Godly Model Creator Chapter 546

Chapter 546

Chapter 546 - A Crazy Confrontation

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws



Nine arrows were shot out consecutively!

With each shot, Su Hao made a sun-like fireball burst. Not a single flame could touch his hair.


Master Huo shook his head, Youre strong, but you still dont understand. Yes, you built this virtual world, but my knowledge of coding far exceeds yours. All the attacks here are made from codes. This place is a world of code. I dont even need an attack of my own. As long as its something I have seen, I can reproduce it with codes.


Su Hao who just finished cleared all the fireballs suddenly felt a chill incoming.

Icy Snow Dance!

Like a knife, the snow cut through ones skin. Su Hao was shocked. He had integrated knowledge from all three master hackers; why cant he replicate this kind of attack too?


Ice Burst!



The endless attacks forced Su Hao to resort to dodging. Master Huo isnt that capable in actual combat capability, but in this online world, he suddenly turned into a god-like existence. At this moment, Su Hao realized something. What he learned were Master Huos hacking skills...

But Master Huos thoughts and his understanding of codes is something he cant learn!

That is what the soul and essence are all about!

It is also the reason why Master Huo is strong. Even if he is forcefully drawn into the virtual world by Su Hao, he could still be invincible with his strong thought process.

If so, should I try to use other attacks too? Su Haos mind was working at the speed of lightning.

Spiritual Attack!


A barrier was formed in front of him, blocking the icy snow.


Su Hao was pleasantly surprised. As long as he could imagine it, the computers within his mind would instantly help analyze and produce the desired codes. Then, he could use the codes to recreate the scene.


This is what the hacker world is all about?

Su Hao was genuinely shocked.



Countless explosive sounds echoed.

Su Hao looked up and noticed that the surrounding glacier vanished. What appeared was endless magma. With a series of volcanic eruptions, the never-ending magma was rushing to the surroundings like a tsunami. Almost instantly, everything in front of Su Haos eyes evaporated into the void by the high heat. Shortly after, it rushed towards Su Hao.


Su Haos fingers were gracefully dancing.

Instantly, a massive amount of seawater appeared from behind him and rose to the level of hundreds of meters.

This scene was accompanied by an overwhelming roar. It was a tsunami, a real tsunami!

Master Huo stood on the volcanos bank.

Meanwhile, Su Hao stood before the tsunami.

One red and one blue!

An extreme contrast!


Two currents collided together and instantly erupted!



The endless seawater evaporated!

Meanwhile, the viscous magma sank to the bottom!

At the point of two currents confrontation, thick white smoke was formed. The seawater and magma flew backward; causing a sudden wave spread to the surrounding. As two powers confronted each other, one could see the faint presence of codes but soon returned to normal!



Both Gao Han and Xiao Jun witnessed this scene with wide eyes, they were dumbfounded. This scene of red and blue shocked them to the bottom of their heart. So, a battle between two hackers could be this intense? Such a large scale battle really moved their heart. Compared to a fight between two strong espers, what was the difference?

The only thing which differs is they were in reality, but the scene in front of them was in the virtual world!

Such a strong, solid understanding and foundation! Master Huo was shocked by Su Haos performance.

He didnt expect that with just a few words would make Su Hao realize the concept. Not only that, after comprehending the concept, Su Hao instantly applied it and could contend on equal foot against him. It proved that Su Hao had a solid foundation. What he was lacking were the thoughts.

However, this area was his field of expertise!

If he lost, he wouldnt be able to save his face.

Time to end it. Master Huo took a deep breath. Closing his eyes, he recalled the scene of when that higher-up made a move. Countless code emerged on the screen, turned into strands of energy, and condensed in front of Master Huo.

There was once when he had the privilege to witness that strong esper in action. It was because of that, he gave up his so-called title as a high-level hacker and joined Zhanzheng College. Even he knew he had no hope, at the very least, he could reproduce the same scale of attack in the hacking world. It was proof of his accomplishment and also his trump card.

Dark Moon!


The sky dimmed.

This moment of darkness left behind a perfect full moon.

Su Haos hairs stood straight. His whole body trembled; with just the aura emitted from the moon, he felt that he was too stiff to move.

Looking at this bright moon in shock, this level of aura...

He absolutely cant afford to sit still and wait for the next moment!

With a cold flash within his eyes, Su Hao instantly made a decision.


As energy condensed in both hands, he once again attacked.


