Godly Model Creator Chapter 544

Chapter 544

Chapter 544 - What Happened to This World

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

Damn it! Su Hao cursed in his heart.

As his mind worked hard for a solution, he soon came with a decision.

First, I will search for the students information. Name, gender, ability talent, origin technique, etc.; I will filter out anything which potentially related to the one Im searching for!


A waterfall-like scene appeared in front of his eyes.

Numerous rows of information popped up. Data on every student from over the years was instantly displayed on the virtual screen which included the battle videos during their assessment. After Su Hao screened them out, the size of matching data was now more acceptable.

However There is still the dilemma of copying them.

To read the whole data is impossible. After all, the amount of data is too enormous! If he was to view them page by page, he couldnt imagine how many years it would take! As Su Hao locked his eyebrows looking at the virtual screen filled with endless data, his mind shook suddenly. An alternative idea popped out. Perhaps I can give this a try?

What is linking the database with reality?

The communication device!

And himself!

Communication devices are specially customized, and no one would pay much attention to its details. Thus, the only place where the problem arises should be none other than Su Hao.

Establish the model?

Su Hao had established both object and life models, but what about mathematical models?

He hasnt tried it out yet.


His eyes shone with hope.

All the code he saw began to establish itself within the model world. Again, the same waterfall scene occurred; signifying the birth of a mathematical model. The codes were circulating like DNA spirals which amazed Su Hao.

A mathematical model?

Su Hao attempted to build this model in his mind.

Data could be read, but to condense them into mathematical models seemed like a distant feat. After several condensations, the data collapsed over again and again.



He did not even succeed once!

A mathematical model doesnt seem to work. Su Hao muttered to himself.

Instead of calling a mathematical model a solution, it would be more accurate to label it as a fictional existence; a system which uses mathematical language, a virtual model. To make it a reality in mathematical form is somewhat unreliable; let alone Su Haos half-baked mathematical standard.

Is it really impossible to create a mathematical model?

Looking at the current data, he thought hard for a solution but failed to in just mere minutes. Thousands of computers in the model world were in standby mode.

Hold on...

Why do I have to build a model?

Su Hao engaged in deep thought.

When he was in the library, he could memorize those texts easily. What about now? Cant he do the same and record this information? Even just the simplest 010101 could be turned into text or video after parsing. The only difference is that the size of the data is enormous.



His eyes which lost their brilliance once again shone.


This time, Su Hao stared at the flowing data without leaving a leak. At this moment, Su Haos eyes turned into a scanning machine. As the data flow kept refreshing, thousand of lines were displayed per second!

This speed is without a doubt impossible for ordinary people to see!

But in Su Haos mind, each computer was recording the scene; the computer screens began to display the same pattern of data flow.

Record and store.



A few minutes passed.

In the room, Gao Han and Xiao Jun stared at a virtual screen. Su Haos progress bar didnt move at all, but on the other side, Master Huos constantly decreased.

52%, 51%

50%, 49%...

It is an N-way joint firewall. When it reaches 0%, it signifies that the firewall has been completely breached and everything protected behind it will be exposed. As of now, Master Huo was progressing smoothly, but Su Hao was far off from completion.

Do you see that? Now you know your level is just so-so. Gao Han began to ridicule.

As for Xiao Jun, he just glanced at Gao Han for a second and didnt say anything.

He didnt understand; what is there to ridicule? To mock Su Hao is only so-so, such an act just indirectly says that they are even worse as they couldnt even touch Su Hao.

Shaking his head as he couldnt understand Gao Hans logic, Xiao Jun shifted his attention back to the joint firewall.

Su Hao...

He really couldnt break it?

With his current level, he could at least reach 80%. Su Hao is someone who could defeat him in five minutes; even if he couldnt destroy the firewall, he should at least get 60% at worst. However, the current situation was a total opposite. Su Hao didnt even touch the door of the firewall. Exactly what is happening here?

Xiao Jun was puzzled.

Obviously, he was clueless that when Master Huo was busy cracking the codes, Su Hao was wandering within the ocean of data. Everything in Zhanzheng College was in front of his eyes!


