Godly Model Creator Chapter 547

Chapter 547

Chapter 547 - You Dare To Catch Him?

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

As for his impression of Gao Han, Su Hao had no comment.

This brat wasnt that bad except for his arrogance. Extremely arrogant against the ones weaker and worship those stronger. This kind of character wouldnt make others loathe them too much. After all, the confrontation between them was initiated by Su Hao.

In fact, there were a number of times when his plan stumbled upon an obstacle, it was Gao Han who came to the rescue. As this child looked more pleasing in Su Haos eyes, Gao Han was in a state of nervousness.

When he went back for rest, the day was already late.

Today, he had quite the harvest.

The inexplicable attack...

The hypnotic array in the library...

A showdown between top hackers...

Su Hao just enrolled here. Before he assimilated fully, he already felt that he has been involved with all sort of conspiracy.

That is one hell of an annoying guy. Su Hao sighed before revealed a smirk, Seems like I can only resort to identifying and eliminating you!

Sure enough, the hacking technique he obtained was the best remedy to boost his self-confidence.

Especially in Zhanzheng College, a place Su Hao was unfamiliar with, a list of student names gave him a sigh of relief.


Su Hao closed his eyes.

Within his mind, thousands of computers were running at maximum capacity. Su Hao began the data query based on a multi-dimensional cross-contrast technique shared by Master Huo. Endless data flashed through in his mind.

Screening process began!

Zhanzheng College, Cyber Security Room.

The three master hackers and a few of Zhanzheng Colleges executives sat here and discussed a particular matter. Each one sat upright and still.

I think we have to limit his movement! Master Gan said in a righteous tone, Such level of hacking skill, it can definitely inflict great damage to the Federation. If you let him out, the consequences will be serious!

Yes, yes, yes! Master Yun agreed, His hacking skill is not worse than mine. If he leaves Zhanzheng College, he will be like a walking nuclear bomb! Any hacker master could easily bring a city down. To label us as an invisible nuclear bomb isnt an exaggeration!

Several higher-ups nodded as they discussed among each other.

Just that, at this time, everyone diverted their eyes at Master Huo who had been silenced all this time, Master Huo, what do you think?

Although Master Huo didnt like this occasion, everyone knew that when talking about hacking level, Master Huo was definitely the one with the highest skill! The harm caused by him that year was too terrifying that it was still fresh in their mind.

I disagree. Master Huo said in a low tone.

First, Su Hao is weak in invading firewall; literally zero knowledge. The reason the network could be destroyed today was because I made a move. If one is to brute force through the defense, it will be instantly detected by us like today. Su Hao had no chance to invade.

So, my evaluation of Su Hao is that his confrontation against other hacker is top notch, at the peak of the master level. However, his ability to invade, it is probably at most the entry master level or even peak of the advanced level.

Everyone nodded at his explanation.

Indeed, whether during the showdown between Su Hao and Master Huo or Su Haos move on Master Yun, all of that only showed Su Haos insane ability in offense and defense confrontation. He does not seem to be interested in security invasion though.

But this doesnt eliminate his threat! Master Yun refuted in annoyance. Today, he had suffered too much shame from Su Hao.

Old Yun, you seemed to have forgotten something. Master Huo looked at him with interest, Even if you decide to take a move on him, this genius hacker wont be killed. At most, he will just be imprisoned in Zhanzheng College. At that time, you and Su Hao will become colleagues. Um Do you think it will be comfortable like now?

Master Yuns face instantly changed!

If Su Hao became his colleague...

Coupled with Su Haos knowledge, wouldnt todays scene keep repeating? Wouldnt he have to spend the rest of his life in fear? A hacker who could stand on his own against Master Huo, he didnt feel any confidence to hide anything from Su Hao!

The days of always being monitored by others...

He had goosebumps thinking of this.

Cough, cough, I think we dont have to take action. Master Yun awkwardly said.

You all really want to risk the future of the Federation by betting on Su Hao behaving? Master Gan spoke up. With a sentence, he brought this discussion to a higher level. In the beginning, wasnt the whole reason the Federation acted on them for the same reason?

Everyones mind in the room was lost.

That is because everyone else has done their part during those times which includes me. As for Su Hao, if not for today, Im afraid nobody will know he is a hacker master. I dont think Su Hao will bring any harm After thinking for a moment, Master Huo shared his opinion.

