Godly Model Creator Chapter 545

Chapter 545

Chapter 545 - Sniping Hacker

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

What happened to this world?

When Su Hao saw this sentence, he experienced a deep shock.

This question, Su Tiancheng had asked the same one before.

However, at that time, his dad was referring to the one during the chaotic era and the present world. But, when there were records from 50 years ago, doubts began to sprout. Now that these historians get ahold of more evidence, Su Hao was stunned.

What happened to this world?

It wasnt a question posed by a person alone!

Su Hao continued to look further.

There were several arguments made from all the evidence gathered. First, who invented the computer?


How many countries are on Earth?


Anyway, the Federation had been established. Who would actually bother with it?

It is understandable for the young ones to be unclear about this, but those who are old and have experienced the chaotic era? How could they be clueless about this?

We tried to ask them but were told that they werent bothered about this.

Yes, we humans subconsciously ignore things that we dont care about.

However, it is understandable if the number is only one or two. But when everyone who survived the chaotic era neglected this matter subconsciously, it clearly proved that something was amiss.

It seems that not even one human considered the time before the chaotic era.

Before the chaotic era, the world was peaceful. There was no war. Some countries co-existed together but never engaged each other at all. In fact, all countries would trade with each other and what else?


All the information regarding the past couldnt be found!

Even those who lived before the chaotic era had forgotten about it.

And what was even more interesting was that if we did not ask, they would have never seemed to realize this problem. The most amazing part was each person actually thought that they had grown old and forgotten about certain memories from long ago.

So from here, what we could conclude was in the world history, there seemed to be a cut. As for what was happening in the middle?

Nobody knows.

Regarding this world, we have too many questions.



The virtual screen flashed.

It seemed to have reached the end.

Su Hao looked at the last paragraph once more. His heart was in chaos.

Why didnt anyone realize these problems of the time before the year 2030?

Why in did an energy outbreak occur in the year 2030?

Why is it that only after the year 2030 did we begin to realize these problems?

Is the history we know the truth?



Every problem was rambling like thunder and lightning in his mind. It was total chaos!

Is our history true?

There did not seem to be many people who actually pursued to the end of the problems regarding our history.

At least, right now, the Federation is here. As for what happened before the Federations establishment, who cares? With the threat from berserk beasts, mankind has been busy fighting against them. Who would bother with the issue regarding who the creator of the computer is? Unexpectedly, at Zhanzheng College, someone actually went to research more on this topic.

Moreover, they found a problem.

There are some faults in the history we know.

So many unknowns regarding what happened before the chaotic era; the era itself destroyed those materials which could solve the unknowns. All these factors reduced the number of people who are aware of this to a small amount.

Origin ability era...

Historical faults...



Model establishment.

Model reconstruction.


Su Hao who just began his deduction was forced to stop because the moment he started to analyze the matter, it evolved into hundreds of millions of possibilities. If he allowed it to continue, the model would instantly collapse.

The deficiency in data is too severe. Su Haos pupil shrank.

Even if one wants to deduce, there must be some basic materials to work with.

With every appearance of different basic material, it can reduce the possibilities even more and if it is any key material, to get straight to the final goal isnt a dream too!

But now, its impossible.

Di~. Di~. Di~.

A gentle noise could be heard from his ears.

Su Haos eyes rolled. Now that he finally awoke, he retracted his consciousness away from the model world. He was still in a battle of hacking with Master Huo!

Under Synchronous Playback, Su Hao could clearly see that the red color progress bar on the virtual screen in front of Master Huo had reached the critical moment. 10%, 9%, 8%; it was declining at a rapid speed. With such progress, not even one minute is needed before Master Huo broke the joint firewall.

Indeed Master Huo deserves his reputation... Su Hao smiled; he wasnt bothered by it.

To achieve victory is simple for him, but to be monitored by Zhanzheng College in exchange wasnt really a pleasant experience. Since his purpose of coming here has been achieved, losing would be his best option. Just when he was about to tap out, Su Hao suddenly noticed that skeptical look of Xiao Jun; he instantly realized an issue.

Yes, since his standard was much higher than Xiao Jun, that look from Xiao Jun meant...

He must attempt to break the firewall. Since he could do so, there was no reason Su Hao failed to do the same!

In a heartbeat, Su Hao had an idea.

This time, on the virtual screen, Master Huos invasion had reached the final moment.

