Youre the first. I will remember you, and you will slowly know what hell is.

A professional esper!

A freshman!

Master Yun stared at Su Haos disappearing figure, and the fire in his heart escalated even more.

Great, Su Hao, right? Master Yu wiped off his blood from his mouth and said coldly.


The aura around him suddenly changed!

Currently, he was still that little black fatty. Except, he turned into one with a mysterious aura which made him feel different.



A virtual screen popped out.

In front of Master Yun, a virtual screen and keyboard appeared. With a quick scroll, he locked onto a line.

The username suhao2050 seemed to be his target.

Su Hao? Master Yun cruelly smiled.

Once he decided to hack a communication device, none would escape from his palm. Master Yun activated a specific software, and Su Haos communication devices number appeared on the screen. As long as he invaded Su Haos communication device, all of Su Haos information would be exposed.

What Su Hao used was a special communication device he obtained while in the natural selection class. Inside each device, there will be a corresponding number and once this number is obtained, the device would be easily hacked.

Remote connection! A glow could be seen from Master Yuns pair of small eyes.



Very soon, at the lower right corner of his screen, a small window appeared, showing endless data and password blocks. Master Yun grinned seeing this.

It was the identification code of the hard disk!

As long as these files were interpreted, all documents, videos, and calls recorded by the device would be displayed.

And it was an honor to say that cracking these files is just a joke for hackers like him.

Finally theyre here! Showing his sinister smile again, Master Yun smirked, Su Hao, lets see what kind of secrets you have!

On the way to campus, Su Hao noticed that two red dots were following him from behind. Without having to turn and have a look, he knew it was definitely those two law enforcement team members.

Since the law enforcement team appeared earlier, Su Hao has been monitoring them.

He was well aware of this point.

Moreover, to monitor Su Hao is just the usual procedure. As long as Su Hao didnt take the initiative to attack, he would be fine. However, in such a short period of time, many students attacked him. This attracted the teams attention even more. Thus, they are currently following Su Hao to protect and monitor!

Su Hao wasnt bothered much by this.

Since he intended to make a move, he would no longer endure it.

Since he cant stand it anymore, there is no need for him to bear it any longer!

Plus, he also knew that for those to be crowned as top ten hackers by the Federation, which one of them would be simple?

Dont think that their current appearance seemed innocent. You might not even imagine what these hackers have done before.

When facing Master Gans rage, he succeeded in obtaining Master Gans hacking skill. Just now, as he was beating Master Yun, Su Hao acquired another hacking skill. Two completely different styles were established into cards.

At first, Su Hao thought that there was one type of card for hacking skill.

However, he didnt expect to establish another card with the same name from Master Yun. It was similar, but the means and methods were completely different than the previous one.

When two identical cards appeared, Su Hao could clearly feel that those two cards began to merge!

Card fusion!

Su Hao has never encountered this situation before.

And now, after the cards merged, a new progress bar appeared.

Because the cards were similar, the fusion will complete by itself with a progress bar as an indicator.

But how would he fuse them?

What would he need?

It still depended on Su Hao to analyze it!

Model analysis!


The computers within his mind began to work at maximum capacity.

Two cards with different methods began to merge.


A brand new card appeared!

Although the description is still the same, the star rating improved by one!

Name: Hacking

Star rating: Four-stars

Description: Professional grade of computer invasion technology which is limited to hacking and not applicable to other computer fields.


Su Haos heart skipped a beat.

It was the first time he seen a profession technique reach four-stars!

After completing the analysis, Su Hao seemed to have a complete grasp of hacking. As he was about to review what he learned, he noticed an almost imperceptible fluctuation within his communication device. If it were before, he would probably not care about this fluctuation, but now he is different.

Su Haos eyes shone as he glanced at his communication device.