Godly Model Creator Chapter 542

Chapter 542

Chapter 542 - Just a little bit more

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws


Looking at unrestrained series of small fluctuations, Su Hao suddenly laughed loudly. Seems that this Master Yun doesnt care about this little rookie.

If this is the case, then I will let you continue having your guard down.


Su Hao summoned a virtual screen together with a keyboard and began to act quickly.

Soon, within his communication devices system, Su Hao established a sandbox world identical to his communication devices system.

It is a false system that he virtualized and it has no differences from the actual system. As he expected, the Master Yuns attempt to hack began by exploring the virtual system.

Hehe. Su Haos fingers were a bit itchy.

Especially after he integrated the techniques of Master Gan and Master Yun, this newly magical skill he mastered made his heart excited.

Why not use Master Yun as a practice target?

It doesnt seem alright...


Su Haos face revealed a look of embarrassment, but his fingers decisively invaded Master Yuns communication device.


A row of code appeared.

A trace of surprise could be seen in Su Haos eyes.

The entry was too smooth!

With just a snap of his finger, he actually managed to get access to Master Yuns system.

Sandbox world? Su Hao made a quick guess.

However, after a careful clarification, he was stunned. It was indeed Master Yuns communication device. This isnt it too easy?! It was far from what he expected, a war of offense and defense. How could it be this easy?

After thinking of it for a moment, Su Hao understood.

He had learned Master Yuns skills and techniques for hacking. Of course, he would know the loopholes available. At the same time, he also mastered Master Gans hacking skill which he utilized in this invasion.

Of course, the most crucial point was Master Yun didnt attempt to defend!

Only three hacker masters were remaining in the Federation. Who would have thought a nobody who just learned hacking would have the standard of a master hacker?

Due to this negligence, Master Yun became the victim instead!

When Su Hao saw a scene recorded in Master Yuns communication device, he was dumbfounded.

Because Master Yun was a master hacker, he was extremely confident in his hacking skill. Naturally, his communication device would be his private domain which is also his safest domain. Thus, all sorts of private data were available in it; especially, personal data that makes one blush brightly.

After Su Hao pondered seriously, he decided to copy the files and quietly upload them into the sandbox. He wanted to know what kind of reaction Master Yun would give.

At this moment, Master Yun was wandering in the sandbox world.

What he could find was some random advertisement. Besides that, there was nothing else. No data files, photo, or even video.

This isnt right. Master Yun felt that something was amiss. Could this be a sandbox world?

As he was about to say something, suddenly a row of video code was detected. Master Yuns eyes shined, Haha, finally I found it. Phew, I almost gave up just now. This brat is so cunning that he hid his files with such depth. Well, let me see what kind of videos you are hiding!

With an excited face, Master Yun opened the video and instantly blood spurted out from his nose. This, this, this place...

Wow, here comes a girl. Hehe, this kids eyes arent bad. It could compete with this daddys taste Huh, why do I feel this a little familiar? Hold on...

When the main actor showed up, Master Yun was utterly dumbfounded. In this sandbox world, what was stored inside was a video of himself?

How could this be!

He had encrypted this video twenty-three times and stored it at the bottom-most layer in his device! How could it be transferred here? Could it be that kid...

Master Yun began to sweat heavily.

After a quick look at the system log, he found nothing! He was certain that someone gained access to his communication device precisely because he did not find anything! These similar tricks and maneuvers really made him flustered!

What is his identity? A master hacker!

Unexpectedly, he got hacked!

This level of skill...

Master Yun felt a certain coldness start to grow in his heart. As a hacker, he naturally knew how lethal a hack could end up. His videos? They were just a small appetizer.


The virtual screen suddenly blacked out!

Master Yun knew that this was the opponents initiative to cut off the connection!

His video was just a warning!

Who is this person? Master Yun murmured to himself, Could it be that someone previously outside of the top ten hackers managed to reach our standard?

Zhanzheng College, living area.

There were a total of three master hackers, and the last one is Master Huo. Rumor says that this master is very arrogant, not as friendly as Master Gan nor as violent as Master Yun. However, when Su Hao came over for a visit, he saw the other side of this master.