Both of them who were immersed in own screen all these time and yet, Su Hao burst out in laughter.

Hes going to lose. Whats there to laugh? Gao Hans eyes widen.

He didnt pay attention to the progress bar and didnt notice whether hes leading or not. Right now, hes in his zone. The screen and keyboard are all his eyes see. Xiao Jun calmly analyzed.

Then whats there to laugh? Gao Han continued in a mocking tone, In 5 more seconds, he will lose!

2%, 1%


Master Huos invasion reached the final stage.

Senior is about to win. One could see Gao Hans brimming look.

However, the progress bar which had been smoothly moving all this time suddenly halted momentarily. Master Huo seemed to arrive at an impasse.

What happened? Gao Han was stunned.

Xiao Juns eyes lit up. As he glanced at Master Huo who was locking his eyebrows and casual look from Su Hao, he seemed to have understood what was happening and exclaimed in excitement, Sure enough, I know Su Hao wouldnt be this weak. He finally showed his cards!

What do you mean by that? Gao Han couldnt understand, With just 1% left, can he still surpass Master Huo?

Im not talking about him attempting to crack the firewall. Xiao Jun shook his head, What I mean is he is attacking Master. Master Huos attempt to break the firewall has been interrupted by Su Hao.


Gao Hans face changed.


It is a terrifying term.

Between a battle of masters, what one is afraid of the most is the opponents snipe. Once one failed to defend, all your smart devices will be under your opponent's control; by then, death is nothing but an instant.

But in the Internet world, almost every hacker would first learn about defense and not how to invade!

How to hide ones location!

Su Hao and Master Huo, both didnt use LAN because the new communication devices only connected to the network in Zhanzheng College! In such a vast network, looking for the IP address is harder than finding a needle in a haystack! Not to mention, it was none other than Master Huo.

But now Su Hao found it!

Not only did he found it, but he also launched a sniping operation!

Coldness suddenly grew within Gao Haos heart. A person who can launch a network attack on Master Huo whether the result ends in success or failure, such existence isnt someone he could afford to anger. If Su Hao seeks revenge on him, he might not even know how he died. Thinking of this, Gao Hao turned pale.

Great courage! Xiao Juns eyes were sparkling with stars.

With both hands tapping on the public mode virtual screen, he directly selected out the virtual world. To participate in this battle was out of his ability, but to spectate it is still possible.


A devastating scene appeared on the screen.

In the database world, Master Huo stared at the sudden appearance of a young man.

He didnt expect that when he was about to breach the firewall, his data flow would be forcefully cut off!



With a stream of data flashing, the nothingness around the world made an abrupt change.

Blue sky decorated with white clouds appeared in front of everyone. The surrounding mountains were towering, reaching the clouds as they floated around the peaks. The scenery was beautiful, and it was surprisingly one of the scenes which had appeared before during college entrance exam.

Virtual reality! Master Huos ever calm face finally showed sign of changes. Looking at this scene in disbelief, he exclaimed, You have actually mastered the technique of virtual reality!

Not bad!

It was a virtual world which appeared in front of him!

Previously when Su Hao was in Fenghui City, he had written the virtual world code which he learned. Utilizing it at this moment was perfect timing and coupled with his hacking skill, an almost real-life scene appeared. Here, it was no longer a data stream but a real world.


A breeze blew past.

Master Huo even felt the cold air coming into contact with his skin.

This sensation... Master Huos look turned serious; the realness is as high as 99%!

This skill could almost rival an actual virtual world. This monotonous holographic data stream and endless lines of codes were completely hidden.

Master Huo, do you like this move of mine? Su Hao laughed out loud.

Battle? Master Huo took a deep breath, In reality, I might not be your opponent but here is a virtual world! A world of hackers! No matter how strong an attack is, its just a compilation of codes!


As Master Huo finished his words, an earthquake happened!

Su Hao made his move!




Three arrows in a row!

Xinghe Arrows were shot out without hesitation towards Master Huo; followed by a skillful summon of Xinghe Sword. Mountain Crash, Water Split, Su Hao directed both moves at him.

You still do not understand. Master Huo smirked, Destroy!


Endless flames suddenly descended from the sky!

A group of rock-sized fireballs descended from above. They were all heading at Su Hao. Su Hao subconsciously wanted to activate his Circular World but realized that this is just a world of code. Changing his stunt, he quickly condensed a Xinghe Arrow and shot it.