Under the bright moonlight, layers of shadows emerged.

Instantly, the moonlight became unstable!

That full moon vanished!

Huh? Xiao Jun and Gao Han were stunned, What kind of attack is this?

As they were wondering, both were abruptly shocked. In that endless void, a huge black shadow appeared, covering almost the entire world.

Gao Hans jaw dropped to the floor and said with stuttered speech, Th This is the Moon?

It should be? Xiao Jun replied in an uncertain tone.

Under the pair of watchful eyes, the Moon which they had read many times in textbooks finally appeared in front of them for once in such a clear and close distance.

It was because of this turn of events that both of them were alarmed.

Because even if this was simulated with codes, it was still based on reality. Doesnt this mean that Master Huo had seen this scale of attack in reality?

Such a level...

An otherworldly attack!


Heaven and Earth seemed to have met its doomsday!

Su Hao is about to lose... Gao Han muttered.

Xiao Jun silently nodded and didnt refute him. With an attack of this scale, what else is to be expected? Whether the Moon is real or not, the aura emitted from it alone was enough to suppress all enemies!

It finally ends... Both raised their head up.

At this moment, they saw Su Hao raising his hand slightly.

Instantly, an unimaginable gigantic hand appeared and flattened the whole moon without breaking a sweat.


Gao Han and Xiao Jun subconsciously closed their thighs.

The egg is broken...


Endless code flushed out.

The entire virtual world collapsed the very next second. All attacks, auras, and figures of both hackers turned into lines of codes.

The chaotic data flow swept around in the system!

This caused the joint firewall to break instantly. The entire defense was pierced, forming hundreds of holes. Alarms rang, and the two other hacker masters who were resting in their rooms were stunned.

On the virtual screen, two red bars were all cleared!


Both Su Hao and Master Huo received repercussions. At the same time, recovering from that godly state, their face looked ashen, sweating profusely. Their body took a few steps back subconsciously before they began to take mouthfuls of air to recover.

This feeling of suffocation...

Its too terrifying!

Master! Xiao Jun quickly went to support Master Huo.

Gao Han hesitated for a second, but still ended up going to help Su Hao sit on a chair. Glancing at him with a gratitude look, Su Hao began adjusted his mental state.

Even if it was virtual reality, even if the setting was a virtual world, that choking feeling was something he wished never to experience it again!

That hand just now... Master Huo smiled bitterly. He thought that only he had experienced such a scene and survived to tell the story. He thought it was the greatest honor of his life. Unexpectedly, this young and amazing brat also experienced a similar kind of scene and succeeded to survive.

That Dark Moon... Su Hao actually asked at the same time as Master Huo. Both of them looked at each other and suddenly smiled. Such level of attacks, only those few espers standing at the peak of the world are able to use them. As for them, they are only able to simulate the attacks with codes and became completely exhausted after!

I lost. Su Hao wrapped it up neatly, Im not good at breaking firewall which is why I already planned to have a hacking match with you from the beginning. Based on this fact, it clearly shows your untouchable position.

From the beginning, he didnt intend to win.

Lets call it a draw. Master Huo sighed, No matter what, the record of this battle is recorded. To be able to snipe a hacker and locate my IP address, this is a feat I cant achieve. Your hacking skill is way above mine!

On the virtual screen, the results of both finally appeared.


Di~. Di~. Di~.

Suddenly, Master Huos communication device rang madly. Without even have to look, Master Huo could guess what was going on. It should be the inquiry from the other two masters and Federal staffs. Master Huo directly replied, Nothing, I just compared notes with a friend, and something unexpected happened. It will be fine when we restore the system.

After that, without bothering to listen to the others complain, Master Huo directly silenced his device.

At this time, everyone on the other side was dumbfounded.

Comparing notes?

Compare your head!

The entire defensive system of Zhanzheng College collapsed!

Master Huos view on Su Hao took a 180-degree change. Both chatted with each other for a while. In order to avoid suspicion, Su Hao discussed the content behind the hack. The way he sounded was like any seasoned hacker. Plus, with the knowledge of three master hackers, the words in his mind were instantly organized.

As for many things which could not be found within the skill, Su Hao gradually mastered them.

After the chat, Su Hao benefited a lot from the session.

As for Gao Han, he could only bitterly smile and listened to the conversation beside Su Hao attentively. It was totally different from how he acted previously. In fact, he began to worship Su Hao.

What made Su Hao awkward was this brats attitude changed too fast...