Su Hao? This middle-aged master was looking at him with great curiosity.

Yes, thats me. Su Hao respectfully replied.

Su Tianchengs son? That madmans son? The college entrance exams top student? The reason behind the beast tide? The Su Hao who performed the secret mission? Master Huo uttered the words as if he was reciting them. It is evident that he had seen all the of Su Haos secrets and one could actually hear an envious tone from him.

Oh, my idol...

Su Hao wiped off his sweat. This shouldnt be how the situation escalated to, Well, Master Huo, I came here to learn hacking techniques...

Whats the use of learning hacking techniques... Master Huos face was bitter.

Were just a bunch of otakus controlled by the Federation. Dont learn from us. I envy you guys who can roam freely without getting punished! This daddy just destroyed an electrical network and look where I am now. Stuck here for my whole life. Master Yun said in a sad tone.

Electrical network... Su Haos face instantly darkened.

There was really such a thing in the history of hackers.

If he remembered it correctly, the destruction of the electrical network led to the total failure of a global power grid. The damage was up to several hundred trillion! Because of the instantaneous power outage, the deaths and injuries caused by this incident were unmeasurable! Master Huo, his kill counter was even more than Su Haos!


Compared to Lan Tingxu, youre more suitable to be called Killing God!

However, Su Hao was sad to find out that he couldnt read the card while looking at this master worshipping him. How could he read it?

Even if he wanted to be angry, he needs a valid reason!

Otherwise, someone will doubt him sooner or later!

What to do now?

At this time, Su Hao really missed Gao Han. If he is here, the situation wouldnt be in this awkward position.

As he was thinking of this, suddenly a voice could be heard.

Master, Im back. At the doorway, a young man walked in. Behind him, a student was tagging along. As Su Hao had a quick glance, his face instantly brightened.

Gao Han!

Senior Huo, my master asked me to pay you a visit. Gao Han respectfully said. Well, why did Little Jun go out and play again? Has the experiment been completed? Gao Han, you can be considered his senior too. I hope you will guide him more often.

Yes. Gao Han respectfully replied.

At this time, he raised his head and saw Su Hao, Huh, its you?

You know him? Master Huo asked with great interest.

Yes. This person went and tried to be my masters disciple, but ended up getting kicked out due to his bad character. At first, Gao Hao was acting politely, but those last words had sent Su Hao into a black hole. With the words from Master Gan, nobody would accept Su Hao as a disciple.

Huh? Master Huo looked at Su Hao in amazement, Is this true?

Of course! Su Hao nodded in rejoice. My beloved Gao Han, youre finally here!

Gao Han! You again! Su Hao went from calm to mad, and energy surged and fluctuated within his body. Filled with a violent aura, the people around him almost suffocated from the suppression!

Not far away from the main door.

A dejected law enforcement team member pulled out a hundred-dollar bill and handed it over to the one beside him, F*ck! I lost. Su Hao actually raged again.

Hehe. The man kept the money with great enthusiasm, I knew this would happen.

Has Su Hao eaten gunpowder today? Why is he always angered whenever he goes? The loser said with a sad expression.

Nonsense, who wont be mad when one gets interrupted all the time on the way to the library? The other man sneered.

True, based on this fact, it would be troublesome if someone is killed... The man who lost the money sighed and quickly diverted his attention.

In the room.

Gao Hans face was a bit pale, but he was still able to stare at Su Hao coldly, What? You dare to kill someone at Zhanzheng College?

So what if I kill you? Su Haos murderous intent once again skyrocketed, leaving everyone pale.

Uh. Master Huo quickly tried to control the situation, Su Hao, how about giving me some face?

He wasnt worrying over his own safety. In fact, within Zhanzheng College, these master hackers are very unlikely to be experiencing any life-threatening danger.

Su Hao didnt pay attention to him at all. Keeping his cold killing intent, when everyone thought he was about to attack, Su Hao suddenly smiled.

Alright. After saying this, Su Hao stopped.


The surrounding murderous aura and energy fluctuation disappeared instantly without a trace.