Yet another batch of data appeared.

Su Haos heart skipped a beat. He finally completed them!

The data on every student currently enrolled has been obtained. As long as the analysis of the data is completed, he would be able to identify who is the esper with hypnotic ability!

With this, Su Hao was no longer interested in continuing to scan.

There was too much information here. Perhaps there might even be some traps set up or something alike. If he triggered them accidentally, that would be bad if others are alarmed.

Having this thought, Su Hao got ready to quit quietly.


A stream of data flashed.

Without a doubt, Su Hao took a look, and the computers in his mind translated this code into text. Su Haos figure who was about to leave instantly stiffened on the spot.

Just now...

What did he see?

A hallucination?

Once again, Su Haos consciousness entered the model world. On a computer screen, a row of words was displayed. It was a piece of content which caught Su Haos attention.

It was a piece of history.

Or to be precise, it was a historical piece.

Su Hao had a look at the lower right corner to identify the source; Zhanzheng College Historical Research Group.


Su Hao glanced at the text and was immersed in deep shock.

A chaotic era befalls due to origin energy; destroying countless precious historical materials. Countless facts have been destroyed thanks to a miraculous revolution; we as the members of the Historical Research Group are committed to seeking the truth of this world. First and foremost, we always have this question bugging us. What is actually happening to this world?

In the year 2030, a catastrophe swept the whole planet and formed the current Federation!

But what about before the calamity?

That is the truth were searching for.

Why would the age of origin ability era appear?

Is it really due to an inexplicable origin energy reaction? The world had a huge change; the Earth now is filled with endless origin energy. Water, land, mountains, rivers, and even the air carries origin energy. What is the reason behind this trigger which led to such change on Earth?!

Is it true that our history begins from the year 2030?

This is the goal of the entire team, and after years of research, we have finally achieved some result...


The historical piece was cut off here, but a storm had been set off within Su Haos heart!

The truth of history!

The arrival of origin ability!

Zhanzheng College has actually been studying this for a long time!

After all, to stop the current problem, there were only two ways. First, become the strongest esper and kill berserk beasts. The other would be finding the truth. Perhaps after the truth is found, some changes could be made regarding todays world.

However, the journey is destined to be difficult.

But, what made Su Hao surprised is that they actually achieved a result!

What kind of result?

Su Haos eyes lit up. At this time, the thought of invading the firewall had been thrown to the back of his mind. What he was searching for only had one answer.



A stream of data flashed.

Su Hao locked his target on that incomplete historical piece and History Research Team. After a crazy search started, soon files of data were translated out. Discarding the useless data, Su Hao directly looked at the final article.

What is a foreigner?

Based on historical records, the Federation didnt exist before the chaotic era. Earth was divided into countries and what seems strange was all the countries adopted the Chinese language which is the oldest written language in the northern hemisphere. The so-called foreigners naturally refer to those from other countries.

But is that really the case here?

A few years ago, a historian found a badly damaged fragment. What is shown above is some strange text consisted of pinyin letters.


After lots of investigation and consultation, the conclusion is this might be a dialect of a certain country. However, we didnt give up. In many places, we managed to find similar looking fragments. Forming these fragments together, it seemed to form another language.

What amazed us was this language strangely came close to computer language!

Those hard to recognize letters, those hard to remember with pinyin and strange brand names, after being compiled into this language, they were actually a match!



These words which need to be learned by memory, they flowed smoothly after being compiled with this language. At this time, we were stunned.

So there was once another country on our planet, but where is this other country?

A country that uses a different language or even with people of varying skin color, they might have come up with this computer technology and may have conducted numerous transactions with us which is why many traces of their existence were left. However, if so, why did they disappear?

Is it because of the chaotic era?


Countless people survived from that era.

Those born in the 80s, 90s, and 00s, they personally witnessed the changes in this world. They saw the disappearance of countries, the establishment of the Federation, and the arrival of the origin ability era! But why do they have zero impression on past history? We tried to investigate further on this matter but ended up with nothing.

Thus, we still have the same question.

What happened to this world?