How do you know Su Hao wasnt responsible for those recent invasions? Master Gan retorted.

For two hacker masters to argue in a meeting for the sake of Su Hao, what a rare scene...


Master Huo suddenly burst into laughter, Just now, I just finished my first point. Let me continue with my second point. Our Network Security Department always goes against any hacker. Thus, we would always discuss how to act subconsciously, but there is a thing which we have ignored...

Huh? Everyone looked at him with confused looks.

Su Hao is a student of Zhanzheng College! Master Huo sneered, Every student has the potential to be the strongest esper. Against such a student, do you think the school will allow you to act?

Everyone was stunned.

They really had forgotten about this fact!

Plus, on the Internet, Su Hao has tens of millions of fans. Even if you dont care, with his hacking skill, he could easily utilize his fame to cause havoc on the web!

I am certain that if you dare to act on Su Hao, the incoming consequences arent something you can bear. Master Huo emphasized it again while directing ridicule to themselves, Not every hacker is like is, invincible on the Internet but incompetent in real life. Su Hao is still young but already achieved a credit score of 15. His potential is unlimited. Such a student you dare to catch him?!

You all must be aware of how he enrolled here. He had the Federal Special Force Department escort him. Wan Cheng even personally sent him to the entrance of the school. Such a character you dare to catch him?!

The room was now filled with silence.

Master Huos questions were loud and clear, echoing within the room.

You dare to catch him?

These five words woke everyone up! They used to be hackers of Federation. They have the top privilege of being the network administrators. But here is none other than Zhanzheng College. As long as they dared to rush and act on Su Hao today, they couldnt imagine what kind of bombshell would drop on their head the next day.

Master Huos few words shocked everyone.

If so, then we just let it slide. Master Huo sneered, but he felt refreshed.

Werent they caught here like this in the past?


Looking at their facial expression gave Master Huos heart comfort. Damn you guys. In the past, when you caught me, you must have never thought that there will be such a day like today, right?


In the dormitory

Found it! Su Haos eyes shone. With his understanding of hypnotism, he finally found a match.

Name: Xiang Yuze

Ability talent: Spiritual Charm; this talent will make the target easily enter into a confused state. Different from hallucination, this charm works on a spiritual level.

Year: Third year

Credit: 15 points

GPA: 2 points

Department: Psychology Research

There are not many who studies hypnosis, let alone this students strength matching the killers talent. With the aid of video materials, finding him was just as easy as ABC for Su Hao.

15 credits, 2 GPA points...

Su Hao locked his eyebrows tight. It means that the opponents combat ability is actually 17 credits!

This 36-credit system adopted by Zhanzheng College is an absolute. Each point signifies a total suppression; let alone the current two points gap. Moreover, a hypnotists true strength definitely is not at this level!

A hypnotist with 17 credits? Su Hao took a deep breath.

He didnt have total confidence, but he knew he had to win!

Just when he enrolled at Zhanzheng College, he had been targeted by someone. He needed to know the reason why. As long as he understood the truth behind this matter, he would be able to plan on how to improve his strength. Otherwise, to be tracked by an invisible killer all the time wouldnt let him have a peace of mind.

Easily invading the schools monitoring system, Su Hao had a look at the record.

Xiang Yuze indeed left the campus from the library earlier this morning. Based on the task record, he would be coming back tomorrow morning to submit his task.

Great. A cold light flashed within his eyes.

Of course, Su Hao hoped to keep a low profile here as long as he could. However, he thought that such thought was a huge mistake this time. Since Xiang Yuze started this, then dont blame Su Hao for being impolite! Hypnotists are indeed strong, but once his identity is exposed, plus an unprepared hypnotist?


Su Hao sat cross-legged.

Within the model world in his mind, countless models were being built.

Every information related to Xiang Yuze were selected out. No matter how low-key he is, getting several of his combat videos is still possible.

With the aid of the computers, the battle records were then used to build into a complete model. Xiang Yuzes strength, Su Hao simulated countless possibilities.



Each and every hypnotic scene appeared.

With a will, the battle began to play!

Although it was impossible to establish Xiang Yuzes model, this kind of deduction is able to make Su Hao understand his strength better. It also allowed him to have a deeper impression on Spiritual Charm. Any text, video, and evaluation were all important in increasing the accuracy of Su Haos deduction.

A night quickly passed.